August 16, 2007, - 11:23 pm

Padilla Verdict: Very Glad I Got it Wrong, This Time

Today, I am glad I got it wrong.
By now you know that, today, Abdullah Al-Muhajir a/k/a Jose Padilla and his co-defendants–including former Assistant Superintendent of Detroit Public Schools, Kifah Wael Jayyousi–were found guilty of terrorism charges and several other crimes. That’s a great thing.
I predicted that Padilla would walk because the Justice Department has a very bad track record in these types of cases, and I felt that they significantly watered down their case from the dirty bomb charges they originally had. I’m very glad to hear that my prediction was wrong.

I didn’t predict that Jayyousi would walk free, though. And that’s because the evidence against him was far stronger. Add to that, his attorney, William Swor–a Christian Arab who carries water for assorted Islamists and terrorists who would kill him were they in power–who loses a lot and is more pan-Arabist bluster than actual legal victory eagle. He was on the board of , here in Detroit, about which .
As I’ve written, it’s scary to note that his client, Jayyousi, had . Imagine the havoc he and his Al-Qaeda buddies could have carried out if they were so inclined. After all, we can’t discriminate against Muslims holding such positions, even if they openly support Al-Qaeda. And that’s crazy.
For now and probably for life, Jayyousi can dream about it from a prison cell. But we should be dreaming up–and enacting–laws to prevent Islamists like him from having access to such vital and vulnerable means to harm children in our schools. Unfortunately, the ACLU and others will continue to thwart any chance of that.
Again, I’m glad I was wrong about Padilla–and that all three defendants couldn’t sway the jury to free them. The next step: stiff sentences for all three, and hopefully federal Judge Marcia Cooke–a liberal former public defender appointed by Bush–will throw the book at them.

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