March 18, 2008, - 4:59 pm

ICEfeld: One of Most Important Border States Gets SIXTH(!) New Immigration Chief in FIVE Years

By Debbie Schlussel
Last week, many ICE agents and other personnel of the agency sent me a hilarious e-mail sent out by the incompetentette-in-chief at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Julie L. Myers, announcing that March is the Fifth Anniversary of the creation of ICE. All of her phony “achievements” in the e-mail were trumped up like nobody’s biz.
I chose to ignore the missive because there’s nothing to celebrate and everything to deplore about this aimless, massive bureaucracy–the largest within Homeland Security–headed by a spoiled child with zero law enforcement experience. The best thing to do on ICE’s Fifth Anniversary would be to disband it and create separate INS and U.S. Customs departments anew, with actual, real cops–not a real-life incarnation of a Willy Wonka contestant with a golden ticket–running each.
Still, I recognize the Fifth Anniversary of ICE today because I got notes from many of my ICE agent friends in Arizona that they’ve now gotten their SIXTH Special Agent in Charge in the Five Years of ICE.


(ICEfeld by Assistant Homeland Security Secretary for PhotoShop David Lunde)

Arizona is one of the most important border states. I’ve documented ranches on the border, which daily have upwards of 500 illegal aliens and drug smugglers overrunning the properties on their way into America. We need a stable, experienced leadership heading up investigations into these things to stop them from happening–to stop the alien and drug smuggling, to stop the criminals from invading Arizona and, later, the rest of us.
But when a kidlette who holds Halloween costume parties with awards for blackface is running the show, look for it to be strictly comedy . . . and horror show. So, now, Myers and her new ICE Prince, John “Costanza” Torres have chosen a man who oversaw such important functions as ICE agents seizing T-shirts at the Superbowl and the Major League Baseball All-Star Game and the many worksite show-raids we’ve all seen on TV, for which Julie Myers poses for the cameras . . . while half the aliens are set free.
Yes, now Matthew Allen comes to Arizona. There’s a new sheriff in town at ICE in Arizona, the sixth in five years of an agency which has zero confidence from its demoralized and beleaguered minions. Now agents have yet another thing to watch out for besides cacti and rattlers–a boss with a lack of institutional memory and a likely eye on the next train out of Dodge, like his predecessors.
Here’s the ICE press release:

Matthew Allen, who currently heads ICE’s Financial, Narcotics and Public Safety Division in Washington, D.C., will be taking over as the new special agent in charge (SAC) of the ICE office of investigations in Arizona. Formerly, Allen served as the Deputy Assistant Director of ICE’s Critical Infrastructure and Fraud Division, providing national oversight of the agency’s human smuggling, worksite, intellectual property rights, and document and benefit fraud enforcement efforts.
As the SAC for ICE in Arizona, Allen will be responsible for heading ICE’s six investigations offices statewide, including locations in Phoenix, Tucson, Douglas, Nogales, Sells and Yuma . . . .
Allen’s appointment comes as the current Arizona ICE SAC, Alonzo Pena, leaves the agency to assume another position. [DS: By most accounts, Pena was a good, experienced guy, but was not treated properly by The ICE Princess and her panoply of court jesters. So now he’s gone.]
As the largest investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security, ICE agents in Arizona are responsible for pursuing a wide range of criminal activity, including human smuggling, illegal hiring practices, money laundering, narcotics and weapons trafficking, financial crimes, commercial fraud, and violations relating to intellectual property rights.

Yup, this office is so important that the incompetents at the top of ICE can’t even keep anyone in the leadership, there.
Leave it to The ICE Princess and her Prince to make one of the most important border states a revolving door.
The one part of The ICE Princess’ self-flagellating letter I will share is this fiction:

I ask all of you to join me in celebrating our accomplishments and renewing our commitment to our homeland and the progress we have made toward developing ICE into the model law enforcement agency of the 21st Century.

This is the model?! Hilarious. G-d help us.
On that note, here’s a related video of the original Julie L. Myers:
I Want It Now! . . .

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28 Responses

What ICE appears to also be saying by hiring Matthew Alien is that it has no respect for Arizona’s new law which tries to some extent to protect the state against illegal aliens. You would ordinarily think that in Arizona, of all places, because of the new law, ICE would send their best people to Arizona to aid in ferreting out employees who hire illegals, and all other aspects of the law.

c f on March 18, 2008 at 8:25 pm

Doesn’t surprise me they’d send an incompetent to take over the Phoenix Office. It’s staffed by incompetents who can’t decide if they’re more full of themselves or s**t.

