August 14, 2008, - 10:03 am

The FBI v. The Unabomber: More Bloviating and Waste From a Useless Bureaucratic Whale

By Debbie Schlussel
As I noted recently, the FBI just celebrated its 100th anniversary. But, as I also noted, it was a quiet celebration and few were celebrating.
That’s because the FBI has become a bloated bureaucratic whale, with few important cases actually cracked by the agency and a whole lot of butt-kissing to the most extreme of Muslims.
Now, the agency is fighting with the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, because he’s angry they are using his tiny cabin–from which he plotted his 18 years of bombings–in an exhibit of undeserved self-congratulation at the Newseum in Washington.


NON-FBI Special Agent David Kaczynski Cracked Unabomber Case;

Big Lie: Unabomber Shack is Not Badge of FBI Success

It’s rare that I side with serial killers, but I find it odd that the FBI is using Kaczynski’s 10-foot by 12-foot cabin as the largest display in its “G-Men and Journalists: Top News Stories of the FBI’s First Century.” In fact, but for Kaczynski’s own brother, David Kaczynski, coming forward at his wife, Linda Kaczynski’s urging and noting that the wording on the Unabomber’s notes matched his brother’s, the FBI would likely never have caught Ted Kaczynski.
Given the way the FBI does business, I’m betting people would still be getting mail bombs from the Unabomber today, but for his brother’s help.
That’s why the FBI has no business using the Unabomber’s hut in its exhibit. The agency did NOT crack the case. And to include this psycho-shack in its PR exhibit is a giant lie.
And not only is the Unabomber’s shack one of the exhibits at the FBI braggadocio-fest at the Newseum, it’s the CENTRAL exhibit and is the star of ads in the Washington Post pushing the FBI centennial exhibit.
Since, again, the FBI did NOT crack this case, that’s chutzpah. And it’s emblematic of the agency’s ever-decreasing utility. I’d love to know how much the FBI spent on helping Newseum put together this phony tribute to incompetence.

The recent disclosure that scientist Bruce Ivins was the anthrax terrorist is yet another huge failure by the FBI. Instead of pouncing on Ivins, they harassed for years and ruined the life of Dr. Steven Hatfill. When they finally–years later-closed in on Ivins, it was really too late. It’s a joke that they laser-focused on Hatfill, and neglected the Ivins lead for years.



But, hey, that’s the FBI–when they screw up (which is frequent), they just move on to the next case. As we all know, not a single agent was fired from the Bureau despite its blatant screw-ups that could have prevented 9/11. The agents who ignored heroic FBI Special Agent Harry Samit‘s repeated warnings, memos, and requests to search Zacarias Moussaoui’s hard drive got to remain in their high positions at the agency and retire well. Meanwhile, Agent Samit’s life has been made miserable at the FBI.
And, as I reported in the New York Post (original version posted here), the agency harassed and tried to fire Special Agent Robert Wright for demanding that designated HAMAS terrorists and charities be tried and shut down. He warned that more innocent people would be killed. The FBI responded, “We’ll kill your career.”
So, it should be no surprise that the FBI is bragging about cracking a case–the Unabomber murders and bombings–it didn’t crack. If this non-FBI achievement is one of the FBI’s greatest “achievements” in 100 years of existence, that should tell you something.
The agency is mostly worthless. There is little “I” in the FBI. And now they are claiming credit for the work of a Kaczynski brother, David and his wife, Linda. Anyone know when the couple was sworn in as Special Agents?
Meanwhile, as the agency brags about something it had nothing to do with, the FBI is now wasting millions more of your tax dollars in its continuing edifice complex.
As I’ve repeatedly noted on this site, the FBI sought a $65 million new building in Detroit as a reward for the splendid job its agents have done “investigating the war on terror” by repeatedly breaking pita and dancing the debka with top extremists at Ahmed’s Falafel Tent.
After wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars finding a site and making a deal to have the building built, the incompetents at the FBI couldn’t come to agreement with the builder, from whom it would be renting the new space. Therefore, the General Services Administration has canceled the deal, and the two agencies will now waste hundreds of thousands more searching for a new site and trying to make a new deal.
Why can’t the FBI make deals with landlords and builders as easily as it does with our extremist, terrorist-supporting Muslim enemies within?
Maybe their falafel isn’t as good.
There’s a reason many in law enforcement call the FBI, “Famous But Incompetent.” That’s usually the reality.

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FBI = Famous But Incompetent, right?
The whole family is crackers! His brother should need his wife’s nagging to expose Ted. And, it disturbes me GREATLY that his brother jumped on the money.
He never should have taken the REWARD. He should have gladly given it over to the victims, but he didn’t. He lives in the lap of luxury now.

GOLDENMIKE4393 on August 14, 2008 at 1:38 pm

Yah, the FBI didn’t do much. In fact, studies have revealed that 95% of cop work is reactive (9-1-1 calls; complaints). Success generally means: they used the shoe leather to follow up on complainant information. TV cop shows are laughable distortions of actual police work. The work product of the average American cop is: 2 convictions per month. And 4 do-nuts per shift. (not really)

supercargo on August 15, 2008 at 7:26 am

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