May 8, 2008, - 4:38 pm

What Do The Gitmo Truthers Say About Abdallah Al-Ajmi?

By Debbie Schlussel
I actually don’t need to ask what all the Gitmo Truthers–the liberals who say we should shut down Guantanamo Bay and that the men there are just innocent people, not terrorists–will say about Abdallah Salih Al-Ajmi.
They’ll probably say–in their usual know-it-all, anti-America tone–that we “drove him to do it,” that he was an “innocent man, whose hatred for America was bred by imprisonment at Gitmo,” or some such other BS. They’re so predictable.
Al-Ajmi was freed from Guantanmo Bay after being brought there in 2002 from Afghanistan and relesed 3.5 years later. On Wednesday, the U.S. military said he took part in a suicide car bombing in Iraq. Funny how this guy picked up in Afghanistan ended up in Iraq–even though he’s from Kuwait and that’s where we dumped him–huh? The military says that Al-Ajmi took part in one of three homicide bombings in the last month, which targeted Iraqi security forces in Mosul. At least he didn’t kill any Americans . . . as far as we know.


And we knew he wanted to kill Americans. He said so. A U.S. military document shows that, in August 2004, Al-Ajmi said that

he now is a jihadist, an enemy combatant, and that he will kill as many Americans as he possibly can.

Since these same Gitmo Truthers are always telling us how honest and sincere the kind Gitmo Muslim are, why didn’t we take Al-Ajmi at his word?
Al-Ajmi is one of at least 36 released Gitmo detainees have taken part in terrorist attacks on Americans. Just how many of these future killers of Americans are we going to continue to release before we finally admit they must stay at Gitmo ad infinitum to save lives.
Navy Cmdr. Jeffrey Gordon, a Pentagon spokesman, told AP:

There is an implied future risk to U.S. and allied interests with every detainee who is released or transferred from Guantanamo.

No kidding. When will the Pentagon listen to its own spokesman’s advice?
And when will their lack of alleged minor suffering be less of a priority than American lives?
We are fighting the war of our lives as if we were playing house.

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Just like coddling other types of criminals; release them, or put them in ‘rehabilitation’ programs & they go on to commit more crimes. These liberals and phony conservatives pander to pressure (or are dumb enough to believe it themselves) to release these creeps, what do they expect? Guantanamo should be expanded, not only to imprison all the Muslim terrorists (apologize for the repetitive wording), but those liberals and conservatives who aid and abet our enemies like most of the ACLU, Muslim ‘defense’ organizations, much of Move On, the editorial staff of the NYT. In World War II we wouldn’t have tolerated this kind of disloyalty.

c f on May 8, 2008 at 5:05 pm

CF: you’re right, but you forget WW II was a different matter. In WW II we had a socialist in the WH, and we were fighting to save France and Stalin.
I’m sorry, was that too cynical? OK, we had a “liberal Deomcrat” in the WH and were fighting to defeat the Axis. Saving France & Stalin were pleasant side benefits (much like throwing our ostensible allies, the Poles and the British Empire, under the bus.)
OK, I’m in a very cynical mood. Still, say what yoiu will against the man, FDR — and Wilson and for that matter Lincoln — they knew how you fight wars: to win, PERIOD.

DocLiberty on May 8, 2008 at 5:29 pm

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