1shot1kill on March 19, 2008 at 8:01 am

I actually think this is a good move. Matt Allen is an even-handed, pragmatic person. Former Customs agents should like him because that is his background, former Immigration agents will like him because he respects and values the programs they enforce. I think he will get the most out of the resources there that can be had. Unfortunately, ICE HQ will lose one of the few compentents it has to the field. Hopefully he will stick around there for a while, because DS is right, that area needs continuity and focus. But no one in Arizona should be imagining they are getting an incompentent. This guy understands all the ICE issues and investigative programs VERY well, which cannont be said for most SACs out there now.

Staypositive on March 19, 2008 at 12:45 pm

You are wrong about Matt Allen and I wonder why I waste my time correcting you, since I know you aren’t interested in the truth, but continue to amuse yourself and a few of your loyal followers poking at DHS and ICE leadership.
For those of you who aren’t blind to the truth, let me correct the record. Staypositive hit the nail on the head, but I’ll take it a step further.
Al Pena was the right guy for the job, when he was selected for the SAC/Phoenix. Al came in at a time of turmoil, and being the team builder that he is, he pulled people together, and has made tremendous progress in his short time there.
Matt Allen on the other hand, is the Perfect SAC for Phoenix, Arizona now.
Matt is clearly most qualified for this job. He’s experienced (two tours in HQS, one with Customs, and one with ICE, with increasingly difficult assignments), border experience (Group Supervisor in Nogales, and later Resident Agent in Charge/Assistant Special Agent in Charge in Nogales, arguably one of the most active offices in Arizona), as well as learning his craft as a Customs Special Agent in an inland office.
Matt was summoned back to Headquarters during the merge, because of his experience, his work ethic, and his ability to get tasks accomplished, against tremendous odds.
Matt is young enough, with a number of years before he’s eligible to retire, so he’ll be in Phoenix for the long run. That is precisely what Phoenix needs; continuity and stability. Matt will provide this stability.
Matt is well respected within ICE, and within the federal law enforcement community. Matt is a listener, and an effective leader. The state and local law enforcement community in Arizona will embrace Matt, and the result will be better coordination and better cases.
The people in Arizona, that know Matt, are extremely happy that he’s coming back out to the field as their SAC. Matt worked for me in Arizona, and I’d gladly, and proudly work for him today.
Would be nice if you’d check your facts Debbie, before you attack the “good guys” like Matt Allen.
You always are quick to say you support the agents, but take issue with the appointed leadership. You say all that, all the time, but then you don’t “walk the walk”. Maybe you just need better sources?
Work Safe,

EverVigilantSheepdog on March 19, 2008 at 1:53 pm

Al Pena was not the right guy for the job in Phoenix. It is my understanding that he was happy in San Antonio and wanted to finish his career there. He had a great reputation and had done a quality job throughout his career. But ICE Headquarters doesn’t care about the troops so he was forced somewhere he didn’t want to go. This is typical of ICE these days.

longshanks on March 19, 2008 at 6:20 pm

Al Pena WAS the right guy for Phoenix, at that time.
I didn’t say it was what Al wanted, but Al is the consumate team player, and he agreed to go, to contribute his many talents to the problems in Phoenix. Good for him, good for Phoenix.
ICE HQS has to make many tough decisions, and cover many accounts, often in places that people don’t want to go, or with people that don’t want to leave where they are. It is what it is.
It was this way with Customs too, as evidenced by the directed reassignment letters that many of us old-timers received, which essentially said if you expect to continue with your career, it would be in a different location, or you could choose to resign or retire (if eligible).
This is not news to any of us, or shouldn’t be. To say ICE doesn’t “care about the troops” is an unfair statement, in my opinion. You think DEA or FBI, Secret Service, or the U.S. Border Patrol is any better at this? I think not.
Work Safe,

