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Michael Monsoor: Un-Hyphenated (Arab) American Hero; Americans Who Don’t Want to Be Known as Arabs: My Apology to Mayor Allan Mansoor

By Debbie Schlussel
I debated how I should write the story of American hero and patriot Michael Anthony Monsoor, the third Iraq war veteran to receive the Medal of Honor.
A couple of years ago, on this site, I praised one of my heroes, Mayor Allan Mansoor of Costa Mesa, California (and I’ve written about him several times since). A strong advocate of secure borders, Mayor Mansoor was one of the first local officeholders to take control of the illegal alien cancer that ICE has let fester. Because I know that the surname, Mansoor (also spelled in other assorted, transliterated ways), is a common Arab (and, sometimes, Sephardic Jewish) last name, I praised him as an Arab American we can all be proud of (it turns out his father was an Egyptian Coptic Christian, his mother of Scandinavian descent). But Mayor Mansoor doesn’t like being known as an Arab.


Proud Americans, NOT Arabs:

Mayor Allan Mansoor & Hero Michael Anthony Monsoor

On the contrary, like many of my Christian friends of Arabic descent, he doesn’t identify with it, because he, rightfully, sees himself as an unhyphenated, patriotic American who does not want to be lumped in with Muslims, as some local media have tried to do to him, comparing him with two extremist Muslims from Syria and Lebanon:

One’s geographic origin should not be used to describe someone when you are discussing their actions. If you do that, then you need to do it equally for everyone or you are being divisive. Describing me as an “Arab-American” has no bearing on what views I hold or why I am running for re-election. If you make these distinctions for one, then make them for all. Please don’t lump me into some group out of laziness or political correctness.
My father, though born in Egypt and with an Arabic name, was greatly influenced by European culture. Many business contacts were European and he attended a French Catholic school where he was taught in French. He was also raised as a Christian in a Coptic Church as opposed to a Muslim. My mother is from Finland and when I was raised my mother took me and my brothers to a Lutheran church. Actually my mother is from the Aland Islands which are in the Gulf of Bothnia. Swedish is the culture but the islands are a province of Finland. I was born in California and one could also argue that since my mother was a stay at home mom, Swedish culture was more prevalent in our home than Middle Eastern culture. . . .
I am proud of my parents and my heritage, but I am an American . . . without a hyphen.

Read the whole thing.
It’s something that conflicts me, too. On the one hand, I want people to know that there are plenty of Arabs in America, whom I like (it’s the Muslims I have a problem with, not the ethnicity that includes many Christians who love America). (My first boss as an attorney, Larry Mansour Hansen, was the nicest, greatest boss I ever had. But, while he was proud of his Syrian/Lebanese heritage, he was prouder to be a Christian and an American.)
On the other hand, I decry places like the deceptively-named Arab American National Museum in Dearbornistan, which is the project of extremist Muslims who usurp the identity of prominent Christian Arabs, like former NFLer Doug Flutie and the late (pro-Israel) lawyer Edward Masry (of “Erin Brockovich” fame), to trick us into believing that they–Arab Muslims–are just like these proud Americans (they aren’t).
So, I apologize to Mayor Allan Mansoor, of whom we should all be proud regardless of his ancestry, for bringing up an aspect of his heritage with which he does not identify and which is used by others to discredit him.
But in the same vein, I think it’s important to use Mayor Mansoor’s courage and the bravery of another non-hyphenated American, Michael Anthony Monsoor, to point out that this is what we want for America–those who absorb into American culture and love America, rather than imposing Middle Eastern mores on America, as Muslims and Muslim Arabs are trying to do, today.
Michael Anthony Monsoor, a Christian of Arabic descent who also really didn’t identify as an Arab, made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq to save his fellow Americans. He yelled, “Grenade!” and threw himself on the explosive device during a firefight in Ramadi, Iraq, on September 29, 2006. He gave his life so that his fellow soldiers would live. And that’s why, today, this courageous Navy SEAL’s family was presented with the Medal of Honor by President Bush.
Mayor Allan Mansoor writes about Michael Monsoor:

Interestingly, I did not see Michael Monsoor of Garden Grove, the recently killed Navy Seal, referred to as an Arab-American. I would add that it was good that he was not referred to in this manner because he was fighting as an American soldier.

