November 19, 2008, - 9:27 am

In Nod to Barack & Blackie O, “America’s Designer” Not Proud to Be American Last 8 Years

By Debbie Schlussel
Is “America’s Designer”, Ralph Lauren, going to return the profits from all of his U.S. sales for the last eight years? You might wanna think twice the next time you’re thinking of buying a Ralph Lauren/Polo shirt or suit. Or even Lauren’s new lower-priced line, “Old Glory”.
Lauren (whose real name is Ralph Lifshitz, but “Polo by Ralph Lifshitz” doesn’t exactly portray the image he’s pimping)–who made billions from American consumers by wrapping his clothes in the American flag and our sense of patriotism–isn’t exactly patriotic.
Lauren told USA Today that–like President-Elect Obama’s wife, Michelle Hussein Obama a/k/a “Blackie O” (shorter version of “the Black Jackie O”)–he wasn’t proud to be an American for the last eight years (see sidebar column–“I Lived What Obama’s Talking About”). And, of course, he’s pimping himself to be the new designer outfitter of Blackie O’s White House haute couture:


Fake Cowboy Ralph Lifshitz Lauren:

Pimps Out America for Obama & Blackie O

The country of the past eight years is “not the America I want to be a part of,” Lauren says, although it’s “still my country,” he’s quick to point out. He has hope in Obama. “I’m very excited. I think he’s going to be effective. I have confidence in him. He will equalize America.” . . .
Lauren says he’d be thrilled to outfit the new first family.

We know that, like Hollywood, most designers are uber-liberals. But you’d think that–in the interest of good business–a designer wouldn’t exactly trash the biggest market for his clothing, the market that made him wealthy beyond his wildest dreams after a humble beginning as a Lifshitz of Brooklyn.
I didn’t see Ralph Lauren returning the gazillions he made from American consumers over the past eight years–the citizens of that country he didn’t want to be a part of. I didn’t see him giving up the Hamptons mansion and swanky digs in suburban New York for a hovel in Pakistan over the last eight years. He seemed pretty happy to cash his checks here over the last eight years–ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching.
I didn’t see Lauren/Lifshitz stop his selling of the American image of sporty rugged individualism over the last eight years of his not wanting to be a part of it. I didn’t see him say for the last eight years: I’m taking a time out because I’m no longer proud of the American dream and aspirations for upward mobility that I’m selling.
I have a lot of Ralph Lauren Polo clothing left over from the ’80s. It’s classic and timeless–never going out of style. My junior high classmate and friend, Adam Helfman, and I used to only wear Polo in 8th and 9th grades at Hillel Day School. We wore this stuff because we thought it embodied all that’s great about America–the rugged outdoors and the great west of American history; and the clothing that we two Jewish Americans wore to symbolize that, unlike anywhere else in the world, in America, we, too, could achieve the status of those to whom the manor were born.
In college, I wrote a term paper about the America and patriotism Ralph Lauren was selling, the same America and patriotism I thought made him a success. Apparently, the patriotism was phony, and the America–well, he didn’t exactly believe in it.
Apparently, Ralph Lauren doesn’t actually buy into the dreams he was selling to middle class America through his designer duds. At least he didn’t for the last eight years. Which means I don’t buy what he’s selling for the next 8 . . . or 80.
Don’t be shocked if, after throwing the last eight years of America under the bus, he’s suddenly the designer of one of Blackie O’s inaugural gowns or outfits.
Like I said before, there is so much throwing of people and country under the bus by those associated with Barack Obama, pretty soon they’ll need to replace the buses with monster trucks. Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

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what an airhead and a f*kcwit at the same time.
Really makes you wonder…

sheik yer'mami on November 19, 2008 at 10:19 am

Hey Debbie, why not file against the Mich SOS ?
I am forwarding this to you because the Georgia SOS Office is not doing its job.
Obamaƫs birth certificate as the core Constitutional dilemma. Rather, that even if Obama was born in Hawaii, he was born to a Kenyan national father ( a British Citizen) and is therefore not eligible to be President due to having dual loyalties at birth and split jurisdiction at the time of his birth.
Therefore Secretary of State Handle , assumed that all those who sere submitted for the ballot were qualified, was handled by the DNC. ? See reply from Rhonda Brown SOS Election office below.
The Secretary’s oath of office to uphold the US Constitution thereby creating a minimum standard of review based upon the “natural born citizen” requirement of Article 2, Section 1, and that the Supremacy clause of the Constitution would demand those requirements be resolved prior to the election.
Secretary of State Office of Georgia just assumed the candidates were eligible taking no further action to actually verify that they were, in fact, eligible to the office of President.
No SOS has checked the credentials, How about it ?

Johnny V on November 19, 2008 at 1:20 pm

Is the ‘Blackie O’ moniker your pen? That was CLASSIC. I haven’t stopped laughing. Spot on.

Red Satellites on November 19, 2008 at 1:28 pm

What a timely post, thank you Debbie. I was on my way out to do some shopping today. So glad I read this post beforehand. I was actually planning on picking up a few Ralph Lauren and Polo shirts for my husband and grown sons as Christmas gifts. I shall not bother. I’ll look elsewhere. Maybe by a designer who hasn’t EVER been ashamed of being an American. I am ashamed I bought anything by Ralph Lauren for the past 8 years, or ever for that matter. I think it’s time to start boycotting these individuals and companies that insult “always proud to be American” consumers.

Blanco on November 19, 2008 at 2:02 pm

I stopped buying Lauren some time back. The quality is uneven as is the sizing, slacks are way too short and the prices too high. I found another line that was actually made in the U. S. A. but which went out of business naturally. It was pricey but really good, classic stuff. I’m back hunting for another similar line that won’t break the bank. Right now I’m buying Luben which is made in Canada, almost the U. S., with moderate pricing on classic suits out of a crepey fabric. There used to be a thriving apparel segment in Canada manufacturing really nice stuff. Don’t know if it still exists.

iowavette on November 20, 2008 at 5:08 pm

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