March 14, 2008, - 1:47 pm

Two More Jihadist Doctors: U.S. Muslim Doctors Money Laundered in the Name of Islam

By Debbie Schlussel
Yet again, it’s the Doctors, Stupid. The Muslim Docs. And–shocker!–they used an Islamic charity to money launder funds to Pakistan, probably to Islamic terrorists, er . . . “family members and friends”:

TALLAHASSEE – A Florida Panhandle doctor and a New York doctor illegally transferred more than $800,000 from the United States to Pakistan, according to a federal grand jury indictment announced Thursday.
Dr. Muhammad Ishaq Zafar, 63, of Chipley, and Dr. Mohammed Tariq Randhawa, 64, of Hornell, N.Y., used a tax-exempt, charitable organization, Pak-American Islamic Cultural Corporation Inc., as an unlicensed money transmitting business, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.
The men used the organization to transfer funds for the benefit of family members and friends who contributed to the organization, the indictment said.


First, Do Harm

The men also were charged with filing false tax return forms on behalf of the organization.
The money contributed to the organization was disguised as charitable donations, and donors falsely claimed the money transfers as tax deductions, authorities said.
The men face a total of 10 separate counts. Randhawa was arrested in New York, but Zafar remains a fugitive. If convicted, Zafar could face up to 33 years in prison and $2.1 million in fines, and Randhawa could face up to 20 years in prison and $1 million in fines. It was not immediately known if either man had an attorney.
Chipley is located approximately 45 miles north of Panama City.

Thanks to reader Duane for the tip.

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3 Responses

We could refer to it as the “Doctors’ Plot”, with all due credit to Joseph Stalin.

Worry01 on March 16, 2008 at 9:11 pm

If I or a family member gets checked in to a hospital – can we legally demand that a muslim is not to touch us?
If not–how do we get to a hospital that won’t have any of these? Does such exist?

BB on March 16, 2008 at 10:43 pm

How do you know these guys were jihadists and not just greedy criminals? The fact is you DON’T know. Debbie, your shoddy journalism and bigotry knows no bounds. Do you have german ancestory “schlussel”? You probably learned this bigotry from your Nazi forefathers.

BigotBuster on February 10, 2010 at 3:44 pm

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