January 27, 2009, - 9:39 pm

Al-Arabiya Obama Interview: Attacks America, Ambassador For Muslims

By Debbie Schlussel
Earlier today, I posted part of the Obama Al-Arabiya interview, his first official interview as President. But it was only Part 1 of the video. I’m now reposting it and posting Part 2, which is the worst part. Watch them both, as they are illustrative of everything I and many others warned about.
You may have thought he was America’s President. But that’s not how he sees things. Obama sees himself as the ambassador of the Muslim world to everyone else, and he finds it necessary to apologize for America’s actions–no, actually, to attack America–vis-a-vis the Muslim world (to whom we’ve mostly pandered anyway–but I guess he doesn’t think it’s enough). It’s sickening. Oh, and then there’s that little issue of how he says Israel should negotiate with its enemies without preconditions. So, HAMAS doesn’t have to denounce its stated mission of eliminating not only Israel, but the Jews, too. But Israel must negotiate with this league of Nazis. We told you so.
Part I:

Part II:

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He continues to not disappoint. His fans. Hey, ain’t American Idol on?!

samurai on January 27, 2009 at 10:25 pm

What’s all the fuss ?
I just read that Hillary stated that the world
has “exhaled” ( a collective Obasm ! ) that W.
is gone ( after ruining the world ) and Barack
is our leader.
This was on Drudge near another article recounting
how many millions in donations Bill has pocketed,
mostly from Arabs, to be sure.
So let’s all get together and hold hands and sing
“Kumbayah !”.

Hawkins on January 27, 2009 at 10:29 pm


Holly on January 27, 2009 at 10:55 pm

G-d Bless You, Debbie Schlussel. I wish you were the President of the USA.

ObamaSlammaJamma on January 28, 2009 at 1:00 am

I bet alot of people wishes the Conservative Goddess was our president. You know how much we’d recover from the psyconut’s grip over our country?
But just like Romney was snuffed out of running, both parties will make damn sure Debbie gets snuffed out.
One more thing, it’s as if black america don’t even give a damn what Obama does. The man used my ethicity like sheep in order to get himself to this position.
That’s why I never supported him from day one.

Squirrel3D on January 28, 2009 at 1:16 am

Yessir, Hussein really looks relaxed during this interview. Like he’s finally in his element, and can finally just say what is on his mind (sic).

c f on January 28, 2009 at 2:11 am

Yessir, Obama really looks relaxed during this interview. Like he’s in his element, and he can finally say what’s on his mind, in a friendly setting.

c f on January 28, 2009 at 2:13 am

For those so-called “Conservatives” and “Republicans” who go on TV and wish Hussein to succeed, my message to you is:
Wash your buttholes, it looks like Hussein didn’t clean up his penis after screwing his voters.

Independent Conservative on January 28, 2009 at 4:10 am

For those of you Jewish & Black who saw thru
this fraud, I congratulate you. Unfortunately
the 2 groups you represent voted him in. For
most, just the D for Donkey was enough to get
their vote. Our democracy depends on the free
press and the public schools to “enlighten”
the people and keep would be dictators, of any
party, in check. This is what Debbie and others are doing. But our schools are a disaster, even
our universities have been taken over by radicals,
and the “free” press is in bed with the Democrats.
As a Conservative I listen to most of our “talk
radio” poobahs. I have not heard any of them say
that they want Obama’s Socialism to succeed, just
the opposite. So I don’t know what all these
accusations are about. I am also rankled by those
who lump Republicans in with Conservatives. We
normally vote Republican ( even for a moron like
McCain ) because the other choices were ( Gore,
Kerry, Obama etc. ) We would like to resurrect
Reagan, but that’s not happening any time soon.
Assuming we have a future ( after the Democrats
get through with us ) I would prefer Bobby Jindal
or Sarah Palin ( she draws huge crowds despite
being trashed by our “free press” ). She is not
perfect, but what good is a candidate like Romney who bores people to death ? I’d prefer Debbie, but
let’s be realistic !

