April 15, 2008, - 1:48 pm

FBI . . . Again: “No Terrorism, Here; Move Along”

By Debbie Schlussel
A California man locates his stolen car, and those who occupy it flee the scene, leaving behind Iraqi money and an explosive device in the car. But, per usual, where there are huge red flags, the FBI says, “No terrorism here, people (watch the video).” Yup, the Sgt. Schultz of Federal law enforcement keeps on givin’.
Oh, and authorities are pawning this whole thing off on a Latino guy, without asking why he was carrying an IED along with “a pile of Iraqi cash.” Those Latinos–always with a penchant for Iraqi dinars and explosive devices, ya know?


But, by basic deduction, it’s quite obvious the FBI is lying and believes this is a terrorism matter. If this were just a car theft, it would be a local police matter. If it was just a car theft and a matter of explosives, the ATF would take over. If it was a car theft involving an illegal alien–from Mexico OR Iraq–ICE would have the case (or look the other way and make local police take care of it and release the alien to freedom, per usual). But the FBI is the lead agency “dealing” with terrorism. That’s why the Feeble But Interloping agency is involved with this case.

The FBI is now involved in the theft of a car after it was found in Los Lunas with an explosive device and Iraqi currency inside FBI agents say that they have ruled out terrorism .
The car was reported stolen last week. After the theft, the car’s owner was fueling his motorcycle when he spotted his stolen car.
“While he was refueling his motorcycle, low and behold, the vehicle that he had reported stolen that belongs to him happened to pull into the gas station area also,” said Los Lunas Police Captain Charles Nuanes.
The car’s owner pulled the keys out of the ignition of his stolen car and the people in the car fled.
When police arrived, they found the explosive device and less than $1,000 worth of Iraqi cash.
“We don’t know what their intentions were,” said Nuanes. “We don’t know what they were planning on doing with any of this.”
Police suspect Toby Jaramillo, who is well known to Valencia County law enforcement, was behind the car’s theft. He’s in jail charged with stealing another car.

Hmmm . . . so Police Captain Nuanes doesn’t know what their intentions were or what they were planning on doing. I’d say with an explosive device and Iraqi, they weren’t headed to a beach party. I mean, I’m no cop, but I think it’s quite obvious their intentions weren’t good ones.
But we must always assume the best whenever we encounter car thieves on American soil, carrying Mid-Eastern cash and explosive devices.
Anything other than that would be “un-American.”
It sounds to me like this man, Jaramillo, likely helped smuggle Iraqi terrorists into the country, and may even be involved with them in other ways.
Thanks to forever vigilant reader Duane for the tip. He asks me whatever happened to the case of Sasan Ghazal, the Iranian caught in February in North Carolina with illegal drugs and and an explosive device in his car.
Good question. Will have to look into it to see how the FBI pawned that one off on the “not terrorism” angle.

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7 Responses

debbie…why on earth is the FBI acting this way? what is going on here?

christmasghost on April 15, 2008 at 11:52 pm

Not terrorism.
This is a joke, right? The FBI is having us on.
I’ve had quite enough of the FBI acting all mother hen on us while other branches, agencies, and politicians strip us of our constitutional rights to defend ourselves against this very thing!
Even if we had another 9/11 or a nulcear attack, I’m sure in a few months we’d get this same crap from the Fed’s.
A while ago we had the smiling terrorists. They were planning a video of how to connect a children’s toy to an IED. If it’s what I’m thinking of, it was probably a remote-controlled car they strapped the bombs to. I’ve seen those kinds of bombs in action. They are super deadly.
Then there was Talovic – the jihadist that killed 4 of my fellow Utahn’s and wounded 4 more. The only person with a gun was an off-duty officer from another town, who shot the terrorist down. Now Salt Lake City Police (the same punks who let Mitchell enslave Liz Smart for 9 months) said Talovic wasn’t a terrorist – he was just misunderstood.
We’ve got to get rid of these liberals and their toadies. They will get a lot of good folks killed, and then celebrate because of the deaths. They are deadly to us and we’ve got to end this!

bhparkman on April 15, 2008 at 11:56 pm

Must be those CAIR people giving the cultural sensitivity classes getting through! WTF!

samurai on April 15, 2008 at 11:58 pm

I’, a Latina – who do I complain to? So, the FIB ergh, FBI has thrown the Latinos to teh dogs. Just like the governments throw the word Asian out, in the UK when crimes have been committed by Pakis.
Latinos do look like islamics, I noticed that – and it has been by fear since 9/11 that Americans would be confused between us.
Now the FIB has done it deliberately! Dang!

allat on April 16, 2008 at 10:51 am

When Americans start dying their deaths lay at the doorstep of Bush. I’m starting to buy into the notion that the ‘War on Terror’ is a sham. The people who killed so many on 9/11 and continue to kill people all over the world are now in the U.S. teaching our FBI ‘sensitivity’? Give me a fucking break!!!

newinnewark on April 16, 2008 at 12:17 pm

Is there even a remote possibility that the FBI does this to keep CAIR off their backs while they are investigating the case? The reason I say this is because the minute they mention the words terrorism, CAIR goes ballistic and they have another lawsuit to contend with. I would really like to beleive that the FBI gets it but is maybe just practicing a little taqiyya of their own.

dms on April 16, 2008 at 1:23 pm

I do agree with u on the fact the feds are full of crappy. But since u asked I will tell u eat happened to me. I did three years for a pipe bomb that wasn’t mine cause the feds will do whatever to get their convictions. 98% conviction rate to be precise. But for your info it belonged to a country bumpkin, red neck piece of work who had left it in my car wedged down in the rail of the passenger seat. I let the police search my car cause I was sure there was just some bud in there. But boy was I wrong. But my point is not all Iranians that are associated with weapons are terrorists. If the feds treated all situations like that there wouldn’t be a government for u to bitch about. All I know is god throws loops at u an for good reasons. I know mine, and that’s between him and I. Believe me or not I don’t care, I could’ve wrote nothing but wanted to. Iranians rule!!!!

sasan ghazal on October 16, 2012 at 11:06 pm

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