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Wikipedia Chief Admits Doctoring Girlfriend’s Entry–Did Jimmy Wales “Date” Monica Crowley, Too? UPDATE: Marsden Denies, Says Wikipedia Editors Reviewed Entry, No Relationship w/ Marsden Beyond 1-Night

By Debbie Schlussel
**** UPDATE: Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales denies these reports, which he says are completely false. He says that he only met with Marsden once, that she was never his girlfriend. He also says that he never edits Wikipedia entries, that when Rachel Marsden contacted him before they ever met, complaining about her entry on Wikipedia, that he sent it to an independent committee of Wikipedia editors, and that he had nothing to do with it. Based on what he’s said, I find his case very credible, and I believe him. ****
I almost never link to Wikipedia. The site is bunk, pure fiction. And it’s anti-conservative. In the few instances in which accurate info is actually posted there, the person who posted it gets marked for “vandalism”–while the entry reverts to its original fiction because some dopey slacker guy self-appointed “editor” smoking a doobie doesn’t like it.
That is, unless you’re sleeping with the guy in charge, Jimmy Wales.
Wikipedia founder and chief, Wales, got caught doctoring his girlfriend’s, er . . . ex-girlfriend’s entry on Wikipedia, and didn’t admit it until he was outed by a number of online websites and got caught. **** UPDATE: Wales says Marsden was never his girlfriend and that an independent committee of Wikipedia editors reviwed and changed her entry, not him. ****


Is Wikipedia’s Wales Sleeping w/ Plagiarist “Dr.” Monica Crowley, Too?

Wales’ ex-girlfriend, pseudo-conservative Rachel Marsden, falsely accused one man–a swimming coach she was harassing–of rape. Initially, he lost his job over it. Another man, she stalked and then hijacked and monitored his e-mail account. But you’ll read a much more sanitized version of that on her Wikipedia entry (yes, in this rare instance I’m linking to Wikipedia). That’s because Wales–while sleeping with her–secretly changed and “cleaned it up” to her liking. **** UPDATE: Wales says Marsden was never his girlfriend, that he only met up with her once, and that an independent committee of Wikipedia editors reviwed and changed her entry, not him–and that it was done before he ever met her in person. ****
And strangely, the same thing has happened with another pseudo-conservative, Monica Crowley, who claimed that as a teenager she was a foreign policy advisor to Richard Nixon. (Uh-huh. Who needs Kissinger when you have little (then teen-aged) Monica?) Oh, and there’s that little issue of a whole article that Monica Crowley plagiarized that ran in the Wall Street Journal in 1999. The Journal apologized and never ran Crowley’s “work” again. That’s because “Dr.” Monica Crowley actually didn’t know enough about her former boss (on whom she “wrote” several books), Nixon, so she ripped off word-for-word an article written by the great British conservative writer Paul Johnson.
Since then, several prominent parties–including a former conservative professor of hers who actually did, in fact, advise several Presidents–have raised questions about whether her Ph.D. thesis and books on Nixon were fabricated and plagiarized. And I believe that they are. (Since she’s better looking than Jayson Blair, she’s gotten away with it.)
But that’s not how it reads in Wikipedia. That’s because apparently Crowley, herself, lied and doctored her Wikipedia entry, sanitizing it to claim that she only copied one phrase, “with credit,” when in fact, she knows that she copied five whole passages, as documented by former Wall Street Journal investigative reporter Timothy Noah, here and here. Unfortunately, whenever anyone edits Crowley’s Wikipedia entry to reflect the truth–that she actually did steal a whole article from Paul Johnson and presented it as her own work–the edits are labeled as “vandalism” and the changes are erased. Check the discussion section of her entry, and you’ll see the complaints about this. Ditto for the link to Noah’s 2nd article on Monica Crowley’s blatant plagiarism, which Monica and her Wiki friends keep deleting and labeling “vandalism.”
So, is Monica Crowley sleeping with Jimmy Wales, too? Don’t put it past her. Remember, she stole from Paul Johnson. So her morals aren’t exactly “conservative” ones (conservatives believe in property rights, remember? liberals believe in usurping for the common Monica “good”). She’s not a conservative. She just plays one on TV . . . and rips one (or more) off in print, then lies about it.
These are the passages Crowley stole from Paul Johnson, as documented by Timothy Noah. Do you believe that Wikipedia’s/Monica Crowley’s claim that she only copied two words from Johnson is correct?:

