February 5, 2012, - 4:41 pm

Super Duper Super Bowl Waste: DHS/ICE Spend Millions Keeping You Safe From “Terrorist Threat” of T-Shirts

By Debbie Schlussel

Every year, I write about the tremendous amount of money wasted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)–the Department of Homeland Security’s largest agency–to spend Super Bowl week as the NFL copyright police.  And this Super Bowl weekend, this Super Duper Waste is happening again.  I’ve written about this repeatedly in the past (including here and here and here). ICE Michigan/Ohio Special Agent in Charge Brian Moskowitz a/k/a “Abu Moskowitz” even wasted tax dollars to make a special NFL ICE Super Bowl pin for the agents performing this important task of keeping us safe from the threat of t-shirts.)


Look, Mom, I’m Keeping America Safe Partying @ the Super Bowl!

As I’ve noted before, ICE agents are paid on your dime to roam the streets of Indianapolis as the private police force for the greedy gazillionaires who own NFL teams.  And, as I’ve also noted, they seize goods that are of questionable “copyright violation.”  T-shirts and sweatshirts bearing such First Amendment-protected phrases, as “New York Football,” “New England Football,” and “Indianapolis Big Game,” are taken by ICE agents with no legal basis.  NFL owners don’t own these words.

But, as I’ve repeatedly noted, ICE agents are given a giant book, put together by NFL Properties and DHS officials–who are supposed to be protecting you, NOT the questionable NFL free speech gestapo.  And the book includes many, many phrases, which enjoy neither copyright, trademark, nor service mark protection or rights at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, nor would they in a court of law.

But some poor schnook trying to get by in this tough economy who silk-screened a bunch of sweatshirts and hats, saying “I went to the Indianapolis Big Game,” will be threatened by ICE agents and told that if they don’t pony up the merchandise and close up shop, they will be arrested.  Almost universally, the sellers–who do not know their rights and feel intimidated by a badge and gun–hand over the merch and lose a lot of money.  NEVER once has ICE caught a single person doing this who was using the money to fund Islamic terrorism.  But ICE and Homeland Security–year after year–put out press releases and get eager morons at ESPN and other national and local media, eating up this BS (all while ICE agents look the other way on politically incorrect targets consisting of Muslims in their own communities regularly selling counterfeit merchandise to fund Hezbollah and HAMAS). 

Think about it.  If these shirts and hats were tied to Islamic terrorism, don’t you think they’d arrest the sellers, do a major investigation, and prosecute them?  None has ever been arrested or prosecuted.  The entire thing is a joke and a waste of money, not to mention an incredible infringement on free speech rights, commerce, and free enterprise–things we are supposed to hold dear in this country . . . for people other than NFL owners.

Writes one ICE agent I know:

ICE spent a buttload of money and investigative time busting knock-off NFL/Superbowl clothing in Indianapolis in anticipation of the Superbowl. Wow … I’ll sleep better tonight knowing the country is safe from a bogus Pats or Giants jersey instead of investigating, arresting, and deporting criminal aliens and stemming the narcotics/human trafficking.

But, hey, it gets Obama ICE Chief John Moron Morton face time and a free weekend on your dime hob-nobbing with celebrities, attending Super Bowl parties and, even, the Super Bowl itself. And he needs his perks more than the American people need bang for their buck.

Don’t expect to see him or Janet Albert Nobbs-itano at work on Monday. They have hangovers to treat.

And since Moron and Napolitano aren’t letting ICE agents do the jobs they are supposed to–like arresting illegal aliens and deporting them–they need to have something to do . . . like keeping you and me safe from a “Big Game” baseball hat.



Michigan/Ohio ICE SAIC Abu Moskowitz @ Superbowl XL in 2006:

What Me Worry About Illegal Aliens?

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23 Responses

All they do is surf porn on America’s dime.

P. Aaron on February 5, 2012 at 4:59 pm

I feel safer.

Poncho on February 5, 2012 at 5:18 pm

This country has nothing to worry about. We are so safe.

Road Warrior on February 5, 2012 at 5:26 pm

Did Moron Morton bring his girlfriend with him to Indiana? I bet he did. Effing ineffective freak.

DS I am glad you write about this every year. It’s ridiculous!

And for years I have been very annoyed and offended by the gay term “The Big Game” because the NFL Mafia has taken umbrage that anything mentioning the “Super Bowl” infringes on their earnings. It’s pretty outrageous and I am surprised the greed mongers don’t seize on “the big game” euphemism yet.

Carte blanche for illegal criminaliens, jihadist cells and gang members all jacked up but let’s toss the hard-working blokes who wanna make some smart cash into the hoosegow.

We have given up too many liberties here in USA. People better start paying attention. The Liberals will never quit.

