May 6, 2011, - 3:59 am

Ed Koch Has Lost It: Sides w/ Jew-Hater, Calls For Pro-Israel College Trustee’s Removal

By Debbie Schlussel

I’ve long known Ed Koch is in the not-so-early stages of dementia.  But a number of people have disagreed with my non-medical diagnosis despite the obvious.  His latest act–a letter he sent to City University (CUNY) of New York in defense of Jew-hater Tony Kushner getting an honorary degree and calling for the removal of the courageous college trustee who led the fight to stop it–makes it official.  I learned about the letter yesterday, and it is just hitting mainstream media reports as I write this.  Ed Koch has lost his marbles.  And it didn’t just start with his endorsement and campaign for far-left Barack Obama.

Bastard: Ed Koch Sides w/ Jew Hating HAMAS-Panderer Against US, Israel

Some morons and ignoramuses still listen to the musings of 86-year-old former New York Mayor Ed Koch.  But I knew he lost his marbles at least seven years ago, when he appeared at a Republican Jewish campaign event for George W. Bush in Detroit.  In response to my question, he endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, calling her “extremely pro-Israel” and her sleazy hubby “the most pro-Israel President in U.S. history.”  Huh?  Then, he refused to answer my questions about Bush’s Islamo-pandering and jihadist Grover Norquist‘s influence on his administration, yelling at me, “that’s bunk.  I refuse to even answer.  Get away from the microphone!”  Yup, the wimpy response of a guy who didn’t have a clue.

Now, there’s more actual bunk spewing out of Ed Koch’s leaky head, as he released a letter to the New York media, today, attacking his former longtime, loyal employee and friend, CUNY trustee Jeffrey S. Wiesenfeld, calling for his  removal because he dared to oppose a supporter of Islamic terrorism and Jew-hatred for an honorary degree.  Long past time to send Ed Koch to the land of “Depends,” bedpans, nurses, and strained baby food.

As I told you a couple of days ago, Wiesenfeld is a man of courage who spoke out against granting an honorary degree from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice to playwright Tony Kushner, who has accused Israel of being founded on “ethnic cleansing” and says that Israel should never have been allowed to become a country in the first place.  Kushner endorses active boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against Israel, just like what the Nazis did to Jewish businesses on the eve of the Holocaust.  As Wiesenfeld points out, there have been dozens of anti-Israel people awarded honorary degrees from CUNY, but none of them have embraced and enunciated the lingua franca of HAMAS and the Klan the way Kushner has.  And several other trustees–a majority of them–voted with Wiesenfeld to deny Kushner an honorary degree.  That’s what people who are truly serious about preserving Western civilization and fighting the Islamic threat do.  They don’t honor enablers of our sworn enemies and moral partners of modern day anti-Jewish genocide.

Enter Ed Koch, the doddering old fool.  Once a proud Jew who grew willing to tell off anti-Semites in his own party (though not nearly enough), he’s no longer that guy.  Now, he’s just another Hillary/Barack sycophant, and those are a dime a dozen.  Worse, he’s done a 180 and is now pimping us on Jew-haters, while he throws proud Americans and proud Jews, like Jeff Wiesenfeld, under the bus.  In that vein, Koch chose to “speak out” against his former employee and friend, Wiesenfeld, without even so much as a phone call or e-mail to warn him.  Instead, like the imbecillic kapo Koch has now become, he had his assistant type up a letter and messenger it to the media as well as CUNY board chairman Benno Schmidt, and Wiesenfeld learned about it from them.  This is after Wiesenfeld spent years campaigning and working for the jerk, at great expense to himself and his family, taking a much lower salary than he would have gotten in the private sector.

Koch’s letter claims Wiesenfeld is so utterly horrible for standing up against a blatant Jewish anti-Semite, that Wiesenfeld should be “removed” immediately from the CUNY board of trustees.  Absurd.  Koch goes on to make moral equivalency arguments in favor of Kushner, claiming that because Kushner was denied an honorary degree because he is anti-Israel, that they can now deny Jews honorary degrees for being pro-Israel.  Huh?  As I noted, CUNY has awarded many degrees over the years to anti-Israel people, a good deal of those degrees given on Wiesenfeld’s watch.  But none of those individuals were as bigoted against Jews and Israel as Kushner, whose hatred and extremism make him wholly inappropriate for such an honor anywhere . . . except Bir Zeit or An-Najah Universities.  And then, they’d have to behead or blow him up . . . not that this would be any loss.

