November 5, 2008, - 3:23 pm

To Clarify: The Jews Did Not Elect Obama; 63 Milln-Plus Americans Did; Many Jews Lament Obama Win

By Debbie Schlussel
A small minority of people–actually one reader–was upset that I wrote the article I wrote yesterday on the majority of Jews who voted for Barack Obama–Jews who are mostly not religious Jews and who are mostly very liberal (Orthodox Jews are conservative and voted mostly for McCain). The reader felt that it makes the Jews look bad, blames them for the Obama win, etc. In this day of increased anti-Semitism–in which I was called a “Jewish elitist” for some of my comments about Sarah Palin–I can certainly understand that trepidation.
I wrote the piece to expose the liberal Jews in Detroit who espouse extremist Muslims and help our enemies. I have no other forum in which to do so, as the Jewish newspaper in town is in bed with them and espouses the same absurdity. Exposing them on my well-read and popular site gets word out efficiently and effectively. And I wanted to give a voice to my many frustrated fellow co-religionists who, like me, are frightened by Barack Obama’s past and his future. I want you, the many gentiles who read my site, to know that many of us Jews do not approve of this crap pulled by our unelected, unrepresentative set of “leaders”.


That said, I want to be clear about something: Don’t blame the Obama win on America’s Jews. While exit polls claim that 78% of Jews voted for Obama–and I think that’s low, and probably some Jews lied to the exit pollsters–22% did not. We voted for McCain.
As American Jews, we make up only 5.2 million of the 300 million residents of America. As such, we are less than 2% of the country. And though we have a higher percentage of voter turnout than any other ethnic group, we are not the ones who elected Obama. 63,042,806 Americans voted for Obama, and Jews made up a tiny fraction of that. Since Obama got almost 8 million more votes than McCain, even if every Jew in America (and not all of us are over 18 and eligible to vote), it still wouldn’t have put him over the top.
We do not control elections or their outcomes, much less anything else. As someone who is not wealthy by any stretch, I am still waiting for my supposed share of the international banking system, Hollywood, and the liberal media.
And while I understand the Jewish reader’s trepidation, I believe that most of my readers are philo-Semitic and probably more pro-Israel than most Jews. I understand that conservatives and religious Christians are on my side for the most part. Yes, there are a few “paleo-conservatives” of the Pat Buchanan clan who never liked Jews or Israel, and there are others who claim to be pro-Israel, like Sean Vannity, yet are friends with Neo-Nazis like Hal Turner and constantly promote Pat Buchanan’s pro-Hitler book. But most of you, I know, don’t blame the election on my ethno-religious group. You blame it on a bad campaign, a bad candidate, a non-conservative President and party for the last eight years, and a confluence of events beyond our control–ie., the increasing mass stupidity and dumbing down of the American people, the mortgage crisis, the stock market crisis, etc.
Carl in Jerusalem, one of the many stalwart Jews for McCain, notes a great bumper sticker about how many of us Jews feel. Joe Gelman of Neocon Express blames the incompetent Republican Jewish Coalition, a group of which I’ve also been very critical.
Still, I want you to read a few of the many e-mails I’ve received from Jewish McCain voters from all over America, and one in Israel.
From My Friend, Karen:

I am so depressed, watching the election results and reading this email. The world is full of fucking idiots and they happen to be Jews. I am terrified for this country — for us, and for Israel.
The Pied Piper, Svengali, Robin Hood and Emperor Without Clothes has them mesmerized into imbeciles.

Reader Charles:

Dear Debbie:
As another Orthodox Jew I am extremely depressed on the thought of 4 years of this anti-semite serving as President. I can’t believe so many so-called Jews supported him. They would vote for Adolf if he was on the Democratic ticket. These were not real Jews. They are the liberal Jews who infest the West Side of New York. The people I learn with in Yeshiva [Jewish academy of Torah/Bible learning] all supported McCain. In my Young Israel crowd there were very few who supported, and I can hardly use the word that Rush [Limbaugh] uses, “the messiah.” . . .
What a depressing evening.
My G’dson is Brett Joshpe who is an up and coming conservative. Maybe you’ve seen his columns and recent book “Why You’re Wrong About The Right?” He asked me last week what the Jews in Germany did when Hitler came to power. I told him the Reform [Reform Jews] crowd thought they were OK since they were German. The monied people left, and the poor were left to die.