From Paul Johnson’s “In Praise of Richard Nixon,” Commentary, October 1988:
“There was none of the personal corruption which had marked the rule of Lyndon Johnson, let alone the gross immoralities and security risks of John F. Kennedy’s White House.”
From Crowley’s “The Day Nixon Said Goodbye,” Wall Street Journal, August 9, 1999:
“There was none of the personal corruption that had marked the rule of Lyndon Johnson or the base immoralities and outrageous security risks of the Kennedy and Clinton White Houses.”
“Nixon … consistently underestimated the unscrupulousness of his media enemies and their willingness to sacrifice the national interest in the pursuit of their institutional vendetta.”
“Nixon, though always suspicious of his political enemies, consistently underestimated their ruthlessness and willingness to sacrifice the national interest in the pursuit of their institutional vendetta.”
“So great was the inequity of Nixon’s downfall that future historians may well conclude he would have been justified in allowing events to take their course and in subjecting the nation to the prolonged paralysis of a public impeachment, which at least would have given him the opportunity to defend himself by due process of law. But once again his patriotism took precedence over his self-interest …”
“Given the inequity of Nixon’s downfall, historians may yet determine that he would have been justified in allowing events to take their course and subjecting the country to a prolonged process of impeachment, which would have given him the chance to defend himself by due process of law. His allegiance to the country, however, overrode his political self-interest.”
Characterizes the 1960 election as “one of the most corrupt elections of modern times.”
Characterizes the 1960 election as “one of the most corrupt elections of modern times.”
[This assertion, unlike the others, has some merit, and it’s possible the two arrived at the phrase independent of one another; but given the other examples cited here, that likelihood is not great.]
“By a curious paradox Richard Nixon was one of the very few people who emerged from the Watergate affair with credit.”
“Ironically, Nixon was one of the few people who emerged from Watergate with credit …”
[Johnson is British, Crowley American; why would she, on her own, use a Britishism like “with credit”?]

As Timothy Noah reports, the Wall Street Journal clearly thought Crowley ripped Paul Johnson off:

The Journal ran an editor’s note that read as follows: “There are striking similarities in phraseology between “The Day Richard Nixon Said Goodbye,” an editorial feature Monday by Monica Crowley, and a 1988 article by Paul Johnson in Commentary magazine . . . Had we known of the parallels, we would not have published the article.”

I think you can read between the lines.
So, again, I ask: Is Wikipedia dictator Jimmy Wales dating (euphemism) “Dr.” Monica Crowley? And if so, how long until she sells his belongings on ebay the way Rachel Marsden is?
**** UPDATE: Again, Wales says Marsden was never his girlfriend and that an independent committee of Wikipedia editors reviwed and changed her entry, not him. ****

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13 Responses

People who take wikipedia seroiusly…..ROFL.
I only use it just for some info on sports, videogames, and cartoons.

Squirrel3D on March 25, 2008 at 12:55 am

I am very disappointed to learn of all this. I had a lot of respect for Monica.
I am going to read up more on this, before I stop listening to her weekly radio show on WABC 770 AM.

God&America on March 25, 2008 at 12:59 am

Your report epitomizes the collapse of standards in academic, in journalism and in people’s lives. The feeling of modesty and shame that once restrained people is gone. After they’ve done something wrong today – an apology is all too often what it sounds like – a confession for getting caught. And along with this lack of concern for standards, has come a loss of personal integrity and then there’s its main casualty… the truth.
And we’re shocked to discover we have plagiarists in our midst.

