December 22, 2011, - 3:29 pm

What to Wear: Clothing Co Dumps Anti-Israel Bitch From Art Contest

By Debbie Schlussel

When I was a little kid, I used to love wearing Izod Lacoste polo shirts, bearing the little alligator embroidered patch insignia.  Now, I know I had good taste and picked a company with principles.  Lacoste asked the Lacoste Elysee Prize–a photography contest it sponsors–to dump an anti-Israel Palestinian photographer, Larissa Sansour, and her anti-Israel “artwork” from the competition.  Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about the “principles” (or, rather, lack thereof) of Switzerland’s Musée de l’Elysée, which hosted the contest.  Because Lacoste got rid of the anti-Israel sharmutah, the Swiss museum canceled the competition, so a real artist/photographer won’t win.

Lacoste Says NO to Anti-Israel “Artist” Larissa Sansour

The thing is, you never hear such an uproar over art and photography contests throughout the Mid-East, from which Israeli artists (many of them anti-Israel and far-left themselves) are excluded because they are Israeli and they are Jewish. No one–no Swiss museum or anyone else–objects to this or shuts down a contest over it. Never. Why? Because there is a double standard, and Jews are considered subhuman and unworthy of protest. Palestinians, on the other hand, are always our precious, coddled victims, no matter what.

Larissa Sansour’s “artistry”–which is basically political hate-filled photo crap–includes a skyscraper nation of “Palestine” in which all the floors have names of “Palestinian” cities . . . except that many of those cities are Israeli cities, including Jerusalem.  Her other photos feature the Al-Aqsa mosque, illegally built on top of the holiest part of the Jewish Temple . . . the mosque which is the symbol of every single Islamic terrorist group that targets innocent Israeli civilians. Her “art” features pop culture-infused BS, showing faked Israeli soldiers pointing guns at a woman in a car, and pics of the fence the Israelis had to build so her people would stop blowing up innocent Israeli civilians.  The segment of the fence she shows is graffiti calling Israel “apartheid.”  Wow, that’s original.  Whatever will the art world do without her?  Oh, and she poses as a Palestinian astronaut being the first to land on the moon, placing the ugly Palestinian flag there.  As if . . . .  She claims this shows that a Palestinian State is a “giant leap for mankind.”  Uh-huh, if the leap is backward into an exploding pit.  Below are two dumb videos of her “art”.  Art or propagandistic BS?  It’s quite obvious it ain’t art.

(FYI, the blonde lesbionic woman in Sansour’s second “art” video, below, filmed in London, is Oreet Ashery, an anti-Israel “Jewish” Israeli bitch. Note how the video doesn’t mention that most Muslim countries forbade Jews to study Judaism or practice Jewish culture and that the thing about names of cities is a joke. The name of the city, for example, has been Jerusalem for thousands of years, and suddenly some backward moongod cult calls it “Al Quds?” 80% of Israel’s Jewish population are Jews from Arabic countries, and they ate falafel and other such food for thousands of years, not lox and bagels. It’s their food, our food, not the “Palestinians'” food.)

You have to wonder, though, if what Ms. Sansour says is true (that Lacoste knew she would be nominated and was involved in that process), why Lacoste allowed Sansour’s anti-Israel propaganda to be nominated for the competition in the first place. They already gave her more than $5,000 for making the “shortlist,” which appears to be a euphemism for “finalist.”  More:

The French clothing brand Lacoste has demanded that Jerusalem-born artist Larissa Sansour be removed from the shortlist of the Lacoste Elysée photography prize, because it regards the artist’s work “too pro-Palestinian.”

A prestigious competition, whose winner receives 25,000 euros (approximately $32,770) in cash, the Lacoste Elysée Prize is sponsored by Lacoste and awarded by Switzerland’s Musée de l’Elysée.

Sansour was among eight artists who received word in November that they’d been shortlisted for the 2011 prize. In December, Lacoste demanded that her nomination be revoked. Spokesmen stated the company refused to support Sansour’s work, which it labelled “too pro-Palestinian.” . . .

Like the other nominees, Sansour was awarded a bursary of 4,000 euros (approximately $5,240) and given carte blanche to produce a portfolio of images for the final adjudication.

In November 2011, Sansour said, three photos – sketches for her proposed “Nation Estate” project – were accepted, and the prize’s administrators congratulated the artist for her work and professionalism. Sansour’s name was included on all the literature relating to the prize and on the website as an official nominee.

Her name has since been removed from the prize’s website, and her project has been withdrawn from an impending issue of the contemporary art magazine “ArtReview,” which is set to announce the nominees.

The artist says she was asked to sign-off on a statement saying that she withdrew from her nomination “in order to pursue other opportunities.” She refused to do so. . . .