Reader Adina:

I must tell you that from my birds eye view in Israel, having just moved here this summer, I must say that the news of Obama’s election is eliciting true fright. The leaders here veer dangerously leftward, but the average Jew knows the score.
Not only are people living in the US in danger, but Israel is now truly alone in its fight against the Islamists, and in particular the Iranian Hitler. We will need to strike pre-emptively,and soon.This is what I am hearing from my many contacts
We can all thank leftwing Jews who championed, shielded and now elected him, and most especially George Soros for bankrolling his machine. I hate to admit this, but even after witnessing the Holocaust, most Jews are incapable of self preservation. They worship the God of multiculturalism, and are more frightened of being branded racist, than of making rational decisions.
If people truly want to understand this Jewish dementia a good place to start is by reading Dr Kenneth Levin’s trenchant book, “The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege” [DS: An EXCELLENT Book!]. A real eye opener, you might want to review it on your site, and discuss its important implications. Our lives might very well depend on it.

Reader Rob, a Medical Doctor:

Dear Debbie
I love your BLOG. You tell the truth.
I am Jewish and proud of it. I am at odds with my entire family now.
I especially liked your piece, “When Your Doctor is a Muslim: Medical Terrorism Comes to America.”
I am a doctor. I treat Muslims, Jews, Whites, Blacks, and at times have even treated people with big tattoos of swastikas. Treating patients with swastika tattoos sickens me, but I use my position as a Jewish doctor to give people the chance to not hate me and not hate Jews. It has worked with White supremacists. I have been told that I was the coolest and best doctor and made it clear to guys with swastikas tattooed on them that I was indeed Jewish. That when you get a tattoo like that you never know when you will be at the mercy of a Jewish doctor. I have had guys tell me they were going to have their Swastika tattoo removed after dealing with me.
Debbie, my heart is crying. When will we as Americans learn? When we as Jews learn? I have a few Jewish patients. I was talking to one a little before election day about Sarah Palin a great American and a supporter of Judeo-Christian culture as well as a supporter of Israel. There is a small beacon of hope for America, Judeo-Christian culture, and Israel itself. And that is all he can say.
I am tired. People are so ignorant. Only a few see what is really happening. I admire your candor. Your braveness and the truth you tell.
See you in the Obama re-education camps. Jews seem to think we may somehow deserve the violence perpetrated against us.
Sincerely and Shalom

Yesterday, you read reader Scott’s letter, and here’s his follow-up today:

I thought you might like to know that I read your whole article on the Jewish Women’s Federation at my Torah study class tonight, and a lively discussion ensued.
We were not watching election results, so it was good and positive time spent.
We have lost this election, and I have to say that I am rattled to the core.
I feel like I do not know America anymore – and I had so much faith in the people of this country!
I sing “G-d Bless America” to my ten-month-old daughter when I put her to sleep. I love this country. But what is to become of it – of us?
Hoping that somehow we may be able to find some silver lining, some light in this mess.
Thank you for all that you have done.
Blessing and success in all your endeavors,

My Friend Dan:

Oy vey, this is drek.
What do you think is going to be?
We true conservatives will be back in two years and in four years! Hopefully the country will still be viable. Keep the faith.

These are just a few of many, many e-mails I’ve gotten from American Jews who voted for John McCain.
There are many of us–over one in every five of us, nearly one in every four Jews, voted for John McCain.
Let’s hope that number increases in four years . . . or rather, in two.

22 Responses

I am as secular Jew as can be (eat traife, have dated gentile girls) yet I am fervently pro Israel and contributed money and voted for McCain (although I am not a fan of his). Living in Manhattan I am effectively disenfranchised and when I was in line yesterday morning I sensed that I was the only one voting for the GOP yet that gave me a sense of pride and dare I say, virtue.

