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New Detroit Pistons Owner to Schlussel: “Israel Is Evil, I Support Palestine; US Govt Brainwashed”

By Debbie Schlussel

I’ve already told you about new Detroit Pistons Owner “Palestinian” Tewfiq Tom Gores and his pro-HAMAS, pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel, mobster family.  I also told you how he and his friends sicced a Jewish Detroit area lawyer to call and threaten me, demanding I remove the post.  Now I’ve heard from his partner in his multi-billion dollar Platinum Equity, the company that bought the Pistons with him.  Annie Joubran is Tom Gores’ partner in Platinum AND she’s married to his first cousin, Robert Joubran, also his partner in Platinum.  Over the last few days a number of Tom Gores’ relatives and friends–who are Israeli Arabs of Lebanese descent, but identify as “Palestinians”–posted anti-Israel, anti-Semitic comments on this site.


Detroit Pistons, Now Brought to You By Israel Haters

Then, over the weekend, I received an unsolicited anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian e-mail, below, from Annie Joubran, who as a partner in Platinum (with her husband, Robert), is also a co-owner of the Pistons.  Hey, maybe they should change the name of the team to the Detroit Palestinians, then they can claim that the rest of us are illegally occupying “their” territory and must leave to accommodate their jihad.

Ms. Joubran, by the way, is Armenian (her maiden name is Annie Sarkissian).  She and her husband give a lot of money to charities promoting Armenian art, but there’s a disconnect, as much of Armenian art recalls the Armenian Holocaust, and she is apparently clueless about who perpetrated that genocide. A person who was formerly listed on LinkedIn mentions her “job experience” as Annie and Robert Joubran’s “Personal Assistant/Estate Manager/Stylist/Shopper.” Must be nice. If only she spent some of that money on the “oppressed” Palestinians along with the gazillions the whole world is already sending them. Read our e-mail “discussion,” below.

From: Annie Joubran ajoubran@platinumequity.com
Date: Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 12:58 PM
Subject: Shameful
To: writedebbie@gmail.com

You can have all the press in the world- but the truth does wiggle its way to the top. I pray you continue your calling- because with every article you write and every interview you give the subject of what’s truly going on in Palestine becomes more and more transparent.

Everyone in the world who knows anything about politics knows the truth about what the israelis have done to the Arabs in Palestine.

I was a child and I would see news stories about the Palestinian children throwing rocks as a form of retaliation as the war ensued. Rocks>\ yes rocks— and everyone would be appalled that children would be fighting in the war throwing rock at Israeli soldiers with guns!!! Redirected focus on the truth would be nice?!
The bombs that fall on them are a courtesy of our beautiful brainwashed government and country.
How does anyone fight such a superpower? Oh yes with rocks>>>> I see….

So…lets get this straight- Palestine needs to give up their land just because the UN decides this should be so……and because they will not comply to the occupation—— terrorism is born???? Debbie- I have overly simplified but i’m sure you get my jist.

I am not arab-nor am I muslim-but anyone one with half a brain can understand this dilemma is one of lunacy.

At the end of the day WE are ALL in this together.

Thanks for reading.

Are you sickened by this e-mail filled with false anti-Israel and anti-American imagery? Then, write Annie Joubran’s managing partner and new co-owner of the Detroit Pistons, Tom Gores at this e-mail: tgores@platinumequity.com. And write the ignorant Annie Joubran, too. I wonder if she’s ever been hit in the head by a Palestinian’s rock and lived to tell about it . . . or if she’s forgotten about the many homicide bombs they use against innocent civilians because they are Jew or Christians, or just flat-out slaughtered and beheaded as with the Fogel family, including a baby. Read my responses, below.

From: Debbie Schlussel writedebbie@gmail.com
Date: Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 5:19 PM
Subject: Re: Shameful
To: Annie Joubran ajoubran@platinumequity.com

Please tell me how you are related to Tom Gores. I see you work for him at Platinum Equity. Also how are you related to his uncle Tom Joubran?

As I’ve previously noted, Tom Joubran, Tom Gores’ uncle, is the anti-Israel Flint, Michigan man who was identified as an organized crime kingpin there. He’s also the man who sponsored Tom Gores’ immigration to the U.S. from Nazareth, Israel. Ms. Joubran’s husband, Robert, is also Tom Joubran’s nephew.

From: Annie J. AJoubran@platinumequity.com
Date: Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 6:50 PM
Subject: Re: Shameful
To: writedebbie@gmail.com

What difference does it make how I am related?


From: Debbie Schlussel writedebbie@gmail.com
Date: Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 6:58 PM
Subject: Re: Shameful
To: “Annie J.” AJoubran@platinumequity.com

Oh, Annie, it makes a LOT of difference. And I’ve done my homework. You are his cousin and a partner in Platinum Equity, the new Pistons owner. And I’m gonna let the world know what you think about Israel. BTW, loved the online item about your personal shopper. Hmmm . . . maybe you should be spending that money on your precious, “poor” Palestinians.

Needless to say, Annie Joubran didn’t respond because she realized that I was going to publish what she wrote. I also sent her this “PS,” to which she also did not respond:

From: Debbie Schlussel writedebbie@gmail.com
Date: Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 6:59 PM
Subject: Re: Shameful
To: “Annie J.” AJoubran@platinumequity.com

BTW, since you are Armenian, I guess you forgot about the Armenian Holocaust at the hands of the Muslims. So sad how clueless you are.

Even sadder is that this clueless bitch is now a co-owner of the Detroit Pistons. Alhamdillullah [Praise allah].


BTW, what are Ms. Joubran’s credentials for being a partner in a multi-billion dollar investment fund? Aside from sleeping with the right guy and getting his ring on her finger, she attended chiropractic school. Yeah, that’s who you want running a gazillion dollar investment conglomerate.

Another note:  sportswriter Mitch Albom is aware of the Tom Gores anti-Israel and organized crime stuff and mentioned it a few weeks ago on his Detroit area radio show, “The Monday Sports Albom.”  But, while Albom is normally good on these issues–Israel, terrorism, and Islam–he wimped out in asking Gores about it.  He did a page long interview with Gores and never once did he ask him to condemn HAMAS and distance himself from his family’s many anti-Israel, pro-HAMAS statements and activities.

Shame on you, Mitch.

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Bunch of haters in here.. Tom is a great guy who is going to build a great team, and doesn’t impress me as one who is trying to stir the pot politically or any other way. He is very industrious, and constructive, unlike many who leave comments in this place… “DEBBIE”. Cool your jets girl. Don’t be such a hater. Its not becoming of one in your esteemed position, really. Its degrading to you and others.

Ann Landers – (NOT)

Mawah ! Much love, peace out !

Machugana on September 7, 2012 at 1:55 am

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