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Question of the Day: John McCain Supposedly Roughed Up . . .

By Debbie Schlussel
. . . an associate of Communist Sandinista Dictator Daniel “Gucci Glasses” Ortega of Nicaragua, and this is a “bad thing” because . . .?
Sorry, but if true–and he’s now denying it–this enhances my respect for John McCain a gazillion-fold and makes me happier to vote for him in November. It probably is true because the John McCain of 1987 was a true conservative, a lot different than the one of today.
A brief refresher: Daniel Ortega was (and remains) a Communist thug. He was friends with Arafat, Castro, and all the usual suspects of Greater Despotica. He seized the land of poor Nicaraguan peasant farmers and instituted Soviet-style communism. The store shelves were bare and people lived in fear.
HIM . . .


VERSUS HIM: Daniel Ortega, Then . . .


(Daniel Ortega with Buds Yasser Arafat, Fidel Castro, Dems John Kerry/Tom Harkin)

Daniel Ortega, Now . . .

(Daniel Ortega & Buddy Hugo Chavez w/Latin America Liberator Simon Bolivar Looking at Them Ominously)
Ortega seized the Jewish Community Center and the Managua Synagogue and turned them into a Palestinian youth club and an officers club for P.L.O. officers who trained in Nicaragua. But before he seized the synagogue, during Friday Night Sabbath prayers, his Sandinistas set fire to the synagogue and barred the doors shut so people were trapped inside (they were fortunately rescued by Contra-allied individuals). Ortega forced the leader of the Managua Jewish community to sweep the streets of Managua to embarrass and degrade him, and he seized all of his real estate. Most of the Jews in Nicaragua fled to avoid a Sandinista Holocaust, after they witnessed Ortega’s KrystallNacht. (More about what happened to Nicaragua’s Jews under Ortega here and here.)
(Read more on Daniel Ortega, here and here.)
So, pardon me, if I hope the story is true and that John McCain, in 1987, grabbed an Ortega colleague by the collar and lifted him out of his chair. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not only should McCain not shy away from this accusation, he should own it. He should say, “Damn Straight I bullied this Communist creep who terrorized the poor Nicaraguan people. Got a problem with that?”
Frankly, that would be a nice contrast with Barack Hussein Obama’s orgasm for hanging with Iran’s Ahmadinejad and other despotic enemies of America.
It should be a campaign commercial.

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There are a few strange motives that may be going on here. Cochran is known for his pork-barrel politics, and McCain is nominally against this (at least so he says), so that might be a motive for this. It also tells us something about Cochran . He apparently has no problem doing something he thinks would hurt another Republican candidate — although I agree that shoving any of these Commies is a good thing to do.
Finally, in your link, I noticed the picture of McCain on the RH side of the article. Like many pictures of McCain these days, it is artistically arranged so that on first glance, it seems like tufts of white hair are flowing helter-skelter from his head, to make him seem old and decrepit.

c f on July 3, 2008 at 11:27 am

Debbie, I wouldn’t have a problem if McCain said that either. However, the MSM con artists are trying to paint McCain as a hot tempered, loose cannon, ready to explode on anyone, and everyone foaming at the mouth dog. That his demeanor wouldn’t be presidential. Yet, have turned their backs for the messiah at every turn, and twist on the road.
Still a huge issue, Barack Hussein Obama hasn’t provided the American people with proof of citizenship. B.H. Obama’s anti smear web site, and the birth certificate posted on the Daily KOS, are among numerous reasons, redacted Photo-shopped fakes. The numbers on the lower left corner don’t match, and when edited with a Hexadecimal editor, reveal the words “Ducky,” “Adobe,” and “Photo shop” etc. I understand, the Daily KOS is attempting to do damage control on the posted BC, of which compounds their fraud even more.

Jackson Pearson on July 3, 2008 at 11:39 am

I was reading one of the links provided and came across this:
“The Sandinista era took more than the community’s synagogue; it also stole the community’s identity. Since most of the community was linked, either politically or through business ties, to the Somoza dictatorship that ran the country like a family farm for some 50 years, Jews were among the first targets of property confiscation under the Sandinistas.”
“Israel had supported and armed the Somoza dictatorship until its final days, so one of the Sandinistas’ first diplomatic moves was to sever ties with Israel and recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization.”
Interesting to note.
As for McCain, if he did grab a Sadinista by the shirt on a diplomatic visit, then it just shows what a low class jerk he really is. But then again, this is the guy who allegedly called his wife a ‘c**t’ in front of reporters.
‘Obama 08’

Norman Blitzer on July 3, 2008 at 11:48 am

NB, I’m not sure which link you are speaking about re Israel allegedly arming Somoza. The sites that seem to be saying this are Palestinian and Commie sites, although your phrase ‘until its final days’ suggests arming Samoza against the Commies. I would see nothing wrong with this. I’d certainly prefer Samaza than the Commies. Samoza was a dictator, but he supported the West, and didn’t kill tens of millions of people, including Jews, anywhere that they had power. Of course Jews were a minority in Nicaragua like anywhere else, and your comments have the ring of conspiracy theory — the evil Jews and their immense power — like some of the nuts that made comments along the lines of Buchanan.

c f on July 3, 2008 at 12:07 pm

I have mixed feelings on this. I like the idea that McCain has a “fearless” side when provoked–but I have seen that trait create problems too. With a slimy worm like one of these an Ortega homey–I have a feeling that McCain wanted to show him something–he obviously did–and like you DS–that is fine with me. I bet he told the worm to explain something to Ortega. A display like this in the right situation can be a good thing–but usually, it is not.
The episode that comes to mind is when McCain came back from early campaigning last summer to ram-rod the McCain Kennedy illegal amnesty bill through the Senate when he lipped off to a fellow Senator who was opposed that “I know more than any of you on this…” with loud expletives in the tirade. That was/is pathetic. Here McCain was dead wrong on this issue which would have committed the taxpayers to 1.5 trillion in net cost on the entittlements it would have triggered–yet on one of his self-righteous mavierick moments telling the conservatives that he alone was the smart one–to bug off. When McCain talks about how he has opposed earmarks and such–he is against “pork barrel” spending–I remind everyone one–the amnsesty bill he was jamming is the all time biggest pork barrel spending bill of them all.
We can only hope McCain has really wisened up on the amnesty issue–but I highly doubt it by the way he qualifies his speeches with emphasis on how the illegals are still “G-d’s children” Pulleze–McCain–you kill me. What a choice we face this fall!

BB on July 3, 2008 at 1:03 pm

c f,
Those words came from the United Jewish Communities website (Debbie’s 2nd “here” link on Nicaragua’s Jews). I certainly don’t blame Nicaragua’s Jews for what happened to them. Whatever Israel allegedly did was no excuse for their persecution.

Norman Blitzer on July 3, 2008 at 1:35 pm

NB But the whole point of your post was that you don’t blame the Sadanista’s for there anti-semitisim.The jews had it coming to them by your logic.

gordito on July 3, 2008 at 8:49 pm

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