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The Farrakhan Spaceship Lands in Motown: Media, Self-Anointed Jewish “Leaders” RE-Legitimize a Loon

**** UPDATE, 02/25/07: More on Farrakhan’s Looney Motown Adventure– ****
As you’ve probably read or heard by now, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan a/k/a Louis X a/k/a Louis Eugene Walcott a/k/a that loony man who had a “vision of being swept into a UFO that took him to a larger mothership” that told him to have the Million Man March, is making what is likely his last appearance ever in a weekend-long event, beginning today in Detroit.
Those of us in Detroit have known about this speech for several months now, bombarded by billboards, radio and latenight TV ads, and tons of gushing Mainstream Media press that barely mentions what this racist, bigoted nutcase is really about.

Extremist Love Gaze: Louis Farrakhan and

Frankly, I didn’t think Minister Farrakhan would be around long enough to give this speech, as the last time I wrote about him he sent a good-bye note around. But the previous time he had cancer, an “Evil Zionist” doctor brought him back from the near-dead, and I’m sure the same thing happened again, so that he could grace us with his wicked presence just one more time. Read the when he told us he was going.
I, myself, went undercover to a Detroit area mosque in 1998 to hear Farrakhan speak–the very first time I went undercover to an Islamic event. I wrote about it in The Detroit Newsistan, which was then not Islamist-occupied territory (as it most certainly is now).
I wrote about his absurd speech, praising Muammar Ghadaffi and Saddam Hussein. I wrote about his vehement anti-Semitism and his call for a violent Jihad on America to cleanse it of the Jews, whom he called “the forces of Satan.” And scariest of all–but not the least bit surprising–I wrote about how the top Muslim leaders in the Detroit area and the 2,000 mostly Arab Muslims in the mosque cheered his calls for Jihad and his anti-Semitic slurs. For the first time in my life, I understood what it must have been like in Nazi Germany at a Hitler rally. This was the closest thing to it. Here is an excerpt of what it was like:

It’s not easy to forget that cold day in November 1998, when I heard Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan speak to about 2,000 Muslims–mostly Arabs–at the Islamic Center of America (North America’s largest mosque). (I wrote about it in The Detroit Newsistan and mentioned it in the Wall Street Journal.)
It was no different than any other Hitler rally. They eagerly drank up his shrieking, ranting, and raving about the “forces of Satan, the Zionists.” They joined him in his shouting about how we evil Zionist Jews control the government–the figure he used was that 48% of government jobs were occupied by these Satanic Jews. He called for a jihad on America, saying America needed to be frightened this way to “waken up.” He said a number of other equally absurd and dangerous things, including, “Saddam Hussein–his people seem to love him,” to this group of thousands of Jew-hating Shi’ites who fled Hussein, who didn’t object to this misstatement because they shared in his wish for the elimination of Jews and Christians from America.

But I don’t fault Farrakhan for his views or the mainstream American Muslim community for supporting him and those views. That is what they truly believe. I blame the press for mainstreaming him, and self-anointed far left Jewish community leaders who admonish his comments but continue to kiss the asses of all those Detroit area Muslim leaders and imams who support him.
Both have relegitimized Farrakhan–once shunted off to the fringe, but now more mainstreamed than ever–by glossing over his supporters’ support for him and by positively portraying him as some modern day pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps success story and moral authority, when he is the Black David Duke who rips off his idiotic, hateful followers.
Both Detroit papers gush over him with a teeny-tiny afterthought mention of his “alleged” or “what some believe is” anti-semitism. Would they say David Duke is “allegedly” anti-Semitic or that some merely “believe he is” anti-Semitic, and publish glowing front-page stories on Duke? Of course, not. Both Detroit papers are worried about who will replace Farrakhan. One wonders if today they’d worry about who would replace Hitler. And by the way, I addressed that issue many months ago, .
All of the Detroit media quote Michigan Anti-Defamation League Director Betsy Kellman against Farrakhan. But she regularly kisses the asses of all Muslim leaders and imams who support Farrakhan. So do other self-anointed Jewish leaders. They constantly kowtow to Michigan CAIR Director Dawud Walid, who was an imam at one of Farrakhan’s Detroit mosques.
These are the same self-anointed American Jewish “leaders” that also looked the other way while Nazis cooked the Jews for sport. But put a manger scene in a town hall somewhere in podunk America around Christmas time, and they’re already at the courthouse with their lawyers.
These are the people that are the problem, NOT Farrakhan. He’d still be just a fringe loon, had they not legitimized him and his legitimizers.
Read what I wrote about .
Read more quick and interesting facts about Louis Farrakhan here.
More on Farrakhan , , , , and .