Hawkins on January 28, 2009 at 7:29 am

We all knew BHO would start with the “we respect you muslims and (unlike the Bush admin–gag) we will listen and let go of pre-suppositions.” We all knew this. What is so galling is the granting of legitimacy to those who are murderous thugs and pretending we can make them partners for peace. But hey, he said that is what he would do–go to Iran and talk to them with no preconditions–and we voted him in!
He’s slick and well spoken–and we have our hands full. What is this crap about speaking to the muslims from a muslim capital? That should be really comforting to the Jews who voted for him, and to the Israelis.
Israel better be ready to stand alone–again. Count on not being able to count on the US any longer.

BB on January 28, 2009 at 8:44 am

You might be interested in this comment (copy/pasted) from another site:
“I knew I had seen Obama’s recent actions written somewhere prior to him even being elected.
Actions such as addressing the Muslim world at the inauguration, to immediately stop military commissions, prohibiting “torture”, to expand and implement Muslim-led organizations in the US, teaching Muslim history/culture in primary and secondary schools, embark on this pseudo “interfaith” dialogue, promote the military exchange training programs between Muslim “armies” and the US armed forces, begin to direct/dictate what all news and entertainment media owners should do, etc.
Last year in September, this far left panel of former government officials and various other known people from the Arab/Muslim community, etc presented the U.S.-Muslim Engagement Project at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.
Is it me or this is too much of a coincidence?
On page 6 of the report, under “A strategy for Reversing Extremism”, the report states how the President must address the Muslim world at the 2009 inauguration. And so he did….
On page 4 of the report, it advices using George Mitchel as a mediator/negotiator for the Israeli/Palestine situation and immediately prohibit “torture”.
The military exchange programs are on page 98 Ôø? Are we supposed to train alongside the Sunni resistance say al-ansar?
The notion to increase/expand/implement Muslim-led organizations based in the U.S. and abroad is also on page 98, as well as the schooling programs aiming at “educating” Muslim history, culture, etc. and the augmentation of, once again, Muslim students to more than double of what it was last fiscal year. DOS has already increased these types of student visas to Egypt, for example. It has also increased the asylum-type visas for Somalis, so they can bring the rest of their families, but not Ethiopia. Nigeria is another country that visas are given under what DOS categorizes as “Diversity visas”
On page 100 Ôø? You’ll find the false notion of this “interface dialogue” that has been the relative new trend and officially stated by Hilary as Sec of State.
On page 101 is where you will find what the news and entertainment media owners should do. Funny, how Saudi keeps buying our network’s stock.
But this whole piece of garbage is what I believe the strategy of this administration is aiming at.
Of course, both the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Representative Howard took it so seriously that he formed a coalition with his colleagues and officially endorsed it, and Senator Lugar from the Committee on Foreign Relations did the same thing. Other endorsements included Leon E. Panetta, Imam Faheem Shuaibe, Resident Imam of Masjidul-Waritheen (Director of the Mohammed School in Oakland, CA), etc.
The primary foundations, companies, special interests groups, individuals who worked almost two years to get this garbage written, that apparently Obama, et al are following step-by-step are:
Madeleine Albright, former U.S. Secretary of State; Principal, The Albright Group LLC
Part 2:
Richard Armitage, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State; President, Armitage International
Steve Bartlett, President and Chief Financial Officer, Financial Services Roundtable; former U.S. Representative; former Mayor of Dallas, Texas
Red Cavaney, President and Chief Executive Officer, American Petroleum Institute
Thomas Dine, Principal, The Dine Group; former Executive Director, American Israel Public Affairs Committee
“It is late in the day, but never too late, for American policy makers to alter their mindset about Islam and the Muslim communities, and to try to act on the common ground that exists between the peoples and government of the United States and global Muslim societies. Changing Course: A New Direction for U.S. Relations with the Muslim World is a basic primer for policy makers of the next American administration.”
Stephen Heintz, President, Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Shamil Idriss, Chairman of the Board, Soliya
Daisy Khan, Executive Director, American Society for Muslim Advancement
Robert Jay Lifton, Lecturer on Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School; author of Superpower Syndrome
John Marks, President, Search for Common Ground
Susan Collin Marks, Senior Vice President, Search for Common Ground
Ingrid Mattson, President, The Islamic Society of North America; Professor of Islamic Studies, Director of Islamic Chaplaincy, and Director, Duncan Black Macdonald Center for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, Hartford Seminary
Dalia Mogahed, Executive Director, Gallup Center for Muslim Studies; co-author with John Esposito of Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think
“Never before has there been so much need for or so much consensus on a different way forward in our relationship with Muslims around the world. The recommendations of this report should be an integral part of the next president’s first 100 days.”
S. Abdallah Schleifer, Distinguished Professor of Journalism, American University in Cairo; former Washington Bureau Chief, Al Arabiya news channel; former NBC News Cairo bureau chief
William Ury, Co-Founder, Program on Negotiation, Harvard University; co-author, Getting to Yes
Vin Weber, Managing Partner, Clark and Weinstock; Chairman, National Endowment for Democracy; former U.S. Representative
Ahmed Younis, Senior Analyst, Gallup Center for Muslim Studies; former National Director, Muslim Public Affairs Committee
The file is a bit long, but you’ll see so many coincidences. Especially that of sending Mitchell, addressing the Muslim world at the inauguration, immediately stopping all military commissions and “torture”, giving a first official interview to the Muslim populace (he was not there just meeting officials, but addressing the Muslims populace) with Al-Arabiya, etc. etc.
This people have it so wrong, but so wrong, it is dangerous (also see how they want to handle Iran). Everything on this report that appears to be their guiding book for not just U.S. geo-strategy, but also defense, national security, etc. etc. is more than dangerous in my opinionweaken us significantly.”
go to the bottom of the link (above)and download and read the entire pdf file. It will be very well worth your time, in spite of its length (146 pages). Then you will know from where The Messiah got all his “original ideas” about how to deal with the ummah