More about Michael Anthony Monsoor:

When a grenade hit his body and landed near his feet on a rooftop in Ramadi, Iraq, Navy SEAL Michael Anthony Monsoor could have escaped in time.
Monsoor, a Coronado-based sailor, stood close to an exit. He could have ducked out quickly, unlike the three American snipers and several Iraqi soldiers on the roof with him. He was scheduled to return to the United States in a week or two.
But in a move that doesn’t surprise people who knew him, Monsoor yelled “Grenade!” and jumped on the explosive. He died within a half-hour of suffering extensive injuries. His sacrifice saved the other service members that day – Sept. 29, 2006.
For his heroism, Monsoor today will become the third Iraq war recipient of the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest distinction for combat valor. He also will be the first member of the Navy to receive the honor during the Iraq war. . . .
Monsoor joined the Navy in 2001, continuing a family tradition of military service. His father and brother James were Marines, and his grandfather George was in the Navy.
He decided to strive for a spot with the SEALs – elite fighters known for their physical prowess, endurance and versatility. He withdrew during his first tryout after breaking a heel.
When he tried again in 2004, he graduated near the top of his class. He was a petty officer second class when he died at age 25.
“I truly thought he was the toughest member of my platoon,” said Navy Lt. Cmdr. Seth Stone, his platoon commander in Iraq.
As a machine gunner and radio operator in Ramadi, Monsoor had to haul gear weighing more than 100 pounds in the searing desert heat of Anbar province. . . .
Monsoor distinguished himself almost immediately upon arriving in Iraq as part of SEAL Team Three in April 2006.
On May 9 of that year, he dragged a wounded SEAL to safety while being exposed to enemy fire. Monsoor earned a Silver Star, the third highest honor for combat bravery, for that rescue.
He also received a Bronze Star for helping to safeguard fellow troops on 11 occasions by risking death from enemy fire to unleash his own suppressive fire, according to a Navy citation. . . .
Monsoor’s ultimate sacrifice occurred shortly after a firefight in Ramadi, then considered the hotbed of Iraq’s Sunni insurgency. His SEAL unit had engaged in fierce battles over the past six months, killing dozens of insurgents and capturing many others.
Acting as a machine gunner, Monsoor went up to the rooftop of a building to provide cover for troops erecting barricades on the street below. His goal was to help restrict the movement of insurgents in the area.
Monsoor positioned himself between two SEAL snipers. From an unseen location, an insurgent tossed a grenade onto the roof. It struck Monsoor in the chest and bounced onto the deck.
“Without hesitation and showing no regard for his own life, he threw himself onto the grenade, smothering it to protect his teammates who were lying in close proximity,” the Navy said in a citation. “The grenade detonated as he came down on top of it, mortally wounding him.”

While the Muslim Arabs who run the Arab American National Museum are nothing like the assimilated, proud American families of Mayor Mansoor and American Hero Michael Anthony Monsoor, I’m sure we will see plenty of usurping of Michael Monsoor’s irrelevant heritage to tell us that they–Muslim Arabs–are just like us. That’s despite the fact that, were they in the “old country” today, they’d be imposing Shariah upon and persecuting Christians like Monsoor (and Mayor Mansoor).
But Michael Anthony Monsoor bears no similarity–in his limitless patriotism–to the people on Michigan Avenue and Schaeffer and Warren in Dearbornistan.
Michael Anthony Monsoor, Rest in Peace. This non-hyphenated American did his country proud.
Read the U.S. Navy Tribute and Biography of Michael Anthony Monsoor.
**** UPDATE: My 2005 entry on Edward Masry makes a similar point to Mayor Allan Mansoor’s:

“My father was a Christian from Syria who came to the United States in 1912 because of repression in his native country,” Masry once told a Jewish newspaper. “He was one of the first to give money to Israel in 1948. His sympathies were pro-Zionist, not pro-Arab.”