EverVigilantSheepdog on March 19, 2008 at 7:31 pm

Well, I dunno — I think I have to side with Debbie on this one — none of her critics seem to deal with the fact that this is the fifth chief in six years — oh, excuse me, the sixth chief in five years.
None of her critics talks about the indisputable rot at the top of the agency, the loathsome Julie Myers.
None of her critics talks about the fact that as per the press release, Matthew Alien had responsibility for national oversight of human smuggling and document and benefit fraud enforcement efforts.
Now, we all know how much ICE is on top of these things. No human smuggling anymore, no document fraud. Right?
When I hear stuff like this, what the critics say and what they all don’t say, I might be wrong, but it sounds like maybe some people way up on the ICE payroll are responding to the criticism expressed here.
If I’m wrong, they should at least concede what a misfit Myers is, and what disarray an agency is in that has had six heads in five years in one of the most sensitive parts of the country.

c f on March 19, 2008 at 8:57 pm

Unless I missed something, DS did not say anything negative about Mr. Pena or Mr. Allen. I dont know Mr. Pena and will defer opinions about him to those who know him and I have only heard good things about Mr. Allen while he was in HQ.
The point this article seems to be making is that six managers in five years illustrates what I feel is wrong with ICE. There is a lack of a clearly defined mission, steady direction, continuity and stability. All are basic to the effective and efficient functions of an agency as large as ICE.
It has been my experience that it’s really not important what the troops think. It’s important what the senior manager wants to do. He or she sets the tone. If an office has six senior managers in five years, then there cannot be an efficiently run office.
I believe that this clear example of the symptomatic problems within ICE. What are the goals of an office? What management style will be employed? If the senior policy maker changes that often, then the troops can’t help but be demoralized and confused.
As for the message put out relative to our five year anniversary, it was clearly geared towards immigration matters. Therefore those doing the ‘forgotten areas’ such as money laundering and narcotics smuggling feel like they are fighting a forgotten battle. To further illustrate my point, take a look at the investigative areas highlighted on the ICE web page. All I see are legacy INS investigative programs.
The troops aren’t looking for medals or plaques, just a little recognition. In a word, fairness.
There will be no cross agent bashing here. There are many things we can learn from each other, BUT we must be honest with ourselves and admit this agency is a mess. This mess starts with Congress.
Failure to address any kind of meaningful and ENFORCEABLE immigration reform should be at the top of the list. The AS confirmation hearing was a joke, as was the subsequent Halloween photo debacle. The HS committee feigned shock at the photos and behavior, but confirmation was awarded anyway. Oh, and did the AS ever answer the question as to how many employers were subject to criminal action for hiring illegal aliens??
Office equipment with no toner refills, office equipment that hasnt been serviced because there’s no money in that particular fund, lack of new vehicles, and the list goes on. Due to the lack of funds for office supplies, agents got ONE black pen, and ONE blue pen when supplies were handed out. That’s pretty pathetic.
And ICE agents are continuing their jump to other agencies. Don’t tell me it’s not happening. I see it!!!!
Honestly, I feel that serious immigration reform is needed. ICE needs to be sending agents to Congress to lobby for reform. Senior DHS and ICE managers need to go knock on Congressmen’s doors and demand action.
Next, we must be honest with ourselves. If ICE is broke (which I feel it is), then we should fix it, even if it means another major restructuring!!!!
False optimism and continuing to call the glass half full will not soften the effect of the melting ICEberg.

ICEDover on March 19, 2008 at 9:16 pm

One more thought — in most bureaucracies when someone is sent out from Headquarters to the field, it’s to put some kind of field experience on their resume to prepare them for the next promotion, usually in HQ. If this is the case, I don’t think the taxpayers will be able to expect much significant immigration enforcement from Mr. Allen. He will be trying to avoid “rough patches” (i.e. enforcing the law & risking community protest, so he can get on with his next promotion. Not good.

c f on March 20, 2008 at 7:19 am

I don’t know this for a fact, but I think that Al’s move to Phoenix hastened his retirement. Had he been left in San Antonio then ICE would have retained a quality guy for a few more years. These types of reassignments are exactly the reason why Phoenix has to have six SACs in five years. Marcy may have thought that sending Al there was the short term solution to a problem but it certainly wasn’t a good long term solution. You say the same thing happens with the FBI and DEA, can you give me an example of a FBI or DEA SAC Office that has turned over six times in five years. I don’t think so.

