November 25, 2008, - 10:05 am

Mixed Feelings on This: Arab NYPD Cop Accesses Terror Watch List in Custody Case

By Debbie Schlussel
This isn’t the first time an Arabic cop illegally accessed the Terror Watch List to help out one of his buddies. And it won’t be the last. But in this case, I have mixed feelings. Clearly, this Arab cop (who may or may not be Muslim–the name indicates the possibility that he isn’t) was using the Terror Watch List to help a friend, which is illegal.
On the other hand, the cop was clearly using the Terror Watch List to stop a suspected (and likely) Islamic terrorist in Canada from getting custody of a child in a divorce matter. And that’s not a bad thing. The Terror Watch List is strictly limited–limited far too much–regarding for what it can be used.


Guys Like This Probably Shouldn’t Get Child Custody

But I’d say it’s in the best interest of the West if divorced wives of a men with jihadist tendencies and likely involvement in terrorist activities are allowed to use this information to keep their ex-husbands from raising and training their kids in this same ideology. That assumes, however, that the ex-wife doesn’t have those
same views–a big assumption. And you know my view about non-Muslim women who marry Muslims and jihadists: they’re complete dummies in need of IQ assessments. On the other hand, I’d rather kids be raised as dummies by dummies than as Islamic terrorists by Islamic terrorists.
What do you think? Here’s the scoop:

A city police sergeant was arrested Thursday on charges of illegally accessing the FBI terrorist watch list to help a Canadian acquaintance win a child-custody dispute.
Sgt. Haytham Khalil, 34, of Brooklyn was released on $20,000 bail after a brief appearance before a federal magistrate judge in U.S. District Court in Manhattan. . . .
Khalil was charged with accessing a computer without authorization in December 2007 to obtain information from the FBI’s National Crime Information Center.
The charge stemmed from a probe that began in April, when a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer told the FBI legal attache in Ottawa that the Canadian force had discovered that a Canadian citizen had a document identifying an individual as being on a terrorist watch list.
The Canadian was identified in court papers only as “Individual 1.”
Investigators traced the document to a computer search that Khalil had made while borrowing the sign-on identification of an officer who was authorized to use the computer database in which the watch list could be found, authorities said.
Last month, the acquaintance of Khalil who received the terrorist watch list document told the FBI that Khalil obtained the information after learning of the custody dispute, according to a court complaint filed by the FBI.
The acquaintance then gave it to a lawyer to be used in the custody proceeding, the complaint said.
The charge of accessing a computer without authorization carries a potential sentence of a year in prison.

Again, what this officer did was illegal. But I’m not so sure it should be. It’s in our best interest to allow this information to be accessed in child custody cases and other matters in which a person’s involvement with terrorism has some very serious bearing.
Sadly, we’ll never change the Terror Watch List to allow this. We are too PC and way too worried about sullying some poor terrorist’s reputation so that he might not be able to raise his sons and daughters with like-minded extremism.
Before 9/11, for instance, we knew that some of the 9/11 hijackers were involved in terrorist activities, and they were under surveillance. Let’s say some dumb, ugly White American woman slept with Mohammed Atta–and more than one did–and she suddenly found herself in a custody fight with him.
While if I were judge in a case like that, I’d send the kid to a foster home or put him up for adoption, at the very least this woman should be able to use Atta’s status as a likely terrorist in her custody fight.
We don’t know the specifics of the Canadian case in question here. But I’d suspect it’s something sort of similar, though involving an Arabic woman as the spouse (given that she is probably a friend of the Arabic cop who snooped on the Terror Watch List).
What do you think?

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Perhaps GWB will grant one of his remaining pardons to Sgt. Khalil … in the meantime your comments regarding Atta causes some to wonder how Mohammed is making out with his 72 virgins?
Jimmy Lewis
SCS, Michigan

Jimmy on November 25, 2008 at 10:50 am

I agree that I think the children should be put in foster care and adopted by two loving parents. The mother is enabling a terrorist and I don’t think she deserves much sympathy any more then anyone else who enables a terrorist and marrying them and having children with them is really helping them. Also I do think women that marry strange men (and yes they do nobody forces them too) usually have a vicious hatred towards men which is why they usually are attracted to men that aren’t good people. Unless it could be proven that the woman really didn’t know and that she doesn’t have issue with men in general since children are more likely to be abused in a single mother home (like that is really going to happen as the US thinks fathers are unnecessary and most religious leaders of both the Jewish and Christian faith feel the same way).
I also wanteed to add here it is a little off topic but related to marrying someone that is bad news I don’t think that highly of Ram Emanuel’s father. I have met people who are big when it comes to Israel (or at least make a big show of that) but have serious issues realted to marriage and moral issues. I can’t belive that Ram’s father didn’t know what his mother was before they got married and he had no effect on her and while yeah she is more to blame then him I would think a good man that is pro Israel but decent overall could change a woman’s anti-war views when they see that, yes, war is not a good thing but sometimes it is the only solution sad to say and will lead to less deaths not more. I guess being in the military can warp a person but still I would think a man like this would not marry a woman that is an extreme liberal and we have to querstion WHY??

adam6275 on November 26, 2008 at 7:45 pm

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