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28 Responses

I agree whole-heartedly with Monsoor in that I too am of Arab descent. I, unlike the MOOZLUMZ, do not want to be referred to as a hyphenated American. In my 20’s I also served VERY proudly in the military. I am an AMERICAN plain and simple. More over I’m from the south where I speak southern english.
I am incredible proud of this countries heritage, Christian background, and conservative values.
Most moozlumz, like Debbie reports, are here for the dollar only and will screw & cheat ever cent they can from the infidels. I can’t stand those arabs!
If you don’t like America and want to change it, get the F**K out!!!

RC Flyer on April 8, 2008 at 4:01 pm

bet the media missed that one(or they left it out on purpose).It sickening how they”ll feature a crybaby from CAIR instead.

American Sabrah on April 8, 2008 at 5:08 pm

To michael monsoor all I can say is thanks for those like you and RIP. We need more like him.

mindy1 on April 8, 2008 at 6:49 pm

I am saddened that the honor of this young man’s death illicits such a conversation of self-hatred. You are right to be angry with the Arab world, you are not recognized as significantly as your Muslim brother and sisters (yes, I said your brothers and sisters). This is not, however, a reason to completely deny this part of your identity.
Have you ever spoken to a Palestinian Christian? They will tell you that their heritage is just as important as their relgion. You are Christian BECAUSE you are Arab. You are some of the oldest Christians that exist on this earth because of your heritage. To ignore this, pretend it isn’t true or try to run from it will never work. It should be a source of pride.
You are as Arab as I am. I am as American as you are. I happen to be Muslim, but I do not associate the Islam I know with the Muslim fundamentalists anymore than you should associate being American with Timothy McVey.
I am saddened that Michael Mansoor choose not to be identified as such, but I respect his right to choose his identity. He has passed in protecting the lives of others, and for that I cannot and would not challenge his choices.
You all, on the other hand, are self-hating for what purpose? Being Arab does not make you less American. This is a nation of immigrants. Your legacy as some of the founding members of the Christian religion alone should be able to create some sense of pride in your Arab identity.
I understand that being an Arab in America at this time is not an easy thing. People lump us all together and label us as the evil ones that have done so much destruction. What destruction did your grandmothers do? How would they feel about you denying the legacy they left to you?
I honor the loss of Michael Mansoor, may he rest in peace.
The rest of you, need to take a serious look at yourselves. Your self-hatred will not end here, but will continue for generations.

mssizzle on April 8, 2008 at 9:14 pm

Sorry, but you betray yourself with the correct point that “You are some of the oldest Christians that exist on this earth because of your heritage.”
True indeed, but try finding a Christian in, say, Bethlehem or Nazareth now. They have pretty much been driven out by all the peace loving Muslims.
I hate to break this to you, but Islam is unchanged over the centuries, and amounts to little more than a pseudo-religious patina placed over a cult of unlimited sex and violence.
Spare me the “isolated case” explanations that we keep hearing about. These posters are no more self-hating than Germans who decried Nazi abuses, or Copperheads who condemned military and political atrocities during the Civil War.
There is no self-hatred here, but plenty of self-delusion on your part.