longshanks on March 20, 2008 at 11:58 am

What you said was “Now agents have yet another thing to watch out for besides cacti and rattlers–a boss with a lack of institutional memory and a likely eye on the next train out of Dodge, like his predecessors.”
You are wrong on all counts.
c f,
I have, from the very beginning of my posts here on this particular blog refused to offer my opinion on our “appointed leadership”, and I’ll not change that position now. They are what they are, and none of the professional leaders within ICE have any control over who they are, or what they do. We all receive orders from on high, and we do our best to carry those orders out. If you don’t understand this, I can’t help you.
Everyone agrees that it would be better to have effective leaders stay in place, so that there is stability and continuity in the work force. Doesn’t always work that way though, because everyone has their own agenda, and those don’t always align with what the agency wants or needs. It’s just real world, and real life.
It’s not Marcy Forman or Julie Myers that wants to change the SAC/Phoenix leadership.
Interim SAC Tom DeRouchey was clearly troubled, and sadly took his own life.
Mike Turner was headed to Commerce when he took the job, and probably should have skipped that opportunity in the first place.
Roberto Medina stepped on political land mines and was perceived as ineffective and Al Pena got a job offer in Mexico (still with DHS I understand) that was too good to pass up.
The way I count it, Matt is the fifth SAC for Phoenix, not the sixth. I was there acting between Tom and Mike, but that doesn’t count.
Matt Allen is the right SAC at this time. Unless I miss my guess, he’ll be there for a long time. I just hope the naysayers write a column on all of the successes he’ll most certainly have out there.
Al was eligible to retire, while still in San Antonio. I don’t believe he was going to stay on much longer than he did, even if he stayed in beautiful Texas. Nobody that is eligible to retire should be considered a “long term” solution, but that’s sometimes where you find the talent you need, to put out the fire of the day.
Work Safe,

EverVigilantSheepdog on March 20, 2008 at 4:08 pm

Longshanks, you are being disingenous. You are responding to the fact that this is the sixth SAC in five years (or the 5tyh, doesn’t really make any difference, still blatant mismanagement and disorganization) by engaging in simple arithmetic counting, rather than drawing the implications of this, and the lack of seriousness of immigration enforcment. This isn’t a matter of “he said, she said”, or convoluted ICE politics, it is an issue of blatant disregard by the leadership of this entity’s mission.
By not commenting substantively on Myers and Torres, your silence speaks volumes. What would you think if someone offered “no comment” on Hitler, or Stalin, or Castro?

c f on March 20, 2008 at 6:41 pm

I meant to address my comment to EVS.

c f on March 20, 2008 at 6:52 pm

c f,
To quote a line from a movie “You can’t handle the truth”. It is what it is.
You can characterize it any way you want. Can you predict with absolute certainty, when your co-worker is going to retire, transfer to another agency, to get to a location of their choosing, or worse yet, commit suicide? I don’t think so.
I gave you the facts, as I know them, and you call me disingenuous?
I have commented, loud and clear on John Torres, as he’s one of us, that worked his way up through the system, as a Special Agent, to the position he now holds. Go back a few threads, and you’ll find what I wrote, if you really care.
I choose not to offer my opinion as to our appointed leaders. If I said I liked them, you’d throw rocks, and if I said I didn’t like them you’d throw rocks. I’m not here to denigrate the political appointees, or to support them. You guys have at it, if that’s your thing.
I’ve never concerned myself, or focused on those things I have no control over.
And your comment re: Hitler, Stalin, and Castro is reprehensible and I hope you are just kidding (in a sick & twisted way). Maybe you were being factitious, or perhaps you just have a flair for drama, which is it?

EverVigilantSheepdog on March 20, 2008 at 10:54 pm

Not to change the subject, but where is that legacy INS ASAC that was supposed to be coming on board in SAC New Orleans?

SouthernICE1811 on March 20, 2008 at 11:25 pm

What I see here is that information supplied in some posts is actually proving the point. One SAC left to go to Commerce (that SCREAMS volumes) and another one retired (hhhmmm, wonder why).
It is true that we really do not have control over such matters. As long as politicians posture of credentials, then confirm anyway, as long as this broken agency keeps running down the tracks until it wrecks, the troops apparently have little control over what happens.
However, we cannot be blind to what is going on around us and ignore the direction this agency is going. We can voice our opinions and concerns and hope that one day our voices will be heard and change will in fact take place!!!!!
In the meanwhile, some of us may have to leave a bit early to go pick up some toner.

