March 21, 2008, - 2:10 pm

Shocker: Men & Women Are Different, After All

By Debbie Schlussel
Well, whaddya know? Men and women are different, after all. And they prefer and consume different foods.
This isn’t shocking to me or to you. But to feminists, liberals, and the mainstream media, this story is fascinating news and all over the place. Why? Well, maybe the reason they’re surprised that men and women have different palates and different palate-pleasers, is that they keep telling us that men and women are the same, are equal in everything, and are equal suited to all of the same roles and jobs in society.
Of course, we know that’s false. That’s why this bit of science is just another piece of proof of the obvious to us:


The study of eating habits of adults – called the most extensive of its kind – was a telephone survey of 14,000 Americans. It confirmed conventional wisdom that most men eat more meat than women, and women eat more fruits and vegetables.
But there were a few surprising exceptions: Men were much more likely to eat asparagus, brussels sprouts, peas and peanuts. They also were bigger consumers of frozen pizzas, frozen hamburgers and frozen Mexican dinners.
Women are more likely than men to eat eggs, yogurt and fresh hamburgers.
Men also showed a little more of an appetite for runny eggs and undercooked hamburgers — two foods that health experts say carry a higher chance of contamination that can make you sick.
Women were more likely than men to eat only one risky food, raw alfalfa sprouts, which in the past 15 years have been linked to outbreaks of food poisoning.
The survey was done in 10 states, a collaboration between state and federal health officials. The results were presented Wednesday by Dr. Beletshachew Shiferaw, an Oregon health official, at a meeting of infectious disease experts in Atlanta.
Shiferaw said she could not explain some of the odder findings, like why men eat more asparagus than women.

Nothing surprising to me here. Men like man food–meat and potatoes. And women are more fussy and froofy with their food.
I wonder how this study would differ if gay men and lesbian women were surveyed. I’d bet that the lesbians–especially if they are the “man” in the relationship (like Rosie O’Donnell)–would show male tendencies toward meat and potatoes, and that the gay men–especially the effeminate ones playing the female role in the relationship–would tend toward yogurt and salads, like women.

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2 Responses

Women do live longer than men on the average. Maybe the fact that they eat woman food rather than meat & potatoes is partly responsible.

c f on March 22, 2008 at 3:25 pm

I think a study that includes gays/lesbians would find that straight men and lesbian women prefer hamburgers. Straight women and gay men on the other hand prefer hot dogs.

cinerx on March 22, 2008 at 3:48 pm

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