March 20, 2008, - 2:35 pm

More Accounts of Brave Rabbi & Cowardly Muslim Attackers in Brooklyn

By Debbie Schlussel
Yesterday, I broke the news of the attack by five Muslims on Rabbi Uria Ohana in Brooklyn, New York, Wednesday Night. Here are more accounts, today, from the mainstream media, which–in the case of the New York Post–ironically skips the beating the Muslims gave him. These men were not just Arabs–THEY WERE MUSLIM. And the JPost story gets the number of assailants and the words wrong–it’s “AllaHU Akbar”:
* Allan Gray/News Blaze:

After speaking with a friend of Ohana this Morning, NewsBlaze can report that he was not badly injured, even though the teenagers were hitting and kicking him. There were six teens at the subway, but only three were involved in the attack [DS: the other three were accessories to it]. A crowd of people quickly gathered and although they did not directly help Ohana, the growing crowd must have scared the boys and instead of helping their injured friend, they ran away, jumped into a car and fled the scene.

* Jerusalem Post:

A 25-year-old Israeli rabbinical assistant was assaulted by a group of Arab teenagers screaming “Allah akbar” in Brooklyn on Tuesday evening.
Uria Ohana, originally from Kfar Chabad, entered a subway station in the affluent Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn Tuesday evening, on his way to a lecture in Manhattan, when he noticed a group of Arab teenagers congregated on a bench in the station.
Ohana did not exchange words or make eye contact with the group, but proceeded upstairs to his train.
On his way, he felt someone grab his kippa from his head and then heard laughter. Ohana decided to chase the boys to retrieve his kippa.
The 18-year-old boy who grabbed the kippa left the subway station and ran into the street, where he was hit by a car, breaking his leg.
While Ohana chased the boy, the other teenagers began chasing him, screaming “Allah akbar.”
“They screamed at me, ‘Did you see what happened to him because of you?'” said Ohana, a Chabad-Lubavitch rabbinical assistant who works in Wellesley, Massachusetts.
Two of the Arab boys then started kicking and punching Ohana in the face.
“As soon as they started screaming, I understood [the attack] was racial,” said Ohana.

The crime is being investigated as aggravated harassment and a possible bias crime, according to a New York Police Department spokeswoman. “I am almost sure it will be charged as a hate crime,” said the spokeswoman.
“I’m sad that this kind of attack is coming to New York after seeing this in Israel,” said Ohana. “An Arab teenager attacking a Jew for being a Jew scares me as a Jew.”
Ohana said one police officer brushed the incident off as a case of a teenager who “doesn’t know what ‘Allah akbar’ means.

“This scares me in a global context, Arabs taking national pride one step forward,” said Ohana.
The youth who was hit by the car was taken to the Lutheran Medical Center to be treated for his broken leg and was placed under arrest. The other two boys fled the scene and have not yet been apprehended.

* New York Post:

Uria Ohana, 25, a member of the Chabad Lubavitch movement, told The Post he entered a subway station alone at Fourth Avenue and Ninth Street in Park Slope at 6:20 p.m. Tuesday.
Ohana said he went through a turnstile and spotted a group of young Arabic men sitting on a bench.
“I wasn’t afraid of anything. I didn’t think anything would happen,” he said.
But something did.
Ohana said he felt a hand grab his brown yarmulke off his head.
He then spun around and came face to face with one of the men, Ali Hussein, 18, police said.
“There were no words exchanged. I decided to chase him to get my yarmulke back,” Ohana said.
Hussein’s friends joined in the foot pursuit, screaming “Allah-hu Akbar,” which means “God is great.” [DS: Um, actually, it means Allah is the GREATER or GREATEST, as in “greater” than your god and mine.]
They ran outside and Hussein darted into the street, where he was hit by a blue Volvo and toppled to the ground, cops said.
“He couldn’t move. He broke his leg. He was crying,” said Ohana. [DS: So sad, too bad.]
Hussein’s friends then jumped into a suburban GMC and sped away.
Police arrested Hussein for alleged aggravated harassment as a hate crime.

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11 Responses

allah akbar is the standard cry of the moozlum murderous pigs. There is not a moozlum teenager on the face of this planet that doesn’t understand the meaning of allah snakbar!! The cop is a moron and should be forced into ‘sensitivity’ training for the Jewish people!! If things were reversed people would demand that he be forced to attend ‘moozlum’ sensitivity training.
Is anyone really shocked that this type of attack has come to New York? I’m surprised that it has taken this long to happen!
Too bad that the kid who was run over didn’t get both legs broken!!
Americans will now sit back and shiver like scared puppies instead of rising up and demanding that our leaders deport this scum. If our leaders won’t deport/convict/imprison them then We the People need to serve notice to our elected leaders that We the People will handle it and they can go back to sucking their thumbs.
It is only a matter of time before the beheadings start here. The comments of the people in the story proves to me that if the news isn’t about ‘Spears, Lohan or Hilton’ people are in the dark clueless and the dangers that face us in this world!!

newinnewark on March 20, 2008 at 3:06 pm

Debbie reports that Uria Ohana is “viciously attacked.” The Jerusalem Post reports that he was the victim of “kicking and punching in the face.” But then newsblaze reports that “he was not badly injured” After being kicked in the face?!
Then the New York Post, not ones to usually leave out the gory details, runs a story and doesn’t mention a thing about a vicious attack. According to the Poist, the dopey 18-year-old swiped Ohana’s yamulke.
Something fishy about this story.

