November 10, 2008, - 1:56 pm

Whatever Happened to “ICE, The Movie”?: Movie that Defames ICE Agents, Deleted Muslim Honor Killing Scene, Shelved Again

By Debbie Schlussel
As readers know, I’ve been following the case of “Crossing Over“, which I call “ICE, The Movie.”
It’s the propaganda film that incorrectly portrays the way Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) treats illegal aliens. In real life, ICE bends over backward–and forward–for them, contrary to the cold, harsh way their enforcement of immigration laws is portrayed.


Harrison Ford is ICE Special Agent Max Brogan in “Crossing Over”

Both the movie studio–Miramax–and the writer/director–Wayne Kramer–sent me threatening letters from lawyers, letters which didn’t silence me from writing about and exposing their about their awful celluloid screed that has yet to reach actual theater screens, and about Kramer’s own apparent case of immigration fraud.
Well, as I previously told you, the latest date the movie was supposed to come out was October 24th. Then, it was December. And now, it’s been shelved to an undetermined date in 2009–two years after it was supposed to propagandize American moviegoers. Don’t be surprised if it goes straight to video, far better than this piece of pure fiction deserves. The movie has no poster or trailer, a sure sign the studio knows it’s dreck.
As I’ve noted, I read and have a copy of the original script . . . the version before the politically correct Weinstein Brothers a/k/a Miramax–in response to whining from Muslim activists–dumped a scene in which a Muslim ICE agent and his brother honor kill their sister for sleeping with a Hispanic man. Read the entire honor killing scene they dumped.
The rest of the movie is a sob story over Muslim illegal aliens (and other illegals), what good people they are, and how mean we are for deporting them over anti-American sentiment, as if that ever happened. PUH-LEEZE. DHS and ICE officials kowtow to these American-hating Muslims–they fete them. They don’t deport them.
This long, boring movie–starring Harrison Ford as Special Agent Max Brogan, a divorced, and somewhat unsympathetic ICE agent–also tells what is apparently the real story of writer/director Wayne Kramer, a South African Jew, who apparently lied and used false pretenses to get to America and ultimately gain citizenship. He’s using the movie to defame other Jews, because as everyone knows, our biggest immigration problems are not the Muslims who come here to commit terrorism, or the gazillions of Hispanics who roam our borders illegally every day, it’s those lying, deceitful JOOOOOOOS. Right?
The movie also has a few brief scenes with Sean Penn as a Customs and Border Protection agent, working the Southern California border.
Now that Obama has been elected, and Democrats will push through illegal alien amnesty to keep themselves in power, I guess this movie–yet to be released–has already served its purpose.

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Classic case of truth imitating fiction…The agency is suffering the same fate as the movie.

ParaLyzer on November 10, 2008 at 9:00 pm

One expects better from Harrison Ford. Sean Penn, on the other hand, is on my honorary blacklisted actors roll. If these yahoo’s are in a movie, I wait for cable. Easy and painless. There is a lot of ‘waiting for cable’ these days.

iowavette on November 11, 2008 at 3:57 pm

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