March 14, 2008, - 11:36 am

Attention, Terrorists: Serpenthead Just Gave You Several New Ways Into the U.S.

By Debbie Schlussel
Attention, terrorists, in case you weren’t paying attention–and we know that you are–your trip into the U.S. just got a whole lot easier.
Today, Michael “Serpenthead” “Mr. Burns” Chertoff signed bilateral agreements waiving visa requirements for Hungary, Lithuania, and Slovakia. On Wednesday, he signed similar agreements with Latvia and Estonia.
This is part of the expansion of the Visa Waiver program, which I’ve repeatedly decried on this site. It allows citizens and residents of allies and “friendly” countries to bypass stringent visa requirements to get into the U.S. and disappear. Without visa requirements–which generally include an interview at a U.S. embassy and more stringent background checks against terrorism databases, etc.–it’s far easier for those of questionable backgrounds to pass into our borders.


It’s a stupid policy, since we well know–and even Mr. Chertoff has acknowledged–that Muslim extremists are all over Europe and they wish us harm and are seeking to enter America. How many Muslim terrorists are there in Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, Latvia, and Estonia? You’d be surprised–the number is far more than you know. And given this new policy, expect that number to grow even more rapidly. Now, they don’t need visas to get here. They can just travel here at will. Ditto for the Muslims in France, Britian, Belgium, and other Western European nations to whom we’ve extended visa waivers.
It’s absurd. And it’s well past time to scrap the visa waiver program altogether. As we all know, Islamic Jihad, Al-Qaeda, and Hezbollah are not nations, they are movements, whose members and supporters are global. Borders and boundaries of nations whose governments might be friendly to us are irrelevant to many of the individual people within those borders and boundaries. Many of them hate us and will do whatever they can to kill us.
And we just made it even easier for them to do it.
V.I. Lenin was wrong when he said that capitalists would buy the rope on which to hang themselves.
We didn’t buy the rope. We’re simply giving it away to our enemies.

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Exactly. Eliminating visa requirements makes a terrorists’ job of getting into America easier. Today, Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda have a global presence. If anything, entry requirements should be made more strict, not loosened up. If we do want to make it more convenient for friendly nationals to visit the US, we should consider excluding naturalized aliens from hostile countries and put them on a watch list. The first thing our government should do is look out for America’s safety instead of the well-being of foreign nationals. Or we could have another 9/11 in our future.

NormanF on March 14, 2008 at 12:15 pm

Not to mention piling more work on top of our over-burgeoning workload. Seeing that the FBI is in charge of terrorism (LOL) I say we make them hunt down every one of these mopes that gets in the country and doesn’t leave.

1shot1kill on March 14, 2008 at 2:01 pm

Shalom Debbie, All
Why would our government waive visas from european countries? The answer to that question is 2 words, Transatlantic Union.
If you do not know what the Transatlantic Union is here is what it is…
Building on over 70 years of experience developing long-term relationships between the United Kingdom and other countries, the British Council is pleased to announce its new initiative, Transatlantic Network 2020.
Transatlantic Network 2020 (TN2020) seeks to create sustainable, multilateral networks that span the Atlantic by engaging future leaders from North America, the UK, and the rest of Europe to collaboratively address global issues. Building on the history and shared values of the transatlantic relationship, the program aims to foster long-term relationships among future leaders and to incite grassroots action on important global issues. It is designed to run until 2020.
North America and Europe share a common set of interests ñ in the advancement of fundamental rights and liberties, education, science and technology. Reports indicate that North America and Europe need to strengthen the transatlantic relationship and work together more closely to best tackle global issues like climate change, immigration, and security. TN2020 will foster collaboration between the next generation of North American and European leaders.
TN2020 will feature initiatives that give a voice to the next generation of leaders on both sides of the Atlantic, encouraging them to work together to explore common solutions to current and future global issues. These include:
An annual conference with high-profile speakers discussing and debating global issues with network participants
Opportunities to explore global issues first-hand and design projects with network members that contribute to personal and career development
Interaction with an active and expanding TN2020 alumni network, and other British Council networks across the globe
The project will begin by bringing 30 participants from across Europe and North America to an inaugural workshop in Berlin in March 2008. Participants will be called upon to help shape the future of the TN2020 program.
TN2020 aims to engage with future leaders from all backgrounds, including those who may take a less-traditional path to influence. It will draw upon early career professionals between the ages of 25-35 who have the potential to shape society in the coming decades.
Participants: If you are interesred in participating in the Transatlantic Network 2020 project, please check back regularly to this website for further information.
Organizations: Global projects, like TN2020, rely on support from organizations interested in fostering strong and forward looking transatlantic relationships. The British Council will be initiating and building robust relationships with TN2020 partners ñ governments, global business, the media, advocacy groups, think tanks and academia. Organizations and corporations involved in TN2020, or who nominate participants for the program, are investing in a powerful, self-sustaining network of young leaders who will foster fresh approaches and strategic solutions to long-term, critical global issues.
For more information, please contact Jacqui Allan.
For more on the Transatlantic Union check out these sites

INFINITE on March 15, 2008 at 1:12 pm

We also inked a deal with China to water down tourist visas. The next wave of illegal immigration, here we come!

PJ on March 15, 2008 at 3:06 pm

Why the hell do we need to waive visas for these countries? They should be grateful they’re getting our foreign aid.

sanantonioins on March 15, 2008 at 6:22 pm

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