To give you an idea of what a demented bastard Koch is, not only did Wiesenfeld serve him loyally for years and maintain a friendship with him, but Kushner wrote a play against Koch.  Kushner, who is openly gay, wanted to embarrass and out Koch, who is reportedly a closeted gay, and used his play to do so.  Kushner told the media he considered Koch an enemy to gays because he didn’t provide enough AIDS funding.  Hey, I thought gays told us, “AIDS is everyone’s disease.”  We know it isn’t, and I’m glad Kushner got caught wanting it both ways, though I’m the only one with the guts to call him on it.

Yes, Ed Koch is an idiot.  The body that houses his diseased brain tissue once housed a principled man who had some decency to do what was right . . . some of the time.  That’s no longer the case and ceased to be the case long ago.

Frankly, with his letter, today–meant to embarrass a true man of principle, the courageous Jeffrey S. Wiesenfeld–Ed Koch showed that the honorary degree he is scheduled to get from CUNY should be denied along with that of Kushner.

As Mayor, Ed Koch famously asked, “How am I doing?”  Mr. Koch, you are no longer “doing” anything but damage to good people and a formerly great nation.

Stick a fork in it, Mr. (ex-)Mayor.  You’re done.

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“Revile him not, the Tempter hath
A snare for all;
And pitying tears, not scorn and wrath,
Befit his fall!”

John Greenleaf Whittier

When Koch was first running for Congress, I used to do volunteer work at his campaign headquarters.

Miranda Rose Smith on May 6, 2011 at 4:35 am

No disagreement about Koch; he was always erratic at best. Another foolish aspect of his argument is that he underestimates the anti-Semitism on campus. Without doubt, many honorary degrees have been denied because the prospective recipients were pro-Israel, so it is happening already; it wouldn’t be triggered by the denial of the degree to Kushner. Instead, actually giving the degree to Kushner would speed up the process of denying degrees to pro-Israel recipients, such as Weisenfeld, who, himself, deserves one.

Little Al on May 6, 2011 at 4:40 am

Perhaps MRS’s comment needs some elaboration. The passage is from “Ichabod” by Whttier. It was written in 1850 as a denunciation of Daniel Webster who supported the Missouri Comprimise (i.e. compromise with slavery). The suggestion was that Webster had become senile, just like Koch. Hopefully this was the spirit in which MRS meant it.

Little Al on May 6, 2011 at 4:47 am

Ed Koch is just plain wrong about this. Some of these guys like Ed Koch were pretty good public servants in their day. Now, they’re just old.

Tony Kushner claims his views were “taken out of context”. Fine! Let Tony Kushner put his views IN context and let’s see if somebody made an honest mistake.

That’s what the younger Mayor Koch would have said.

Debbie has a point here regarding Koch’s age, but there is a bright side. Ed Koch is RETIRED.

Look around! Look at how many 80+ year old clods who are still in political office in Washington D.C. Now look back at Mayor Ed Koch and ask yourself why those other clods aren’t retired.

How old is Carl Levin? How old will he be when his current term is up? Get the picture?

There is NO Santa Claus on May 6, 2011 at 8:38 am

“a formerly great nation.”

So America is no longer a great nation?

MonkeyShines on May 6, 2011 at 8:44 am

Also I believe that it was Larry KRAMER, not Tony Kushner who wrote the play denouncing Koch.

MonkeyShines on May 6, 2011 at 8:50 am

Koch is yesterday’s news. His opinion shouldn’t count for anything, but the NY Times and others of that ilk will pick this garbage up and run with it. It is up to us to stand up for Jeff Wiesenfeld and the other trustees in every possible forum. This has become an opportunity for us to fight back. We don’t have to simply accept this crap. Edmund Burke said it best: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Stuart Kaufman on May 6, 2011 at 8:59 am

It’s a shame, time makes a mockery of us all.

Tanstaafl on May 6, 2011 at 9:20 am

In the words of the great Rabbi Meir Kahane, HY”D, “Ed Koch is not happy. He may be gay, but he’s not happy.”

Rabbi Sol Appleman on May 6, 2011 at 9:28 am

Some additional and very bad news regarding Mr. Kushner. He will be the screen-writer for Spielberg’s upcoming film “Lincoln (2012).” I had been looking forward to this. No longer.

J'Kel on May 6, 2011 at 11:02 am

Ed Koch’s continued support for Obama shows that he puts his devotion to affirmative action ahead of patriotism and his Jewishness.

