March 23, 2012, - 3:15 pm

Lorraine Collin: French Teacher Demands Students Observe Moment of Silence for Terrororist Merah

By Debbie Schlussel

Today, in France, a teacher demanded her students observe a moment of silence for the “real victim” of the French massacres: Islamic terrorist mass-murderer, Mohammed Merah.  Fortunately, not all Frogs are complete sissies, and some students got up and left, reporting her to school administrators.  The “teacher’s” name is Lorraine Collin, but she’s more aptly called what she is: Jew-hating bitch. The Holocaust-era French are officially resurrected. But they never really went away.

An English teacher sparked outrage across France today after calling for her pupils to observe a minute’s silence for Toulouse serial killer Mohammed Merah.

In disturbing scenes at Gustave Flaubert High School in Rouen, Normandy, Lorraine Collin, 56, described the 23-year-old who murdered seven including three children as himself being the ‘victim of an unhappy childhood’.

This prompted up to 15 pupils aged between 17 and 18 to storm out of their classroom and report Ms Collin to their headmaster. . . .

It came as Merah’s elder brother said he was ‘very proud’ of what his brother had done, hailing him as someone who fought for what he believed in. . . .

Ms Collin drew attention to the fact that Merah was from a disadvantaged French-Algerian immigrant background and had been drawn to Islamic extremism while serving a prison sentence.

It was only when her students began to leave, or to argue with her, that she appeared to back down, saying she was ‘not feeling too well and perhaps take some time off.’

Ms Collin’s comments were soon afterwards reported by the Paris Normandie news website, who quoted an unnamed parent saying: ‘The students acted as responsible citizens by leaving the classroom. They hope the teacher will be suspended.

‘Otherwise, I will give permission for my daughter to boycott English classes until the end of the year.’

Are the French finally beginning to wake up to the jihad that has stormed their country? Too late, even if they are. Muslims, through immigration and birthrates, are now at least a third of France–by some estimates even higher.

Regardless, this liberal “root cause,” and “perpetrators are the real victims” BS is beyond nauseating.

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Another Day In the Religion Of Peace and Peaceableness. Toulouse’s Muslims march in the memory of Mohammed Merah:

I bet you weren’t expecting from the “moderate” Muslims the media talks so much about, huh? Its not in evidence today, that’s for sure – and not on any other day of the year.

NormanF on March 25, 2012 at 2:26 pm

Sean R,

Don’t let the French fool you, they do not take muslim terrorist alive, and they are very good at disposing them and keeping quiet about it.

Drakken on March 25, 2012 at 3:33 pm

This Tuesday marks another anniversary: its a decade since Jews were cruelly massacred by an Arab terrorist in the Park Hotel in Netanya. They were all elderly Holocaust survivors and the scene of the slaughter at the Passover Seder was like nothing one saw on this earth.

The saying about Tulkarem is literally true. We saw it with our own eyes what the Arabs did to the Jews. Its to Israel’s eternal shame it allowed Arafat to live to die peacefully in his bed instead of killing him then as he rightly deserved to be. Above all, we must never forget what happened and always keep it in our hearts.

NormanF on March 25, 2012 at 4:18 pm

I understand Drakken, and that’s why many of us here in the USofA can’t stand french people. I personally don’t have NOTHING against people who are french born or french lineage, but you’re right bro, a good number of the french population don’t take the threat of islam pretty seriously. And I would like for our stupid friend Pascal to comeback here and continue to troll and shill for islamic-jihadism and READ the link NormanF posted here on the muslim community in France marching and paying their respects for that verminst scumbage Mohammed Merah!

For most of last week Drakken, we haven’t had to deal with dhimmi trolls and muslim trolls defending and doing Merah’s bidding for his heinous and repugnant crime against those 4 jewish people he cold-bloodly killed. And this freak Pascal had the nerve to call Debbie and extremist, the POS got some damn nerve to refer DS as that term, Mohammed Merah was the real extremist and all islamic-terrorist groups worldwide are the REAL extremist, NOT Debbie Schlussel, so he owns the woman an apology, then again, I am not holding my breath for him to apologize to her by slandering and libeling her personality!

“A nation is defined by its borders, language & culture!”

Sean R. on March 25, 2012 at 4:19 pm

At least the French kill terrorists.

I don’t understand why Israel insists on keeping Jew-killers alive.

NormanF on March 25, 2012 at 4:23 pm

The terrorist debate in France rages on whilst mealie-mouthed politicians with their own agendas remain silent and others whitewash the tragedies.

A true statesman, legitimate Nobel prize winner for Literature, a war time hero who galvanised the troops through inspirational leadership and an Honourary citizen of the United States.
‘I emphatically do not agree with banning the Koran, or any book. I prefer that people have access to the Koran, read it, understand it and realise the implications of its ‘teachings’ on humanity. After all, Churchill not only read Mein Kampf, but also the Koran, and termed the former “the new Koran.”

And the nu-best friend of the WH incumbent, supposed leader of the free world:
As Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey remarked, “The minarets are our bayonets, the domes our helmets, the mosques our barracks and the Believers our army.” He also said there is no such thing as “moderate islam; islam is islam.”

With elections looming, change should be a priority before what’s left of civilisation disappears.

Eyes Wide Open on March 25, 2012 at 6:56 pm

Sean, while I can sympathize with the frustration of dealing with dhimmis and muzzy apologist, I want them to say exactly what is on their little minds for everyone to see. I want everyone to know who they are, for a nation can suffer its fools, but it can never suffer its traitors.
I know many French folks, military and spooks, and I can tell you other than the bloody Parisians the French countryside is alive and well with Norman lineage and they have little time and are quite hostile to the moors colonizing their lands. As an Austrian Hapsburger I can assure you the Europeans will when push comes to shove they will fight.

Drakken on March 25, 2012 at 10:26 pm

This stopped being about the Palistinians a long time ago. The radicalized muslims don’t give a hookah puff about them. They only have one goal. The total destruction of Israel to avenge the humiliation of their would be Napoleons like Nassar in Egypt. Ditto Syria, and so on. Allah alahu akbar, and kill the Jews, all for the glory of Allah. This is the situation.
How Israel’s leaders repeatedly enabled them to get this far by buying into their own invincibility myth is something I will never quite understand.
Now, the only diplomacy Jihadist fanatics can understand comes from maintaining a superior military in the face of a foe armed with sophisticated missles that can reach any target in Israel. All thanks to Bush, and now the appeaser and Muzz-brother Obama.

Ron Wolf aka "Columbo" on March 26, 2012 at 1:06 am

The Religion Of Peace has an obsessive interest with Jews. The following incident happened in Brussels:

Yup, if they are so repelled by Jews, why seek them out? You got to wonder if this was a dry run.

NormanF on March 26, 2012 at 12:25 pm

Latest news: ‘Footage filmed by French gunman sent to Al Jazeera TV

These actions could point to the fact of premeditated murders. No one has learned from the Daniel Pearl beheading, watching obscene videos a fetish of the repressive society.

Eyes Wide Open on March 26, 2012 at 5:47 pm

Although I agree with your characterization of Merah, let’s get the facts straight. 9, maybe 10% at most of the population being Muslim is not a third of the population of France. Give us your source please. Although there definitely is a problem with Muslims in France, your characterization of French people as “Frogs”, “complete sissies”, living in the “Holocaust-era” is misplaced and insulting.

Jeremie on March 28, 2012 at 8:18 am

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