Her work oscillates from playful-looking works like “Bethlehem Bandolero” (in which she strides through her home town dressed as a cowboy, en route to a confrontation with Israel’s separation wall) and “Happy Days,” which also deploys mainstream pop culture forms, to open-up the spectator’s mind to Palestinian realities.

Sansour’s other work documents her family’s contest with the occupation regime surrounding Bethlehem. The best-known of these works is her 2006 video “Mloukhieh (Soup over Bethlehem),” which opens on the rooftop of the Sansour’s Bethlehem home, where the family’s gathered for meal of mloukhieh. As Sansour suggests, the dish is one component of a multi-faceted Palestinian identity that has been fragmented but not destroyed by Israeli occupation.

Hmmm . . . for someone so “occupied,” she appears to be clueless about who is occupying her. Bethlehem is run and ruled by the Palastinian Authority, NOT Israel. There is no “occupation” there, except by Abu Mazen a/k/a Holocaust denier and Munich Olympic Massacre terrorist paymaster Mahmoud Abbas. And it hardly sounds like being “oppressed” if you are freely allowed to create such political junk and get paid $5,000-plus to make more of it.

The new work shortlisted for the Lacoste l’Elysée Prize is entitled “Nation Estate.” . . . The photo series depicts a futuristic Palestinian state: a single skyscraper that houses all the Palestinian people.

Within this new Nation Estate, residents have recreated their lost cities on separate floors. “Jerusalem” is on the third floor, for instance, while “Ramallah” is on the fourth. Sansour’s hometown of Bethlehem is on the fifth floor. . . .

“Last week the director of the museum calls me and says that unfortunately a high ranking someone at Lacoste (nobody knows his name) demanded that I be taken off the list of nominees.

“The strange thing is that Lacoste was in on [the selection] process from the very beginning, so they were fully aware of my work when they nominated me.

“What seems to have struck them is the content of this new work [which] is inspired by the Palestinian bid [for official status at the United Nations.] That appears to have been too controversial for Lacoste.”

For its part, Lausanne’s Musée de l’Elysée has expressed its regret at Lacoste’s decision to censor Sansour’s work and has offered to exhibit “Nation Estate” in a context separate from the Lacoste-sponsored prize.

See, Europe bends over forward for Palestinian propagandists. This is just the latest one. I’m actually surprised Lacoste had the guts to finally step in and say no.

But, again, to assuage the Palestinian kalbeh [dog], they ruin the competition for everyone else.  In incredible irony, the Elysee Museum said it canceled the contest because

its decision reiterated its commitment the “fundamental value” of freedom of expression.

Hmmm . . . “freedom of expression?”  Have they ever been to Bethlehem or Ramallah?  Just ask Christian Palestinians–the few that are still left there–about that.  And tell me how much freedom of anything there is in the areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority and HAMAS.


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19 Responses

It looks like agit-prop posing as art. The Moon landing garbage is the most bizarre piece of all. You are dealing with a population that has trouble understanding why you don’t keep marrying your first cousin again and again.

Worry on December 22, 2011 at 3:47 pm

Hmmm…marrying your first cousin again and again….why don’t they do a show called “The Palestinian Hillbillies?”

Occam's Tool on December 22, 2011 at 4:56 pm

Both videos look like they were made with an iPhone video camera and a high school band for the audio.
(No offense Apple).
They were pointless and they sucked! This hag is supposed to be an artist? You have to wonder what they submitted for the competition if they considered this to be art. WOW! as they said in the second video, WOW.
Neither clip even rates a single Marx, even he would be shamed.
LaCoste was right to yank their endorsement.

BilboBaggins on December 22, 2011 at 5:45 pm

Buy Lacoste’s products and let them know you support their good corporate citizenship.

Too many companies pander only to the bottom line and are not willing to take a stand on principle.

Capitalism is more than about making a profit. It about looking out for elementary decency and treating the customer with respect.

That’s badly needed these days.

NormanF on December 22, 2011 at 8:54 pm

That was art? Gosh, the other pieces had to be submitted by rank amateurs for her to be “shortlisted”.

Palestinians will NEVER make it to the moon. They’ll prolly try to blow it up first anyway.

Shame on that hipster-doofus weirdo in the 2nd video. What the hell was that about anyway??? It made no sense and was beyond boring. ZZZZZZZZ.

Pathetic. Artists today are more self-involved than having artistic talent. I am so glad I never fell for their stupid whinging. The people roped into it are more annoying than they are!

Skunky on December 22, 2011 at 9:29 pm

To the morons in the second video who said this (3:06-3:17):

“(Q) So we are not allowed to study Palestinian culture? (A) We were not allowed to say Palestine and we had… (Q) Not Palestinian literature, the poetry, the arts? (A) None. We were not allowed to say the word Palestine.”

