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Olympus: Official Camera of the Jihad; UPDATE: Nikon, Not So Much

By Debbie Schlussel
If you’re thinking of purchasing a new digital camera, you might want to forget about choosing an Olympus camera. Unless you are Muslim. Islam is apparently the scene Olympus wants you to see when you use their camera.
Reader “S”, an Arab Catholic who grew up in Iraq and came here to escape Islamic repression, writes that he was shocked to see the symbol of what he was trying to escape on the menu of an Olympus camera:

Hi, Debbie:
I was shopping for a digital camera with my son, who is considering getting one of the new weather-proof, crush-proof new-for-2008 models from Olympus camera.


To my surprise, when he pressed the “menu” button, we were presented a picture of the terrorist, devil-cult, symbol: “the crescent moon and star” as one of the “menu” selections.
Olympus’ “ignorant” engineers (or maybe Islamist engineers) must’ve thought nothing of it, but they could’ve chosen a different icon to represent the “Scene” menu item.
All I can say, if I could speak directly to whoever is doing this at Olympus is the following: Go ahead and do whatever you like, it’s your product, but keep in mind that I can choose NOT TO BUY your biased, in-my-face offensive product, it’s my money.
BTW, in case you need to verify the picture of the camera’s menu, it’s contained within the English User’s Instruction Manual that is posted in this PDF file at the Olympus site). The picture is on page 22 (you can magnify the page to get a good view of it).

I asked Minister of PhotoShop, Master David Lunde of Lundesigns, to remake the Olympus digital camera menu in ways to my liking. Here are a couple of versions. How do you think these would go over in, say, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, or HAMASastan?



Jewish & Christian Versions of the Islamic Olympus Camera by David Lunde

Well, then, why should we accept an Islamic camera here?
Further, why is this so disturbing and offensive to Reader “S” (as it should be to us)? Well, this was the experience of Reader “S”–now a proud American and U.S. citizen–growing up in Islamic Iraq (where it is now even worse–Good luck being a Christian in George W. Bush’s “democratic,” “liberated” Iraq):

I lived among these Bedouins until the age of 23 in Iraq!! It was a miserable existence of a Catholic in Dhimmitude, as I experienced the full blast of hatred from these idiots who call themselves moo-slims (moo in Arabic means not, and salam means peace. Thus, mooslim means NOT-PEACEFUL!!).
I am a Roman Catholic . . . . In my high school (called Baghdad College – Established by the New-England Jesuits 1932, and who were accused of spying and were kicked out in ~1968), we had to study Islamic (Arab) history, no World-History at all!!
When the (Muslim) teacher called on me to recite an event in the life of their “perfect human and prophet” [DS: Mohammed], I refused to repeat the lame obligatory expression “May Allah Pray Upon Him and Bless Him” EVERY TIME I had to mention his name! It was bad enough I had to say his name!!
Well, I ended up failing history, and b/c there was no such thing as summer school, I had to repeat my entire freshman year because of their “prophet”!!
Now, think of it, how did a 14 or 15 year old know that it was an evil and hate-filled religion that he was studying in “history class”? Actually that was an indoctrination class, not a history class.
I think it was the wisdom of God that inspired me to think that way, and I still do!!
Thank God there ARE people of FAITH like you who GET how these Islamo-nuts are slowly encroaching on our way of life.

If only all Americans were as vigilant as American-by-choice Reader “S” who saw the results of what happens when people are not vigilant about the takeover of the so-called “Religion of Peace”.
Bottom Line in that vigilance: Don’t buy an Olympus camera. Clearly, they made their camera for one religion and one religion only. Not yours.
If we are not vigilant about “the little things”–these early, “tiny” symptoms of the spread of the viral infection–the big things, the monumental changes in our way of life, will happen before we know it.
The enemy is vigilant about the little things, slowly encroaching further into the heart of America and American pop culture.
And we should be not equally vigilant, but more so. Today, separate hours for Muslim women at the Harvard Gym and a Muslim camera. Tomorrow, a whole lot more.
Remember, the Jihad–the holy war–is fought not just with weapons, but with technology, pop culture, and any tiny piece of propaganda that can win over American (and other) hearts and minds.
Even an Olympus camera.
**** UPDATE: To those commenters who claim this “coincidental” configuration of a crescent moon and star, just like the Islamic symbol, is me seeing things that aren’t there, sorry, but this is not coincidence. There are no “coincidences,” especially in things like these.
To contrast this, Reader Stephen R. send ths Nikon camera night-vision icon and writes:

The Nikon camera icon is far less offensive than the olympus version.


