July 5, 2011, - 6:14 pm

A Jury of Morons: O.J. Simpson Jury Finds Its White Counterpart

By Debbie Schlussel

O.J. Simpson is having a half-chuckle with his new boyfriend somewhere in prison.  Because of a verdict today by twelve brainless soulmates of his jurors, his White counterpart with a vagina is gonna walk free.

Two of a Kind w/ Two Equally Moronic Juries

O.J. had gloves that “didn’t fit” (or so he pretended), and she had a wet t-shirt and tattoos that fit all too well, along with choroform searches, a smell-of-death car trunk, etc. And, don’t worry, we won’t hear her telling us about her quest to “find the real killers,” as O.J. used to do with a wink and a nod on golf courses across America. But maybe she can get gigs as a stripper. Watch Casey’s KILLER body straddle the pole, headlining at the DollHouse.

As you’ll note, I’ve never before written about the Casey Anthony trial on this site.  The national fascination with it sickens me.  A trashy, slutty mother murdering her kid isn’t a new or remarkable thing.  It’s happened before.  It’ll happen again.  The only thing remarkable here is the moronic jury that acquitted this uber-skank of murder.  To me, it was sickening that, yesterday, instead of celebrating our nation’s 235th birthday, this jury of anti-Einsteins chose to keep hearing the case.  That told me enough about which way they were headed. This was a jury not concerned with morals, with decorum, with rules. They were only concerned with themselves and wanting to get finished with the case. Hey, just like Casey Anthony. That’s what liberals–and morons–do. Here were my tweets from Twitter (follow me on Twitter), yesterday on the matter. The second one was a “Top Tweet” on Twitter.

It was even more sickening that I could not get away from this trial, and I don’t even have cable.  It was in my newspaper, on broadcast TV, at the gym on cable, on the radio.  Wow, America is a sad country, that this is the most important thing in your lives, people.  And by people, I don’t mean those who read this site.  You have a higher than average IQ.  Sadly, America sets the bar low on even that, these days.   As I was at the gym, yesterday, I saw FOX News spend hours and hours on the trial, and very little on covering America’s Independence.  So much for you dummies out there who actually thing FOX News is a “conservative” news channel.  Puh-leeze.  It’s  a salacious tabloid network.  And the National Enquirer could do it better.  Does do it better.

That the jury–and I’ll bet most of ’em voted for Obama . . . if they even voted–acquitted this woman, despite lie after lie and obvious implication after obvious implication that she did it, tells me that the O.J. Simpson jury has found its White counterpart.  Yes, there were two Black people on the Anthony jury of morons and imbeciles, but most of the jurors were White.  And they are idiots.  And yes, the O.J. Simpson jury was clearly racist.  They knew Simpson was guilty but they acquitted him of murder to “get Whitey.”  So what’s the Casey Anthony jurors’ excuse?  Just that they’re idiots, apparently.  Here’s a tip:  beyond a reasonable doubt involves reason and what is reasonable.  It’s not “beyond ANY doubt.”  It’s not, well, she might’ve done it, but I doubt it because her lawyer made up stories about her father being a child molester, her mother lied for her about looking up chloroform, it’s no big deal that the trunk stunk like a dead body, that the body had duct tape, and that she waited 30 days and partied like it’s 2009, until she went to the police . . . but I can still find a way to believe her changing stories and character assassination of her lying (lying for her) family.

It’s funny to hear phony conservatives (who are really liberals but echo conservative talking points for the moolah) like Sean Hannity say that “the burden wasn’t met,” and he doesn’t believe she did it.  Hilarious.  This liberal has tried how many criminal cases?  He graduated from which law school?  Oh, yeah, he didn’t even graduate from college.  But he has a law degree and a Bar membership from the University of I-Defrauded-Gullible-Fans-at-the-Freedom-Concerts Law School.

I’ve successfully defended criminal cases, and the prosecutors in this case were terrific. They could not account for a jury that eagerly bought blatant lies and fairy tales. I don’t know how the prosecutors could have met the burden more.  They did every single thing they could do.  But I guess if a murderess lets her kid’s body rot long enough, she gets a free pass because of decomposition of the body.  We are rewarding someone who repeatedly lied, who defamed her own father, who carried on her life like a piece of garbage. What she and her defense did to her father is outrageous. Completely unforgivable. But her sad excuse for a mother lied for her on the stand, openly, as a reward for murdering her grandchild and dragging her husband into the sewer that is Casey Anthony’s life.

