June 28, 2011, - 2:02 pm

Porous Borders, Moronic Neighbors Helped Whitey Bulger, Islamic Terrorists

By Debbie Schlussel

What do Islamic terrorists have in common with Whitey Bulger? A lot.

America let them live and move freely, performing their illicit activities without much hindrance or notice. Open borders, moronic neighbors, bad airport security, and FBI agents eager to help their informants literally get away with murder–they all helped Bulger remain a fugitive in plain view on U.S. soil for nearly two decades.

I’m enjoying watching and reading about the capture of mobster (and murderer) and Winter Hill Gang leader James “Whitey” Bulger after so many years as a fugitive, mostly because it confirms so many things I’ve been saying over the years about how porous our borders are, how incompetent we are at detecting top criminals at the border, how untrustworthy and unreliable the FBI is, and how idiotic the “all-knowing” neighbors of criminals always are.  And here are the things the story confirms for me:

Whitey Bulger Was a Fugitive For So Long b/c We Are a Nation of Moronic Neighbors and Bad Border Security

Security at our Southern Border sucks (just as it does at our Northern Border):  Bulger was on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted list.  And, yet, recent leaks from FBI agents (and a corresponding Justice Department filing in the Bulger case – read it here) reveal that he repeatedly went in and out of the Southern Border at San Diego going to Mexico to buy cheaper medications.  Yes, he used fake ID to get in and out, but aren’t these guys supposed to be trained to spot it?  It’s not like anyone on the FBI’s Top Ten list is going to use his real name and identification. And the FBI already knew he’d been spotted in Mexico seeking medicines, the reason the agency had wanted posters it spread throughout the Tijuana area.  So, how did he keep doing it, unstopped?

I wonder if Bulger paid off any feds at the border with his $800,000 cash stash.  Surely, someone must’ve noticed that the guy on the Top Ten FBI Most Wanted list was this guy.   On the other hand, as I noted on this site, Johann Leprich, a Nazi war criminal repeatedly traveled in and out of Canada to his Detroit-area home (where he lived under the staircase) not long after 9/11, despite the fact that his citizenship was revoked and he was deported in 1987.  And no one caught him doing this for more than a decade.

Since these two got in and out of America so easily, you really think they’re gonna catch wanted Islamic terrorists at the border?  Don’t hold your breath.  Bin Laden would have been smarter had he traded the crappy Paki faux-mansion for a place in Beverly Hills.

Security at airports sucks:  The Justice Department claims in its filing that Bulger traveled to and from Boston, repeatedly, and that he was heavily “armed to the teeth.”  Although the filing does not say how Bulger got back and forth from Santa Monica, California to Boston, Massachusetts, I doubt he drove back and forth, especially at his age.  Since he was able to get in and out of the Southern U.S. border, he probably easily got in and out of airports unnoticed.  Was he carrying weapons with him?  Probably not on his person.  Were they packed in his luggage?  Certainly possible that he was and that they went undetected.  Or, maybe he picked them up when he arrived in Boston?  Doesn’t seem likely that he’d leave himself open to being whacked that easily.

Just like Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbors, Mohammed Atta’s neighbors, and every Islamic terrorist’s neighbors, American neighbors are morons and easily fooled:  They always trot these idiots out, whenever one of these guys is caught.  And the same goes with Bulger.  He lived with a bunch of O. J. Simpson murder trial jurors.  Aw, such a nice guy.  He gave my roommate medicine. He fed stray cats.  They had framed cat photos.  No way, he’s a mobster killer/Al-Qaeda terrorist/serial cannibal (pick one).  Here’s my favorite one, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal‘s Palestinian pan-Muslim reporter, Tammy Audi:

Neighbors and law-enforcement officials say the couple, who were aging but fit and liked pets, lived unnoticed in the cream-colored building. They kept pictures of cats—as well as about 30 guns—in an immaculate home on the top floor.