Ed always talked tough, but similarly, almost always caved in to the “right” special interest groups.

Now, in the interest of Political Correctness, he has thrown Israel under the bus. the “ghetto” mentality of this old fairy has returned in his old age.

P.S. I moved to NYC during the rein of Emperor Koch. He was never as good as his public relations, and he turned the city into a cesspool, shelling out billions for welfare and nothing for workfare.

Jonathan E. Grant on May 6, 2011 at 11:04 am

    And Koch’s stewardship of NYC ultimately led to the disastrous one-term run of David Dinkins – as surely as the malfeasance of Bush “Dubyah” (as Debbie and other critics on the conservative side have cited) led to us now being led (like lambs to the slaughter) by Obama and his goons.

    ConcernedPatriot on May 6, 2011 at 12:03 pm

Ed Koch, once upon a time, was a realist liberal during his days as a congressman and then as New York City mayor. He wasn’t really conservative. Yet he always was knowledgable, fought fair and hard, and stood up to the loonies on the Left.

Those days are long gone. He moved sharply to the Left during the Nineties and grew to despise Mayor Rudy Giuliani (he even wrote book about him called “Nasty Man.”). Koch now calls Rev. Al Sharpton, his one-time nemesis, a close friend and ally.

Koch, in short, has a case of what could be called Philip Rahv Late Life Crisis Syndrome. Starting on the Left, the person moves to the center, and then sharply jerks back to the Left during his advancing years. The late Sen. Pat Moynihan, in a more modest way, went through the same trajectory.

There’s no predicting these things, is there?

Seek on May 6, 2011 at 1:30 pm

Let’s see now…the growing list of current and former senile politicians… 1)Barry Goldwater…2)Jimmy Carter…3)Ed Koch…please help me by adding to this list!…Jeff Wiesenfeld has earned a badge of honor for his “courage”, although he is only doing his job, but he gets 10 demerits for ever supporting Koch in the 1st place.

Dr Dale on May 6, 2011 at 2:27 pm

Ed Koch is apparently just like his fellow self-hating Jew, Alan Dershowitz (another loudmouth pretends to be pro-Israel).

Recently, on the Talkline Communications Network here in NYC (a Jewish radio station), E. Koch said that he thinks Jews should be allowed to build homes in Judea and Samaria, or – as he calls it – the “West Bank.”

What a jerk! And how do you like his moral equivalence: ‘Wel, what if I were denied an award for being pro-Israel?” Uh, you’re NOT, Mr. Mayor.

Mike on May 6, 2011 at 3:22 pm

Its sad to see such a good man fall from such heights.

But you’re no longer a good man when you side with an enemy of the Jewish people and Israel.

Ed Koch is not a guy worth listening to. How is he doing? Showing us all what how he rewards his enemies and punishes his friends.

Its been nice knowin’ ya Ed! Good Bye!

NormanF on May 6, 2011 at 3:37 pm

I think he is senile at this point. Also, as you become more elderly your dependence upon others grows. He is someone who should be in a nursing home, rather than a pundit. I also think he is concerned about being outed on the gay issue, which has always hung over him.

Worry01 on May 6, 2011 at 6:14 pm

This might be one of the few times that Debbie Schlussel and Donald Trump are ever in agreement on anything. Back in the 1980s, I vividly recall an episode of the Phil Donahue show where Trump was the guest, and he kept going on and on about what an inept incompetent boob Mayor Koch was.

Irving on May 6, 2011 at 7:25 pm

To sum up Koch. Retired and retarded.

Jerry on May 6, 2011 at 7:35 pm

Ed Koch is a demented old fool.

Shame on him in 2011 for being such a wimpy panty-waist on his “closeted gay” persona.

If this tired, old Queen can’t come out of the friggen’ closet in 2011 where in my state gays can marry and the political gays are effing up all they touch he is indeed a sad, old fool.

I have NO SYMPATHY for in-the-closet fools in 2011. The gays fought hard for their rights and got them. Now the political ones are messing up our country because they are taking it way too far. What a weirdo if he can’t deal with being a gay guy in 2011. They are now under the “special rights” demographic.

And that he would fight for such a disgrace like Kushner proves he’s got bats in the belfry!

Skunky on May 6, 2011 at 9:00 pm

How about we send him to an old age home in Gaza?