As I’ve said to friends who were glued to the set over this trial, it’s about liberals and rewarding them.  It’s about permissive, liberal parents–the Anthonys who obviously spoiled their kid rotten, raised her to be a skank who slept around and wasn’t mom material, then mortgaged everything for her, including their reputations.  Their poor parenting created a skank, a single mother, and then a murder. Then, the mother lied on the stand for her.  The father sat there as he was called a child molester.  This is what liberals do to people who report and catch Islamic terrorists, like when the Fort Dix Six were caught by a clerk at a retail store.  Within days, liberals–liberal media and liberal lawyers–were looking for dirt on him, even though the dirt had nothing to do with anything.  It’s also about liberal, selfish kids, who have no morals.  She murdered, she lied, she did whatever it took to get back her partying life.  The only reason she had a daughter in the first place is because she slept around, including with some transient from a moving company in Tennessee, who was visiting Orlando.  This is the wet t-shirt contest life.  It’s what liberal parents beget. . . and how liberal kids behave.  Anything goes.  The ends always justify the means.

And since this is the state of affairs with so many Americans today–not possessing even the most basic morals or human decency–I wonder how many on this jury of airheads feel the same way and conduct their lives accordingly.  More than a couple of them, I’ll bet you.

You have to have some standard of what you will and won’t believe.  And this jury just shows the famous estimation on the birth rate of suckers was conservative.  Clearly, more than one sucker is born every minute.  And twelve of them just sprang Casey Anthony, today.  (One of them, a supermarket cook, said she’s a fan of TV legal dramas.  So like most of these idiots, she expected this to be as clear cut as “Law and Order” or “CSI”?  Probably. Just one of the twelve nitwits.)

Remember, if O.J. Simpson hadn’t stolen memorabilia years after his murder acquittal, he’d still be roaming the streets, too.  Now, he has an alter ego . . . who loves wet t-shirt contests, tattoos, and being a shot girl.

And thanks to this jury of twelve she has plenty of time to continue engaging in this tawdry stuff.

I can just hear the late Johnnie Cochran snorting from hell:  “If the wet t-shirt does fit, you must acquit.”

Forget “Twelve Angry Men.”  It seems that in America, more often than not today, there are just Twelve Obtuse Dumbasses.

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The slut Casey Anthony “aborted” Caylee Anthony, the first baby to be aborted in the second year of life. The culture and morals of the USA are so rotten to the core that it is hopeless. That Obozo the socialist muslim’s Presidency is coincident with the culture’s sanctioned abortion of two year old little girls by their “party whore” single mothers is only too fitting.

Pod on July 7, 2011 at 7:15 am

I concur heartily…the pandemic of left-wing lunacy is now incurable I fear. (Nice vocabulary BTW)

RapidRobert on July 7, 2011 at 1:48 pm

Hey DS…what a great summary. Absolutely luv it. It s/b be published and read nation-wide. How can this jury be so ‘effin damn dumb? I’m a critically-thinking conservative and I’m also done with that blathering idiot Hannity. I can’t believe he sides with those freakin’ 12+ morons. And I’m ultra-sick and tired of pundits pussy-footing around and not criticizing those jury morons. THEY ARE MORONS WHO SHOULD BE COMPLETELY OSTRACIZED FOR THEIR STUPIDITY. SCREW THEM AND THEIR SO-CALLED OPINIONS AND JUDGMENT. THEY BELIEVED 100% SPECULATIVE SCENARIOS AND EVEN STARTED DEBATING PUNISHMENT DURING DELIBERATIONS!! WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE LIKE THAT?? We need T-shirts: Front/Back====>>> Casey’s Jury/Morons from Outer Space. Casey’s Jury/Dumbasses R Us. Hey Casey’s Jury…/Can U Even Spell Reasonable Doubt? Luv this site. Thanks again DS and keep it up!!

thewdking on July 7, 2011 at 5:08 pm

It’s official; Murder is now legal in the state of Florida!

Donald McNorm on July 7, 2011 at 9:02 pm

Wow! Nothing like reading the absolute truth to make my day. I wish more journalists had the integrity and brains to write like this author!

Mike on December 7, 2011 at 10:33 pm

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