That’s one of the reasons I don’t give a frog’s fat one about the Super Bowl or even the Patriots. Who cares??? (That being said, I am not trying to rain on any NFL fan’s delight in the game…it’s just not my cuppa tea.)

Skunky on February 5, 2012 at 7:07 pm

As I have told several pro football players. I cannot afford to go to your games because you have priced the working man out of a salary. $40.00 to park your vehicle for 3 or 4 hours, forget it. One small slice of pizza $10.00. 30 minute restroom wait, forget it.

Confederate South on February 5, 2012 at 7:25 pm

Hey guys wait a min ute. EVS and Priceless say this is a great agency and that T-shirt enforcement has got to be crucial to national security??? Cause if EVS and his lil buddy Priceless say so….well bank on it! LMFAO!!

notanEVSfan on February 5, 2012 at 9:57 pm

It fels great to see my tax money being spent to keep Americans from buying forged T-shirts.
I’d bet the fakes are better quality than the real deal.
Forget about counterfeit money, birth certificates, military documents, etc…etc…All hell has broken loose! There’s a bootleg T-shirt making the rounds! Attention all agents! Shoot first, ask questions later!

theShadow on February 5, 2012 at 11:34 pm

Ok,I am going to waste my time to complain too,I disn t watch and I wouldn t waste my time to watch grown over paid men playing a silly game,nothing to root or cheer for,most of the people involved from players,owners to the entertainment are pretty rotten,character and otherwise,so why would anybody waste…how long? 2 – 3 hrs watching a silly game? count me out,my beef is with HLSD and Incmpetano,what the hell t shirts have to do with keeping us safe?….in the private sector that lesbionic Incompetano and her whole dept would ve been fired a long time ago,she is just stupid & inept. and we have been screwed.

Juan on February 6, 2012 at 12:18 am

The semiliterate players are 1%ers. Where is occupy superbowl??

bikerrich on February 6, 2012 at 9:14 am

We’ve been reading about all of the BS that has been going on at DHS/ICE for the past nine years on this blog. I think it’s time we all “manned-up” at admit that this is the way it is, and going to be, and that we should expect nothing less (Keystone Kops, Incompetence, Inexperience, Debauchery…..)

Many of us have posted our own personal observations about this incompetence, and many have denied that it exists, that everything is “ok” at DHS/ICE (“please”, from “We rated Near the Bottom…” posting is an example, he believes that DHS/ICE is just your everyday, normal agency with no more problems than say, the FBI) “please” also claims to know Morton, et al, and states that they are nice guys, and asks who are these “Clowns” that I keep referring to.

Perhaps he knows something. Maybe DHS/ICE HAS reached the level of its own incompetence, and we are to accept that. Be it “Groupthink” “the Stockholm Syndrome” or what ever (maybe just plain “Good Ol’ Boys” just having fun), DHS/ICE is on a mission, nothing is going to change because there is nothing to change to. DHS/ICE is in safe hands, its just undergoing some “growing pains”.

Actually, when one stops and ponders it, there could be some good derived from the Big Game t-shirt enforcement operations; America’s youth must not and cannot be exposed to inferior quality t-shirts; the U.S. cannot accept a “knock-off” t-shirt gap! So, that guy from Detroit, the one with the suit sitting at a table with that football team stuff, he can be viewed as a Patriot!

Looking forward to more t-shirt enforcement operations, and seeing that guy from Detroit in a suit, say can I have one of those pins?

MF Jones on February 6, 2012 at 11:59 am

And some of the personel there were bigger clowns than the rest. They sent some GRPS security personel down and with Larry Johnson in charge. If something had happend with them there it would have resembled a Marx Brothers Movie and that would not have been good. I just wonder what other clowns they had. If they wanted good security there is a National Guard base near and a Fort they could have gotten the MP’s from there who would have done a much better job.

Jonathan Gartner on February 6, 2012 at 1:14 pm

1) I agree that Tom Brady’s baby mama number one is super gorgeous.
2) Most guys who try to get by selling t-shirts for the big game are not rich. They are just regular people hustling to live. These guys are trying to make a living doing a legit thing. would the government rather have these same guys peddle drugs in secrecy? If you push them out of the open market, they will definitely end up in the underground market. Stupid government at its best.

rex on February 7, 2012 at 12:45 am

Yup. I’ve done them. Not as case agent, but I’ve participated in “raids” of such operations. Some of this work needs doing – some does not. Let me explain…

Few years ago, a textile task force tips us to a counterfeit consignment of athletic shoes. It was a mix of Nike, Reebok and Adidas. We popped the can (note the use of extremely authentic cargo jargon, to enhance my credibility)and there were 9,000 pairs of counterfeit shoes in the box. The trademark holders have a right to protect their brands against such wide scale assault, you have deserve to buy authentic products and the crooks that operate at this scale have their dirty mits and lots of other crooked stuff, too. Not to mention that money laundering and customs fraud laws are violated in a case like this as well. I think you’ll agree, this is a worthy target.