Red Ryder on April 9, 2008 at 9:34 am

I come from a Lebanese and Irish background, but both of my parents, as well as their parents, were born in the USA. Since my father fought in Guadalcanal in WW2, earned both a bronze & silver Star, plus a Purple heart, there was never any question about who he was or where he was from.
He graduated from both Boston College and Georgetown University, then served HIS country, the United States of America, for more than 35 years as a US Dept of State Career Foreign Service Officer. He was involved in every single Crisis in the Middle East from 1951 through 1979, and his commitment to OUR country was never once questioned.
I too am an unhyphenated American, and completely agree that we should leave those labels behind; otherwise everyone in this country needs many hyphens.
I am extremely proud of EVERY American soldier who has ever served our country, and never fail to thank a veteran for his or her service.
I want to personally extend my gratitude and condolences to the Monsoor family – their son got his values from them, not from some hypothetical past. They should be held up as the proud parents of an American soldier and a hero – no more, and certainly no less. God bless them and let them know that ALL of us grieve their loss with them – medal or no medal.
Mark Eblan, an American.

Mark on April 9, 2008 at 9:56 am

You won’t find Muslims throwing themselves on grenades to save their buddies. Until we have an example on an American Muslim soldier sacrificing his life for his infidel buddies I won’t believe that Islam is anything other than what it is obvious to be – a death cult married to a crime synidcate.
The difference between us (infidels) and Muslims, we love life and are willing to die for – THEY hate life and are willing to kill to prove it. What a sick moral code that is.

robscottw on April 9, 2008 at 11:56 am

A point of clarification:
Egyptians are not Arabs. Studies have shown that modern Egyptians have genetic affinities primarily with populations of North and East Africa, and to a lesser extent Middle Eastern and European populations. Studies done on ancient Egyptians’ remains have shown uniformity and homogeneity among the samples, and cranial/limb ratio similarity with populations from North Africa, Somalia, Nubia, Southwest Asia and Europe. Blood typing and DNA sampling on ancient Egyptian mummies is scant; however, blood typing of dynastic mummies found ABO frequencies to be most similar to modern Egyptians and some also to Northern Haratin populations. ABO blood group distribution shows that the Egyptians form a sister group to North African populations, including Berbers, Nubians and Canary Islanders

Vladimir Val on April 9, 2008 at 4:40 pm

He was also a devout Catholic. His parents named him after Saint Michael the Archangel. Monsoor died on the Feast Day of Saint Michael. For those of you not familiar with this most important Archangel, he is the fiercest warrior against Satan. Coincidence he sacrificed his life for his fellow man on Saint Michael’s Feast Day? I think not. May God Bless him and his family.

Minnie Mouse on April 9, 2008 at 10:23 pm

I have read the article about Americans of Middle Eastern roots not wanting to be identified as Arab-American, but rather just as American. A little bit of education here: There are two definitions of Arab; the classical definition which identifies Arabs as being people from the Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia); and the modern definition which identifies Arabs as being people from any one of Arabic speaking countries like Syria, Lebanon, Palistine, Jordan, Egypt, etc. Arabs by the modern definition can be Christians, Moslems, Jews, or atheists. I am an Arab-American Christian, born and raised in my beloved Lebanon. I miss Lebanon terribly and I love America and, as a matter of fact, I love the rest of the world. My message here: Please dispell the notion that Arab is a bad word. Please dispell the notion that Moslem is a bad word. Please dispell the notion that Jew is a bad word. Please dispell the notion that Palestine is a bad word. Please dispell the notion that Israel is a bad word. I am a Christian Arab American who has learned to treat Moslem, Christian, Jew, Arab, American, and all people of our very small world, equally. Michael A. Monsoor sacrificed his life motivated by the love for his comrades, just like my mother’s brother, also named Michael, in 1948, sacrificed his life while saving the life of his officer during the civil war between Christians and Druze in Lebanon. My Mom took a shrapnel in her forehead in 1925, days after she was born, while my grandfather was fending off the Druze in Rachaya, Lebanon. The Middle East is full of civil conflict. My hope is for all of us to live in peace by Christians loving Moslems and Jews, by Jews loving Moslems and Christians, and by Moslems loving Jews and Christians. Hey, don’t we all believe in the same God of love? Nick Malik

