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Terrorism Trumps Party: 2 Dems I’ll Vote 4, Others I Support; Obama Rout May Be Buh-Bye Hezbo Joe, Etc.

By Debbie Schlussel
Tomorrow, I’ll of course be voting for John McCain and Republican for Congress and State Representative, etc.
But I’m confidently voting for two Democrats–Brenda Lawrence and Jane Boudreau in the historically Republican County of Oakland, tomorrow. I wish I could vote for Democrat Gary Peters for Congress against Hezbollah Joe a/k/a Congressman Joe Knollenberg, too, but live just south of his district. I also wish I could vote for Democrat Vicki Barnett for State Representative against Paul Welday, a Hezbollah Joe acolyte with ties to Iran.
I wish I could vote Republican in my county for these positions, but the Republicans have given me no choice. They’ve provided big government RINOs with pan-Islamist ties, instead of good conservatives who cut government and stand firm against Islamic extremism and crime.


Brooks Patterson in Dubai with Dubai Mayor, Anti-Israel Hezbollah Activist Ahmed Chebbani & Medicaid Defrauders Ismael Ahmed and Hassan Jaber


The most important issue for me is the terrorist threat to America. And in these races, that choice on that is clear:
* Vote Brenda Lawrence, NOT L. Brooks Patterson

I’m voting for Brenda Lawrence

(Shown w/ my Former Teacher, County Commissioner Eric Coleman)

First, there is “Brooks” Patterson, against whom I’ll proudly cast my vote tomorrow.
For years, Oakland County has been dominated by an alcoholic, RINO (Republican in Name Only) anti-Semite and racist by the name of Brooks Patterson. His real name is Larry Patterson, but that isn’t as pretentious, and he’s all about pretension. Oh, and did I mention that this liberal, Patterson, who supports gay rights and affirmative action calls conservatives, “the Taliban wing of the Republican Party”? That’s opposed to his anti-Semitic, Democratic wing of the Republican Party.
And he ought to know about the Taliban, because he accepted a free, luxury trip (he stayed at the swanky Burj Al-Arab hotel) to Dubai from the Taliban’s Dubaian patrons. He traveled to Dubai along with and at the invitation of open Hezbollah supporter Nasser Beydoun–who calls Hezbollah terrorists that murdered our Marines, “martyrs” and “freedom fighters”. Beydoun also heads a “charity” which sends hundreds of thousands of dollars to Hezbollah-dominated South Lebanon, where his father has a mansion. The charity is tied to Hezbollah financier and fugitive Talal Chahine. Beydoun cheered when a speaker at a Hezbollah rally called the Jews “diseased”.
Also accompanying Larry, er . . . “Brooks” Patterson on the trip was Ismael Ahmed, then head of ACCESS, the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services, and the man who now heads ACCESS. ACCESS had already been in the news for being raided by the FBI for Medicaid fraud–for bringing pregnant alien Muslims to Detroit to have their babies here and for providing them with phony social security numbers so they could get Medicaid coverage, in addition to U.S. citizenship for their kids. ACCESS was also well known to be an advocate for Muslim illegal aliens and a siphon of taxpayer funds for entitlements for these illegal Muslims.
Those are Larry’s, um . . . “Brooks'” friends. And FYI, the purpose of the trip was to change U.S. policy in the Middle East. You know what that means.
Then, there’s what L. Brooks Patterson is doing here in suburban Detroit.
As a career politician, Brooks Patterson has grown my county’s government by leaps and bounds and raised its taxes and spending geometrically. Big government is his middle name, racism and bigotry is his game. Patterson has alternated his career back and forth between racism against Black people and white people. He began his career campaigning against “Eight Mile”, which was well-known code for Black people, as Eight Mile road (of Eminem movie fame) is the divider between Detroit and suburbia and at the time, between Blacks and Whites. And he made all kinds of even more clearly racist statements.