Here are some questions that I like to ask you morons.

Who are the Palestinians?

Where did they come from?

What is their language?

What is their culture?

What is their religion?

When was their nation of Palestine first established?

What’s this? No answers?

That’s what I thought. None of it exists. “Palestine”/”Palestinian” are nothing but anti-Israel propaganda BS. WAKE UP!

JeffE on December 22, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    Jeff, to answer a few of you’re questions about Palestine and Palestinian folks (I don’t have anything against Palestinian people):

    “Who are the Palestinians?”

    My response, I believe Palestinian folks are Jordanians and also South Lebanese folks!

    “Where did they come from”

    My response, I also believe they originally came from either Jordan or South Lebanon (I’ve also notice that Jordanian people and Palestinian people sorta look-a-like physically, with the same olive tan-brown skin color, just about the same skin complexion as myself)?

    “What is their language?”

    My response, their national tongue is arabic like just about all of the middle eastern states except for Israel!

    “What is their culture?”

    My response, I really can’t answer that, because I’m really not sure what culture Palestine and Palestinians share!

    “What is their religion?”

    My response, I believe their religion is islam (even though I really don’t consider islam a religion, more of a theological-cult)?

    “When was their nation of Palestine first established?”

    My response, I really don’t know, I believe their first established state was either Israel, Jordan, the West Bank or maybe South Lebanon?

    “A nation is defined by its borders, language & culture!”

    Sean R. on December 23, 2011 at 12:03 am

      Hi Sean R.,

      Thank you for making an honest attempt to answer my questions, bro. If you want to know more about the “Palestine” issue, you can click on this link for a quick summary:

      JeffE on December 23, 2011 at 10:50 am

If Oreet Ashery hates her own people so much, then she needs consider jumping off a tall building. Obviously, the shame of her heritage is too much to bear.

That Bleach Went to Her Brain on December 22, 2011 at 10:52 pm

So why did Lacoste nominate her in the first place? I don’t really care for her stuff, personally I can’t believe they couldn’t come up with a better artist.

So why did they pick her in the first place, then drop her?

petebone on December 23, 2011 at 12:46 am

    Why was Rima Fakih chosen as Miss America Pete Bone?

    Worry01 on December 23, 2011 at 8:11 am

      Not sure I follow…
      I can’t see Lacote trying to “make nice” with Palestine.
      I don’t see it as a publicity stunt.

      Th only thing that really make sense to me is they didn’t really look at her stuff until after she was nominated. Then someone said,”Yikes…umm no.” But even that seems sloppy for such a big company.

      petebone on December 23, 2011 at 10:34 am

Debbie – Just FYI, IIRC, the Al Aqsa mosgue is the structure built on the Southern portion of the Temple Mount, with a silver dome. The larger, gold dome is not actually a mosque, but a monument to the spot from which Islam claims Mohammed ascended to Heaven for his midnight flight (more, Hash, Mr. Mohammed?). The importance of this fact is that it is the Dome of the Rock is actually built over the site of the Temple itself. The foundation, it is believed, is the foundation of a third Temple. This temple was either completed or construction was begun by Bar Kochba during the second revolt against Rome. It’s dimensions exactly match the dimensions specified for the Third Temple in the Talmud. May we soon merit the opportunity to remove that gold atrocity and rebuild our Holy Temple. Happy Chanukah – the celebration of the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem!

Phil on December 23, 2011 at 9:45 am

Long Live Palestine

Mr right on December 24, 2011 at 1:48 pm

let us be serious here. The Jewish population in Palestine would have been much larger if most of the Jews did not convert to Christianity, and then most of those Christians converted to Islam. So in essence we are all related whether we admit to it or not. Who cares about the food when we are killing each other? Sad thing is the food will rot with nobody to cherish it.

Kelly on December 26, 2011 at 1:29 pm

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anon on December 26, 2011 at 5:10 pm

Hurray for La coste ,I too used to wear their little gator on my left chest,it was a sign of pride to me and now I am glad I did,I ll make sure I buy more of that good stuff.

Juan on January 23, 2012 at 8:45 am

Israel is a zionist terrorist country runs by murderers .. n your saying lacost is backing them up and u call it principle .. lol, actually thanks for writing that .. from this day i would never buy lacost again and am publishing this everywhere i know ..
dont get me wrong .. i know alot of jews, but real jews whos against the zionist state of israel .. much respect for those people ..

sam on February 8, 2012 at 12:17 pm

Debbie… The real bitch here is you. Thanks to you, you fucked up racist bitch I’m boycotting Lacoste.

Again… You’re an ugly sad bitch who leads a sad life. I pity you.

Peter Lim on October 25, 2012 at 11:03 pm

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