Ripper on November 5, 2008 at 4:52 pm

Speaking of paleocons I checked out the Buchanan magazine The American Conservative and they had all their writers endorse someone for POTUS. Scott McConnell who used to write some of the best editorials in the NY Post years ago (and has since gone over to the Buchanan side now, very anti Semitic, anti Israel) endorsed Obama. In 2004 he endorsed Kerry. To Scott, Stop calling yourself a conservative, you are no more a conservative then the deranged Andrew Sullivan

Ripper on November 5, 2008 at 5:01 pm

White Americans elected a former member (20 years) of the racist hatred filled Church of G-D America White Hater Wright. This would be like African Americans, Jews & Catholics voting for a twenty year veteran of the Ku Klux Klan, who resigned from the KKK to run for President of the United States. It is what it is and Americans will pay the price for their ignorance and bad judgment. The Obamanation has already announced that a second term is needed to complete their mission of madness. Someone tell me how a Freshman Senator with no executive experience, who by his own admission, follows the lead of his wife, is any more qualified to be President than Sarah Palin? (She is definitely not qualified and neither is Obama)

ParaLyzer on November 5, 2008 at 5:09 pm

America has made its choice. Israeli voters next year must remove their leftist government from power. The Jewish State faces perilous times ahead. We all pray for its welfare, security and survival.

NormanF on November 5, 2008 at 5:24 pm

It’s pretty obvious that if any group is going to be ‘blamed’ or assigned responsiblity for electing Obama, it would be African-Americans. A five-year-old can figure that out. To a lesser extent, Hispanics. Both groups are more numerous than Jews by far.
Obama’s election will hasten the Europeanization of this country, but more disturbing than that to me is the lack (possibly excluding Palin) of any prominent Republicans who can provide leadership to contest the growing socialism in this country. I really don’t see this leftism changing short of epochal events of the type that obliterated communism in Eastern Europe.
Unfortunately anti-Semitism is alive and well. Ironically though, the Obama supporters for the most part will be as down on Jews as the paleo-conservatives are.

c f on November 5, 2008 at 5:41 pm

All we can do is ride it out, and vote in different people next time. I voted for mccain, even though I am secular, but I jsut could not trust a guy who seems to have such weird friends-a man who preaches hate, a man who stands on our flag, etc.. but mccain rana bad campaign, and he lost. next time will hopefully be better

mindy1 on November 5, 2008 at 7:11 pm

As feared and expected, the loony lefties elected Obama and gave the Dems a majority in Congress. [Whoo-ee, there’s gonna be some serious fire and brimstone in my dad’s sermon this Sunday! 😉 ]
Let’s just hope we don’t wind up like England. That country has gone mad since the liberal party took power. It’s absolutely Orwellian over there.
And Israel had better get its act together; I don’t expect an Obama government is going to be of much help. Hopefully they can’t do too much damage in two years.

mplumb on November 5, 2008 at 7:20 pm

Debbie, I agree that you are a credit to humanity, a pillar of Jewish virtue, and cute as a button. I wouldn’t like you any more if you cured cancer. The silver lining here is that Obama knows the Jews all voted for him and gave him a ****load of money. He’ll be positioning himself for 2012, and won’t do anything to alienate the Jews before then. BTW, I got a notice from my new Block Captain to report to the train station downtown with an unwrapped bar of soap. Gotta go.

Anonymous1 on November 5, 2008 at 7:32 pm

[It’s pretty obvious that if any group is going to be ‘blamed’ or assigned responsiblity for electing Obama, it would be African-Americans.
Posted by: c f at November 5, 2008 05:41 PM]
Maybe we should kick the sh*t out of white male evangelicals for giving us 8 yrs. of Bush?

