June 11, 2008, - 9:40 am

Al-AP: ICE Raid Sends Kosher Prices Up–“MUSLIMS Hardest Hit”

By Debbie Schlussel
To paraphrase the joke I’ve repeatedly told on this site, when G-d tells world leaders he’s going to end the world in a day, The New York Times headline reads: “World to End Today, Women & Children Hardest Hit”; and The Washington Post headline reads, “Minorities Hardest Hit.”
Now, that old joke from the ’80s needs to be updated with the real-life Associated Press story criticizing the $10 million Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid a few weeks ago on Agriprocessors, the largest kosher meat processing plant in the world.
Apparently, it’s now Muslims Hardest Hit.” As in, “Kosher Meat Plant Raided, Muslims Hardest Hit.”


Attention, AP: Our Problem (Kosher Symbols on Left) Is Not Theirs

You see, AP is upset that the ICE raid will allegedly send up the price of kosher meat, not because of how it will affect Jewish kashrut (the noun form of kosher) observers.
AP is concerned about how it will affect Muslims who observe Halal dietary laws. Incredible:

Any price increases would affect observant Jews and Muslims, who often buy kosher meat because it meets halal guidelines.

Yes, no problem of any people, any ethnic or religious group in America, is important, unless it is the problem of Muslims. Then, it demands attention. But if it’s only about Christians or Jews, who gives a damn?
Even more incredible is the utter ignorance and lack of reporting skills in AP reporter Ellen Simon, very much exposed as she tripped all over herself to turn a story having nothing to do with Muslims or Islam into tears and sympathy for them.
That’s duly interesting because ICE agents told me they’d never in a million years be allowed to raid a Muslim Halal meat plant–too politically incorrect.
Yes, kosher meat is also compliant with halal slaughter (but not the other way around–halal meat is less stringent), because after all, Islam is a cheap rip-off of mostly Judaism and some Christianity. But the fact is that while many Muslims might have purchased certified kosher meat and poultry a decade or two ago, they no longer do so. In their vile anti-Semitism, they neither wanted to purchase from the Jews nor eat stuff meant for the Jews.
Plus, they wanted their cut and another way to fund Islamic terrorism. So, they long ago, set up their own Halal slaughtering plants, at least one of which, Mar-Jac Poultry, was also used as a convenient Al-Qaeda multi-million dollar money-laundering operation. No-one’s keeping track of how many chickens died or were discarded, so it’s a great vehicle to sneak money away and out of the country. And now that ICE has abandoned such formerly U.S. Customs Service investigations into terrorism money-laundering, it’s even more handy. (The FBI, which “took over,” turns a blind eye.)
Go to Al-Halal-Mart a/k/a Dearbornistan’s Islamo-pandering new Wal-Mart, and ask for the kosher meat (as a friend of mine recently did). There isn’t any because the Islamofascists that dominate Dearborn would never touch it. But there’s a whole freezer section of Halal meat.
Yet another AP story, in which the reporter doesn’t report. She inserts her own liberal, pan-Islamist political opinion.
It’s a good thing Ms. Simon wasn’t around during the Holocaust. Then, the story would read:
Nazis Open Camps, Turn on Ovens. Muslims Hardest Hit.
Oh, and one other thing. Memo to Al-AP and “reporter” Ellen Simon:
When the price of IEDs and disposable cell phones goes up, that will be a serious problem for Muslims. Looking forward to your report when it happens.
* RELATED: Read my extensive column on the $10 million boondoggle ICE raids on the Kosher meat plant.

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Ellen SimonĂ­s Summary
I report and write about issues involving work, management, corporate governance, executive pay and pensions. I was part of a three-person team that developed a database of executive compensation for the CEOs of the S&P 500. I have broken news about the dissolution of a bond trust that cost investors millions. Exclusives include: a report on a company that paid $100,000 for its CEO’s vacations in one year and a Colgate program that paid for executives’ fishing gear, movie rentals and dog walkers. During my three years at the AP, I have also covered telecom and Wall Street, and wrote a mutual fund column that was frequently picked up by The Washington Post.
My previous jobs include working as a business reporter at The Star-Ledger in Newark, Worth Magazine and The Connecticut Law Tribune. I was also on the start-up staff of American Girl magazine

dm60462 on June 11, 2008 at 1:25 pm

A slgiht correction
The New York Times headline announcing the world ‘s end reads
“World Comes To An End: Women, Minorities – Hardest Hit.”

Ripper on June 11, 2008 at 3:26 pm

I challenge Ellen Simon to find one Muslim that would knowingly PAY for Kosher meat. Me thinks, I’ll get my financial advice from another source. Simon is saying that, Muslims suffer when Jews get F’ed by ICE.

ParaLyzer on June 11, 2008 at 11:02 pm

Kosher is not necessarily Halal. There is a debate about recital of Allah before killing the animal. Some Muslims I know consider Kosher equivalent, some do not. I am Jewish and have had several Muslim friends over the years. I have also read the Koran. Kosher is not necessarily Halal. If anybody wants to contest me, email me at biosci1998@yahoo.com.

Franz on March 3, 2010 at 3:51 pm

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