December 22, 2008, - 2:28 pm

BREAKING: Mixed Verdict on Fort Dix Six (Five) (Ten) Islamic Terrorists–Guilty of Conspiracy, Acquitted of Attempted Murder

By Debbie Schlussel
Remember the Fort Dix Six (Five)(Ten), the Islamic terrorist illegal aliens who plotted to murder American soldiers at Fort Dix?
Jurors, today, reached a verdict in their trial, finding all five of them guilty of conspiracy to kill American soldiers, but acquitting all of them of attempted murder. That doesn’t make sense. If it meets the level of a conspiracy, then there is a conspiracy to do something, in this case to attempt to murder the soldiers. I suppose we should have afforded them the opportunity to shoot at soldiers, and then it would be “attempted murder”?


Fort Dix Six Terrorists Serdar Tatar and Dritan, Eljivir and Shain Duka

As I noted then, they got away with being here illegally because they lived in a sanctuary city, where authorities couldn’t inquire about their immigration status. As I also noted this was on the tape of their discussions of the plot:

On the videotape there is significant discussion of martyrdom. “Who is going to take care of my wife and kids?” one suspect asks on the tape, according to investigators. Another responds, “Allah will take care of your wife and kids.”

Now our government welfare system, food stamps, and Medicaid will probably take care of them. Alhamdillullah [Praise allah].
Why do I call it the “Fort Dix Six (Five) (Ten)”? Well, as I noted then, the feds say that ten Muslims total were involved in the plot, but they chose to only go after six of them. The other four are roaming America free and clear, unless ICE chose to deport them, a big if. The sixth of the six charged was only charged with gun offenses and pleaded guilty.
So, the bottom line is that only five of the ten men–half–who were in on this plot are going to go to jail. The other five are probably helping another group of Islamic thugs plan their next American targets. Whatta country!
The hero in all of this is Brian Morgenstern, the American Circuit City employee who alerted the feds when he saw their disturbing materials, which they wanted transferred from videotape to DVD. Sadly, he’s been vilified, then forgotten in all of this.


Brian Morgenstern: Alerted Authorities to Fort Dix Six Terrorists

Oh, and one other thing about this case: It puts the lie to the constant BS-claim that Muslims raised here in America with American culture would never hate Americans enough to commit terrorism. From a TIME Magazine profile of Mahmoud Omar, the Muslim illegaly alien informant in the case:

Dritan, Shain and Eljvir Duka are illegal immigrants from the former Yugoslavia, but they look and sound like Americans. They wear sports jerseys and speak with New York accents. The eldest, Dritan, arrived in the States when he was 5. He can’t remember living anyplace else. When they were small, the Duka brothers worked as models in New York City. Eljvir appeared in a rock-music video, Dritan was an extra in Law & Order, and Shain was in a commercial for the World Wrestling Federation.

Let’s hope the judge sentences the five convicted thugs to life in prison. Kudos to CBS and AP for calling the men what they are: Muslims.

Five Muslim immigrants were found guilty Monday of conspiring to massacre U.S. soldiers at Fort Dix in a case the government said demonstrated its post-Sept. 11 determination to stop terrorist attacks in the planning stages.
The men, who lived in and around Philadelphia for years, were charged with conspiring to kill military personnel and attempted murder; four also faced weapons charges. All were acquitted on the attempted murder charges, and some were convicted on the weapons charges.
The men face up to life in prison when they are sentenced in April.
The government said after the men’s arrest in 2007 that an attack was imminent and that the case underscored the dangers of terrorist plots hatched on U.S. soil. Although investigators said the men were inspired by Osama bin Laden, they were not accused of any ties to foreign terror groups. . . .
Faten Shnewer, the mother of suspect Mohamad Shnewer, said the informants should be sent to jail, not her son.
“They (the government informants) have to be in jail, not my son and his friends. It’s not right, it’s not justice,” she said moments after the verdict was read.
“They (the government) sent somebody to push him to say something; that’s it,” she said.

Hilarious. Tell it to the wind, honey.

Prosecutors said that the men bought several assault rifles supplied by the FBI and that they trekked to Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains to practice their shooting. The government also presented dozens of jihadist speeches and videos that the men supposedly used as inspiration.
Convicted were: Jordanian-born cab driver Mohamad Shnewer; Turkish-born convenience store clerk Serdar Tatar; and brothers Dritan, Eljvir and Shain Duka, ethnic Albanians from the former Yugoslavia, who had a roofing business.
A sixth man arrested and charged only with gun offenses pleaded guilty earlier. . . .
Prosecutors in the Fort Dix case said the group chose the Army post because one of the defendants was familiar with it. His father’s pizza shop delivered to the New Jersey base, which is 25 miles from Philadelphia and is used primarily to train reservists for duty in Iraq.
The group’s objective was to kill “as many American soldiers as possible,” according to prosecutors.
“I think they were in the last stage of planning,” then-U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie said at the time of their arrest. “They had training, they had maps, and I think they were very close to moving on this.” . . .
The investigation began after a clerk at a Circuit City store told the FBI that some customers had asked him to transfer onto DVD some video footage of them firing assault weapons and screaming about jihad.
The FBI asked two informants — both foreign-born men who entered the U.S. illegally and had criminal records — to befriend the suspects. Both informants were paid and were offered help obtaining legal resident status. . . .
The jury, which was sequestered, spent about 38 hours deliberating over the past six days.
Jurors didn’t want to speak to the media after the verdict was read, but had the judge read a statement on their behalf. It said, in part: “This has been one of the most difficult things that we have ever had to do.”

Absurd. This was easy and shouldn’t have taken them six days. That’s the problem with treating terrorists as criminals entitled to trials–they get wimpy, O.J.-style juries.
Glad this one–after 38 hours of “does this make my butt look fat?”-style deliberations–finally came to the right decision.

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Debbie – don’t worry. CBS and AP will soon enough scrub “Muslim” from their reports. There’s no such thing as Islamic terrorism and any one who does identify it is guilty of “Islamophobia.” I’m afraid you have just been banned – you would be already in Canada. Thank G-d you live in America!

NormanF on December 22, 2008 at 4:23 pm

As I’ve said before; do not patronize any muzlum-owned business in this country. If they can’t make a living, they will go back to the Third-World snake pits where they crawled out of. At worst, they will not bring their relatives over here, illegally, as most of them do.

Thee_Bruno on December 23, 2008 at 7:37 am

Why do we tolerate our elected, and/or appointed, officials failing to do their jobs? Illegals should be arrested for illegally entering this country! If we did that, we could at least stop them from making more illegals.
As cell mates for them, we could arrest these “officials” for malfeasance.
I’m starting to see how anarchy arises.

20232570 on December 23, 2008 at 9:12 am

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