July 25, 2008, - 12:53 pm

Video of the Day: “Cracked” on Dark Knight Action Figs

By Debbie Schlussel
Yesterday, I cited the “Dark Knight” Joker terrorist action figure for kids as an example of “The Dark Knight” movie engaging in the marketing of terrorism and gratuitous violence as sexy for kids. Even Batman, himself–actor Christian Bale–told “Entertainment Tonight” that his young daughter’s favorite character is The Joker. Sick.
What I didn’t realize is that reader Ari had sent me this video from the humorous Cracked, making my exact point in a funny way. Must Watch. How did I miss Ari’s timely e-mail? (Sorry, Ari.) He wrote:

Here’s a GREAT parody of the violent movie being marketed to kids.

Click on over. 50 seconds makes my point.


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