January 21, 2009, - 2:16 pm

Quote of the Day

By Debbie Schlussel

Families are tightening their belts and so should Washington.

–President Barack Hussein Obama, announcing the freeze in salary for top staff (who already make almost $200K per year) and apparently meaning, “Familes are tightening their belts and so should Washington, with the exception of the Obama family.”
Examples of Obama Washington “belt-tightening”:
* $55,000-plus per year for Malia and Sasha Obama to go to swanky private school with gourmet organic meals fit for an Oprah
* Michelle Obama spending $100,000 to redecorate White House residence just redecorated four years ago.

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It tells you liberals have no standards. We don’t want to be like them.

NormanF on January 21, 2009 at 2:33 pm

Don’t forget the $3,500 inaugragation gown
$1,500 inaugural outfit,
How much did she spend on her church dress?
The girls new outfits?
How much was BO’s suit, shirt, tie, shoes, etc?
What about the $150,000 million for inaugragation costs to D.C.?
It cost Maryland $12 million.
Plus Virginia’s costs.
As Savage says, “Isn’t socialism grand?” The top spends and spends while the little people suffer.

gr8muscles on January 21, 2009 at 2:43 pm

I don’t understand your concern here? Why shouldn’t the Obama’s be allowed to spend their own money in the way they say fit? It’s one thing if they are using public money to send their kids to school or redecorate the white house, but why shouldn’t be requested to live an ascetic life style? What are we all socialists and they should donate their money to the community pot? The president only makes $400k per year (granted there’s almost no expenses since everything is pretty much paid for), but overall, that’s not enough money for the stress and scrutiny the job entials. Fortunately, all presidents, even the ineffectual W, get to make millions on the speech circuit when they leave office due to the limited number of people who can claim to have held the highest office in the world. So, the Obama’s have the right to spend their money however they see fit. Our economy has for too long depended on Americans buying things they can’t afford so why in the world would you criticize the Obama’s for spending money on things they can afford?

Cousnits on January 21, 2009 at 7:41 pm

Every President and family remodel/upgrade the White House. …but it isn’t “their”money dipshits…it’s your’s and mine.
Does anyone remember the scene from “Coming to America,” when the “Soul-Glo” family got up off the couch?
Or the scene from, “The Hollywood Shuffle,” when Jasper was told he was going to the “Promised Land”? “Minnesota?…Cleveland?…”
I wonder if a kid from Southeast D.C. could get a voucher to attend the kid’s school?? I mean D.C. has such fine public schools…Ya think Eleanor Holmes Norton will get some mo’ money for da hood?
It’s two card Monte. Democans Republicrats…it’s ALLL the same.

