February 25, 2007, - 12:56 pm

Same Old: Anti-American, Anti-White, Anti-Israel Spews by Sudan Dictator, Sharpton, Shabbaz @ Farrakhan-Fest

Predictably, there was more gushing Louis Farrakhan coverage in the last two days. (I on Friday.)
That included openly gay Charles Pugh, Anchor of the FOX News owned-and-operated FOX 2 News gushing over Farrakhan along with Louis X’s Detroit area chief. I guess Pugh conveniently forgot about how Farrakhan openly hates gays like him. Since Pugh apparently doesn’t care about Farrakhan’s bigotry against Jews and Whites, he could at least care about himself.
Then, there is the official announcement–Weird Al Sharpton is officially part of the Nation of Islam, as he delivered a speech calling for the unity of the group, saying “We” this and “We” that. His anti-White, anti-Semitic past certainly gives him NOI street cred.

Weird Al Sharpton: Race Merchant & Coke Dealer

Flaming anti-Semite Malik Shabbaz (also spelled, “Shabazz”) of the New Black Panther party was very open about how Islam is necessary to defeat White people:

Malik Zulu Shabbaz, with the New Black Panther Party, also praised Farrakhan at the forum, saying he was “God’s man in our midst.”
Shabbaz urged unity among blacks and Muslims to fight what he saw as white domination.
“Islam, right now as I see it on the world scene, is the most powerful antidote to white world supremacy
,” he said.

Racist Malik Shabazz of New Black Panther Party

Then, there was the Detroit Newsistan’s (and its resident Islamism apologist/fabricating “reporter” Gregg Krupa’s) deliberate omission of any coverage of Sudanese racist and Muslim (repetitive) Omar Al-Bashir’s speech, yesterday. At least resident Detroit Free Press Islamist, Niraj Warikoo, did the honors:

The President of Sudan told a cheering crowd of Muslims at the Nation of Islam’s convention in Detroit on Friday that his country is being unfairly targeted by Israel and Western countries “who do not respect the will and dignity of our nation.”
Speaking from Sudan, Omar al-Bashir addressed hundreds of Nation members and other Muslims in a video conference that Nation members said was broadcast live inside the African country.
“Colonial powers … want to come back” to Sudan, al-Bashir said through a translator to a crowd inside Cobo Center, the site of a three-day convention by the Nation, founded in Detroit and headed by Louis Farrakhan. There is an “American, Israeli, British alliance to dominate all the region.”
In recent years, al-Bashir and his government’s military forces have been criticized for allegedly killing people inside Sudan, allowing slavery, and providing a haven for terrorists. The U.S. State Dept. lists Sudan as a state sponsor of terrorism.
But al-Bashir said that “there is no ethnic cleansing at all” and “there isn’t any slavery in the Sudan.”
Speaking to a largely African-American audience, Al-Bashir also addressed the issue of race in his country. Some have said that Arabs with light skin are oppressing Africans in Sudan.
But the leader said “this is nothing but a lie,” because in Sudan, “we’re all Africans and we’re all black.”

Al-Bashir & Farrakhan: Perpetrating & Legitimizing Sudanese Arab Muslim Genocide of Black Christians

It figures he’d spew that. It’s the same BS Farrakhan, himself, has spewed for decades. Farrakhan has denied this evil genocide, looking the other way at the fact that over 2,000,000 Black Sudanese Christians have been murdered, also tortured and gang-raped. They were bought and sold for $35-$50, while he ignored the slaughter. Nauseating. And this is the most hailed Black leader in America, these days (other than Oprah–who also denied the Sudan problem and refused to cover it, until all the Christians were murdered).
The fact is, Muslim Arab leader Al-Bashir was a chief participant and sponsor of this murder of Black Christians in Sudan. Now, he’s going after Black Muslims (which is why all the lefties and celebs in America are suddenly concerned; Christians don’t count a whit to them).
And no biggie that Al-Bashir’s country is on the State Department Terrorist List or hosted Bin Laden for years. The clueless, lunatic NOI and Farrakhan buy into and help spread the propaganda. That there’s anti-Israel and anti-American sentiment thrown in, makes this group swallow the “medicine” that much more easily.

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Thanks Debbie for covering this – no one else does. It’s disgraceful that Sharpton has been elevated to respectable by the Democrats and the MSM. It kills me when he’s on O’Reilly or Glenn Beck. Being a native New Yorker I have personally seen Sharpton’s rise to power. I remember when he was leading marches with the New Alliance Party in support of Tawana Brawley. Or when he stirred racial tensions up by marching in Bensonhurst or Arthur Ave. Disgusting.
I read the jump to the Oprah Winfrey article. I had read about the Women to Women organization in (Time or Newsweek) and I joined the group. When the Lebannon-Israelli war began last year, W2W sent out a fundraiser asking for money for the Lebannonease children whose lives have been ruined by the Israellis. I instantly wrote the group and cancelled my sponsorship, which was a few months short of the 1 year committment they want.
Keep up the good work.

sandy on February 25, 2007 at 2:19 pm

Yes, excellent work!
What a hatefest! I am also a longtime New Yorker (who recently moved to Texas). I have called NY1 (the local all NYC news channel) “the Al Sharpton Network.” He’s always on, offering his seemingly invaluable opinions.
It would be great if Oprah could drop one of those “thinner thighs” segments and have Debbie Schlussel on for an hour, talking about all this. Has Ayaan Hirsi Ali still not been on her show? Or maybe Oprah thinks John Travolta will solve all the world’s problems?

barrypopik on February 25, 2007 at 3:01 pm

Thanks for the coverage: another Debbie Schlussel exclusive. The faster these newspapers go under, the better.
Oprah is a disgrace, and I hope Christian and Jewish women of good conscience don’t watch. The fact that she won’t interview Hirsi Ali is disgraceful. Why won’t she: got to maintain the whole RoP BS.
My question: we know that Grover Norquist is a Muslim (he pretty much admitted it when he said he won’t discuss his personal religious views: see Daniel Pipes’ website).
My question: Is Oprah a Muslim, too?

sonomaca on February 25, 2007 at 3:18 pm

If all goes well, Farrakkhan will soon be assuming room temperature. That will be cause for celebration. Am I allowed to say that?

lexi on February 25, 2007 at 7:19 pm

My question: Is Oprah a Muslim, too?
i hope she starts wearing that tent around,she will be so much better lookin

Patriot8 on February 25, 2007 at 11:10 pm

Farrakkhan is poison to black America.

Stealthkix on February 26, 2007 at 1:00 pm

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