Norman Blitzer on November 5, 2008 at 7:40 pm

I think a higher percentage of people who don’t associate with Reform of Conservative Judaism (although my family was Orthodox and most voted Democrat until last election and this one to be fair) voted for McCain but I don’t thinik much of Orthodox Judaism and most are not conservative other then being pro Israel which I give them credit for that but otherwise most religious Jews support socialism (certainlly the Rabbi’s do sad to say.) McCain was not really a conservative and some just like Palin because she is a feminist. THe way I have been treated I can’t say anything nice about Orthodox Rabbi’s and the kind of congregants that attend congregations. Some who associate themselves with Orthodoxy but don’t go to Synogague very often (which I think I’m in that class) voted for McCain but I dont think Orthodoxy Judaism deserves a pat on the back for that as they had little to do with it.
Palin isn’t for socialism. SHe supports title IX and full equality between the genders and day care paid for by the gov’t. If that isn’t socialism I don’t what is.

adam6275 on November 5, 2008 at 9:05 pm

I think frankly that any group that gives consistently over 90% of its vote to one party no matter who the candidate is, is a group that is politically immature. The fact that blacks made their greatest rise into the middle class under Ronald Reagan yet even today vote almost as a tribe for the Democratic Party shows that they have no political sophistication whatsoever. I am sorry to say that and if some want to call me a racist then call me a racist, that is just the way I think. The black community (notice I refuse to use the term African-American) would be doing itself a huge favor if they were not automatic Democrats and most hard core Democrats I suspect are racist to the core and it shows when any black dares leave the plantation (see Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele).

Ripper on November 5, 2008 at 9:29 pm

I was depressed last night and still am.
I’m an Indian on a work visa and I pay my taxes. I tried my bit to help McCain get more votes, by persuading my “confused” immigrant American citizen co-workers that Obama wasn’t even a choice.
What was very upsetting was that naturalized American citizens of Indian origin were voting for Obama by the thousands – I don’t know if even one of those I knew voted for McCain. And their main excuse – they were Indians and thereby Democrat by default! Their other excuse was that Obama was colored guy and it was an honor for all colored people if Obama became next president!!
WOW — what kind of geniuses come out of India, grab citizenships of other countries (usually by fraud) and then screw up that country with their cheap and narrow way of thinking!! No wonder India is so backward with asses like this who place race and color before their brains, if they have any.
I was pro-McCain mainly because he is an American who risked his life for America. A veteran always gets my support. There are a few things things I disliked about him, including the fact that he pandered to the illegal aliens. Nevertheless he would have made a *much better* choice that Obama bin Laden. Obama is out to destroy America. We don’t need his friend Osama from some cave in Pakistan/Afghanistan – one Obama is enough to bring this great country down.
And this smooth talker has got active support from retarded naturalized American citizens who got their citizenship by memorizing a ready-made CD containing interview questions! Can it be any worse than this?
God save America!

anonymous twit on November 5, 2008 at 9:54 pm

Norman Blitzer:
Asswipe, why didn’t you go out with your Hezbollah friends to the gay bar? You shouldn’t be lowering the average IQ of this site visitors with your posts.

anonymous twit on November 5, 2008 at 9:56 pm

Many Jews,most of whom probably fit into the category of white, middle class people did not vote in their own self interest, which is always a big mistake. ( If you don’t take care of yourself, who is going to?) They fell for liberal bullshit, and fell into the same guilt trap many of the rest of white people fell into. The Russians are already doing a “ball check” of the US with todays speech and the announcement that Russia will install missiles near Poland. The Russian leader disrespected president elect Obama by not mentioning his name during the speech. He is calling him out. Just wait and see, all the Islamic countries and terrorists, the communists and who knows who else will be sensing weakness and coming after us, and after Israel. Hopefully, all this nonsense won’t result in a world war.

