April 14, 2008, - 2:55 pm

How “Jews” “Celebrate” Israel’s 60th in the Obama Era

By Debbie Schlussel
Exactly a month from today, it will be Israel’s 60th anniversary of official Statehood, although there has been a Jewish state in Israel for thousands of years. The day is known in Hebrew as “Yom Ha’Atzmaut”–Independence Day. Jews all over the world will be celebrating, even in this day of Obamacide and Jhimmi Cartertude and Olmert “Apartheid” pronouncements.
Or will they? Not exactly the case in Detroitistan. “Jews”–or is that JOOOOS? (hard to tell, in this case)–don’t want to upset the Muslims in Islamerica’s Ground Zero. So the “celebration” won’t exactly be a celebration.


Detroit Jewish “Leaders” Like Robert Cohen Are Embarrassed by Israel’s Battle Victories, Find Them “Stressful”


6 Day War:

Israeli Soldiers Recapture the Western Wall/Liberate Jerusalem

A couple of years ago, I told you about Robert Cohen. He’s the paid mouthpiece no-one elected to speak for me, and yet he’s the “spokesman” for the Detroit Jewish Community. He’s also the surrender monkey who sent out a letter “explaining” why he’d continue to pander to the most extremist of Muslims on behalf of me (again, he was on no ballot that I ever cast), just after the same ones marched on Dearbornistan, calling Jews and Israel, “Nazis,” and praising their mass murderers–Nasralleh, Fadlallah, Hezbollah, and HAMAS. Cohen’s also the guy who attended Hezbollah trainee, Houssein Zorkot‘s preliminary hearing in Dearbornistan and urged a Dearbornistan rag’s reporter to be lenient in its coverage of the guy.
Well, today, it’s more of the same. He sent out an article from today’s Detroit Newsistan (written by resident pan-Islamist fellatio organ, Gregg Krupa) to his list of fellow Jewish surrender monkey liberals and wimp-owitzes, bragging:

Council worked with [Jewish Welfare] Federation’s Marketing Department to place the story below in today’s Detroit News.

But here’s what’s in the article about his Israel’s 60th “celebration”:

“We are embarking on a yearlong celebration . . .,” said Howard Dembs, director of marketing for the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit.
“We are also very cognizant of trying to stay away from political angles, the wars and fighting — all of the things that are so stressful and controversial.”

Hmmm . . . why not just forget about celebrating Israel’s anniversary at all–you know, to avoid “all of the things that are so stressful and controversial,” like the idea of a Jewish state or the State of Israel?
It’s BS statements like this that are the reason many of us Jews in North America feel more connected to Israel and America than ever, and more alienated from the organized, self-anointed, self-hating Jewish Community bureaucracy than ever.
We are proud to be Jews. We are proud to be Americans. And we are proud of Israel. These bureaucrats who collect their bloated paychecks from the contributions of Grandma Sadie or Grandpa Moses, are none of the above. And it is, frankly, extremely disgusting.
They used a “marketing” department for this? What were they marketing–Greater Palestine 2008?
I’m not quite sure how Robert Cohen and the Detroit Jewish Federation (the organized self-proclaimed bureaucracy of the Jewish Community) believe Israel was established or how it remained a country. But guess what? No-one said, “Hey, Jews, after killing and progromming and Auschwitz-cooking and Inquisitioning you for centuries, we’re finally going to allow you to stay in the country, where you’ve had a strong presence for thousands of years, so here’s the keys.”
Israel was established, it was sustained, through not just sweat and tears, but lots of blood. That’s right. Israel’s existence–its survival–was made possible through wars and fighting and politics, and controversy. To forget the wars and the soldiers who died–who gave their lives for Israel–is to deny Israel’s very existence. And to be ashamed of those soldiers and those wars they won–in which they regained Jerusalem and liberated it for 41 years and counting–is to say, we are ashamed to be Jews.
Israel’s wars–most of them, anyway–were a source of pride for Jews around the world. They were mostly proud victories. And they told the world, we Jews are not wimps. And we won’t be bullied or attacked without a strong, swift response. My late father used to tell me how when he was a kid, gangs stopped attacking Jewish kids on the streets and sidewalks, when Israel won its War of Independence in 1948; how the world respected the Jews, after the victories of the Six Day War in 1967 and the Yom Kippur War. It made him prouder to be a Jew.
Now, these fools–who resemble the Kapos of Treblinka and Bergen Belsen in their pandering to the Muslims of Dearbornistan–are embarrassed by the great Israeli victories that made it a state? They find it “stressful”?
Let’s face it, these people like Robert Cohen and the organized Jewish community are ashamed to be Jews . . . even though–through this wimpy attitude–they are the walking worst stereotypes put forth by anti-Semitism.
E-mail Mr. Cohen and ask him why he’s so embarrassed about Israel, and why he continues to enable the enemies of not just the Jews, but the enemies of ALL Americans.
People have been saying since 9/11, that the Jews are the canary in the mine. But if Robert Cohen is your canary, he’s the one who willingly flies into the cat’s mouth . . . and chops himself up first to make for easy consumption and digestion. He is nothing but the malodorous fart that comes out the cat’s backside. And the same goes for Howard Dembs and the others who find Israel and its history so “stressful.”
Needless to say, I will be absent from Detroit’s organized-and-unrepresentative Jewish Community’s embarrassed-of-Israel 60th anniversary fest. (But I will be celebrating here with a much larger, more thoughtful audience.)
For me, May 14th will be a bittersweet day. While I know that Israel has 60 official years behind her, you have to wonder with “leadership” like Robert Cohen’s and Howard Dembs’ mirroring the Olmert “leadership” in Israel, how much longer the Jewish state will survive thereafter.
Welcome to the Obama era, where empty, anti-Semitic, pan-Islamist personalities are more embraced by the Jewish establishment than “stressful” things like Israel’s tremendous victories in battle. That’s because they’re more comfortable in their starring roles as the Captains of Capitulation at a time when America, the Jews, and Israel can least afford it.
Who needs Jimmy “Jimmuh” Carter . . . with Jewish “leaders” like these?

