December 16, 2008, - 10:23 am

She’s BAAACK!: New Blackface Expert Consulting Firm For ICE Princess, Immigration Execs No-One Will Hire

By Debbie Schlussel
If you’re an agent with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, you probably already know about the latest absurd enterprise of airhead incompetent and tax money waster extraordinaire, Julie L. Myers.
Yes, she and one of the two other judges who gave an award to an employee dressed in Blackface–her pandering, former Chief of Staff Nick Smith–are now the heads of a company called Blackface Experts Solutions (the third judge of this contest, Theresa Bertucci, is the top ICE transition official). Well, actually, it’s called I & C Solutions. Oddly, there’s no truth in advertising, since the I and C don’t stand for Incompetence and Cronyism, which is the only thing at play in this couple’s “professional” life. Nope, it’s Immigration and Customs Solutions.



Julie L. Myers and Nicholas J. Smith: No Joke–Failed Blackface Experts Now Fashioning Themselves Immigration/Customs Experts

(Artwork, including Julie Myers Diet Coke, by David Lunde)

But would you hire these two idiots to consult your company? Only if you want bad publicity–at least, from me (I’ll publicize anyone I find out hires this Dumb & Dumber outfit) and complete and utter failure in complying with immigration and customs laws. They claim on their site that they have 25 years experience. Hilarious–experience in self-promotion and BS. That’s about it.
As a number of ICE agents have pointed out, normally someone who heads a government agency as prominent as ICE gets offers of cushy jobs in corporate America. I’m told that both Myers and Smith tried desperately to get someone to take them. But strangely, no-one wants to hire these two? Gee, I wonder why.
If you hire Immigration and Customs Solutions, you’re not only wasting your money (though not as profligately as this pair wasted tax money), but you will lose money in negative publicity and problems. The only thing they have to trade on is connections, but everyone at ICE, but for a tiny handful, hates them.
But that didn’t stop the easily-fooled Lou Dobbs from drooling and gushing over The Deposed ICE Princess on his show, last week, where she was on to defend her former Don Corleone-esque protector, Michael “Serpenthead” Chertoff, for hiring a company that uses illegal workers to clean his house (and failing miserably to check into it, while he asks the rest of America’s employers to do the work some Americans–he–won’t do).
Dobbs went on and on about how she deported so many illegal aliens (actually, it’s all smoke and mirrors, and many included people she had her men pick up as they left jail), and how she’s an expert. Actually, she knows very little, and that’s why–a videotaped speech of her speech to the Detroit Economic Club, earlier this year, showed her struggling to read what someone else wrote for her about what her then-agency does. And Dobbs failed to note that she mostly paraded herself for the cameras in front of show-raids on employers, while she allowed the real dangerous cases–student and visitor visa overstays–to fester and grow.
Oh, and she’s still pushing illegal alien amnesty via that code phrase, “comprehensive immigration reform.” The drooling Dobbs failed to call her on that. He sets his taste bar low.
Here’s the video of The ICE Princess and Dobbs–get a room, you two.

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Debbie, watching that video, I think JM may have a goiter. She should get that checked. BTW, Rabbi Yona Metzger in 2007 did lay down some restrictions on the use of fur.

Anonymous1 on December 16, 2008 at 11:52 am

Perhaps there’s a couple cushy jobs, available in Corporate Mexico, seeking a couple of Illegal aliens from the States, that Smith and Myers can fill.
Jimmy Lewis
SCS, Michigan

Jimmy on December 16, 2008 at 12:50 pm

I am big fan of Lou Dobbs and I was shocked about that whole hour. He jumped the shark. Since KING HUSSEIN COBRAMA has won the election he is getting more liberal. I think he wants to get on the COBRAMA train. For some better late than never. Hopefully he will come back to his senses. But eventually when he see COBRAMA campaigning for amnesty, hopefully he will be on full alert. He was a player in killing the McCain amnesty bill.
Not only did he have Myers on, he had Maxine Waters on right before that. He was in the tank with Waters about bailing out dumb ass sub-prime home owners who were stupid enough to believe their own delusions. Screw them, let them lose their houses and become renters. For the banks screw them for taking on debtors they had every indicator telling them these homeowners wouldn’t pay them back. Yes this economy needs a little deflation because of the false inflated property values. Every time I hear someone here in CA whining (while drinking their latte at Starbucks) about their value of their houses going down it makes me want to puke. CA the leader in inflated mortgages deserves a little “come down” from their inflated high.
By the way 58% of people who had loan modifications have RE-DEFAULTED!!!
Maybe a threesome with Maxine Waters?

californiascreaming on December 16, 2008 at 4:33 pm

No one will hire Julie Myers for her expertise. They will hire her for her access. Cut through bureaucratic red tape, cut through, and be able to violate at will (ironic since that is already done, but…) immigration laws and penalties. Cut corners, carve out exceptions to any enforcement window-dressing in the new law. Most ex-Government consultants in industry are pretty inept in really substantive matters, and when put on the spot in a public forum, they fail miserably. But that isn’t why their clients hire them. They do it for access.
Although I haven’t watched Lew Dobbs recently, it appears to be the same thing. Access, influence, apparantly tops principles. Look at all the former (and apparently current, although on an informal basis) speechwriters like Noonan, Frum, and the rest who are putting short-term political influence ahead of any principles they might have ever had.

c f on December 16, 2008 at 5:20 pm

Just to clarify, even if everyone in ICE hates them, I’m sure they have some friends in Congress. After all, Myers has done well by Congress, and she undoubtedly has & will have more friends in the Obama administration. These are the people who will call the shots. And I would not be a bit surprised if some of their clients turn out to be the same companies where she tried unsuccessfully to get employment.

c f on December 16, 2008 at 6:47 pm

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