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More Tennis World Apartheid: Israeli Gets Visa to Dubai Islamic Minstrel Show; Israel to Play Empty Arena Davis Cup; UPDATE: Letter From Swedish Reader

By Debbie Schlussel
While the women’s portion of Dubai Tennis Championships continues to go on minus those undesirable Jewesses, there’s more similar behavior afoot in the pro tennis world.
Israeli Andy Ram has gotten news that he will, indeed, get a visa to play doubles in Dubai in next week’s mens portion of the same tournament. But, as I’ve noted before, even if he gets a visa to play, so what? That doesn’t change the fact that no other Jewish Israelis can enter the country and that Dubai continues to boycott Israel, along with dozens of other Muslim states. This is an Islamic minstrel show. See. Look at the Jew. We let him play. (I can imagine this being said in the voice of “Family Guy”‘s Stewie Griffin.)
And we know why Dubai will give Ram the visa. They don’t like the bad publicity they’ve gotten this week, publicity that will all die down by next week, after which their “No Jewish Israelis Allowed” policy will remain in place and unquestioned.


Israeli Doubles Player Andy Ram


Then, there’s the Davis Cup, next month. Organizers say that Sweden and Israel will play each other in their first-round Davis Cup matches to an empty arena, March 6-8, because of security concerns. The matches take place in Malmo, Sweden, which has already been the site of anti-Semitic violence on a Jewish synagogue–it was firebombed!–and where anti-Semitic, anti-Israel demonstrations are planned during the matches.
The Swedes said they couldn’t provide adequate security at the event. And I’m betting they got word or suspect that one of their many “moderate Muslim” residents was going to execute a terrorist attack. They don’t cancel these things or exclude audiences over nothing. Europe is now at the whim at will of the wildings of Islam. Not a clash of civilizations. A loss of civilization. Because Sweden and these other countries let these savages invade their countries. Now, they are reaping the rewards.

Davis Cup

Yup, the Nazis of Europe have been reborn from their sleep. And they are called . . . Muslims. Religion of Peace, baby!
**** UPDATE: Here is a letter I got from Swedish expat reader Carl after the bombing of the Helsingborg Synagogue near Malmo Sweden, in January. He writes about what wimps and cowards Swedish law enforcement authorities are, just like with the Davis Cup:

Dear Ms. Schlussel,
About a fortnight ago I wrote to you regarding the onslaught of the Religion of Peace in the city of my birth, Malmo. I did not then anticipate that I should feel impelled to write to you again as soon as today, but I read your reporting on the attack on the synagogue in Helsingborg and I thought I should furnish you with some more information.
It turns out that the attack that occurred on Monday evening (local time) was the second time in about 72 hours that the synagogue came under threat from fire. On Friday evening, a mysterious incident occurred which the authorities would like to classify as something, though hardly fire from natural causes but, being arson or “equally possible” a misdirected new year’s rocket. Yes, the probabilities are very interesting.
Incidentally, it is interesting to note that in Swedish media the building (The von Platen House at Springpostgranden) is referred to as the Jewish congregation’s premises and the word synagogue is all but absent. I cannot believe this to be a coincidence but rather a deliberate attempt to downplay the importance of the building as a place of worship. Equally interesting to note is Swedish media’s quickly vanishing interest in the event(s). I suppose the editors don‚Äôt want to place themselves in a position where they might have to publicly ask the Swedish authorities why a certain group of people should be exempt from prosecution of a so-called hate crime.
I apologize for the fact that you should have to report on such atrocious events in my native country. It is my hope that you will believe me when I say that not too long ago events such as these would have been unthinkable in Sweden. Indeed, even more unthinkable would have been the cowardly response from Swedish authorities now on display.

Here’s another e-mail I got from Swede Carl regarding the “Religion of Peace” takeover of his country, which is the cause of next months empty Davis Cup matches involving Israel:

Dear Ms. Schlussel,
As a Swedish expatriate in the United States and well aware of your country’s problems with immigrant assimilation I should like to share with you what has just happened in the city of my birth, Malmo, once very beautiful and known as the City of Parks. The religion of peace has come to spread its message.
Swedish City Hit By Youth Riots [DS: Yeah, “Youths” (euphemism). Uh-huh.]
The first link is a brief narrative by the BBC and the second link is a pictorial narrative by the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

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A real act of principle would be if Andy Ram turned down the visa and refused to play in Dubai.
He could come out with a statement saying that as long as Dubai treats any Jewish athletes (or athletes of any other background) as second class citizens, he wants no part of their tournament. He doesn’t have to demand other players boycott, but he could say that while he doesn’t begrudge other players from going to the tournament, it would be nice to see someone take a stand on principle (Look I’m not hoping for a miracle from dhimmified Jews who feel they have to make nice in order to be accepted and downplay their loyalty to Israel in order not to offend–so doing what I mentioned above would be a major step).
I know I shouldn’t expect much from the media, but given how much the MSM loves stories about discrimination and celebrating athletes who have broken racial and gender barriers, you’d think this might generate a little more coverage…
Much of the world just simply doesn’t care that Jews are treated this way. And most Jewish journalists in the MSM prefer to avoid covering this issue so as to appear objective. Funny that no one feels that black journalists or female journalists have to avoid race and gender issues to keep their credibility.
[4: AMEN! DS]

4infidels on February 19, 2009 at 12:55 pm

[Not a clash of civilizations. A loss of civilization]
Given the attitude and actions of our appeasing President Hussein, mostly with his refusing to “clash” with the Islamofacists, I am afraid this fate awaits us in the not too distant future.
I am begging all of you to please prove me wrong.

i_am_me on February 19, 2009 at 2:10 pm

Dear i_am_me :
I hope you saw my apology for incorrectly
attributing some nonsense to you a couple of
weeks ago.
On the subject of Islamofascists : either we
exterminate them or they will exterminate us.
I see a civil war (religious) in our future.
Just like the 30 Years War (Catholics/Protestants)
in Europe. But this time there will be no Peace
of Westphalia 1648.

Hawkins on February 19, 2009 at 4:53 pm

Yes I saw you apology. Thank you.
I agree with you regarding Islamofacism. I disagree with you about a religious war. For there to be a war, two sides must fight. Unfortunately, we are meekly surrendering without firing a shot.

i_am_me on February 19, 2009 at 10:32 pm

That is not yet a foregone conclusion. At some
point we may grow a backbone. But Europe, sadly
( I am from Europe ) is a lost cause. Tony Blair
and Labour have destroyed England. France ? And
despite these “youth” riots in Sweden, they keep
importing more Muslims. There can only be one
ending. P.S. A funny/sad book by an Englishman
John Delingpole “Obamaland” is highly recommended
for a peek into our possible future.

Hawkins on February 20, 2009 at 7:49 am

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