D'vorah on May 7, 2011 at 1:46 am

Never liked the man, mainly for all the reasons ‘Jonathan E. Grant on May 6, 2011 at 11:04 am’ stated. ‘Central Park’ was a staple of of all comedians jokes during his period. Can’t take care of a few square miles but he’s in charge of a city?
yeah, right.

As TiNSC states, at least he’s retired. How many in our gov’t are past their prime and unwilling to let go of that seat of power till their last dying breath. Ted Kennedy comes to mind. Mandatory retirement for all politicians. I’d give them one decade, maybe two if they do OK, no pension plan, see ya!

theShadow on May 7, 2011 at 2:36 am


    I’ve used Ted Kennedy’s case many times in making my point about elected leaders staying in office too long. Had Kennedy mentored a young replacement and retired gracefully, Scott Brown would never have become the Republican Senator from Massachusetts.


    There is NO Santa Claus (aka TINSC)

    There is NO Santa Claus on May 8, 2011 at 11:56 am

I never voted for Koch and remember how he hid behind Bess Myerson’s beautiful skirts when he was running for mayor. He was a mediocrity who gave us Davnid Dinkins. Koch was jealous of Rudy’s success. I recall the antics of Ed Koch. It is time for him to get off the stage.

AliceL. on May 7, 2011 at 11:44 am

So Ed Koch deplores what the pervert nebbish Weisenfeld does to embarass CUNY and typically like a bunch of baboons – you try and smear Ed Koch as “senile”, and a “kapo”. Hitler was right about your kind. You’re evil filth trying to justify Israel’s barbarism toward the Palestinians like little Hitlers yourselves. If your neurotic tribalism prevents you from knowing the difference between right and wrong – you should be forced to scurry like roaches until the poison gas wastes you away. You’re too stupid to know it but most of the “dumb goyim” as you call them would have no problem with that approach right now. You never learn your lesson – always parading around your wealth and pushing people too far.

Ed on May 7, 2011 at 11:26 pm

The cowards at CUNY after an outcry by the anti-Semite’s friends, decided to reverse themselves and give him the honorary award anyway.

The message? Anti-Semitism pays. CUNY could not even say “NO” to bigotry against Jews and Israel.

Color me disgusted at their craven spinelessness and moral cowardice.

Institutional principle is hard to find and true integrity is rarer still.

NormanF on May 7, 2011 at 11:32 pm


    I hadn’t heard that news. I have seen no *UPDATE* on Debbie’s blog.

    Say it ain’t so!


    There is NO Santa Claus (aka TINSC)

    There is NO Santa Claus on May 8, 2011 at 11:53 am

I’ve heard Koch on Bloomberg radio a few times while channel surfing on SiriusXM. I agree with the DS explanation, dementia. Period.

Bonzer Wolf on May 8, 2011 at 10:42 am

The perfect moniker assigned to him is “Claribel the Clown” by Michael Savage.

T.Y. on May 8, 2011 at 3:11 pm

No Guts, no glory..from Haaretz:

Report: CUNY to rescind decision withholding honor from Kushner over anti-Israel views

Following backlash, executive committee of CUNY board will nix earlier decision and grant honorary degree to playwright Tony Kushner, the New York Times reports.
By Haaretz Service

On Friday, the board of trustees of the City University of New York moved to reverse its earlier decision to not grant an honorary degree to playwright Tony Kushner over his views on Israel, the New York Times reported.

The New York Time report quoted CUNY board chairman Benno C. Schmidt Jr. as saying that he believed that the board had “made a mistake of principle, and not merely of policy” in the decision to withhold the degree.

Tony Kushner

Photo by: AP
According to the report, a meeting of the board’s executive committee, which has the power to change board decisions, has been scheduled for Monday.

“Freedom of thought and expression is the bedrock of any university worthy of the name,” Schmidt was quoted as saying. “But it is not right for the board to consider politics in connection with the award of honorary degrees except in extreme cases not presented by the facts here.”

Kushner, a Pulitzer Prize winner, has condemned Israel’s policies against Palestinians, accusing Israel of engaging in ethnic cleansing. The playwright was also quoted saying that it would be better if Israel did not exist.

The New York Times report said that the CUNY board had faced a wave of backlash following the decision to withhold the degree from Kushner.

Left-wing Israel advocacy group J Street had condemned the board of trustees’ decision in a statement, saying it was an infringement upon Kushner’s right to free speech, calling it a “political witch-hunt”.

Jonathan E. Grant on May 8, 2011 at 3:50 pm

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