We interrupt this story for a short edit on the Al-Qaeda Handbook. Memo to the Brothers: to allay the suspicions of the stupid American infidels, invest heavily in framed photos of cats and other furry creatures.  Oh, and be neat.

More from the moronic neighbors, who believe everything is as it seems:

Montanna Bischoff, 25, a TV associate producer who lives in the same building, knew the friendly couple as “Carol and Charlie.”

“They were actually one of the sweetest couples I ever met,” Bischoff says. “They were just a very sweet older couple. I said to my friend, ‘They’re so sweet, they could be the building grandparents.’ ”

Bischoff often saw Bulger and Greig walking along Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade.

Once, when the couple learned that Bischoff’s roommate at the time was going out to buy cold medication, they stopped by later with cough drops and other supplies.

She says she saw The Departed and couldn’t connect the criminal in that movie with her neighbors. “To find out he’s been on the Most Wanted List for murder and is a mobster is almost unreal, actually,” she says.

Hey, time for another edit to the Al-Qaeda Handbook. Attention, All You Aspiring Mohammeds Out There: To go unnoticed by the stupid infidels, be sure to seek out neighbors whose stupid moms doomed them to a life of idiocy by pretentiously naming them after a state, and managing to spell it wrong.

Mike Cashin, 25, of Marina del Rey, who visits his girlfriend at the three-story apartment building, says he often saw Bulger feeding a stray cat.

“He’d wake up early and feed it every morning,” putting a bowl of cat food outside the front door, Cashin says.

Sooooo damn touching it brings a tear to my eye . . . and to the eyes of the family members of his 19 murder victims, I’m sure.

And, finally, there’s the story of all the FBI agents who allowed Bulger to continue the stream of murders and other violent criminal behavior, protecting him and warning him of impending Justice Department investigations, indictments, etc. Two went to prison, but there are reportedly many more. While many of these agents are retired by now, if you think the FBI isn’t often doing the same for Muslims with ties to terrorist groups, as they did for Bulger and his Irish Republican Army-tied Mafia, you are extremely naive. This is exactly why I don’t trust Famous But Incompetent to do the right thing.

I must refer back to my favorite line uttered, ironically, in the movie based on Whitey Bulger, “The Departed” (read my review). Mark Walberg, a Massachusetts state trooper, refuses to give information on his investigation and the name of his undercover informant to FBI agent Alec Baldwin, saying:

The Feds are like mushrooms. Feed ’em s–t, and keep ’em in the dark.

Amen, brother. Remember, they are the ones who protected Whitey Bulger for decades. And FBI agents are the reason Bulger was tipped off and wasted government resources pursuing him for 16 years.

So, to sum up, the Lessons–or rather, Re-affirmations–from the Whitey Bulger story are:

* Border Security is Incompetent, So Just Get a Good Fake ID and Grow a Beard;

* American Neighbors of Dangerous Criminals Are Always the Biggest Morons;

* The FBI Can’t Be Trusted.

Thanks, Whitey. But I already knew.

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25 Responses

Whitey Bulger is the American anti-hero. He’s smarter than the entire lumbering federal bureaucracy put together.

But that’s why they’ll never hire him as a consultant. They think they know everything.

That’s why they were never able to catch him. And no – Islamic terrorists here won’t be as considerate on the lam as Bulger. As an American criminal, he still had some instinctual loyalty to this country. The folks from Greater Barbarabia won’t.

And you can take that to the next predictable man-made disaster waiting to happen around the corner!

NormanF on June 28, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    Maybe if we weren’t tirelessly pursuing drug dealers, and marijuana growers, law enforcement could be more active in tracking down REALLY bad people. I’m not saying there aren’t REALLY bad people in the drug business. But the government created that situation! Decriminalize drugs, and put the money we waste to work on education and rehabilitation. I get so angry when I see these big drug takedowns on TV. They spend a fortune on this, and yet my 40 year old nephew still lives w/Mom and Dad and gets high. If someone steals from me, the best they do is take a report, so my insurance reimburses me.

    kate on June 28, 2011 at 9:40 pm

Why is it that the local bar bouncer can detect a fake id better than some of these morons in the federal services?

cirrus1701 on June 28, 2011 at 2:54 pm

For someone seemingly high priority, there was no real urgency to catch him. I think they caught him cuz they got a lucky break and not because of superb fieldwork from the Feds’ Finest.

