October 31, 2008, - 3:25 pm

Weekend Box Office: “Changeling”, “What Just Happened” Only Semi-Decent Offerings Amidst Mountain O’ Crap, Esp. Vile “Zack & Miri”

By Debbie Schlussel
So many crappy movies, so little time. And yet I waste my valuable life-hours to watch this trash, so you don’t have to.
* “The Changeling“: Even though this stars Palestinian-terrorist-lover Angie Voight a/k/a “Angelina Jolie” (who cheered Palestinian kids as they sang of their desire to get revenge while taking “back” Jerusalem), it’s halfway decent. But not because of her. And not because of her naked butt and the shower scene either. Not sure why this mother of six has this need to constantly show us her naked rear in movies. Grow up, chickie.


This thriller, directed by anti-war faux-Republican Clint Eastwood, is entertaining, but waaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooooooo loooooooooong. At nearly 2.5 hours, I was antsy, as it veeeery slowly tells a story that could’ve been told in 1.5 hours. And the real star–the real entertainment in the movie–is great actor and supporting cast member John Malkovich, of whom we don’t see nearly enough of in this movie. If only they’d spent half as much effort on editing this flick down as they did on the marvelous 1920s wardrobe and set design, the best thing about the movie.
It’s the “based-on-a-true-story” feature about a single mother in the 1920s whose young son suddenly disappears. She searches in desperation for him, while authorities return a boy who is not her son and force her to act as if he is. This is despite the fact that the boy is three inches shorter than her son and, unlike him, is circumcised. When she’s had enough, the Los Angeles police frame her for insanity and lock her up. They’re basically abusive and act outside the law. Malkovich plays a German-American Presbyterian minister with a radio show who rails against police corruption.
In addition to the length, the movie seemed cold to me, especially Angie Voight Pitt’s acting. She seemed distant and not angry and sad enough for a mother whose kid is missing. At other times the movie seemed way overwrought in places it shouldn’t have been.
I could have done without the scenes–albeit not graphic–of a guy chopping kids up, and the shower scene of a naked Angie Voight being hosed down by nurses in a sanitarium, complete with butt-shot. It seemed a gratuitous stunt that won’t fix this movie’s problems, espcially of length.
Otherwise, it was mildly entertaining and nearly halfway decent.
* “Zack and Miri Make a Porno“: If you wonder why America is going down the tubes fast, it’s “movies” like this.
This vile, disgusting excuse for a movie should have been rated NC-17. But I’ll bet tons of mindless American parents–the same ones voting for Barack Obama–will let their kids see this trash. Since it’s by Kevin Smith, I suppose I should be happy that it didn’t contain what he called “interspecies erotica”, like “Clerks 2 (read my review). Lots of full-frontal nudity of both sexes in this semi-porn piece of garbage.
In the “good old days”, if Superman–say, actor Christopher Reeve–played a gay porn actor in celluloid scuzz like this, his contract to play the man of steel would be voided out. But not the case with Brandon Routh, the current star of the Superman franchise and, in this movie, gay porn actor “Bobby Long”. I guess this means we’ve “evolved”, or rather devolved. Even the dinosaurs had better decency standards.
Zack (Seth Rogen, fat star of all that is gross) and Elizabeth Banks play loser roommates who’ve always had crushes on each other. Down and out on their luck and with no money, they attend their high school reunion and discover how washed up they are. So, they decide to shoot their own porno flick, in order to earn enough money to get their electricity, heat, and water turned back on. But while filming this vile enterprise, they fall in love after filming their live sex scene. Awwww. . . how romantic.
Bleccch and Eeeeuuuuwww are the two words that best describe this occasionally funny, but mostly sickening movie. Does America really need to see someone defecate on someone’s face?
If you let your kids see it, you should be sued for malpractice. If you waste your own ten bucks on this, boy are you a loser . . . just like Zack and Miri.
You don’t have to be a prude to hate this movie. But, as this movie shows, sometimes being a prude is highly under-rated.

* “What Just Happened?“: Robert DeNiro stars as a Hollywood producer who must juggle two ex-wives, kids, and phonies galore, plus erratic, tasteless directors, and director-wannabes who act like kids in this relaxing, fun inside baseball story of life in the movie industry.
It was slightly funny, and I’m partial to DeNiro, so I liked this. But while it was relaxing and fun, I’m not sure it was worth $10. Plus, it was too focused on the Jews. The crazy English director has a Hebrew “Chai” (life) tattoo on his neck that we constantly see, which was very annoying and distracting. Ditto for his whining about being descended from the Jewish shtetl in Europe. That’s not to mention the constant scenes of Israeli money man financing movies. Someone was too Jew-centric when they made this. I found that distracting.
But, hey, it features a bearded Bruce Willis (playing himself) wearing a yarmulke.
* RocknRolla: I used to think that Madonna was the complete bitch and nutcase in the now-crumbled Madonna-Guy Ritchie union. But after seeing this dumb, pointless waste of time he directed, I say they deserve each other.
While I couldn’t understand a lot of the indistinguishable cockneyed form of English that plagued this movie, I understood just fine what was going on. An English mobster is trying to get financing for a building from a Russian gangster, while in the meantime the Russian’s accountant and the English mobster’s thugs are in cahoots to steal the money. Meanwhile, the English mobster’s rock star son fakes his death and has the Russian’s missing painting.
Not funny, hard to understand their jumbled speaking, and just a waste of your money. I love gangster and mobster movies, but this ain’t no “The Departed”. Not even close.