ICEDover on March 20, 2008 at 11:36 pm

The person I spoke of, had left ICE/OI for DRO, and had put in to go foreign at the same time he was competing for our vacancy.
We fought for him, primarily because I knew him, knew his work and his work ethic, and knew he was perfect for our job in New Orleans.
At the end of the day, HQS told us we couldn’t have him. It was one of those times when HQS thought they knew what was good for us, as opposed to letting us have our way.
I still don’t agree with the decision, and I’ve made that clear, but you can’t win them all, and I’ve been around long enough to know that.
We had another lined up to come in, and that fell apart as well. Guess you guys are stuck with us old legacy Customs guys for awhile. Get your paperwork in. I’m not going to be around for too much longer, maybe you can get my job, if you aren’t careful what you ask for. LOL
The SAC that left to go to Commerce was trying to get back to DC, as his wife had a job there. The way I understand it, the only job he was interested in with ICE in DC was the Directors job, and it wasn’t vacant, so he bailed. I liked Mike, but the truth of the matter is, that he shouldn’t have put Phoenix through his time there, when he knew full well he was bailing in short order. Just one man’s opinion.
People retire all the time, and one day you will too. One day I will, for sure. When I do, I’m sure there will be some that are glad I’m gone, and there may be one or two that wishes I’d stayed on longer. But you can bet your last dollar, that it won’t be because someone forced me to go, or because of something this agency is, or isn’t.
I’m compensated quite well, as I’m sure you’ll admit you are too. I don’t enjoy every facet of my job these days, but that’s why they call it a job I suppose. I’d really rather be out riding my Harley Davidson, that’s for certain.
I have been accused of looking for the silver lining in every dark cloud, and it works for me. Might not for you. I’m also very outspoken however, and people that don’t know me, might be surprised at some of the things I say, in the presence of the executive leadership of this agency.
I’ve always followed my gut, and felt like if it was true, and it hurts someones feelings, too bad.
You can and should keep voicing your opinions, and you should keep trying to do what you can to contribute to our growth.
You say it’s broke, and headed for a wreck. I respectfully disagree. If you need to borrow some toner though, send me an email, and we’ll get some out to ya. LOL
Work Safe guys,

EverVigilantSheepdog on March 21, 2008 at 12:06 am

EVS, you are in the unfortunate positon of defending a witless bureaucracy that has failed in all of its central missions. I am sure that there are some people in that agency that are good husbands and good wives and good parents, and decent people in their personal lives, but that does not change ICE’s utter and complete failure to enforce, much less strengthen, our immigration laws.
In every hidebound bureaucracy, there are bureaucratic justifications for management turnover. While admittedly there have been some tragic events that could not have been foreseen, an effective management, which carries out its mission, is able to minimize the impact of this. It is called planning. Turner, Medina and Pena obviously left because of bureaucratic ineptitude, whether directly or indirectly.
As a taxpayer, I am tired of empty promises; “well, wait until you see this one — he will do everything right, and so on and so on.”
The only way you can convince critics that this time things will be right is by showing two things: what will change at the top of ICE? Will the incompetent Myers and Torres be replaced by people who not only are willing to carry out an appropriate mission, but will have the tools and executive support to do so?
Second, what concrete changes will be made in Arizona, not just in which face replaces Pena, but what will be done differently on a day-to-day basis. I have been listening to empty promises from politicians for years — I do not need to hear any more of them.
If things are going to be different, you need to be specific. How will they be different? What specific actions is ICE in Arizona planning to take to work with the State of Arizona to ensure the success of the new immigration law? How will ICE work with the State of Arizona to collaborate on sharing of resources and databases? How will they work together to meet the threat of the illegal alien lobby that is trying to overturn the law? How will they work together to help create stronger national policies that will implement nationally the positive changes the State of Arizona has made?

c f on March 21, 2008 at 5:29 am

To clarify once again, in my first paragraph when I was speaking about people who are good husbands, wives, etc., I was speaking of the bureaucracy. I have the utmost respect for all the agents in the field that are doing an outstanding job, given the circumstances under which they work.