In the other extreme, one of our office lightweights brings in a “flea market” case. Mom and Pop selling tee-shirts at the drive-in. I get told to go help, against my will. These nutless wonders get to the production address and gear-the-f-up: I’m talking jax & flacks, long guns and a ram! I’m embarassed already…

Anyways…BAM BAM BAM. Federal agents search warrant! No answer. BAM BAM BAM. Again. Up comes the “master key” and the door is breached. I kid you not, 80 year-old Asian guy, with headphones on (couldn’t hear us over the Sinatra) hand silk-screening Nike tee-shirts ONE AT A TIME!!!

He just looks on in amazement as the needle-dick case agent scoops up the shirts and takes the silk screen machine as the rest of us look down at our shoes. The guy was giddy over his catch and gleefully filled out the return and flung it at the poor old guy. Naturally, prosecution was declined (duh), the merch was forfeited (value = $250) and the old fart was assessed a $500 penalty mitigated to $100. Is this what we’ve come to…?

Hey, don’t get me wrong, protecting intellectual property is worthwhile: but it’s largely a matter for the civil courts, not for street agents, IMHO. It’s just more evidence of the death of common sense. Simple as that.

I’m just sayin’…

WikiSnix on February 7, 2012 at 6:02 am

WikiSnix smoked too many dix….raids on fake nikes, t-shirts, and other clothing items does NOT take precedence over criminal aliens, narcotics, human trafficking, and other nefarious crimes although the inbred finalists running that limp-dick organization would have you think otherwise!

Get your head out of the customs kool-aid trough!

IceNoMore on February 7, 2012 at 9:29 am

Gee, thanks for that fascinating and unwarranted personal attack. Your wit is only exceeded by your inability to comprehend what you read.

Hope it makes you feel better about yourself as you bag the next batch of fries at Micky-D’s…

WikiSnix on February 7, 2012 at 9:48 am

    What’s the matter sport….truth hurt? One of the reasons I pulled the pin on that lame organization is because of misguided crap like that. There was nothing taken out of context….you’re the one who did. You set the stage for what you got so own it.

    I’m in a better, highly professional career now; not baggin fries at Mickey D’s which is probably where you stuff your piehole every day….the fat off the fries is clogging what little grey matter you have.

    IceNoMore on February 8, 2012 at 9:11 am

MF, still taking shots huh? I thought I was fairly gracious to say I just agreed to disagree. So are you going to blame THIS one on all of us old INS guys? Your legacy agency brought this crap over to ICE, and these grandstanding pony shows were going on under Commishes Bonner and Kelly long before Garcia, Meyers, Morton, Chertoff and Nobbslitano ever got here. Please. This is an inherited problem.

Once again, I’ll say it. Our senior leadership is no more incompetent than any others out there. And no, I don’t think Dinkins, Kibble, or Morton are clowns. I think anyone would struggle. BTW, I never said any of this was okay, or that ICE is not dysfunctional. I just disagree with the source of the problem, which I believe is even above Nobbslitano. This is again symptomatic of an agency with a wide range of mandates and authority and conflicting priorities. It’s easy to say what should or shouldn’t be done when interest groups ranging from the NFL to the pro-immigrants lobby have the ear of the administration.

As for the Superbowl charade, this is almost like an annual ritual. I think it’s used to make a splash and get the program visibility in the media. Unfortunately, to any astute observer it looks really silly and more in the interests of NFL owners than the broader challenge against preserving intellectual property rights.

What’s even more idiotic was the seizure of those NFL game streaming websites. It’s not like the commercials are eliminated from the streaming view. Meanwhile, I can get onto eBay and buy a fake anything, or go to a dollar store and purchase dangerous knockoffs from toothpaste to Tylenol. I agree, this is an embarrassment, but traditions die hard. Here’s hoping this one has seen its last days.

please on February 8, 2012 at 1:08 am


Well, it seems IceNoMore is an Internet-Tough-Guy.

I’m top-notch, just like you. Why yesterday, I cured cervical cancer, climbed Everest, ran a 4:00 minute mile, took my personal jet to Mach 1, did the tango with Angela Jolie and invented Post-It Notes.

You sir, on the other hand, just spent another day as a Douche-Nozzle. Well done.

I’m just sayin’…

WikiSnix on February 8, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    No…just call it like I see it. You, however, try to play the internet smart-ass and fail miserably at it.

    Stick to your day job douchebag…

    IceNoMore on February 8, 2012 at 4:37 pm

Just got back from the Big Game operation and read the “please” posting; please, what are you, the DS Blog police? If you don’t like what people post here then don’t read the mf’er, simple as that. so here: The problem with DHS/ICE/HSI is that those “Customs” people you mentioned now have to deal with all of the bs immigration work, and that is all it is. That is my opinion and nothing you have said to the contrary has convinced me otherwise.