justamomof4 on January 28, 2009 at 8:56 am

To see and hear that pice of pig crap Obama sitting down with the enemy propagandist and deriding his own country just turned my stomach.

bill on January 28, 2009 at 11:52 am

There is no stinking “common ground” among us and Islam! We love life, they worship death. We strive to protect the young and innocent, they strap bombs on their young, and enslave the innocent. We worship a loving, forgiving god, they worship a murderous pedophile. What about that doesn’t Hobama get? What is so foreign about this basic concept? Shame on those who pretend to embrace their Jewish heritage, yet voted for this man. You’re all phonies, who care nothing for your fellow Jews, only for your own self image as “caring”, “environmentalist”, “fair-minded”, “non-racist”, “guilty white” liberals.

spiffo on January 28, 2009 at 12:37 pm

Unless I missed it, COBRAMA insists that Israel is a strong ally of America, but doesn’t say America is a strong ally of Israel. Just more of the arrogance of KING HUSSEIN COBRAMA. He demands loyalty but never gives it back.
He is so consumed with himself, he makes issue of Al-Qaeda insulting him. So fricking what? That comes with the job, Bush was insulted over and over and never made it about him. Not that he did a great job. It is supposed to be about our nation, not about the president himself. He talks about Al-Qaeda being bankrupt, COBRAMA’s appeasement ideas are tired, worn, and bankrupt. Talks about terrorists blowing things up and not building things. That was never their intentions about building things. It is about domination.
When asked about whether United States will live with a nuclear Iran, he never answers it. How about a “HELL NO!!”. The moderator seemed more concerned about a nuclear Iran than COBRAMA. Just a bunch jive BS about offering diplomacy and his concern of an arms race in Middle East. It looks like Israel will have to bomb Iran for their own survival and do the rest of the world a favor.

californiascreaming on January 28, 2009 at 1:11 pm

I am not sure if this guy is a Dhimmi or a Dummy, but either way we are in BIG trouble.
Our only hope?
Go see the Movie “Seven Days in May” and hope for a different ending in real life.

i_am_me on January 28, 2009 at 2:13 pm

RE : Seven Days In May
You would not be surprised at how many patriotic
people are thinkng about this ! Cpt. Bligh
should be kicked off the USS Bounty !
P.S. Sorry about a previous mis-identification !