c f on March 21, 2008 at 5:38 am

c f,
First off, let me again articulate why I came on this blog, and what I don’t do (intentionally anyway).
I came on here initially to defend some good, hardworking people, that DS decided to trash, for her own amusement, and also to combat and dispel the disinformation and lies, many of which started here on this site, and which when left unchecked, soon took on a shroud of truth.
I am not here to defend the bureaucracy at all. I’ve said it many times before; the bureaucracy is the most frustrating factor in doing our jobs, the bad guys are the easiest component. I said this when I was a working agent, working undercover, and fighting with DEA over T-21 cross-designation matters and it’s so true today.
I’ve explained, to the best of my ability, why there has been five (counting Mr. Matt Allen) SAC’s in Phoenix. I’ve given you the benefit of my insight, in order to combat the spin that DS put on her little piece.
She says she didn’t say anything wrong about Matt Allen, and the first poster to that article (you) write, and I quote
“What ICE appears to also be saying by hiring Matthew Alien is that it has no respect for Arizona’s new law which tries to some extent to protect the state against illegal aliens. You would ordinarily think that in Arizona, of all places, because of the new law, ICE would send their best people to Arizona to aid in ferreting out employees who hire illegals, and all other aspects of the law.”
I am telling you that ICE is sending one of their very best and brightest to run that important office. I can’t offer anything more.
I’m not in a position to detail with specificity, what he will do, or won’t do as the SAC there.
Once he’s in place, you can certainly ask him, in any of the public forums he’ll be part of, or by sending him a letter (address to the SAC office is on the ICE website).
I share a love of Arizona with Matt. I was there, between 1997 and 2003 (Yuma, Nogales, Tucson, and Phoenix), and grew to love the state and the people. It’s a great place to live and raise a family.
It will be better, when/if the illegal immigration can ever be brought under control, but we can’t do it alone.
Speak to your Congressman and Senator, every chance you get. Insist on comprehensive (not amnesty) immigration reform. Tell your elected official to look beyond Border Patrol to fix this problem, as more and more BP Agents at the line, isn’t the only answer. For every five BP agents they fund, they should be funding an additional ICE S/A, ICE IEA, and for every ten BP Agents they hire, they should be hiring one OPLA Attorney.
Insist that the State Department work with us to obtain travel documents for people found in this country illegally.
By all means, hold us accountable, but understand we’re doing what we can, without all the tools necessary (not unlike the USINS of old). This isn’t an excuse Sir, just the facts, as this tired old Sheepdog sees them.
Have a great day,

EverVigilantSheepdog on March 21, 2008 at 9:30 am

The way I see it, EVS, you are what is wrong with ICE. You come on here and defend this agency like its your own flesh and blood. You seem to always overlook how bad this agency really is, and try your very best to paint this pretty picture. This agency is a complete mess and is only getting worse. Daily, agents are trying to leave, and if they aren’t, they sit at their desks and cruise the net. Very few agents actually respect our leadership and enjoy this job. How many agents will tell you this line, “At least they pay me every two weeks”. You forever sit here and try to jam that square peg into that round hole. You are nothing but an ass-kissing, know it all turd. Its just to bad your are still on the job corrupting minds everyday. You constantly try and insult the intelligence of your fellow posters on here. I am sure that your are the type of guy who employees roll their eyes at whenever you speak. The faster you retire, the better things will be. This agency needs less turds like you, and more individuals with some actual backbone.

kcrat on March 21, 2008 at 10:39 am

I’m amazed you can see or smell anything, considering where you choose to keep you head. LOL
Rather than fillet your every line, I’ll just sum up my response to you in a simple statement.
You are wrong, and you are not going to make me change my attitude; not today, not tomorrow, not ever.
I believe there has been some real communication going on here, between adults, and then you show up and spew your garbage. Bet you wouldn’t say all those vile things to my face, would ya now? Sad and Pitiful.
The rest of ya’ll work safe,

EverVigilantSheepdog on March 21, 2008 at 2:34 pm

EVS, I hope you will get back on this blog say in a year, when we can see what happens in Arizona. I am not optimistic. I never said that I didn’t say anything against Mr. Allen. I did; Debbie did not. Frankly, I am extremely wary of anyone that HQ sends out. To me that is 2 strikes against a person in ICE right off. Bureaucracies don’t send anyone out who doesn’t go along with the program.
Maybe we can touch bases after six months or a year & see what has actually happened.