Ron Taylor on November 5, 2008 at 10:43 pm

I am still in shock over the election results, but I am seeing things that I never thought I would see from people that have eyes that can see and a brain that works. I saw a video you have likely seen ( ) that shows an excited Obama supporter that believes her gas bill and mortgage are going to be paid for her going forward and all her worries are over. What have they been promising these people? But stranger than that, I read that 37 missiles fell on Israel that were fired from the Gaza strip to celebrate the Obama victory. Well after that, I thought I had seen it all then I read this article on Haaretz,
and I wonder if these people aren’t all on crack or something…
I am thinking that plywood and body armour will be the best investment choices for the next 4 years! God save us from the idiots!!

Mewize on November 5, 2008 at 10:59 pm

[I am sorry to say that and if some want to call me a racist then call me a racist, that is just the way I think.
Posted by: Ripper]
Some? Who isn’t going to call you a racist? You’re a racist to the core. I pity you, fool.
[Asswipe, why didn’t you go out with your Hezbollah friends to the gay bar? You shouldn’t be lowering the average IQ of this site visitors with your posts.
Posted by: anonymous twit]
Hardly. The average IQ before I got here was below 20. That means you are an idiot!

Norman Blitzer on November 5, 2008 at 11:00 pm

In order for the conservatives to win again they must force COBRAMA’s hand. Today the stock market tanked almost 500 points because he will have Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff. Another Chicago Crony. COBRAMA is showing he will use his power swiftly and ruthlessly. Understand this man was an investment manager before he got into politics. He is a very vindictive individual who will use his iron fist against capitalists. He knows Wall Street and Wall Street is scared. Will this help the economy? NO. COBRAMA proposes to raise the Capital Gain Tax from 15 to 20 percent that is a 33% tax increase. Wall Street knows he wants more. He wants to punish the higher earners from 36% to 40% which 11% tax increase. COBRAMA will run one trillion dollar deficits for his proposed programs. He never mentioned a balanced budget. Just more borrowing from Red China. COBRAMA has the media and this wasnt even reported, “just fears of a recession”. Now if it went up 500 points, dont you think the media would being saying Wall Street is ecstatic about COBRAMA?
COBRAMA has a huge blind spot and that is illegal immigration. He must deliver to the ethno-centric groups on his promises of amnesty. Now if Republicans fillibuster this issue, which I cant see, COBRAMA is doomed. Unfortunately, Lindsey Graham and McCain are for amnesty. So 20 million and counting will receive amnesty. What could occur to force COBRAMA’s hand? If states enact legislation or initiate referendums against illegal immigration. Framed precisely this will galvanize Reagan Dems back in the fold. Many Reagan Dems voted for COBRAMA because they have been hurt the most in this economy. This issue cost Bush and McCain dearly because it cost them supporters and could cripple COBRAMA especially if economy gets worse and more layoffs happen because his anti-business policies. Out of place workers will notice illegal aliens have jobs and they are out of work. Americans fundamentally know illegal immigration is wrong and must be dealt with.
Now liberals will say Republicans are using wedge issues. When liberals say this, they are whining. Whining, because we have a winning issue. So they want us to stop. Whenever a Liberal say you are using divisive issues like Gay Marriage, off shore drilling or Terrorism to divide. Screw them. It forces voters to make tough decisions. Usually those decisions fall in line with the conservatives. Hell no full speed ahead. Wedge issues get Republicans elected. The failure of McCain to go after J.Wright and Tony Rezko cost him the presidency. The failure to limit his finances by sticking to McCain-Feingold cost him the presidency. With more money, J.Wright would have blanketed the airwaves.

