March 14, 2008, - 12:04 pm

Cuban Soccer Players v. B Hussein O’s Preacher

By Debbie Schlussel
Looks like seven soccer players from Cuba’s under-23 national team don’t agree with Barack Hussein Obama’s pastor of at least two decades.
As you’ll recall from my post, yesterday, in a Christmas 2007 sermon, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright (who married the Hussein Obamas and who was their religious mentor for at least two decades) said that America “demonized” that paradise called Cuba.
But almost half the Cuban soccer team seems to think their country isn’t such a great place, regardless of what America says about the Communist island nation.
Yesterday, Cuban sports officials acknowledged that at least seven of its soccer players were missing and had defected to America after Cuba tied the USA 1-1 in their opening game in Tampa at an international soccer qualifying tournament for the Beijing Olympics.


So Sad, Too Bad: Remaining Half of “Demonized” Cuba’s Soccer Team

Cries Over Loss to Honduras

What’s funny is that Cuba had to compete in the same tournament, last night, against Honduras. And with only 10 players left on its roster, Cuba lost 2-0 to Honduras. So sad, too bad.
Oh, and by the way, Cuban officials are “stunned”–stunned!–that almost half its team defected to the U.S. Are you “stunned”? Didn’t think so.

CONCACAF has been notified by the head of the Cuban delegation that several players have left the team,” Blazer said. “CONCACAF has no information on the location of the players or the circumstances surrounding their separation from the delegation.”
Cuban sports officials and CONCACAF have not identified the missing players. Missing from Wednesday’s practice were: Jose Manuel Miranda, 21; Erlys Garcia Baro, Yenier Bermudez, Yordany Alvarez and Loanni Prieto, all 22.
“We feel really badly,” Antonio Garces of the Cuban Soccer Association told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. [DS: Uh-huh. Sure they do.]
The five men are expected to be in Miami by this weekend, said Marcos Ommati, a spokesman with professional soccer team Miami FC.
He said on Wednesday that he had not spoken with the players and did not know their whereabouts, but said he had spoken with someone who told him to expect the players.
Player Yendry Diaz told ESPN in an interview that he and forward Eder Roldan also had left the team, bringing the total to seven.

Bienvenidos to America, guys. If only we could say “Adios” to Rev. Wright and his most famous congregant follower.

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3 Responses

What gets me about Cuban defections is why don’t they go to Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, or Turks and Caicos Islands? These places are close, if not closer, to Cuba than the US. I am not convinced Cubans want to leave Cuba as much as they want to come to the US. This is not a bad thing, but if you want to leave Cuba, just leave Cuba.
Yep, these other places may not be that great, but they are not Cuba.

zyzzyg on March 14, 2008 at 1:27 pm

If Castro’s Cuban prison colony is such a paradise, why do people need to escape from it? Why can’t they be free to come and go as they please? The American Left never met a Communist dictator they didn’t like. Obama should run for President for Life of Cuba. He could bring “hope” and “change” to the truly oppressed people there.

FreethinkerNY on March 14, 2008 at 2:07 pm

“If only we could say “Adios” to Rev. Wright and his most famous congregant follower.”
Lets don’t forget that Oprah is also one of Rev. Wright’s followers. Same mentality.
We should all be terrified that the man who could be President calls Wright his mentor. I think there is a reason why we haven’t heard what Obama specifically means when he talks about the “change” he plans to bring to us.

Stealthkix on March 15, 2008 at 10:38 am

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