Audacious on March 20, 2008 at 3:32 pm

I’m from Brooklyn. When I was a kid Israel and Jewish people were renown. All my grade school teachers were Jewish. I remember all the Television Documentaries and dramas about the Holocaust and modern Israel. I remember the crown Height riots. Now, foreigners are are on American sole attacking Jews?

dannygirl on March 20, 2008 at 4:52 pm

Audacious’s comment is valuable because it tells us how the Obama supporters view anti=Semitism. Laugh and giggle about it, make sarcastic and disparaging remarks. This person’s response in1938 Germany would have been to comb the press accounts for differences, and write twerpy little comments about the differences, while ignoring the grave significance of the rioting and carnage.

c f on March 20, 2008 at 6:18 pm

There’s nothing sarcastic or disparaging about my comments, c f. Just searching for the TRUTH. You rsspect the truth, don’t you?
First Debbie’s headline blares that five Muslims beat a Jewish rabbi, then reports surface that it was two Muslims, then the Post doesn’t say anything at all about a beating, and a New York City police officer brushes the incident off.
The rabbi isn’t even badly injured.
Before calling out the lynch mob, let’s get the facts straight. You can agree with that, I hope.

Audacious on March 20, 2008 at 6:30 pm

I live in Brooklyn and this attack really surprised me. There is a large Jewish population here and a much smaller Muslim population. There have never been any problems between the two groups.
newinnewark it seems you are missing a few brain cells.

secular_progrogressive on March 20, 2008 at 6:55 pm

If five Muslims attacked a Jewish rabbi, why only one arrest?
Questionable reporting here, from all sides.

Audacious on March 20, 2008 at 7:46 pm

Debbie I have been reading your blog since early 2005 which was a few months after I got out of the service after back to back tours in OIF and OEF. I happen to be a pretty hard core atheist in my personal beliefs, but I truly enjoy learning about your jewish heritage by reading your blog. Like any good American who does not have their head up their ass we are on the same side when it comes to fighting against the jihadists where ever and how ever we can. Reading the moronic comments in this article forced me to subscribe to typekey tonight to counter.
Well according to Audacious own words “kicking and punching in the face.” is not a “vicious attack” and claims the story is fishy. Well any libtard jihadist apologist who thinks kicking someone in the face is not vicious and would rather attack Debbie for reporting the facts just loses any hope at credibility. I know your kind very well and your liberal double standard. If I told you while I was in Iraq I even so much as knocked someone down who was posing a threat you would accuse me of being “vicious” and most likely more. So go stuff it.
As far as the so called “secular progressive” sure there has not been any problem with those 2 groups when you live with your head in the sand, with your eyes closed, screaming La La La.

AME2 (AW/SW/NAC) Baker on March 20, 2008 at 10:33 pm

“Well according to Audacious own words “kicking and punching in the face.” is not a “vicious attack””
I don’t know where you’re reading this. A kick and a punch in the face would certainly be a vicious attack. So why didn’t the New York Post report such an attack? Why, according to newsblaze, is the rabbi “not badly injured”? Why did a New York City police officer brush off the incident? If five Muslims attacked a Rabbi, why was there only one arrest? What are your thoughts here?
By the way, I salute and thank you for your service in the military.

Audacious on March 20, 2008 at 11:11 pm

It’s not questionalbe reporting, its selective reporting. In all of the reports each state that 1 assailant was hit by a car and arrested, the others fled in a vehicle.
Its the same selective reporting you get from CNN MSNBC and FOX news, two of three stated that B.O.’s speech was enlighting, moving, and a turning point in his run for the presidency, a master statesman, and true humanitarian.
The other, firmly states his audacity to lecture the American public about race. It was a piece of garbage filled with more racist comments and B.O.’s attempt to bamboozle us again backfired in his face. Depending on which statistical public influencing poll(and I use that term lightly) you read, each side will try to convince you his public opinion stats are either way up or way down.
Judging from the statistics these people tried to use to convince the people of MA, New Hampshire, Texas, California, Ohio and Texas, I’m leaning towards the polls that say he’s tanking big time.
but again, talking to a 2 year old will only get you a stinky smell in the air and drool on your shirt.

wolf2012 on March 21, 2008 at 1:09 am

And yet, the imbeciles will be voting for Muslim-born Obama??!!
We are doomed. I hope that the spirit of the people who are commenting on your blog is real, because we will need all the help we can get to beat back these hordes of savages.

Suziq on March 23, 2008 at 9:02 pm

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