But then Patterson saw many Blacks moving here and he decided to play the reverse race card. He took over the Oakland County Republican Party and mandated that all scholarship essay contests be exclusive to Black kids. If you were a White Republican and needed extra money for college, fuhgedaboutit. He also befriended and repeatedly defended until almost the very end, Hizzoner Detroit Mayor Kwame Malik Kilpatrick.
Now Patterson, desperate to keep his job in a risky election, is back to his anti-Black racism. He’s running an ad, showing his Black female opponent in a Gold Leather blazer. The implied message: You know those Black people–they dress gaudy, and we can’t have that. They can’t be trusted.
But Brooks has shown it’s him that can’t be trusted. He’s been a habitual drunk who’s driven drunk on the job and cost taxpayers money because of it. After a liquid lunch, Mr. Tomatohead (his face is constantly bloated and red) drove his county-owned Cadillac onto train tracks in the middle of a field, causing $4,000 in damage, which taxpayers–not him–paid. Then, there was his last drunk-driving incident, where cops–not HIM–got punished for chauffeuring him home instead of arresting him. The sloshed Patterson could have had them fired. (When he was Oakland County Prosecutor he was tough on drunk drivers like the one he sees in his mirror.)
Then, there are the various anti-Semitic statements Brooks Patterson has made both to my face and behind my back since I met him when I was a Republican activist in junior high. When I attended Republican conventions in Michigan, he regularly made comments about the “kikes” and “those Jews”. Then, when I ran for the Michigan House, he had the gall to tell friends of mine that I’m an anti-Semite. Next, the Pope will be telling people I’m Catholic.
The thing is, Brenda Lawrence has a good shot to beat Patterson, who is really no different than her on taxes and spending. She, however, is not an anti-Semite or racist. While Patterson was reaching out to Muslim immigration defrauders outside of his county and far away in the Arab Gulf, Brenda Lawrence reached out to the White and Orthodox Jewish population in her majority Black City of Southfield, putting members of both of those groups on her slate.
Yes, she’s a tax-and-spend liberal who supported a $36 million millage for a giant new library. But he’s a tax-and-spend-liberal, too. In Brooks’ case, though, he’s an anti-Semitic, racist, anti-conservative (“Taliban Wing of the Republican Party”) 69-year-old fraud who has spent too much time in government and on the taxpayer dole. Time for him to be put out to pasture, where he can drink, curse the Jews and Blacks to his heart’s content, and spend his own money, not yours.
Since I was old enough to vote, I’ve always voted for whatever Democrat ran against Brooks Patterson. But none of them ever had a chance. Now, with Obama’s likely tidal wave in Michigan, one does. And I hope she wins. She’s getting my vote.
* Vote Jane Boudreau, NOT Mike Bouchard
Then, there is Patterson crony and fellow career government salary collector, Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard. Like Patterson, he also hangs with the Muslim illegal alien enablers at ACCESS, to whom he’s “outreached” many times and whose annual fundraising banquets he’s repeatedly attended. Why would a Sheriff in another county patronize an enterprise in a different county that repeatedly commits crimes and enables illegal alien Medicaid defrauders? Would your Sheriff pander to an agency that got raided by the FBI for committing federal crimes? Only if he’s corrupt.
The Company He Keeps . . .