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15 Responses

A little ironic that the religion of Xerxes (whose army warred with the Greeks) would have any place at all on an Olympus camera. I’m sure that the 300 ancient heros are spinning in their graves.

samurai on March 26, 2008 at 11:15 am

Debbie,perhaps for the erase symbol of the Jihad-cam a guy with an explosives jacket? if I offended any “MOOSE” s.o.b. GOOD! Give respect,get respect…

Chiefscotty24 on March 26, 2008 at 11:27 am

LOLOLOOL this is news? This is a great blog. Hey I bet the symbols mean night time!! Yeah maybe thats it usually at night time see we dont have sun, we have the MOON and stars. I guess dont go to Ikea either and buy the Crescent moons for your babies. This is really funny, because you know why its so funny, because its RIDICULOUS!! I guess Ill look for the crosses and stars of david at night time now. LMAOO omgosh I cant stop laughing.

Muslim man on March 26, 2008 at 12:03 pm

Debbie et al:
You sound like the Islamonut who protested a McDonald’s or Burger King product that “appeared” to defame the “Prophet.” What I see is the standard day/night symbol (the star represents the sun) and a person. In your zeal to expose the creeping Islamization of the West you are seeing something that isn’t there.

jerry on March 26, 2008 at 12:07 pm

To those of you who think this is worrying about nothing:
1) This menu item does NOT represent a day/night symbol! It represents the SCENE(s) submenu. This means, if you select this item, you’ll be taken to other submenu’s that help you select a scene, ONLY one of which is night scene. So before you ridicule the article, know what youíre looking at.
2) If a symbol were to be used for day/night, then Olympus could’ve chosen anything that represents the moon & stars that are configured in a different arrangement than the “MOON gOD” of pre-islamic and post islamic cults.
May God Protect America from evil muzzle-ims and Liberal imbeciles who are stupidly turning a blind eye to their own slow destruction.
Wake up America!

God&America on March 26, 2008 at 1:16 pm

OH NO! After further review my FUJIFILM Camera uses the same symbol for nightime,I shall have to flog myself a thousand times for this error…the horror…the horror…

Chiefscotty24 on March 26, 2008 at 1:19 pm

Mohammedan Man
How often do you see a crescent and star when you look at the sky?
Other reason to avoid Olympus is their xD form factor card – proprietary (to Fuji & Olympus only) and more expensive than similar CF and SD cards from the same vendors.

Infidel Pride on March 26, 2008 at 1:57 pm

I really like “S”‘s comments, and we should listen to his wisdom about the satanic cult of the moon god. We should only allow Arab Christians into our country, not their persecutors, the barbaric moon god worshipers.
For those who think he and Debbie are just imagining the Muslim symbol in the Olympus camera, think again. Olympus is evidently trying to capture market share in Muslim countries, guessing we are too stupid to notice:

Gabe on March 26, 2008 at 9:36 pm

All I can say to you is: God bless you.
I visited your blog, and I think I’ll be spending many hours enjoying your posts. Thank you.
I am very glad that Americans like you exist. True Americans who value this great country, and understand that it is by the efforts of our forefathers AND the continued efforts required by all true Americans, that this country must be sitting on as a strong foundation.
The efforts of all islamofascists, marxists, and stupid-liberals should be exposed for what they are. Never forget that in order for these losers to “build” an Amerika (sic) that they desire, they must 1st DESTROY the America that we love.
Americans like you, Debbie, and many more like-minded people will NOT let them do that.
That is why many articles, such as this are ridiculed by not only the feeble-minded liberals, but also by the islamofascists who wish to take over this country.
Again, may God bless you, and protect us from all harm.