californiascreaming on November 5, 2008 at 11:15 pm

Debbie…Obama won by vote fraud…PERIOD! Vote fraud aided and abetted by Bush, McCain, the entire RINO establishment and the democrat apparatus.
In order to see this, all you do is look at the popular vote differance…currently approx 7M in Obama’s favor.
If you deduct an estimated 9M-10M from Obama for vote fraud factor, McCain is way over the top.
Where does the 9M-10M vote fraud factor come from?
Keep in mind, we have an estimated 20M illegals from the past 20 years plus some number which were studidly given “legal status” by Reagan.
The election “riggers” (acorn, DNC, etc) have been working feverishly for the past 20 years at least to create an apparatus for registering and voting these people in multiple precincts in many cases and thereby destroy the integrity of our voting system. They have succeeded. Just look at the numbers. The combined numbers of illegals and the mindless democrat base, the lunatic left have sufficient numbers to overwhelm the honest, law-abiding citizens of the country. Anyone telling you Obama was “democratically” elected is a lyer. What do you suppose Obama’s “community organizing” in Chicago for decades was all about.
Then we had Bush(s), McCain and Clinton all contributing with their “open borders”. The name of the game has been “SCREW AMERICA!!”
Americans may very well be at the point where they will never again win a presidential election unless we WAKE UP, clean OUT the illegals and every rotten, corrupt political elitist and restore integrity to our voting system.
PS…I couldn’t figure out why you were devoting so much energy to “sand bagging” Sarah Palin…the only republican candidate to reach the national level in 20 years that actually represents the American people…JEEZ!!

joesixpack31 on November 6, 2008 at 1:30 am

I think you Deb are being less than honest with us. The liberal Jews put in a superb extra effort on this one, with a lot of money and time invested. You also should be honest enough to note who the real American hating editorial writers are.
Israel is completely pogued, and AIPAC might as well shut their offices. The Jews who voted for Obama, for the most part, seem to want to see Israel gone, as a key part of their political program. Obama seems to like what he hears from Israel’s enemies.
Israel always had a lot of support from American fundies, but that may be gone with the show of hatred heaped on them by the liberal media.

taffy on November 6, 2008 at 8:03 am

I am a Jewish voter who loves America & Israel, realistic about B.Hussein O. and, of course, voted for McCain. People like me – brought up secular but more similar in my views to Orthodox -can feel isolated. In my geo area most Reform/Conservative synagogues are leftist more than Jewish. I am terrified by our new Hitleresque leader. Although I am well-read on Holocaust – now grasping first hand the behaviors of Jewish community under threat. I appreciate your frank & open descriptions of those who are deluded. Lets hope some will read your column and recognize themselves and overcome their inability to face reality when it is scarey and overcome their self-hatred. I love my people- flaws & all. Thank you again Debbie for your honesty & courage.

crazycatkids on November 6, 2008 at 8:20 am

At least one good positive I take from this coronation of stupidity…..I’m from Tennessee and we solidly voted for McCain.
In fact, we strengthened our Republicans in state government! Don’t forget, we even voted against our so called hometown guy Al Gore 8 years ago, too (Us in Tennessee know Gore is a sham Tennessean, he was raised in Washington, DC).
Oh, and Enema’s Revenge, you have always been an idiot and always will be. Anyone can see through your childish adding “KKK” to names act trying to provoke…hmmm, come to think of it, maybe you really are that stupid and it’s not an act.

Jeff_W on November 6, 2008 at 9:00 am

Although the reasons for Jews, mostly secular Jews, supporting the Democrat party and their candidates are complex, there is a simple way of describing it.
Judaism, the religion, is Messianic. Jewish believers expect a Messiah to come and redeem them. Unlike Christians, such Jews believe that no such Messiah has ever come.
Many Jews who became secularized and assimilated in Europe, Israel and the USA stopped believing in the rabbinic Jewish tradition, and had to seek an alternative way of looking at life. For many such Jews Marxian socialism provided an alternative they were comfortable with. Although no Messiah per se was promised, a new world transformed by idealistic leaders was a sufficient substitute for Judaism as to be acceptable to such assimilated Jews.
As for Obama, his personality cult offered the appearance (certainly not the reality) of a messianic figure. Obama was called a messiah (mockingly) by Rush Limbaugh, and (sincerely) by Louis Farrakhan.
According to the vote count, about three out of four American Jews bought the idea of Obama as a historically unique instrument of change, if not a full fledged messianic figure. One out of four did not buy it, and I, a secularized, assimilated Jew, am one of the latter group of Jews.

curiousyellow on November 6, 2008 at 9:09 pm

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