February 26, 2007, - 12:55 pm

Well Past Time, But New TSA Screening of Airport Workers Restricted to Atlanta

For some odd reason, it has taken the TSA 5.5 years since 9/11 to start randomly searching airport workers, but it’s starting today.
Why did it take so long? Well, to do so right away would upset the illogical logic that is the dominant thought process at the TSA, Homeland Security, and every other giant federal bureaucracy pretending to protect us.
And in the vein of that illogical logic, the TSA random searches of airport employees are restricted to Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.
The TSA promises to expand the program to the nations other 450 airports. But don’t hold your breath. Given the glacial movement of TSA and its larger agency, DHS, it could be another 5.5 years and more attempted hijackings/dry runs (or who knows what else) until that happens.

The fact is, right after 9/11, the Detroit terror cell was discovered. And, conveniently, its members worked for SkyChef, with full access to planes and passengers at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. That we didn’t immediately take the hint and start the random searches then, is a big hint we’re as unsafe as we were before 9/11.
More evidence: While a Detroit terror cell member was out on bail, he went right back to the Detroit airport to work for Edie’s Ice Cream.

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