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Dunkin’ Donuts Spokesmodel Rachael Ray and the Keffiyeh

By Debbie Schlussel
Recently, Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs broke the story of how Rachael Ray wore a keffiyeh–the jihadist’s fave accessory–in a Dunkin’ Donuts online ad. As a result of the uproar in the blogosphere, Dunkin’ Donuts apologized, saying it was a stylist’s mistake and that the ad would no longer run. Pam should be very proud of her excellent work. But, per usual, the fraud Michelle Malkin appropriated it as her own work.

I’ve written a lot about the keffiyeh and why it is offensive, violent garb, including a recent February column on First Daughter wanna-be Meghan McCain’s engagement in that “fashion” offense. The message in that column is not just for Juniorette McCain, but for all of the celebs and pop culturists who adorn themselves with the scarf of death. Because neither Rachael Ray, nor the Dunkin’ stylist, nor many others get it, and because several portions of that column have been appropriated (without credit) and repackaged by Michelle Malkin in the wake of the Dunkin’ controversy, I’m reprinting my February 25, 2008 column, “Fashion Tips by Meghan McCain: The Garb of Jihad,” below. As I wrote then (and Malkin has now reconstituted my statements, presenting them as her own original thoughts), it’s not just a scarf, just as a white hood is not just a hood.
*** February 25, 2008
Fashion Tips by Meghan McCain: The Garb of Jihad
By Debbie Schlussel
Almost two months ago, NBC Nightly News ran a silly story about the Presidential candidates’ daughters. The female offspring of John Edwards, Mike Huckabee, and John McCain were interviewed by former “Entertainment Tonight” reporter Maria Menounos.
All of the daughters sounded polished, well-coached by campaign superiors, and professional. All, that is, except Meghan McCain, the bleach-blonde daughter of John McCain. While Huckabee’s and Edwards’ daughters spoke of their pride in their fathers and their enthusiasm on the campaign trail, Meghan McCain whined about criticism she faced over her make-up and fashion tips on her campaign blog. She said that it’s important to be a girl and that her tips were good ones. Judging from the gobs of make-up she wears, that’s debatable.
And judging by her latest choice in fashions, it’s beyond debatable. The case is closed. Liberal site Gawker reports (and shows pics, posted below) of Meghan McCain’s jihadist choice of accessories. She’s taken to sporting a keffiyeh, the Arabic male headscarf around her neck.




Although throughout Mid-East history Jews and Christians have also at times sported that scarf, that’s no longer the case. In the Hebrew picture book, “Ani Kurdi [I Am a Kurd]” (part of my late father’s book collection), there are many charming photos of Kurdish Jews (who later emigrated to Israel), wearing keffiyehs. But even as they wore those, others who wore them oppressed them and their fellow Kurds. They gave up that “accessory” of oppression as they were thrown out of Iraq by Saddam Hussein and made a new life in Israel. But their oppressors continue to wear it as part of the uniform of terror.
The keffiyeh has become the symbol of jihad, and it’s no coincidence that in many beheading videos or other fierce displays of Islamic murder and violence, the warriors hide behind the keffiyeh. This isn’t “just clothing.” Wearing a keffiyeh is really no different than sporting a swastika or a white hood. The media would have a fit if a prospective First daughter wore those.
It’s a disgusting display that Ms. McCain would sport this garb of torture and murder and death and inhumanity. She shouldn’t be giving out fashion tips, when it’s quite clear she needs some, herself. Either she is extremely ignorant or she is deliberately donning this (less likely of the two). Either way, it’s disturbing. And it’s a far cry from even the partying, drunken Bush twins. Meghan McCain says on her site that she worked for Newsweek and “Saturday Night Live.” So she doesn’t know what news or humor is. But this fully grown adult should know better than to don a keffiyeh.
Even from a fashion perspective, these jihadi keffiyeh scarves are out. They were in in the mid-to-late ’80s, when I was in college. Since then, they’re really only worn by drug users, homeless people, and other parties who still wear acid-washed jeans. Although stores like “Urban Outfitters” and magazines like the now-defunct “JANE” have tried to push the keffiyehs as a rebounding trend, they’re still not in. And they’re not in despite the fact that a few misguided male foreign celebs have donned them, including–on several occasions!–Colin Farrell.
Again, the keffiyeh is the garb of death and destruction and emptiness. And that’s never hip.
Meghan McCain . . . badly in need of a fashion makeover. The Islamic Terror Scarf . . . badly in need of torching, along with everything it has come to represent.

Fatah Terrorist, HAMAS Terrorists in Meghan McCain’s Jihad Scarf

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Actually, the keffiyeh has been adopted by the U.S. military in Iraq. Are you going to go to Iraq and kick our soldiers butts about it?

It keeps dust out of one’s mouth.

Are you upset that cowboys wear bandanas and cowboy hats? Yeah, I don’t think anyone would talk about banning those. Yippie kai yay, MF…

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