Nick Malik on April 10, 2008 at 9:08 am

To those of you that still want to be hyphenated Americans: go back home and call yourselves Ex-****-Americans. You came here to in the first place to either 1) escape or 2) for a better life. Either way, you came here because America is better, period. If you like it here, call yourself an American.
To those of you, like mssizzle, if you want people to accept you as a hyphenated American, then it’s up to you to root out the evil ones among you. Until the Arab community steps up and turns on their own, that they know to be radicals and extremists, then, unfortunately, you are all in the same boat. How am I supposed to know the difference? Are you with me or against me? This is the first step to acceptance. I find it hard to believe that everyone in Dearbornistan are America loving Arabs. I know there are some and I find it hard to believe that they do not help themselves out by turning in those they know to be America haters.

you are right on April 10, 2008 at 11:22 am

And before you say to me, “Why don’t you root out the evil ones among your kind?”, I say to you that we are trying every day! They are called Liberals! We need to defeat them!!

you are right on April 10, 2008 at 11:25 am

I wish participants in this debate would state their real name, as they should, if they truly believed in their message. To ‘you are right’: The Lebanese people fought 15 years of civil war (1975 to 1990) in which one political party attempted to root out the other, and believe me, there were numerous political parties, and therefore, there were numerous battles that took place over the 15-year civil war period. Please, let’s not be confrontational in dealing with every difficulty. There are terrorist punks in every country, and in just about every community, and that’s so unfortunate. Let us not single out, in whole sale fashion, Arabs or Moslems as being terrorists. Let us be responsible when we criticize one political party or faction that holds a belief contrary to our own belief. All reasonable people despise terrorism of any kind. Yes, anybody that does not hold America dear should ship out of America. I take pride in being a Chicagoan especially because it is a melting pot. I take pride in being American while taking pride in my own heritage. As the saying goes, those who deny their heritage, have no heritage at all. My regards! Nick Malik

Nick Malik on April 10, 2008 at 2:16 pm

I am neither Arab or Phoenician, nor American, though I am American citizen.
I’d like to say something from my more neutral position.
It is horrendous, that such young hero dies at 25 in a super heroic fit, and such Muslim criminal garbage is living and multiplying like roaches.
I know what does mean to lose a child, especially such child as Michael Anthony Monsoor. How we can fathom the grief of his noble parents? – Because without such parents there would be no such son.
My whole family was grieved, and, even without knowing more yet about this young man, my daugher (11 y/o) exclaimed that he cannot be a Muslim Arab, and in this story there is something yet hidden.
And she was right – such a man cannot be a Muslim.
Even children (whose opinion is not yet brainwashed) can easily see the reality. Why not this government?

AppleCider123 on April 10, 2008 at 10:40 pm

All my respect to you Mr. Malik, but get the history right before you post your article. Yes there was a fight in 1958 not in 1948, the Druze had Christians fighting by them and vise versa. As for 1925 it was Sultan Al-Atrach, a Syrian Druze who declared war against the French army and yet had Christian fighters by him as he had Druze traitors.
It was Arabizm versing Imperialism at that time. Read deep into history and you will discover all the facts.
Rachaya Al-Wadi was and is a very beautiful place, and the Malik family are well known and highly educated and live in the town with the Druze and consider themself one family. During the civil war in Lebanon the Druze were protecting the Christians in the region of Rachaya against any attack from Muslims, Palestnian terror groups and left wing parties. These Druze live In the U.S. and proud to be American.
BTY have you ever heard Druze living in any town in the Rachaya region with Muslims? No. Christians and Druze can live together in peace as they do with the Jews in Israel, but not with Muslims. Why? Because as an Arab you are directly defined as a Muslim, hence a terrorist.
As I said in the begining all my respect to you, but you seem to still carry grudge of that unfortunate incident for over 50 years.
Find the facts.

