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Thanks, Dr. Death: Suicide Doctor’s Nader-esque Congressional Race Will Help Hezbollah’s Republican Get Re-Elected; SCHLUSSEL Endorses Dems Running Against Hezbo Republicans

By Debbie Schlussel
A number of readers have asked me what I think of the just-announced Congressional candidacy of Dr. Jack Kevorkian a/k/a Dr. Death. Well, I’m bummed about it, and not for the reasons you might think.
It’s rare that I endorse liberal Democrats. But when the liberal Democrat is running against a phony conservative Republican who is one of Hezbollah’s two best friends in Congress, I’ll take the lib any day. I’d much rather have a sincere liberal than a phony American.
That’s the case with Congressman Joe Knollenberg, the man Kevorkian is running against and against whom the liberal Democrat (not Kevorkian) has a chance of beating. I’ve known Mr. Knollenberg for many years, and he’s been my Congressman for several of them. Unfortunately, Knollenberg–along with another Republican, Congressman Darrell Issa–is Hezbollah’s go to guy in the U.S. Congress.


Dr. Death’s Candidacy

May Help Re-Elect Hezbollah’s Joe Knollenberg


GOP Congressmen Darrell Issa & Joe Knollenberg:

Hezbollah’s Hookers in Congress;

Schlussel Endorses Their Opponents Peters, Hamilton

As I’ve detailed on this site, Knollenberg has taken thousands in campaign contributions from Hezbollah’s officially-designated American agent Nijad Fares and his Hezbollah front-group PAC, American Task Force for Lebanon Policy. And in return, Knollenberg sought $268 million–and got over $86 million–of your tax money for Hezbollah. The money–purportedly to rebuild hospitals and orphanages “destroyed” by Israel–actually went straight into the coffers of Hezbollah for the purposes of sending more Isrealis and American soldiers fighting in Iraq to hospitals and their kids to orphanages. Knollenberg and his then-Chief of Staff Paul Welday sought this money at the request of Fares–whose father Issam Fares was formerly the Hezbollah-installed Prime Minister of Lebanon–and pro-HAMAS/pro-Hezbollah James Zogby, head of the deceptively-named Arab American Institute (very little American about it, but for an office address).
Fares, it should be noted, also donated to Muslim Democrat Congressman Keith Ellison and the Presidential Campaign of Jihad Fred Thompson, which was shabbily run by Fares’ other pan-Hezbo friend, Spencer Abraham. The is the company which Joe Knollenberg keeps. Check out all of Nijad Fares’ campaign contributions (he’s a close friend of the Bush family, FYI).
One other thing about Jihad Joe Knollenberg: He also made earmarks of millions in your tax money, sending it to 1) the anti-Israel/pan-jihadist Arab American National Museum, and 2) the deceptively-named “Seeds of Peace” summer camp, in which victims of terror and kids of Muslim terrorists are told they are equal and that Holocaust-denial is a valid position; the camp was founded by Yasser Arafat’s favorite biographer.
So, how does this relate to Congressional Candidate Dr. Death? Well, Kevorkian is properly reviled by most conservative and Republican voters. He will only take votes away from Joe Knollenberg’s very viable Democrat opponent, Gary Peters. The election will be very close. In 2006, Nancy Skinner–who barely put up a fight and raised little money–nearly beat Knollenberg. And the time is now to do it.
Moreover, if he wins, it’s believed that Joe Knollenberg will thereafter retire and somehow get his son, Michigan State Rep. Marty Knollenberg, into the seat. Besides supporting gay marriage and other gay issues, Marty Knollenberg–as I’ve repeatedly noted–also took oodles of money from Hezbollah’s Nijad Fares.
Why would a Texas agent of Hezbollah donate money to a State Representative in Michigan? Answers: 1) To reward his daddy for sending millions of your tax money to Hezbollah; 2) to reflect pan-Hezbollah policy in the Michigan legislature; and 3) to get Knollenberg to “see things the Hezbollah way” should he get to Congress.
Michigan’s Hezbollah-Knollenberg dynasty must be put out to pasture. And that’s why I’m supporting liberal Democrat Gary Peters for this seat. Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s candidacy will put my efforts at Knollenberg Family Retirement ’08 in jeopardy. And I’m not happy about it. He’s the Ralph Nader in this race between Hezbollah vs. America.
That said, I condemn Gary Peters’ and Central Michigan University’s (Peters headed CMU until recently) outrageous, illegal activities in their efforts to stifle my friend, CMU student and conservative activist Dennis Lennox‘s free speech rights and ability to film and report on Peters’ and his liberal minions’ activities at CMU.
One more thing: I’m also hereby endorsing Robert Hamilton, Democrat opponent of Hezbollah’s other GOP Member of Congress, Darrell Issa a/k/a Jihad Darrell of suburban San Diego. Not only has he worked very hard for Hezbollah and Syria and repeatedly praised Yasser Arafat, but he called Israel–a la Jimmuh Carter–an “apartheid” state. More on that race, later. Stay tuned.
In the meantime, Aleikum Salaam Joe Knollenberg. Let’s hope Dr. Death’s candidacy won’t stop your impending political death at the hands of voters in November.
If you live in Issa’s san Diego-area district, vote for Hamilton. If you live in Knollenberg’s Detroit-area district, vote for Peters.

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I personally am pro-Kevorkian, but, if to throw out my private opinion, he is a 100% Armenian, and, by being so, cannot be anything else, than charged with strong anti-Islamist charge.

AppleCider123 on March 27, 2008 at 5:08 am

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