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I wonder if Calypso Louie serenaded the Congregation of Savages with one of his classics from his calypso-singing days. Maybe he and Harry Belafonte could do a duet of the “Banana Boat Song”.
Imagine what the stench must’ve been like in that place after that confab broke up. It’s probably like that Seinfeld episode where the valet who had B.O. parked Jerry’s car and everyone who sat in it afterward reeked of the same B.O. smell and couldn’t get rid of it.

Thee_Bruno on February 23, 2007 at 4:08 pm

I’ve been paying closer attention to liberal and leftwing media. Yesterday part-time CNN talking head Rachel Maddow mentioned Farrakhan’s upcoming speech on her Air America radio show. She mentioned it in passing, without offering any details, saying he had an “inflammatory background” and that “lately he has seemed to take a softer tone.” That’s all, folks.
If Farrakhan’s speech is among the “other items of interest” segment of her show, she was operating under the assumption that either a) her listeners already understand what their interest is or b) don’t know and don’t deserve to know; and she has no obligation to inform them.
Way different news coverage from this site.

Jeremiah on February 23, 2007 at 4:15 pm

i recently saw Spike Lee say in an interview that the Nation of Islam put the hit on Malcolm X, a well known fact that has seldom been voiced, and the man behind that hit was a then Louis X, now Farrakhan.
Of course, many of you consider Malcolm the first Islamofascist or whatever it is you call the new sub-untermensch, ANY Muslim on the planet fits into that category as far as you Reich-wingers are concerned.
Mohammed Ali, like Malcolm, had long since renounced the Nation of Islam, and i feel that if Malcolm had lived to see some of the atrocities committed in the name of Allah, he would have been that moderate Muslim everyone is looking for to speak out against this unholy jihad.
But all the good Muslims are silent, like the good Germans who let Hitler run wild…and can you blame them?
All you need to do is Google up anything relating to Israel and the first four pages are all about the “poor” Palestinians and the mean old Israelis trying to wipe them out…WTF???
About a hundred years ago Dostoevsky reavealed the unwritten commandment that everyone seems able to follow—Love thy neighbours but HATE the Jews.
UNTIL the world can get past that, there’s little hope for peace of any kind. Now if Farrakhan decided to announce he’s becoming a Hare Krishna, then MAYBE everyone can get pass all this silly religous and nationalistic crap.