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14 Responses

Is it the Obama era already?

Audacious on April 14, 2008 at 3:55 pm

And part of the tragedy is that large parts of the Jewish establishment have taken anti-Israel positions for decades, even going back the the 19th Century. Opposition to Zionism on the part of major sections of the Jewish establishment all the way through World War II. Those sections of the Jewish establishment that supported Zionism (I’m referring to the establishment here, not people like Ben Hecht or the Bergson Boys whom they constantly attacked) also supported FDR in essentially failing to do anything about the Holocaust until 1944, when what was done was much too little, too late. Failing most of the time to criticize administrations, especially Democratic ones, which have, during the last 60 years virtually non-stop forced Israel to make concessions which jeopardized its survival, criticizing some of the best friends Israel has in this country, i.e. most Evangelical Christians. Most of these leaders seem more interested in abortion in demand, continued Government handouts to social-welfare agencies so the bureaucrat-social- worker-establishment could keep their jobs, and, as you say, largely silent or hostile towards real Jewish interests way too much of the time.
Watching their behavior now makes it all too easy to visualize them in the late 30s making excuses for the US ignoring the Holocaust and barring entry to Jewish refugees from Europe. They appease our enemies and try to attack those who are really trying to do something to further Jewish & Israeli interests.

c f on April 14, 2008 at 4:25 pm

As I read about Cohen the term Kapo came to mind. They are also referred to as “court Jews”.
I still don’t understand why on earth any Jew would live in Detroit or the state of MI, for that matter.

lexi on April 14, 2008 at 6:05 pm

@ Is it the Obama era already?
Yes, the Obama madness has afflicted many. We are all praying for a cure from it before election day.

Facts of Life on April 14, 2008 at 7:10 pm

Let’s not forget in the orgy of self hatred the sleazy behavior of Debbie Schlussel herself in using Rabbi Meir Kahane’s, Zt”l “Dear World” column without having the decency to mention the Rabbi by name (this from a person who complains everyone and his mother is ripping her off) and trying to shame the Leftists by smearing Rabbi Kahane with them.
Her sleazy behavior toward her exposition of Rabbi Kahane’s, Zt”l column is contrasted with the more honorable reprinting of Rabbi Kahane’s column by Jewish Advocate columnist, Tom Mountain. The meditations of a slain Rabbi:http://www.thejewishadvocate.com/this_weeks_issue/columnists/mountain/?content_id=4772
Good Jew and family friend, Tom Mountain, has an excellent column each week in “The Jewish Advocate.”

Underzog on April 14, 2008 at 7:46 pm

Leftists are feeders on carrion.

hutchrun on April 14, 2008 at 10:58 pm

    I’ve been lokoing for a post like this for an age

    Nerice on May 24, 2014 at 5:05 am

Who is this shmuck Robert Cohen? I never heard of him!
Organize a motorcade to drive down Michigan Ave. and salute the Israeli flag that is flying in front of Ford World Headquarters!

Alouette on April 14, 2008 at 11:17 pm

You referred to him as an extremist and you did not even deign to mention his name. Why not?
You also tried to link him with the Israeli Left even though Rabbi Kahane would not have thrown Jews out of Gush Katif or let Sderot be rocketed as it is!