GOP Sheriff Mike Bouchard w/anti-Semite Imam Hassan Qazwini; Qazwini w/ Hezbo Buddy Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah

Or only if he defines “returning to his Arab roots” as being a water-carrier for the Muslims who would kill his Christian ancestors if they were back in the old country. Bouchard is a Christian Arab of Lebanese descent. I generally like them. But some, like Bouchard, have chosen to become water carriers for extremist Muslims here. Sadly, Bouchard is one of those.
But, wait, there’s more. Bouchard attended the annual banquet of the openly anti-Semitic, openly pro-Hezbollah/HAMAS Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan. He took a photo with his new good friend, Imam Hassan Qazwini–a friend of Hezbollah spiritual leader Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, the man who issued the fatwah to murder our Marines in Beirut. Qazwini is a well-known anti-Semite and anti-Israel figure. He is openly pro-HAMAS and pro-Hezbollah and has written explicitly in the Detroit newspapers expressing these various opinions. In 1998, I wrote in the Detroit News about how his mosque hosted Louis Farrakhan and how Qazwini cheered his anti-Semitic rantings and calls for jihads against America’s Jews and Christians.
And that’s not to mention Bouchard’s close association with “Kid Rock”, ie., Bob Ritchie, who repeatedly glorifies his former drug-dealing days and federally-imprisoned drug kingpin and mass-murderer “White Boy Rick” (after whom he modeled his persona). He enlisted Ritchie to campaign for him in his failed U.S. Senate bid.
You can tell a lot about a Sheriff by the company he keeps.
That’s why I’m voting for Democrat Jane Boudreau for Sheriff. I’ve had enough. And this is the year that a Democrat–and a real law and order cop–can beat Bouchard.
* Vote Gary Peters over Hezbollah Joe a/k/a Joe Knollenberg
I can’t vote for him because, again, I don’t live in his district, but I believe (and hope) that, tomorrow, Gary Peters will beat Hezbollah’s (and the rest of the jihadists’) biggest financial enabler in Congress.
As I’ve repeatedly noted on this site over the years, Hezbollah Joe a/k/a Republican Congressman Joe Knollenberg sought $268 million in USAID money for Hezbollah in South Lebanon. He got and sent them $86 million, which went to finance rocket attacks–and who knows what else?–on Israel. His then-Chief of Staff Paul Welday (see his race for State Rep., below) admitted to me that while they pretended the money was going “to rebuild (Hezbollah) infrastucture in South Lebanon destroyed by the Israelis”, they were not going to follow the money and it likely would go to Hezbollah’s coffers for terrorist activity, training, and weaponry. Hezbollah Joe sought the money at the instruction of Arab American Institute chief James Zogby, an open anti-Semite, hater of Israel, and supporter of Hezbollah and HAMAS.
And Hezbollah Joe was handsomely rewarded for sending your taxes to a major terrorist group. Hezbollah’s American agent, Nijad Fares and his friends gave Hezbollah Joe thousands–both individually and through their pan-Hezbollah Political Action Committee. Knollenberg also received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Hezbollah agent and open supporter Ali Jawad, a convicted insurance fraud perpetrator.
But, wait, there’s more.
Joe Knollenberg sought and obtained a federal budget earmark of about $1.2 million for the anti-Israel, Islamist Arab American National Museum. It, no doubt, went to fund myriad anti-Israel exhibits at this house of propaganda, like a video claiming Israel murdered 500 in Jenin (when less than 25 died, and most of them not even from the Israelis).
And Hezbollah Joe sought and obtained nearly $700,000 in the federal budget for “Seeds of Peace”, the moral equivalency camp founded by Yasser Arafat’s fave biographer. When a Wall Street Journal reporter visited, he watched as counselors refused to intervene as Muslim campers told Jewish campers that the Holocaust never happened. Several Palestinian Muslim “graduates” of Seeds of Peace have become homicide bombers and terrorists. Another grad, Adam Shapiro founded International Solidarity Movement, considered a terrorist group, which gave shelter to two British homicide bombers the night before they blew up an Israeli bar and which also hid Islamic Jihad terrorists.
Yes, Gary Peters is a tax-and-spend liberal. But he is not a Hezbollah- and jihadist propaganda-financier with millions of your tax money, the way Hezbollah Joe is.
Time for him to go. Vote for Gary Peters if you live in his district.
Read all about Hezbollah Joe.
* Vote Vicki Barnett, NOT Paul Welday
I’m urging all my friends and readers who live in Farmington and Farmington Hills to vote for Democrat Vicki Barnett over Republican hack and fat lobbyist Paul Welday. I’ve known the sleazebag Paul Welday for many years and this CAIR-supporter cannot be trusted.
As I noted, Welday was Hezbollah Joe’s Chief of Staff when the two of them orchestrated the deal to send $86 million of your tax money to Hezbollah. I’ve also written about how Welday appeared at a CAIR event and praised them as the most “committed-to-democracy” group he’s ever seen. At the same meeting he made the moral equivocation between Yasser Arafat’s homicide bombings and other terrorism and the Israelis. That’s not to mention that he’s a paid lobbyist for an Iranian group that took our Americans hostage for 444 days in Iran in 1979-1981.
Oh, and don’t forget the ACCESS Medicaid fraud I told you about above. Welday’s brother, Doug, is Chief Financial Officer of Oakwood Hospital–where most of the Medicaid fraud is occurring with the full knowledge of Doug Welday and other hospital administrators who’ve enabled the fraud. They make big money from this, courtesy of you–the American taxpayer. Paul Welday sat on the selection committee for U.S. Attorney and selected now-Judge Stephen Murphy III who repaid Welday by refusing to prosecute Welday’s brother and hospital for the Muslim Medicaid scam, which is ongoing.
Read all about Paul Welday. Read even more on Paul Welday.

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See, that’s the trouble when you are honest & vote according to the law. You can only vote for people in your district. On the other hand, if you joined ACORN, you could vote for everyone you wanted, as many times as you wanted.

c f on November 3, 2008 at 2:56 pm

Debbie, if those were my choices, I’d be voting with my feet.

Anonymous1 on November 3, 2008 at 4:39 pm

I think I need to go to the doctor now. I mean Dr. Kevorkian. What the heck is going on with these idiots–I can’t believe I’m going to vote for some of these democrats–but I agree with your points Debbie. And for the record, Brooks is not my buddy!!

BB on November 3, 2008 at 10:39 pm

If elections are today and these things are going on and if the Barry gets elected are we not doomed, only Muslims change there names to hide of what characters they are. How can the system and the people in America be so out of control and out of knowledge of these kind of acts against this United States.

Know57 on November 4, 2008 at 10:57 am

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