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Pew Report: 1/3 of US Muslims Support Al Qaeda, Suicide Bombs; 25% Came to US Under Bush, Obama

By Debbie Schlussel

The mainstream media is hyping the latest Pew Research Center survey on Muslims in America (which is not as extensive or detailed as its 2007 predecessor, which is referenced in my analysis below, also) as showing that Muslims in America are “mainstream,” “moderate,” and “middle class,” just like you and me. But a close look at the survey (I read all 136 pages) reveals that Muslims in America (who often lie to deceive the infidels, per taqiyya) are in fact every bit as radical and extremist as I’ve diagnosed for the last couple of decades.  And that they haven’t changed much in the four years since the last survey in 2007.  I’ve used both the 2007 and 2011 surveys below, and have noted the years in parentheses, so you know where I’m getting the data for my analysis.  The survey shows stark evidence of how President Bush opened the floodgates to Muslim aliens.  Oh, and those Muslims he helped, after seeking their endorsement in his Presidential race–they are extremely liberal and support even bigger government and entitlements than we have now . . . by vast majorities.

Despite the fact that extremist Muslims leaders, including Ihsan Bagby and Ingrid Matteson, served as advisors to massage the results (in 2007 and reportedly again in 2011), the study still shows that a high number of U.S. Muslims support Al-Qaeda, deny that 9/11 was committed by Arabs, and admit that being a devout Muslim conflicts with a modern, Western lifestyle. The study also shows a disturbing number of young U.S. Muslims who support the use of homicide bombings to achieve goals. They are the future of Islam in America. And, finally, the report shows that at least one of every three Muslim immigrants (28%) in America in 2007 came here during the Bush Administration, the ultimate evidence that Bush pandered to Islam and ignored 9/11.  Thanks, George W.  You’re a pal.  And a good number more came here under Obama, with 40% of all Muslim immigrants now in America, having come here from 2000-2011. They–the Muslim immigrants who came here under Bush and Obama–make up 25% of all Muslims in America today.

Here are some of the results–and remember that these numbers would be even higher if all Muslims answered the survey truthfully.  Remember, also, that Pew is liberal and tried to present the results in the most favorable light to Muslims, and yet the numbers still present a different picture:

Disturbing Numbers of U.S. Muslims Support Suicide Bombings:  19% of American Muslims said suicide bombings are okay (2011).  And the number jumps in other categories:  18% of foreign born Muslims said suicide bombings are generally okay.  And (in 2007–figures not available in 2011) 22% of foreign born Arab Muslims said suicide bombings are okay.  Yup, nearly one out of four Arab Muslims in America says it’s okay to blow you up.  And those are the ones who openly said so to Pew.  Again, the number is far higher in reality.  In 2011, 31% of Muslims aged 18-29 said suicide bombings are okay–that’s one in three young Muslims in America, who thinks it’s okay to blow you and your families up.

Third of U.S. Muslims Support Al-Qaeda: Despite the claims of Barack Obama and many Muslim leaders after Osama Bin Laden was killed, almost half of U.S. Muslims support Al-Qaeda. While 70% of U.S. Muslims view Al-Qaeda, which murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11, “very unfavorably,” the other 30% view Al-Qaeda favorably, only somewhat unfavorably, or don’t know/refused to answer (which means they support Al-Qaeda).  Yup, that means that 30% didn’t have too much of a problem with Al-Qaeda.

* Half of Muslims Are Muslim First, American Last, only 1/4 Are American First: 49% of U.S. Muslims said they think of themselves as Muslims first, not Americans (up from 47% in 2007).  If you add the 7% who refused to answer/don’t know, it’s 56%.  If you add those who said they are “both” first, it’s 74% who do not identify as American first.  While 44% say they display the U.S. flag, their flag displays are just props, since only 26% of U.S. Muslims said they are American first.  Among Muslims aged 18-29–the future Muslims in America–only 25% said they think of themselves as American first.  60% said they are Muslim first, 5% refused to answer (which means they are Muslim first) and 10% said “both equally” (which means they are Muslim first).  Even among those Muslims who said they are American first, 15% supported suicide bombings, and 39% didn’t believe that Arabs perpetrated the 9/11 attacks.  So much for being “American first.”

Almost Half of U.S. Muslims Don’t Want to Be Americans: 28% of U.S. Muslims said that Muslims should not adopt American customs.  That number jumps to 44% if you count the Muslims who said they should both adopt American customs AND remain distinct and not adopt American customs.