NormanF on March 25, 2008 at 11:40 am

A thief will never come clean. Its entirely possible two people researching the same subject may come to the same conclusions about it independently of one another. But to use the exact same language about it?
C’mon…. ripping off another person is not only a sign one plays fast and loose with the truth, its also evidence the plagiarist takes credit for something they are not entitled to: recognition for the work submitted. Common sense tells us that a person who steals from others’ writings is not going to be a trustworthy authority on any issue.
Its time to stop making excuses for the con artists and thieves in the conservative family. If we let such people in our house and let them get away with it, conservatives are hardly in a position to demand the highest possible standards in our society.
Monica Crowley never apologized for stealing whole passages from the great Paul Johnson. Wikipedia wants us to believe she committed a minor offense. Judging from Timothy Wales’ research, its much, much much more than that. Its not just lifted passages that are the issue – its a question of character and no one is allowed at least since Clinton was President, to say people deserve to be held accountable when they have done something wrong.
If we don’t want to keep on living in the Age Of Excuses, that’s what we need to bring back. Or Monica Crowley is just the tip of a very vast iceberg in a society in which no one expects the best of people – either professionally or personally anymore. If its OK to condone plagiarism, we have truly become in both letter and spirit, a fallen society.

NormanF on March 25, 2008 at 12:09 pm

Crowley was hired by MSNBC as another token “Conservative” – that did not pan out.

Ripper on March 25, 2008 at 12:29 pm

I have to post a correction: in my last post, I got Jimmy Wales and Timothy Noah’s names mixed up. I should have proofread my post more carefully. The writer who exposed Monica Crowley’s plagiarism was named Timothy Noah. That sets the record straight. When we make a mistake, we should fess up to it. Its sound practice – and wins you credit with others. I will never plagiarize.

NormanF on March 25, 2008 at 12:54 pm

Debbie, I like your slogan. Its more fitting than “fair and balanced.” And is an indication of Fox’s own standards, where looks and a quest for ratings are more important than integrity and the truth. No wonder they have no problem with the likes of Crowley and Hannity among their commentariat.

NormanF on March 25, 2008 at 12:57 pm

It still raises the question of conflict of interest. How could the committee not write anything that would displease the boss and put his girlfriend in a bad light? Its only human nature to make a loved one look good. Even if it turns out that isn’t exactly the whole truth. And an encyclopedia is supposed to be about wholly objective information.

NormanF on March 25, 2008 at 2:06 pm

Thank you for setting the record straight,I had no idea.Actually,I started watching her on the PBS-TV program “McLaughlin Group” where she appears ever week for the last 2 mo.
I liked her “conservative” views on topics,but now that I know this her cred. has gone to ZERO for me.

billybob on March 25, 2008 at 2:11 pm


I had no idea!

Monica is the one voice that holds back the screech of
the Newsweek witch on McLaughlin Group every Sunday.

Well, another blonde bits the dust…

But Debbie, cut some slack on Michelle Malkin –
She’s just behind you in prolific on-the-money blogs!

D: Michelle Malkin helps and raises money for a woman who praised Muslim death, rape, and torture threats on my life and my family member’s lives. She is a fraud and a hypocrite. And she promoted a blatantly anti-Semitic article recently on her site, as well as accusing AIPAC of spying for Israel. There is nothing “on the money” about her. Exposing this fake Fraudkin is not “eating young” or the absence of principle. Wake the heck up.

docgary on November 15, 2009 at 10:39 pm

I agree Crowley is a barely human ,disgusting, r/w witch

All R/Wers R Frauds on November 21, 2010 at 12:35 pm

What is the diffference between you and the guy on the corner begging for money?

John Scott Hutton (not afraid to use my name) on October 26, 2011 at 4:13 pm

Add L to your first name and

Ella on June 5, 2012 at 10:01 pm

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