Hawkins on January 29, 2009 at 1:04 pm

I noticed that Obama never answers any of the questions with a direct response. He’s always giving some BS rhetoric than half wittingly gives an answer. Granted the interviewer in part 2 was asking soft ball questions. But, the interviewer did ask will America tolerate a nuclear Iran. And Obama couldn’t even give a decisive answer to that. All Obama had to say was…No America and her allies will not permit Iran to have nuclear weapons or technology. Because we all feel that a nation needs to be responsible when holding this kind of technology…even if it’s for energy purposes. Instead Obama says stuff like when Iran unclinches it’s hands it will find an open welcome from America. What the “F” is that all about.
After hearing both parts of Obama’s interview. He truly scares me. I was always very apprehensive about Obama and had some fear in how his administration would do things. But, after hearing that, I’m sincerely scared for all Americans. It’s like Obama is asking the muslim world to attack us and he’s giving them an open invitiation to commit terrorist acts on our soil. Muslims worldwide have to be laughing at us right now. Obama really believes that his charm, wit and personality will turn there people around and suddenly become our new best friends. Well, it won’t happen and not in our life time. The middle east only understands one thing. And that’s violence, fear and terrorism. And that is how we must deal with them. It’s unfortunate that dialogue will not help the western nations. And we will have to resort to violence to get through to these thick headed muslims. But, the muslims brought this upon themselves.
Debbie and to all your readers, here is an awesome website for you all to peruse. It’s quite informative and though you won’t be shocked by what you read. It’s definitely enlightening. And please pass it on to people who aren’t aware of what islam is all about. Islam is using the trojan horse strategy while in our lands. And I honestly believe that islam is really the devil disguised in sheeps clothing. And in the end and near future. We will see an all out conventional war fought on many fronts…i.e., europe and the middle east and even on American soil. Will be a Us verses Them (Good vs. Evil). Please check out the website believe.
http://www.apostatesofislam.com…..read what some of the many people who left islam. Their stores are most compelling to say the least and quite sad too that they got suckered into converting to islam. At least they realized what they got themselves in to and got of it. Islam states it’s not a religion of compulsion. Yet, if you leave islam, it’s premissible to kill a person. Now that’s compulsion. And there are other compulsions of islam too. Again, please take the time to check out the aforementioned site I posted. Though I know a lot about the evils of islam well. I did learn more regarding islam. These people are on the wrong path and don’t even realize it. And the time is coming soon in which they will see they are wrong. And the muslims will either have to fight and die for their wrong beliefs and convictions. Or they will see the light and leave islam and join our side. But, war is coming and it won’t be positive for the muslims. And I don’t care how many followers they have. The muslims believe that having the highest numbers will enable them to win against the infidels. To bad, they lack in knowing history. And would learn that doesn’t matter who has the most people to win something. Being smarter, more intelligent, a good heart, and strong convictions and having G-d on out side will allow us to win this conflict. I truly don’t want to see any war occur. But, this is the only thing the muslims understand. And this is what must happen to put them in their place.

Tenn Scholar on January 29, 2009 at 1:20 pm

Can we sue the MSM for damages caused by Obama? Oh, I forgot, they’re already bankrupt (in more ways than one). We can hardly blame Obama for being who he always has been, but we can certainly blame George Soros, the Democratic Party, and especially the MSM for deceiving America about Obama. What kind of punishment would an Islamic court give for a crime like this. Oh, I know (death by torture).

Rip Alinsky on January 30, 2009 at 11:25 am

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