July 1, 2008, - 11:38 am

OUTRAGE: Baba Wawa Spending 4th of July Hanging with Syria’s Assads (For Fun, Not Interviews)

By Debbie Schlussel
Barbara Walters isn’t satisfied with the damage she’s done, this year. Her outing of an extramarital affair with Senator Edward Brooke of Massachusetts wasn’t enough classlessness to satisfy the low-class, over-rated “journalist.”
So, now, she’s spending the week off she has from ABC’s “The View” by cozying up with her friends, the terrorist-sheltering and -sponsoring Assads of Syria. As I’ve noted before, Western journalists are taken with the beauty and English skills of Asma Assad (just as they are with Jordanian Queen Rania), which goes to show that if you put lipstick on a pig, the mainstream media won’t notice the porcine image, just the lipstick.
If only Eva Braun had done the media circuit. . . .
Here’s a transcript of Baba Wawa’s discussion of her upcoming trip to hang with Mr. and Mrs. Bashar Al-Assad (Prez of Syria), on her Sirius Satellite Radio show, with her co-host and producing partner, Bill Geddie:


If Only . . .


Terrorist-in-Chief & The Missus:

Baba Wawa’s Buds Vote in Fake Syrian Election

BILL GEDDIE: You’re going to Syria.
GEDDIE: Why are you going to Syria? I mean … I hear … Turks and Caicos is nice this time of year. Why Syria?
WALTERS: I grant you, it’s a rather odd place to be going … and especially because it is considered by the United States to be a terrorist country. I’ve been there before. I was invited several years ago by the wife of the president of Syria, President Assad. His wife, by the way, was raised in England and speaks better English than I do.
The president of Syria invited me. I know the Syrian ambassador to the United Nations. The president does not want to do an interview, but he would like a private meeting. I’m not sure I know why…
GEDDIE: It’s like you’re going there … you don’t know what he wants to talk to you about?
WALTERS: Well, I will find out. I went to meet his wife. I didn’t know what she wanted to talk about. I will pay my respects. I’m going with a friend and I want to see some of the wonderful Roman ruins because Syria has some of the great ruins in the world.

Pay her “respects”?! Why the heck does she want to show respect to Mr. and Mrs. Scumbag?
Respect for sheltering Jamil Al-Gashey, the only surviving terrorist who perpetrated the Munich Olympic massacre? Respect for allowing his country to be real estate central to the headquarters of HAMAS, PFLP, Islamic Jihad, and pretty much ever other murderous Islamic terrorist group in existence? Respect for sheltering Nazi murderer Alois Brunner? Respect for brutally torturing and dismembering democratic activists? Respect for allying with Iran and Hezbollah and destroying Lebanon, murdering thousands of its citizens?
But, hey, his wife has a high-brow English accent, so I guess that means it’s all okay.
For someone who hosts a show called “The View,” Barbara Walters is incredibly blind.
If only Eva Braun and her boytoy Hitler were still around. Then, Walters could spend Christmas in Germany. You know–to pay her “respects.”
Maybe next year, she can vacation and pay her “respects” to Kim Jong-Il. I hear he’s “so ronery.”
Let’s hear it for Baba Wawa’s Unindependence Day celebration.

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That Barbara Walters even had a career in broadcasting at all is a huge mystery to me. There were *always* dozens of better-looking, less obnoxious, and especially more talented women in the field.
I can only conclude that her affair with Brooke was not the only horizontal favor along her road to success.

Red Ryder on July 1, 2008 at 12:35 pm

Useful idiot.
I know I repeat this far too much, but the media and the gullible public who eat anything these idiots put on their plate just amazes me to no end.
Sometimes I think our country has a collective maturity level of 12 years old when people like Baba Wawa are taken seriously.

Jeff_W on July 1, 2008 at 1:00 pm

“If only Eva Braun and her boytoy Hitler were still around. Then, Walters could spend Christmas in Germany. You know–to pay her “respects.””
Considering his mastery of the media, I’m sure she’d have gone, and he’d have used her like, well, like Brooke did.

DocLiberty on July 1, 2008 at 6:35 pm

Another example of her being a USEFUL IDIOT. I think everyone who could read back in the 70’s remembers her being in the company of Castro for what ended up looking like a romantic get away for the retarded speaking Walters. She basically gushed all over her story on Castro and Cuba. She’s a washed up old whore that nobody cares about anymore, if they ever did.

samurai on July 2, 2008 at 12:24 am

“Pay her “respects”?! Why the heck does she want to show respect to Mr. and Mrs. Scumbag?:”
She must be as impressed with them as with the “Roman ruins.”
I wonder if she will be impressed when Damascus is in ruins? It will happen.
Maybe, since she is so fond of them, she should just stay there so she can enjoy them all the time.

yonason on July 2, 2008 at 6:04 pm

Once she’s out: cancel her passport, freeze her bank accounts, and tell the Syrians they can have ‘er!
And yonason brought up a good point. Didn’t Ezekiel mention that in chapter’s 38 and 39 (Gog and Magog).

bhparkman on July 3, 2008 at 12:38 am

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