c f on March 21, 2008 at 3:49 pm

c f,
I will be here, as long as this blog is active, and someone is talking about ICE, and people whom I know to be fine people, who catch criticism that isn’t based in fact.
All I’m asking you to do is give Matt a chance. If you live in the great state of Arizona, look him up, and talk with him for a few minutes. I think you’ll change your opinion of this guy.
Unlike the two prior SAC’s (no offense intended), Matt wants to come back to Arizona, as he knows how nice it is to live and work there, he knows a lot of the Agents out there, and I know he thinks he can have an impact, by providing the stable leadership that office so desperately needs.
Nobody, short of Jesus Christ, could turn this mess (Illegal immigration) around overnight. Keep on your elected officials c f, as that’s where the major change needs to ocurr.
Take care,

EverVigilantSheepdog on March 21, 2008 at 11:59 pm

Please, I would have no problem saying ANYTHING to your face. Like I said, your just another turd walking around in a suit. You wont dare say anything negative about ICE leadership because your to afraid of the outcome. Those in your chain of command must be the biggest “cool aide” drinkers in ICE.
I wonder what your reward is for coming on here daily defending this pile of shit. If you dont think your in the minority, then you are dumber than you look. Which, by the way, is hard to accomplish.
I sure as hell dont need some kiss ass like you trying to convince me that ICE is a top notch law enforcement agency.

kcrat on March 23, 2008 at 3:31 pm

It’s been quite awhile since I have felt the need to comment about anything that has been said by Debbie or anyone else on this site, but today I feel the need to make a few comments about what has been said with regard to ICE and it’s employees recently.
I have found in life it is very easy for people to sit back and criticize and the ones who critize the most seem to never have a solution to what they are criticizing about.
For those of you who are critical of what ICE isn’t doing, in your estimation, have you ever taken the time to call or write you elected officials and let them know how you, as their constituent, feels about the illegal immigration situation and what is or isn’t being done to alleviate this situation? I bet not many of you have. Also, have any of you in the private sector that complain about what ICE is or isn’t doing thought about working for the government, ICE as well as other agencies are always looking for well qualified individuals for a variety of positions. Again, I bet not many of you have.
To Debbie, in my estimation, you are constantly criticizing ICE for what the agency is not doing with regard to the illegal immigration situation, but I have never seen any type of solution to this problem offered in this column.
It’s real easy to sit back and say, ICE should round up all who are in this country illegally and send them back to their country of birth. Who is going to pay for this to happen?
To kcrat, it’s amazing how you can’t post a comment without calling someone an unpleasant name or the use of profanity. You loose all credibilty when you attempt to get your point across in that manner. Public discourse about a subject is what this country was founded on, but it is also supposed to be civil discourse.
There have been some very thoughful comments posted by ICE employees and I wish for each of them the best career possible.
That is about all I have to say about what has been posted here lately.

NotAnAgent on March 24, 2008 at 6:59 pm

If anyone, politician or otherwise is not aware of what’s going on within ICE, then the blinders must be well in place on many people.
Have I contacted my elected officials? Yes I have. When HQs personnel visited the office a while back to conduct candid, annonymous (but I offered my name anyway), did I take part? Yes I did, as did many others.
When an operation in Nassau county hit the press last fall, many public officials were aware of ICE.
Can anyone say that they didnt hear about the Halloween photo situation? I dont think so.
As for solutions, here are a few suggestions;
1. Merge ICE and CBP back together and save money on shared services and provide a more cohesive enforcement effort on the border as well as providing smooth transition and continuity from enforcement actions to investigations (or visa verse); 2. We need strong, experienced leadership with political juice to get the legislation passed to make our job enforceable; 3. We need to address ALL of the investigative areas under our jurisidiction, not just focus on the immigration matters; 4. We need to create some sort of communication mechanism so that the field agents can communicate their concerns to HQ management without fear of reprecussion; 5. We need to stem the flow of experienced and fustrated agents out of ICE.
As many public officials have said openly, it’s not a matter of IF we are going to be attacked again, it’s just a matter of WHEN. I wonder who is going to be labeled as the ‘fall guy’ the next time around.
Just my thoughts.

ICEDover on March 24, 2008 at 11:09 pm

I think Icedover has hit the proverbial nail on the head!!!!! Oh yea, thank goodness I’m gone from ICE..What’s up D

freefromice on March 25, 2008 at 10:30 pm

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