Daniel on April 11, 2008 at 3:39 am

Dear Daniel: I send my respect and regards to you too. Lebanon has suffered so much, including what was called the civil strife of 1958. I was in Lebanon then and we escaped to Bikfayya. My uncle Michael was killed in a civil strife in 1948; he was shot in the back when he was carrying his officer to safety; this happened the year I was born; my knowledge of this history is absolutely certain. I do NOT hold any grudge against the Druze, absolutely not. When my cousin got married in Rachayya, most of the guests were Druze. Rachayya is far better off with both Christians and druze living together in peace. When I went to engineering training in Holland in 1972, I went with my best friend who was a Druze. I have as much love for Druze as I have for Christians. They are part of my history and heritage. I sincerely apologize if I gave you the impression that I held a grudge. I have only love in my blood for the Druze. Nick

Nicholas Malik on April 12, 2008 at 12:45 am

Dear Mr. Malik: I respect that in you and I am honored as I will always be regarding OB/GYN doctor Laura Nimer Malik who cared and took care of members of my family as well as diferent people from different religions in that region of Lebanon, despite the different horefic experiences that we went through during the suffering of Lebanon.
I wish I knew your e-mail address so we could stay in touch.
BIG THANK YOU from the heart to this site and Miss Schlussel which gave me the pleasure and the means to stay assured that there are a lot of very good people out there, and you are one of them sir.

Daniel on April 12, 2008 at 10:01 pm

mr mansoor in the arab muslim world we dont need any people like any way and the reason is that you christians of egypt are full of hate because you are zionist christians you are not the followers of jesus christ you are the one who at kill him in palestine syria and jordan christians and muslims live like brothers as for the stupid cuptic christians in egypt or the lebaneese christians you have shown time and again that you are not arabs but traitors willing to sell your anithing for the highest bidder so yes we dont want people like you there just leave and dont call your selves arabs because you are not you are europeans we want all of you snakes to leave

ramadan on January 8, 2009 at 4:26 pm

I new Mike some 11 or 12 years ago as we worked and played together
I just now found out. Mike was a great guy fun exiting and more full of life and fun surprises then anyone
God Rest Your Sweet Soul Michael A. Monsoor

Domenic Petti on February 11, 2009 at 11:58 pm

I would say I cannot believe this blog but it’s typical Christian, hypocritical rhetoric.Like Christians have never done anything wrong. The Crusaders were Christians. The leadership conducting the Spanish Inquisition were Christians. The Ku Klux Klan were Christians. The Salem witch hunters were Christians. All their bad deeds were based on their Christian ideals. Just like you hypocrites (And that is only to those who it applies) need to take a look in the mirror so should you be looking at the person who causes problems. Not their race, ethnic background, or religion. In my opinion you and any extremist of any religion will be standing in the same line after GOD judges you.

trimble on November 6, 2009 at 11:50 pm

Interestingly, all of those that held arabic last names are all of the sudden not arabs or unhyphenated americans.Why are we so in denial of our heritage?.Wakee up folks !!!!the Middle East’s age is thousand of years not 400 years.iam an arab christian,and i believe that there are good and bad arabs whether they are christians or muslims just like there are good or bad americans.Wait a minute where do all those americans come from?ohh i remember they come from all over the globe,so Please be real and stop denying your origine and be proud of your heritage
God bless

Antoine hajjar on March 23, 2010 at 4:34 pm

As a Brit I cannot be amazed at the sheer levels of ignornace displayed by people on this blog especially ones such as you are right. The simplistic America take it or leave it notion you epouse shows just how out of touch people can be with the rest of the world and the complexities of geopolitics – the world is not how you should forge it and will never be.Your conservative neocon moron Dubbalwa and his cronies has taken the USA in 9 years to economic disaster. I have and always will admire the US and what it stood for – it is able to look long and hard at itself and admit its failings and change to the times which China ,the Middle East and other parts of the world cannot do readily if properly lead.