NormanF on June 28, 2011 at 3:07 pm

I think you hit on something about bribing officials going to and from his haunts. With all his connections he easily made his self a nice life. So wrong on so many levels. Feds didn’t care about it.
All this when there’s a story in the news now about the ATF agent getting fired that blew the whistle on the Obama administrations Hillary project with Eric Holder allowing mexican gangs buy our guns at will. Unreal.

samurai on June 28, 2011 at 3:30 pm

I’m not sure why the neighbors need to take a beating here. He looks like any number of kooky oldsters you can see in Santa Monica. His behavior there sounds about right. Really, the name “Whitey Bulger” never really had the presence and notoriety of John Gotti or the Gambinos, so why should people in So. Cal know about him.

Of course, given what nanny-state area Santa Monica is (you can’t go two blocks without seeing sign declaring some behavior or another is prohibited: walking, selling a car, breathing…), it is funny that he could hole up there for so long.

Polichinello on June 28, 2011 at 3:38 pm

Don’t be so quick to dismiss the evil done by James “Whitey” Bulger. Just because he wasn’t really nationally known, HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN. He was numero uno on the FBI Most Wanted List and was only knocked off (and returned to number 1) by Osama bin Laden.

Bostonians really are interested in the capture and crimes of that disgusting sociopath but it was not just him…his equally odious brother Billy Bulger (The Corrupt Midget) was the Massachusetts Senate President for years and did lots of shady things and he’s as crooked (but perhaps not as violent) as his nasty brother. He ruled with an iron fist. It was his way or the highway. So much for the “big-hearted” democrats.

I hope everyone will read about Whitey Bulger. For info on him, there is no one more knowledgeable (or fearless!) than Howie Carr. He’s been phoning it in for years on his local radio show BUT now that he is waxing on Bulger, it’s Howie at his best. Listen 3pm daily on WRKO 680.

Read Carr’s book “The Brother’s Bulger”. Also, read “Black Mass”. And to finish it up, read Whitey’s gopher’s tome by Kevin Weeks. All three read together will have you unable to sleep at night.

Skip Red Shea’s book “Rat Bastard”. I hated it and quit a third of the way through. He just big-noted what a stud he was and it made me sick.

Skunky on June 28, 2011 at 4:18 pm

Whitey Bulger was known to have been a cold-blooded killer, and had vowed that he would not go back to prison. He was also Number One on the FBI’s most-wanted list. Law enforcement believed that he was in possession of weapons, and that those weapons would be kept in such a manner that he would have immediate access to them.

Why didn’t they use one of their well trained, experienced SWAT teams to take him down? I mean, after all, isn’t Bulger exactly the kind of guy that SWAT teams were designed to deal with? So how come they lured him out of his dwelling and arrested him without incident? How was he able to pat an agent on the back and tell him “Good job”? Why wasn’t he immediately ordered to his knees, or ordered to prone-out on the ground so he could be cuffed? Why were his hands free if he was already in custody?

Contrast the Fed’s actions in this case to the numerous SWAT raids that are performed each day in this country against non-violent criminals (or alleged perpetrators of ‘victimless crimes’) in which people are manhandled, mistreated, and even killed. What explains this difference?

My suspicion is that they knew that he was prepared to fight back, unlike those others…

boB on June 28, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    Contrast the Fed’s actions in this case to the numerous SWAT raids that are performed each day in this country against non-violent criminals (or alleged perpetrators of ‘victimless crimes’) in which people are manhandled, mistreated, and even killed. What explains this difference?

    Dear Mr. B.: I’d like some examples of that.