* “Happy-Go-Lucky: It’s as if a third-grader wrote this stupid movie. It’s the moving picture definition of dumb. Two hours of a thirty-something loser teacher in England who constantly laughs and dresses like the Olsen Twins and takes driving lessons. The end. Like a bad reality show. Don’t waste your time or money.

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I have no plans to see Zack and Miri for three reasons: one, it’s directed by the extremely overrated Kevin Smith; two, it stars Seth Rogen of the disgustingly-unfunny Knocked Up fame and, three, it’s directed by Smith.
Roger Ebert was recently criticized for walking on a movie after only about eight minutes. Well, 15 minutes was all I could take of Clerks and Mallrats. And as for Knocked Up, I was repulsed by it after barely five minutes. The deleted scene of a guy wondering why Brokeback Mountain didn’t feature graphic gay sex scenes made me want to throw up in my mouth.
My hope is that this movie does so poorly that Smith will become the next Woody Allen–a man who only occasionally (preferably at all) makes films because fewer and fewer people wish venture into a bad investment to finance it.

richardzowie on October 31, 2008 at 5:39 pm

So it was Kevin Smith behind this trash. Here in baltimore our stupid daily free paper the “b” was ‘spamoting’ (it means promoting something while spaming it) this flim like it was something a child needed to see.
USA network even showed a preview of this sick trash. And Kevin Smith is proud to be a marajuana smoker, which is why he and his skinny-bitch jay played superheroes of those drugs.
Unfortently most people my generation look up to Kevin Smith like he’s holier.

Squirrel3D on October 31, 2008 at 9:12 pm

Much to the amusement of my friends, I have been railing for over a decade about movies that go on and on and on. It seems to me that any movie that goes past 2 hours is because the director has a massive ego, Clint Eastwood (I cannot believe he is considered to be a Hollywood icon) is one of the most overrated actors, directors out there. The last film I saw of his (the 2 Iwo Jima movies) sucked big time (“Letters From Iwo Jima was particularly awful). Russell Baker once wrote “How come very film now a days goes beyond 2 hours while one of the greatest films ever made “Paths of Glory” (1957) was only 87 minutes long?”
He also wrote “No movie should run longer then the capacity of a normal persons bladder.”

Ripper on October 31, 2008 at 11:39 pm

Debbie, I agree with your first hunch that Madonna was the complete bitch and nutcase in her marriage with GR. It’s come out that even the Kabbalah people she bankrolled couldn’t stand her and preferred GR. I think GR was along for the ride. BTW I don’t get what A-Rod sees in her, but putting her kid in a Yankees jersey was about the lowest blow of 2008.

Anonymous1 on November 3, 2008 at 12:30 am

The forced imprisonment of Angelia Jolie’s innocent character in the movie “The Changeling” plus the indignities she had to endure at the hands of those who were supposed to uphold the law was heartbreaking and reminded me of the forced imprisonment of “enemy combatants” who are not given their right to habeas corpus – see
We must not be lulled into believing that just because we are not “terrorists” there is no chance we or a loved one will also be denied our right to habeas corpus – for the violation of the people’s constitutional rights (and not just habeas corpus) by the government is a hallmark of socialist or communist regimes. We are already governed by socialists and socialism will be even more pervasive in the years to come. For those who see nothing wrong with socialism or who choose to ignore the fact that it is being practiced right at this moment, it must be remembered that socialism represents the transitional stage between capitalism and communism.
Needless to say, both McCain and Obama are socialists – read
– and now more than ever it is time to send a signal to the elitist Establishment that WE THE PEOPLE are not going to let the government take away our God-given and constitutional rights and freedoms. We cannot let the philosophy of Vladimir Lenin – founder of the totalitarian Soviet Union – rule America: “Power without limit, resting directly upon force, restrained by no laws, absolutely unrestrained by rules.” NOW is the time cast a PROTEST VOTE by NOT voting for either McCain or Obama. Instead vote for third-party candidates for all levels of government offices.
The presidential candidate who would obey the Constitution without exceptions would be Chuck Baldwin – click on

ramjordan on November 3, 2008 at 4:59 am

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