July 1, 2008, - 9:21 am

Democrats’ Family Values: Satanic Rapists for Obama

By Debbie Schlussel
In this rare case, Republicans can’t complain that party affiliation of those involved hasn’t been front and center.
Here’s yet another taste of the anything-goes Democratic family values. And I love the herbal, New Age angle of these creatures. Satanic stuff, dog cages, rape. This story’s got everything. Everything you’d expect from liberals who are “tolerant” ad absurdum of just about everything. The only things missing are Hannibal Lecter and Jodie Foster.
The party of Barack, Baby! Yeah!:

Stunning new details in a story Eyewitness News broke Friday involving a local leader in the Democratic Party charged in a bizarre sex crime.


Joy Johnson, Joseph Craig: The Dems’ Michael Vick

Prosecutors say it was satanic and even involved dog cages.
Joy Johnson, a former-vice chairwoman of the Durham Democratic Party, and her husband, Rev. Joseph Craig are accused of kidnapping, abusing, and sexually assaulting at least two victims in their Durham home.
Monday in court, more disturbing details; prosecutors alleged Craig shackled his victims to beds, kept them in dog cages and starved them.
Arrest warrants allege Johnson watched as her husband beat and raped a female victim then kidnapped and beat another male victim with a wooden cane and a cable cord.
“There are allegations that at least one of the victims was chained to the bed and at least one of the victims was kept in a dog cage, we don’t know what specific period of time. Also they were deprived of food and water for some time,” Durham Assistant DA Mark McCullough said.
McCullough told a judge the couple appears to be involved in a satanic cult and that is how they came in contact with their victims.
Eyewitness News did some research and found a Satanist who says he was once associated with the group ‘Order of the Morning Star.’
In an E-mail to Eyewitness News he says the couple leads the organization under fake names and that the group worships the devil.
The former member alleges he left the OMS because it felt like a cult and they were starting to promote a herd mentality.
Worldwide he says the OMS has more than 80 followers.
A Web site also shows Johnson and her husband as the leaders of Indigo Dawn.
A private Web site on spiritual growth –the couple sells anointing oils and herbal balms– on the website the couple also talks about magic and the occult. . . .
Craig faces charges of second degree rape and kidnapping– Johnson is charged with aiding and abetting, but more charges could be filed.

And the story involves another Democratic party official:

During her time as a party official, Johnson was interested in trying to attract more young Democrats and get them involved in the political process, acquaintances say.
Floyd McKissick, a state senator and a Democrat from Durham, said Monday he had been told Johnson had resigned her posts with the party. He, too, reserved judgment.
“I was absolutely shocked and flabbergasted,” McKissick said. “You never would have suspected allegations that she would have had any participation in these rituals.”
Johnson and Craig, along with Diana Palmer, first vice chairwoman for the local Democrats, are partners in a company called Indigo Dawn. The company’s Web site says Indigo Dawn offers products and services “to promote enlightenment and assist in the development and self-empowerment and divine potential.”
Among the services offered, according to the Web site, are “intuitive guidance, past-life regression, spirit guide communication and healing and cleansing.”

Hmmm . . . it’s like Michael Moore was prescient about something in his movie, “The Big One.” In it, he forms “Satanists for Buchanan,” which gives a donation to Pat Buchanan’s Presidential campaign (he cashes the check).
Well, even though he got the party and the candidate wrong, life does imitate art.
Satanists for Obama.

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That’s not all the world has come to this morning. It seems in Scotland, Muslims were outraged at police recruitment postcard depicting a cute puppy sitting on a police hat. Goes to show how they’re teed off by just about anything…. even little inoffensive animals. That’s a flying pigs – or would that be the dogs – moment!

NormanF on July 1, 2008 at 10:22 am

Satanists for Obama….talk about redundant.

OldSchoolW on July 1, 2008 at 10:26 am

Its not fair to denigrate Obama by association, just because some Satanists are low level apparatchiks in his Democratic machine. Remember, Obama is himself a devout Christian and for 20 years a member of….. uh, nevermind.

poetcomic1 on July 1, 2008 at 11:05 am

Obama is sooooo tainted. If he even gets the nomination, the Dem’s will break apart. Same with the Rep’s and McCain.
First it was the anti-semite, anti-LDS, anti-white folks, pro-Weatherman folks he’s so fond of. Then it was that woman who faked her identity as a 14-year-old FLDS girl that sparked off the Texas raid (ruining the delicate work of guys like me to end the women and children’s slavery). And then some freaks and geeks here and there, and now the Satanic rapist’s/torturer’s.
So, does this mean the Dem’s really have no problem with torture and humiliation? Then we can keep Gitmo and Abu Ghirab open for business!
And don’t give me that “Oh, one example doesn’t mean the rest of us are like that.” You Leftist’s have used this one source example on the rest of us for over 60 years! YOU’RE GONNA TAKE IT OR SHUT UP FOR NOW ON!!!

bhparkman on July 3, 2008 at 12:50 am

Sorry – that was supposed to be “… FROM NOW ON!!!”

bhparkman on July 3, 2008 at 12:52 am

Nice try poetcomic, but obama is not a “devout” christian..perhaps I’d buy that he knows Jesus died for him and did ask him into his heart but that is hardly what I’d call “devout”. I am judging by his fruits which I am called to do and his fruits are pretty low when you consider who he considers his “spirtual advisor” or are you going to claim that obama can’t be blamed for the “god damn america” hate preacher and that horrible ungodly church?
Any REAL Christian that knew their beliefs would have kicked not only that pathetic “spiritual advisor” to the curb but they would have kicked the whole pathetic church to the curb if you read what they had up on their website before they “cleaned it up”. Shocking to say the least.
It’s too bad that not more was made of what the church’s website said before they did some web scrubbing. I think more people would have woken up to how cultish those people are that attend.

diaphanous on July 3, 2008 at 5:24 pm

Oh, and I see no reason for these people to be kept alive to breathe air. This is a sick ideology that they will not get better from. Evil.

diaphanous on July 3, 2008 at 5:25 pm

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