August 28, 2008, - 12:39 pm

Aleikum Salaam: Denver-Area Americans “Welcome” Al-Jazeera

By Debbie Schlussel
Earlier this week, I told you about Golden, Colorado’s plans to welcome a visit by Al-Jazeera and its American boob, Josh Rushing (see here, also). First, Al-Jazeera got disinvited from Golden City Manager Mike Bestor’s backyard (but only under pressure). Then, yesterday, patriots from all over the Denver area–including many on Harleys–welcomed Jazeera and Rushing to the Buffalo Rose Bar.
Check out the cool photos taken by El Marco who participated. Below is a t-shirt that El Marco says all of the Buffalo Rose staff wore. Wow, that’s guts (or the owner of the Buffalo Rose playing both sides). I like it:


Check out the rest of the photos, including a typical liberal 20-something in a knit hat (it’s summer, dude) who is a big fan of Al-Jazeera and Rushing, as well as some dead ringers for ZZ Top.

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Is it just me, but I can’t play both sides of the game with our enemies. But JMO, Al Jazeera has no business, doing business in our country, and useful idiots that embrace them here, are traitors!

Jackson Pearson on August 28, 2008 at 9:10 pm

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