I have ranked friends in the US military who privately are mortified at what Iraq and Afghanistan has done to sap the military. Almost 5000 lives lost and 1.5 trillion usd plus – why you did not use that money to invest in develop a massive internal renewable energy drive and hydrogen techs employing your own countries talent is baffling and beyond the pale of most sensible people.Instead China is now becoming the world leader in this field.

You are right – your nation is now indebted to the hilt – you have a health system that spends twice as much per person as the rest of the developed world but is lacking , wasteful and so vested that 35m are uncovered and most Americans are two operations away from financial disaster and you still want to veto the bill when most Americans will need it given their diet and lifestyle. It will impact the majority of Americans whether they like to admit it or not..

True 9/11 was awful but as a ancient scholar once said – always look at the conectivity between events.

I have visted close to 100 countries and most populations want what you have: a peaceful life for their families – they are not all fundmentalists and there are scumbags everwhere – (including You are right) – so go grab a passport and look for yourself and when you do ask whether those roaches are any worse than your Klan, McVey, the US Army vs the Indians, Oswald, Crusaders, Conquistadors etc and how many have you acvtually met?

You are right – sadly you represent another redneck who is dumb enough to do his masters bidding yet cannot articulate beyond abuse and discredit the fine Souttherners in the Military whom I have the privilidge of having as friends. As we say in UK you are in need a serious noshing you wanker..

ash on March 29, 2010 at 3:06 pm

btw in case you also forget good old Adolf was also a Christian and killed a lot more of youir countrymen than old Bin Laden who you willfully sponsored and trained – (and another Frankensteins monster)

ash on March 29, 2010 at 3:11 pm

He may be accused of killing children, but the F B I was hiding behind their children. It put Jannet Reno in her place quickly. Sure he did what he did in a cowardly way, but he did something. He had passion for his beliefs, & he acted on his beliefs. Things like that can happen when those elected do not listen to those who elected them to serve.

Michaeel Milner on April 13, 2010 at 11:30 pm

Little bit of trivia.

Monsoor / Mansoor were derived in part from the Medieval French words “mon sieur” (“my sir”), which in turn evolved into “monsieur” (“mister”).

So I’m not surprised that they’re X-tians. At least they have the French to thank.

The Reverend Jacques on February 10, 2011 at 11:16 pm

I love how apologists for Islam counter with “atrocities committed in the name of Christianity”, and then list things that were done 200, 400, and 1000 years ago. The things done in the name of Islam that have us so upset occurred YESTERDAY, last week, last month, last year, in 2001. Really…that makes the religious atrocities equal? After 100 to 1000 years of knowledge, civilization, they’re supposed to be equal?? WTF?? Then to further make excuses they talk about Islam’s advancements…like algebra. That was 1000 years ago? What advancements have they done lately? Executed homosexuals, stone women for adultery or drown their daughters for talking to a man… What does Judeo-Christian culture done in the meanwhile? Democracy, advocating human rights, people living in houses instead of caves in Afghanistan?

Oh, and by the way, those horrible Crusades? That occurred after imperialist Islamic armies invaded large parts of Europe and the holy lands and began persecuting Jews and Christians…it wasn’t peace-loving Muslims minding their own business who got attacked for no reason. But that doesn’t fit the Islam apologist’s agenda that the only bad religion is Christianity.

Oh, and one last thing. Stating Hitler was a Christian is the ultimate evidence that one is a flaming ignoramus. Germany man have been a “Christian” country, but Hitler was a flaming pagan, enamoured of Norse mythology (Why do you think he loved Wagner so much?) He persecuted Christians. Read a real book instead of regurgitate anti-Christian propaganda.

P. Duncan on July 10, 2011 at 12:45 am

Please, please, please… STOP CALLING THE LEBANESE “ARABS” …

Richard on July 11, 2016 at 12:06 pm

… Or any Christian for that matter. The so-called Christian Arabs do not exist period.
Thank you

Richard on July 11, 2016 at 1:28 pm

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