9/11 Truthers – Majority of American Muslims Don’t Believe Arabs Perpetrated 9/11 Attacks:  Yes, the majority of Muslims in America are 9/11 Truthers.  The 2011 survey didn’t address this question, but the 2007 survey did.  60% U.S. Muslims don’t believe Arabs committed the 9/11 attacks. (The number jumps to 78% among Arab Muslim immigrants.)  So who do they think did it?  The survey doesn’t fully address that because it would make Muslims look like the Jew-haters and America-haters that they are.  But we know the drill.  The survey results:  8% of  U.S. Muslims believe that Jews, Israel, the Mossad, the CIA, and/or the U.S. government committed the attacks.  52% wouldn’t say, which means they also believe Jews and the U.S. did it.

* More Than a 1/3 of U.S. Muslims Think Islamic Extremism is Okay:  35% of U.S. Muslims said they are not concerned about Islamic extremism around the world.  36% said there is a great deal/fair amount of extremism among U.S. Muslims.  40% said they are not concerned about Islamic extremism in the U.S.

Bush Opened the Floodgates to Muslim Immigration Even After the 9/11 Attacks, But They Did Not Come Here b/c of Persecution:  28% of all Muslim immigrants in the U.S. in 2007 came here from 2000-2007 (2007).  40% of Muslim immigrants currently in the U.S. came here from 2000-2011.  Most of that is the Bush Administration (some in the second figure from Obama, but most of it from Bush).  Shukran [Thanks], George.  Miss him yet?  In 2007, 18% of all Muslims in the U.S. were immigrants who came here during the Bush Administration (2007).  In 2011, that figure jumps to Muslim immigrants making up 25% of the U.S. Muslim population.  Yup, one in every four Muslims in the U.S. came here during Bush and Obama (mostly Bush).  And, contrary to the oft-made claim, only 20% of U.S. Muslim immigrants say they came here for persecution reasons and had it just fine over there.  The rest came here on student visas (so, why are they still here?) and for economic opportunities, because they were sponsored by Muslim family members, etc.  Yup, we know their agenda:  make America a Muslim nation.

Most Muslims Never Discriminated Against in America:  Despite the hype and lies of HAMAS’ CAIR Action Network and other Muslim groups, only 20% of Muslims in the U.S. say they’ve been the victim of “anti-Muslim” discrimination or that it’s a problem.

Muslims Are NOT Wealthy Contributors to American Society:  Despite the claims by Muslim propagandists and misguided left-wing Republicans like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, most Muslims in America are not wealthy and contributors of jobs and other benefits to American society.  They are takers.  Only 22% of U.S. Muslims make $75,000 or more per year (down from 26% in 2007), below the U.S. total population average of 28%.  45% (up from 35% in 2007) of Muslims make less than $30,000 per year, whereas only 36% of the general population is at that salary level. 40% of U.S. Muslims are unemployed and 18% are only employed part-time.

31% of U.S. Muslims said there is conflict with being a devout Muslim and living in a modern society.  That’s scary since 18-29 year olds are the most devout group of Muslims and, therefore, the most unable to adapt to modern Western mores and customs.

Most U.S. Muslims Not Singled Out by Airport Security.  Most Muslims say they were never singled out by airport security.  And therein lies the problem.  They should be singled out.

Memo to Islamo-pandering Republicans – Most Muslims are Big-Government Liberal Democrats:  More evidence to stop listening to GOP Islamo-scumbag Grover Norquist a/k/a Jihad Grover.  70% of Muslims are Democrats or Democrat-leaning.  Only 11% are Republican or Republican-leaning, and of those 11% (2011 survey).  71% voted for John Kerry, 14% for Bush (2007 survey).  68% support bigger government than we already have and more services, and 73% think the government should do more for the needy (2011 survey).  Only 21% want smaller government, and only 17% say government can’t afford to do more for the poor (2007 survey).  Yup, these are NOT Tea Partiers and definitely not conservatives.  But they might be Paulnuts.

Contrary to Islamo-propagandist Mohammed Zuhdi Jasser’s claims, most U.S. Muslims pray daily and attend mosque.  Frank Gaffney’s and Daniel Pipes’ favorite Muslim propagandist and fraud, Mohammed Zuhdi Jasser–in trying to back up his claim that most Muslims in America are peaceful–frequently claims that most American Muslims neither pray daily nor attend a mosque (where they are usually poisoned with hate).  But the survey shows his claims are bunk.  Pew’s results show that 66% of Muslims pray daily, that only 8% never pray, and that only 19% never attend mosque.

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