EminemsRevenge on February 23, 2007 at 4:39 pm

I appreciate your efforts and stop by from time to time to see what news you’ve turned up in relation to Islam, far left drivel, etc.
This is Off-topic on this post. But I have a question. Why didn’t you go after Bill Maher’s appearance and subsequent Bush Bashing on Jay Leno?
O’Reilly is a populist no doubt, but you decided to attack him for going on Oprah trying to get the word out about child molestors, instead of Bill Maher, who wildly attacks our President and all conservatives, Jew and Christian?
Here’s Maher’s drivel…
Maher pointed out how MSNBC’s Ôø?Joe Scarborough did a whole week of panel discussions on whether he was an idiot.Ôø? Maher elaborated: Ôø?The people who were defending him were saying, ‘well, he’s just inarticulate.’ But inarticulate doesn’t explain foreign policy. I mean, it’s not that complicated. The man is a rube. He is a dolt. He is a yokel on the world stage. He is a Gilligan who cannot find his ass with two hands. He is a vain half-wit who interrupts one incoherent sentence with another incoherent sentence.Ôø?
“Maher appeared as a guest to plug his weekly Friday night HBO show, Real Time with Bill Maher, which returned last week to the pay-cable channel. On his program the Friday before the 2006 election, Maher warned his viewers that if they vote Republican then Ôø?you vote to enable George Bush to keep ruling as an emperor — a retarded child emperor, but an emperor.Ôø?
I noticed you went into the Lion’s Den on CutNruN recently to talk about our nation’s founding upon Judeo-Christian values. If you can appear on the worst lefty news channel in this nation, why can’t O’Reily appear on Oprah? Yes, you’re right, he’s selling books. Still, he’s not Maher, he’s not ripping our President and soldiers apart, and he continues to show good news about our troops, whereas we get little to zero on other stations.
Of the choices this week to be critical of someone, I’d say Bill Maher is the gutless wonderboy of our time looking to make grandiose statements and shower himself with kudos from the peanut gallery. Talk about pandering and positioning. He did it in the friendly confines of Burbank, CA.
Between Maher and Stewart, there’s enuf Court Jestor mocking and scoffing weekly to hurl darts at and be on target.
I’ll never forget when Stewart attended some function on evolution at the Smithsonian and blirted out some inane blather about Conservative Christians believing it was bad to eat oysters and clams because the Bible told them not to.
I guess he missed the part where his ancestors wrote the Torah? How lost can one be? He’s so lost in politial ideology he strikes out at one group, not realizing his own history.
Not to mention, how healthy is it to eat filters? That’s all oysters are, filters of the sea. I guess now Stewart will have to attack you for eating Kosher?
Well, enuf of court jestors, just thought I’d ask or point out, there are bigger clams that fight against us and while O’Reilly is pompous and makes mistakes, he’s not the real problem. And when he does make mistakes, he can usually be pointed in the right direction given time. Maher and Stewart?
I think they’re forever lost. Could be wrong, hope so, but it ain’t lookin good.
Stewart and Maher filter out the truth and serve up a rabid dish of dirty sarcasm every night to our nation. They deal in half-truths, omission of facts, which to me is the same as telling lies.
Sorry if I went to long-winded on the subject here. But it bothers me how much Maher and Stewart get away with, whereas O’Reilly is no where near there lowbrow humor.

Yeshooroon on February 24, 2007 at 12:38 am

And how many people ever heard of, or REMEMBERED the story in the above link???!!!
For Valentine’s Day 1965 the Nation of Islam TRIED to Tali Hatuel Malcolm X’s family…THOSE of US who considered him a potential prophet will NEVER FORGET *that* potential Shoah…just as we never forgot Brother Nat Hentoff…the JEW friend of the family!!!!!!

EminemsRevenge on February 24, 2007 at 3:49 pm

Please say more about any Nat Hentoff connection or relationship to the NOI.

Jeremiah on February 24, 2007 at 5:55 pm

Was Ellison the NOI spokesman at the time of the 1998 event about which you wrote? If he was, no doubt he said something either at the speech or in the press. Interesting to see if anyone can dig something up.
BTW: The left must now dress up the NOI, in part because that is the organization which birthed Ellison, America’s favorite Muslim, and in part because Muslims are now to the left what those poor Amazon rainforest peoples were in the 1990’s.

sonomaca on February 24, 2007 at 6:06 pm

You can find all you’d ever want to know about Keith Ellison/Hakim/X Ellison/Ellison-Muhammad here: http://www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Articles/000/000/012/764obcsx.asp

IndependentConservative on February 24, 2007 at 11:53 pm

Houdini,allavuhshulim(RIP) last stop was Detroit;hopefully the tradition continues for dis
scumbag Farrakhan.

jaywilton on February 25, 2007 at 7:04 pm

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