    Miranda Rose Smith on June 29, 2011 at 3:42 am

I’m not dismissing the guy’s evil. I’m just saying I don’t see how you’re average American would be able to pick the guy out. It’s not like he wore a sign saying “Yo, Evil Mobster Here.” Look at the picture on this site. It looks a lot different than the other pictures where he’s younger and beardless. Really, Bulger looks like a lot of slightly out-of-it old guys you’d see in Santa Monica. There, you’re more on the lookout for the homeless, who never cease in their efforts to find an easy mark. Honestly, I could have walked pass the guy a couple years back when I was visiting my sister.

Polichinello on June 28, 2011 at 5:12 pm

Just a few years ago (when “The Departed” was playing in California) there were a few nation-wide reported “Whitey” sitings in California. As we know now, they went nowhere…and now we know it shouldn’t have.

Bostonians were ALWAYS looking for “Whitey”. I know I was.

I believed he was out of the country. Now we know he wasn’t.

Again, this was mainly a local story but is shouldn’t have been.

DS is spot-on about the FBI. She knows it and sees it everyday.

And if one enjoys the whole Whitey Bulger mystery, they should read up what happened to FBI agent John “Zip” Connolly…who gave Whitey all the help he needed. He’s in the hoosegow now, soon to be relocated to a Florida prison. Now with his BFF caught, good old “Zip” has even MORE to worry about.

The FBI was the major reason Whitey Bulger was so successful. It is disgusting.

Skunky on June 28, 2011 at 5:51 pm

Was he wearing tighty whiteys when they nabbed him?

Even with him in custody, will some African-Americans still blame Whitey for all their problems?

Battle of the Bulger on June 28, 2011 at 6:52 pm

Supposedly the tip that led to Whitey’s capture came from a woman is Iceland. Strange at best, was this apartment in Santa Monica really an FBI “safe house”? Connolly and his boss in Boston weren’t the only feds and local cops corrupted by Whitey’s money. Can’t happen here? Look at Justice, ATF and their botched gun runner operation.

bobby99 on June 28, 2011 at 6:55 pm

I’ve lived in Los Angeles all my life. Back in 1995, I even briefly worked in a shop on Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade. Up until a few days ago, the name “Whitey Bulger” meant absolutely nothing to me, as I’m not interested in organized crime figures, and I’m not a connoisseur of Martin Scorsese movies.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t pass by a homeless person or two sleeping on the sidewalk. There is absolutely no way of knowing whether or not any given one might be just your garden variety drunk, or Ayman al-Zawahiri hiding in plain sight.

Irving on June 28, 2011 at 7:24 pm

The Bureau was looking all over the world in exotic places like Ireland and South America because…..well, let’s face it, it’s a lot more fun to look for fugitives in Ireland than it is in Los Angeles. The feds usually rely on local law enforcement and citizens to solves their major cases, because it’s easier than doing an actual investigation. Be very afraid when they want to do data mining and insist on seeing all the info on all citizens.

Local Shoe Leather on June 28, 2011 at 7:52 pm

‘When the leader compromises the whole damned organisation is compromised’ and that is the present, modern day tale of the nu-America.
The expensive exercise of employing brawn & no brains TSA agents proves this. If a terrorist crept up their inner leg into their trousers, they wouldn’t even find them. Let’s rather irritate the beejeezus out of a 90 year old cancer patient and look into her diaper than the authentic real deal whilst Burka woman passes by with moustache and beard visible.

Great strides have been made in technology, DNA recovery, mobile phone telephony forensics,facial recognition, informants, all paid for by the taxpayer. So we need to ask ‘Who is running the show’, $50 million dollar question, a bunch of R.Soles who should be investigated and sacked.

Eyes Wide Open on June 28, 2011 at 7:54 pm

America’s Most Wanted featured bulger dozens of times in primetime. People should tune in, it could save alot of mischief.