But, I feel for you, my brotha!
Do you get that warm and fuzzy feeling every time you reminisce about immigration? Do you long for the days of immigration glory past? Do you sometimes feel like going out and rounding up a bus load of hispanic illegal aliens single handedly and deporting them back to Mexico? Do you sometimes feel “Customs” agents just don’t understand you or immigration?
There is a doctor who was arrested years ago but got of fro reasons of insanity; his name is I.M. Kookie…maybe you should make an appointment.

Have a nice life.

MF Jones on February 10, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    Fair enough:

    “The problem with DHS/ICE/HSI is that those “Customs” people you mentioned now have to deal with all of the bs immigration work, and that is all it is.”

    That may very well be why morale is low, but it has nothing to do with senior management being “clowns”. This agency’s direction and overall policy was set long ago and high above the ICE level. They have to deal with the hand they were dealt…and so do you. As for me, I like that I get to do Customs work and have additional authority.

    To answer your questions – No. We didn’t work for glory (unlike you apparently). Definitely no. And you can’t make the willfully blind understand, so why try?

    People with six figure salaries and G-rides who suffer from “morale” problems are the ones that truly need therapy. I suggest you see your aforementioned doctor for evaluation of narcissistic personality disorder. A few years of intense psychiatric care and a steady diet of Prozac might, I say might, help you have a nice life.

    please on February 10, 2012 at 8:18 pm

18 USC 2320, 18 USC 542, 18 USC 545 etc. are laws passed by Congress and enforced by Customs and now ICE/HSI, as much as Title 8, so stop with the smart remarks already. Enforcing trademark and counterfeiting laws protects American industries, and American jobs, which is part of our duties just like enforcing laws against human trafficking, narcotics, money laundering, etc. The FBI also enforces many different statutes, and not all of them are sexy either, so stop with the attacks against our fellow agents. It’s unprofessional, and makes us look foolish. This agency has enough problems, let’s not add to them by attacking each other.

ICEd on March 24, 2012 at 2:12 am

super super security is a waste of money? you should see the bank accounts of the Israeli & Israli 1sters,duel treasonous,traitorous,& tyrannical Israel & U.S. citizens[such as Mike”the head reptilian”Chertoff,as well as Rudy “Ghoul”-iani’s security outfits,that magically sprung up immediately after the grand poo-bah of false flags,9-11,set to sell thousands of useless x-ray machines,to every airport in the country..actually these security firms were already in place well BEFORE 9-11,just as the most un-patriotic piece of legislation ever written,the “Patriot Act”,was written years before 9-11..actually it was shot down by CON-gress when it was first introduced for a vote in ‘CON’-gress after earlier false flags,including the 1st world Trade Center bombing[i believe,or perhaps OKC-Murrah blg.]..
don’t know if Rand Paul is playing possum,by cuddling up to Israel,so he can slip into the 2016 race? other than Rand..maybe..all Congress critters are compromised[to some degree]..TPTB,AIPAC,& of course the incredibly powerful & uper wealthy banking powers behind the curtain,simply will not allow even a remotely possible dissident voice into Congress any longer.Ron Paul was great but still wouldn’t tell the truth about 9-11,but…
you can’t hardly blame Dr. paul,as a dead Ron Paul is of no use either]
as we all know,TPTB have no problem murdering ANYONE that may possibly get in their way[as Congress Creatures are certainly well aware of] in their flaming mach III march,to their new world dis-order..we must still TRY to de-program the GMO head, fattened for slaughter by aspartame in their diet drinks sheep,that simply WILL NOT awake to the truth/reality..the 1st & most important step to de-shearing the sheeple,is w/o a doubt, THROWING OUT,OR AT LEAST TURNING OFF THE MOST gosh dam powerful PROPAGANDA BOX EVER INVENTED..THE T.V.
it’s quite frustrating indeed,when family & x-friends won’t & can’t be waken up to the truth,[as surely many of the awake well know]
its imperative that we wake up 10% of the population,if we are going to win this battle,but their are so many earth ending events presently at work you wonder if its even worth it,but I for one simply can’t stop trying..I’m addicted to the truth because the truth WILL absolutely set you free!
,& just maybe may convince the almighty creator,to heal our over- radiated,GMO’d produce,poison aspartame sweetened,Gulf of Mexico/Gulf Stream oil ruined,continually chem-trailed & therefore raining heavy metals[aluminum,barium,strontium] on us,& contaminating our soil land/planet,& send the son of God,Jesus Christ,back to our dimension,& therefore Jesus kick these Luciferion/Satan worshiping scum,off the planet[as prescribed in Revelations],or deep into Siberia,or to the N or S pole w/o a jacket?

gary h on January 29, 2015 at 5:49 am

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