SickBoy on January 22, 2009 at 9:54 am

Cousnits….., what you’re failing to understand is that a leader should lead by example and not just saying for others to do one thing and he/she does the exact opposite. Obama’s rhetoric and constantly speaking about how ALL Americans have to be willing to make sacrifices. He also states that people need to give their money. And don’t forget Obama saying the re-distribution of wealth. You get the jest in what I’m conveying to you. Obama is all about socialism. Which means everyone works and contributes regardless of how much or how less they contribute. And then we all get to equally share in what’s contributed. Yet, Obama’s actions are depicting that he’s acting like a true capitalist to say the least. So, Obama shouldn’t be telling Americans (non-elitest) to contribute and help others and watch their spending. When he’s spending.
I happen to agree that people should do whatever they wish with their money. They earned it and have a right to spend it as they see fit. But, Obama comes off as a hypocrite when he says one thing and does another. Also, when Obama presented his financial statements it revealed that he only donated like 3% of his total income to charity(s). And his financial statements disclosed that he and his wife made well over a million dollars over the last few years. Then you have people who made significantly less than the Obamas and they donated to charities like 15% or more of their total income. What does that tell you about Obama when he contributes very litte to charities. I’m very fortunate that I make a good salary and over the last 20 years invested wisely. Therefore, I’m doing well and can afford the finer things in life. And yes I send my son and daughter to private school which cost for both a bit less than what it cost to send one of Obama’s kids to private school. My point being, is my wife and I donate quite a bit to charities and organizations were passionate about. We even give a nice amount to a no kill Doberman rescue oraganization. Some people think we’re crazy to give to an animal rescue. But, we love the breed and passionate about ensuring the abused and rescued dobermans are provided for till a loving family can adopt them. We also, give to our local Humane Society. We believe humans can learn a lot from the animal kingdom and how animals affect our world.
I even know people who make a modest income and still donate what they can. Obama is full of crap and so transparent. It just preplexes me how so many people got caught up in his cult of personality and believes the stuff he says. Obamas rhetoric is beyond belief sometimes. I sincerely hope he doesn’t fail, because then it will affect all Americans and our nation. But, in all honesty I don’t believe he will have success as our president. Over time, people will begin to realize whom they elected into office. Even notice now how he’s backing off a bit. By saying somethings might take a year or even a full term to see some results. Or that somethings he said he will do might not come to fruition. Because he’s attempting to soften the people up so they won’t complain on the promises he subsequently made on the campaign trail. And again, his lack of experience will begin to really come forth within the next few months. Wait and see it’s happening already.
Is Obama an elegant speaker and articulates himself well? sure. But, that’s not even close or good enough to run the most powerful nation on the planet. And in the end, it will be Americans who end up paying the ultimate price due to his actions or lack of. And when he’s out of office he will go back to doing the samething he was doing prior to being the president. Obama continually says it’s not about being popular or the next Kennedy or Lincoln. But, his ego has definitely been inflated more than what it was before. And though Obama says it’s time to unite us. He will with no doubt in my opinion, make America more divided. Obama is not the man to run our nation. Based on his lack of experience is enough. I couldn’t believe he was arrogant enough to think he should be president, considerring what he’s accomplished in his short time as a politician. He hasn’t even completed a full term as a USA senator. And then if anyone can point out what or any Bills he wrote that were passed. Show me any Bills he authored or co-authored which weren’t passed. Yet he had the time to write two books. So where does his priorities stand is beyond me. I don’t care what someones race or gender is when running for elective office and especially for the office of the presidency. Just have solid experience and a passion to look out for the American citizens. Whereas, I don’t believe Obama has the American peoples best interest. It’s every president obligation and main priority to ensure the citizens of our nation are protected and safe. Not for citizens to have equality when it comes to homes and making money, etc. It’s up to the individual to care and provide for themselves. That’s what America is about. The opportunities are there for people to use and make something out of their lives. It’s not my fault or anyone elses that some people are lazy, lack passion, no goals or direction and finally any ambition. So, why should I or anyone else have to pay for these slackers. So they can be on a level playing field of the people who do and did work hard, made sacrifices and took the risk to be successful.
My Dad once told me. That find something I’m passionate about or something I truly love to do. And if you can make a decent amount of money doing that. And be able to support me and my family adequately. Then in his eyes I or any one else would be successful. If we go the Obama path. People won’t strive to work hard and have success, because they don’t want to risk it all to provide for lazy people. It will also, stop people from being innovative. This is not the America our forefathers and other great people who developed America had in mind. It’s not what we represent or stand for. We will no longer be the new world, the land of opportunity. Just have to look across the atlantic ocean and see how Europe is today. And that’s something I don’t want to see happen to America. We will just become another average nation. Why I believe if things get out of control on this path Obama leads us down. It could realistically result into a civil war. We cannot allow muslims or any other group to dictate to us to change our way of life. If people immigrate here. It’s their obligation and duty to assimilate to our culture. Not the other way around. Sorry for the long Post. Just had a few things I wanted to get off my mind.
G-d Bless all true conservatives and people who love America. And for you liberals, I suggest you wake up very soon and see what’s happening and going to happen. Because you won’t like the end results. I personally like my freedom and civil liberties. Not sure if you liberals like them or not. But, you don’t need government running and telling you how to run every aspect of your life. Muslims are told how to run their lives from their religion and look what they have…not much. Muslim nations are one of the poorest nations on the planet. As well as, they have a huge unemployment rate, high inflation rate and 50% or more of their people are severely uneducated. Now islam does this intentionally. Because it’s easier to control the masses of people. When they (muslims) are in deep poverty, have no hope, unable of obtaining any kind of employment and uneducated. Now you can control the people. This leads to making them jealous, which leads to being mad, then leads to anger, which ultimately leads to total hatred. Imagine if the muslims just loved their children half as much as they hate the jews and all non-muslims. There might be some hope for them. Islam is a cancer which needs to be eradicated before it spreads to fast and kills off the very essense non muslims love…which is living and being happy.

Tenn Scholar on January 22, 2009 at 1:55 pm

Tenn Scholar : Amend my brother from another mother or perhaps sister from another mother. I could not have said it better if I wrote it 50 times! The only thing I wonder is that those who talk about civil war. As stated before you need to have someone to fight against and liberals have no stomach for a physical fight. They are like school childern on a computer web site attacking people and hiding behind the screen!

ohboyohboy on January 22, 2009 at 4:07 pm

Obama got elected on sentiment. We`ve elected a State Rep to the Presidency. His Senate term can`t count. He spent most of it campaigning. His election was the ultimate in affirmative action. Unmerited favor.
I don`t think he is a great speaker at all either. He stutters, hems and haws, pauses all over the place. When he`s off the teleprompter you can actually see the gears in his mind working up answers to questions and what ends up coming out is almost always unoriginal.

Hermster on January 23, 2009 at 2:50 pm

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