Lars on June 28, 2011 at 8:26 pm

Debbie, I am in a bit of a conundrum about the neighbor should keep an eye out for things. For me, I detest nosy neighbors. I mean you can see a lot of comedies on television and the cinema making fun of the nosy neighbor. However, I think with the FBI being this inept, the nosy neighbor might have helped. I think that its sad to say that our main law enforcement agency in the USA is now a little better than a 3rd World corrupt police force in investigative work. I do agree with you for one thing, the “the man was a such guy” statements from neighbors has gotten old. If they admit that there was something “just not right” about your neighbor, the neighbors would really look geniuses in criminal investigations.

Mario on June 28, 2011 at 10:12 pm

It’s not hard to imagine how the scene would play out if one of the nosy neighbors had called Bulger in.
The police show up, ask him for his ID. He presents them the phony ID that has fooled the border guards and airport security.
The police thank him for his time and understanding and leave.
They also tell him who the nosy SOB was that caused both of them all of the trouble.

Nosy neighbor is never heard from again.
I’m not surprised that nobody called him with the level of incompetence out there.

Steve on June 28, 2011 at 11:06 pm

On the other hand Debbie, who can forget Prof. Gates and Sgt. Crowley at Obama’s ‘Beer Summit’ on the White House lawns. Concerned neighbours telephoned the Police to report a break-in next door where a man was forcing an entry. Next thing the Police Sgt. doing his duty is called every name under the sun and the matter is reported to the White House. The president with so much time on his hands takes over as mediator in this piffling matter and the overblown situation is reported far and wide with major press coverage. The president and his precendents, no wonder neighbours are stocking up on shtum powders.Can’t blame them can we, because after the event there is no protection,anonymity or name supression.

Eyes Wide Open on June 29, 2011 at 12:55 am


I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.

Miranda Rose Smith on June 29, 2011 at 4:34 am

LOL so what did these neighbors say? “That’s such a cute picture of a tabby cat on your wall! Say, where did you get that awesome AK with the banana clip? That siamese in the photo looks regal. Where did you get the saw to shorten the barrel on your shotgun?” Let’s be honest. In California, if that nice old couple had pictures of Reagan and Goldwater on the wall, the neighbors would have called the ATF about those 30 guns in a heartbeat!

Sean M. on June 29, 2011 at 8:31 am

Debbie says “Yes, he used fake ID to get in and out, but aren’t these guys supposed to be trained to spot it? Whaddayaexpect Deb in a nation with a prez that does the same. Doesn’t have about 35 fake SSN’s, fake draft registration, fake BC and fake university credentials. Nothun about the guy is real.

joesixpack31 on June 29, 2011 at 12:02 pm

I think he used fraudulently obtained but real documents in his travels. Most reporters don’t know the difference between fraudulently obtained documents and counterfeit documents. With a fraudulently obtained document, like a passport of driver’s license, there is little to go on to detect those, especially that of a person who is crossing the border but speaks English perfectly.

Most likely Bulger obtained a California DL using a fraudulently obtained birth certificate then either used both of those to cross the border and to fly or went on to obtain a passport with those fraudulently obtained documents.

To a CBP Officer at the border he would appear to be what he presented himself as, an American citizen. Nothing suspicous about him, perfect English, appearing the tourist or other who routinely go to Mexico for vacation or shopping. CBPOs at the border have alot of problems with Mexican and other nationals with their various schemes involving immigration fraud and smuggling.

Someone who appears to be the typical tourist or shopper is given little attention.

He must have obtained weapons in Boston or did drive there. The airport police in Boston are very aggressive in enforcing Massechuesetts laws against guns and many innocent travelers have been arrested when their flights were delayed overnight while legally transporting weapons through MA.

As for the credulous neighbors, stupid is as stupid does.

Federale on June 29, 2011 at 12:23 pm


Just in case you do not know, the FBI has been infiltrated by Islamic terrorists. It aain’t worth a nickel today as a law enforcement body.

G. R. SCHAROUBIM on June 29, 2011 at 1:33 pm

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