Underzog on April 14, 2008 at 11:20 pm

So the desire to have Jews control Jewish sacred sites is the definition, according to AFP, of being an ìextreme right-wing Israeli.î Of course, this definition works well for those who want to see historic Jerusalem and the rest of Judea and Samaria – where essentially every major Jewish shrine lies – to be Judenrein.
Would AFP consider any Muslims who travel to pray at the Al Aqsa mosque in territory controlled by Jews to be ìhardline Muslimsî or would that be considered a normal, and normative, human right? Would AFP consider Palestinian Authority members who advocate the Arabization of all of Israel to be ìextreme Palestinian nationalistsî?

hutchrun on April 15, 2008 at 12:20 am

i immediately thought of YOU when i read this story buried in today’s Post…the same people that brings the world Fox “news”:
i remember Jimmy Carter’s anti-Israeli stand quite vividly, but it’s a moot point as to whether Obama will be just as virulent an anti-Semite since there’s no way in hell he’ll get elected since you and the entire Reich-wing will never let Amerikkka forget his Muslim father…that combined with his constant putting his foot in his mouth of late guarantees a McCain victory in November.
All the enlightened “liberals” really didn’t need THAT to not vote for a Black man though…but now they can blame the conservatives for their innate prejudices:)

EminemsRevenge on April 15, 2008 at 12:21 am

Good story here DS. I posted this on LGF, but it no longer links. Lots of hit too.

Pat on April 15, 2008 at 12:44 am

Let’s see, when I was a kid playing with the girls on the other side of the park in their townhouse they were proud of being Israeli and had pictures of stolen french fighters and re-fitted ww2 tanks they cobbled together to defeat SOVIET T-54/55’s and T-62’s, the tanks of our common ENEMIES the international socialists.
Israel was an ALLY against tyranny and religious context or not, was a force for freedom in a part of the world controlled by KGB puppets like Arafat and Nasser. The Arabs carried AK47’s and fired Katushya rockets at women and children. Muslim or not, they were as red as the VC and were to be opposed from destroying our allies at all costs.
Now fast forward and the enemy within has turned it around to seem that the racist zionist state is the enemy that is tarnishing our public image throughout the world, oppressing the poor indigent arabs nearby with their excessive livestyles and demand for rule of law and right to self-defense. I could go on, but I have to ask just how any Jew in any kind of leadership position could let this poisonous reasoning enter the discussion. But, alas, they have and then some.
As an outsider I just cant understand where this all comes from other than the mental illness of liberalism.
The other day I heard a piano teacher from WBloomfield say that she wouldnt allow her child into the Boy Scouts because the uniforms taught militarism. Her son then said that he admits that Israel’s right to exist was only based on force and just as wrong as the Arab’s claims.
I can’t tell you how surreal that moment was.
There I was, an American of German descent, about to try and explain to some Oakland county Jewry why it was not only “right” for Israel to exist, but that is was also an essential bulwark against tyranny and hate like West Germany was against the Russians. But I just couldnt start. I lost all blood pressure.
These people had pictures on the wall of relatives who were deported from Warsaw. WARSAW!!! Which means they may have resisted before being killed (murdered) while being surrounded and starved to death for months.
My theories all revolve around the fact that liberals define wealth in the “business hippie” paradigm and while trying to “fit in” with the hip “wine and turtle neck” crowd eschew such dirtinesses as war and fighting. They want to be post-moderns so above such things and will sacrifice anything to make it through their version of the melting pot and end up out the other end as “progressives” and “beyond all that war stuff”.
They want to make you feel ugly, unlovable and so out of it more than they want to stay free and pitch in. It digusts me too and makes me wonder why they dont realize that it emboldens their enemies HERE in the states instead of giving the free arabs that left their tyrannies to come here and be free. There is a disappearing fraternity of freedom seeking people here in the states and it is devolving into a welfare one stop shop for any scumbag from anywhere just so the socialists can have a job to pay for their wide-screen and priuses. Along with their UofM psych degree.
The summer of love generation has dropped the ball big time and should be ashamed of themselves. But facts and reality dont even enter into their minds and unfortunately it takes Bergen Belsen’s to get them to think, if they ever do. They are just too busy woshipping that golden calf and getting the flock to love them more than the man upstairs.
Well, Deb. F them!!. I will stand with the FREE JEWS that wont bend to the liberal mind f and I will raise the point everytime I can that they have sold out for money and prestige even if they try and twist that into being anti-semitic and stereo-typing. I will mention over and over that Israel is surrounded by dictatorships and theocracies no liberal would ever survive in.
I’ll hazard the label off party pooper and social outcast to tell the truth and could give a damn if some Arab relativist doesnt like it.
Why should anyone free their own country if they can just come here and strip what ever they want off the US? Why should anyone come here and pick up the Stars and Stripes from the last generation and not only keep freedom going but spread it?
They can just come here and slowly turn it into the socialist s hole they left but with a break long enough to get higher party status before the curtain falls again.
Thank you PC idiots. Thank you union schoolteachers. Thank you hippie chicks that create spineless little boys that dont “fight”.
When the free tatoos show up, you’ll be proven right. not.

playertwo on April 15, 2008 at 7:13 am

Debbie, you may have read a wee bit too much into Demb’s statement. He has a point. Celebrating Israel’s BD should accentuate the positive, and avoid the negative. The celebration should focus on what’s good about Israel, not on violence or politics. You attract more flies with honey, etc. That’s basic PR. Personally, I celebrate every IAF missile attack, but that’s just me, and probably explains why I’m not dating.

Anonymous1 on April 15, 2008 at 10:09 pm

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