God&America on March 27, 2008 at 1:01 am

I’m usually with you, Debbie, but this nonsense about Olympus is, well, it’s freakin’ nonsense. I happen to have a Olympus camera, and yes, that is the symbol for “Night Scenes.” So what?
Makes sense to me. A star and the moon connote night, right?
And if I’m not mistaken, in Islam, the “star & crescent” symbol is reversed, with the crescent on the left and the star on the right, just the opposite of Olympus’s “Night Scene” symbol.
I think that when people read nonsense like this, your overall credibility suffers, and I’d hate to see that happen.
That stuff about Hannity hit me right in the solar plexus, and I’ll be watching for Hannity’s explanation. If it isn’t satisfactory, that’s it for me and FNC. Finis.
Kindest regards,

Jack Morrison on March 28, 2008 at 12:50 pm

Jack Morrison:
Did you not read the posts I wrote before you wrote yours? Or maybe you just don’t get it?
The symbol in Olympus’ camera DOES NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT represent “Night Scenes”!!!
It represents JUST “Scenes”!!!!
There is a difference!!
What will it take to convince you that mooslim symbols are being slowly made acceptable in the west? Are the following special allowances not enough for you?
1) Foot baths for mooslims on college campuses?
2) Special “prayer” rooms on college campuses?
3) Special “prayer” rooms in airports?
4) More mosques being built in the West, while Christians are not allowed to build churches or repair them in islamofascist states in the Middle East?
5) mooslim cab drivers who refuse to pick up clients carrying alcohol?
6) mooslim women requiring Harvard to allot special “mooslim-women” hours in the gym?
7) A madrassa in Brooklyn funded by taxpayer dollars masquerading as an Arab school, not a mooslim school?
8) Hapless Americans who elected 2 mooslims to Congress, and who insist on being sworn-in by placing their hands on a koran, a book that instigates murder of the unbelievers (Christians, Jews, Hinduís, etc.)?
This is only a partial list, and only off the top of my head, without going more into the records that I keep. Also, not including the mooslim youths who hate the girls in Switzerland, but love to rape them and beat them bloody!!!!
Just what would it take to wake people like you up???????

God&America on March 28, 2008 at 3:48 pm

God & America, please, spare me the plethora of straw man arguments, ‘kay?
I’m trying to make just *one* point here, and that is about the nonsense of the Olympus camera icon being some kind of conspiracy to attract Muslim business. Because that’s what it is – nonsense.
You’ve also essentially called me a liar, or stupid, and I’m neither. I am, however, patient.
Here’s a scan from a page from *my* camera’s manual:
Canon 5050 Zoom
See what I mean?
See any lying going on there?
It says “Night Scenes.”
It doesn’t say “subliminal icon to make Muslims buy more Olympus cameras.”
I have also seen that symbol used on other brands of cameras, too, or reasonable fascimiles thereof.
I’m no expert on things Islamic, but it appears that the Islamic “Crescent & Star” symbol is completely opposite the Olympus one:
Considering how touchy Muslims are about their religious symbols, what exactly do you think is to be gained by Olympus appearing to actually defame one of their symbols?
Do you see what I mean by nonsense yet?
There are more than enough valid reasons to be concerned about Islamic expansion, etc., but when you go off the deep end like this, and whine about really silly things, it just makes people ignore you. Even laugh at you.
How exactly does that help your cause?
And as far as me “waking up” goes, you might want to practice what you preach.
Debbie, too.
Kindest regards,

Jack Morrison on March 28, 2008 at 4:40 pm

J. Morrison,
It looks like whatever examples of everyday-encroachment examples I or others cite is not good enough!!
Please list some,(as you say in your own words above), “enough valid reasons to be concerned about Islamic expansion”.
Can you please list some that DO CONCERN you, some that you do consider to represent a danger to our way of life and culture?
Thank you.

God&America on March 28, 2008 at 5:07 pm

God & America, so…your strategy now is to basically ignore everything I say, even when I take the time to offer proof? How charming.
Have you ever taken any debating classes?
Do yourself a favor, before you embarass yourself even further. Look up the term “straw man argument.”
Here, I’ll make it easy for you:
Maybe you could ask Debbie to explain it to you. I’m 100% certain that she knows what it means.
Kindest regards,

Jack Morrison on March 28, 2008 at 5:16 pm

Why waste time on a dhimmi????

God&America on March 31, 2008 at 2:13 pm

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