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Hamtramckstan: Sharia Girls Only Prom Arranged by Public School District

By Debbie Schlussel

It’s sharia prom time in Hamtramck, Michigan a/k/a Hamtramckstan.  And who cares if it violates the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution.  We must bow down to Islam and accommodate Muslim extremism no matter what, right?  If you’re a Hamtramck property tax payer, please contact me via e-mail because there might be something we can do to fight this. While it is paid for by privately raised money and not held on school grounds, the Michigan laws are much tougher than the Establishment Clause, and even the slightest involvement by the school is enough of a nexus. More about the “halal” prom, below.


“Does This Ugly Purple Sharia Dress Make Me Look Fat? allah Forgive Me That Some Back Skin is Showing!”

But first a little about Hamtramckstan. For years, I’ve been telling you about the Islamicization of Hamtramck, the once Polish Catholic city surrounded by Detroit.  As I’ve told you over the years, Hamtramck has been overtaken and dominated by mostly Yemeni, Bangladeshi, and Bosnian Muslim immigrants who’ve bought out Catholic churches and turned them into mosques and who prevailed on the city to allow the noise pollution of the Muslim call to prayer. And to make it a sanctuary city for Muslim illegal aliens.  When part of what is now ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) was still the U.S. Customs Service, an ICE agent friend of mine–who is of Polish descent and was working on shutting down HAMAS and Hezbollah funding out of the Detroit area–took me to Hamtramck for a day of touring, showing me all the places and charities that were involved in Islamic terrorism. There were a lot of them.  That was back in 2001.  And even before that, there have been reports of anti-Black hate crimes, including violent beatings and attacks, by Muslim students in the Hamtramck public schools.  That’s been going on for at least two decades. And most of the Muslim immigrants are on welfare, AFDC, Medicaid, and every other entitlement they can get their hands on . . . courtesy of you.

And don’t forget the “model Muslim City Councilman” who apparently beat his wife, but got away with it. Muslims are not yet the majority on the City Council (which would make it the first Muslim-controlled city in America), but they lost that chance by just a hair. And they and their dhimmis are making every effort to erase any sign of Polish heritage, replacing it with Islamic influences. It’s a microcosm of what is and will continue to slowly happen to America at the hands of Islam and Muslims. We won’t see it happen in our generation, but our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will.

It’s a sad development for me, personally, because my great-uncle, Chaim Dorman, made his living with shoe stores in Hamtramck in the 1910s and 1920s, which is the reason I am here.  He and my great-aunt,  Rose, could not have children, and they were successful in the shoe business, so they brought my grandmother over from Poland to raise as their own daughter.  I’ll bet they are all turning over in their graves to see what happened to Hamtramck, but note that the Polish Catholics and the rest of us did this to Hamtramck because we stood idly by as more and more Muslims came to America.

And now to the shariah prom:

As she looked at her reflection in the mirror, her one-shoulder lavender gown matching the elaborate hijab that framed her face in a cascade of flowers — a style learned on YouTube — Tharima Ahmed knew that what lay ahead was more than simply a prom. As organizer of Hamtramck High School’s first all-girl prom, which conforms to religious beliefs forbidding dating, dancing with boys or appearing without a head scarf in front of men and boys, Ms. Ahmed, 17, was forging a new rite of passage for every teenage Muslim girl who ever spent prom night at home, wistfully watching the limousines roll by.

“Hi guys — I mean girls!” Ms. Ahmed, a Bangladeshi-American, exuded into the microphone as 100 girls — Yemeni-American, Polish-American, Palestinian-American, Bosnian-American and African-American — began pouring into the hall on Bangladesh Avenue. . . .

For Ms. Ahmed and her prom committee, the dance was the emotional denouement of seven months of feverish planning in which they raised $2,500, mostly through bake sales. Ignoring the naysayers who could not imagine a prom without boys, Ms. Ahmed and her friends approached their task systematically, taking a survey of all the girls at Hamtramck High. They found that 65 percent were not able to attend the prom because of cultural and religious beliefs. In addition to Muslim girls (and alumnae who never got the opportunity), other students wanted to go, too. “I want to support all my girls,” said Sylwia Stanko, who was born in Poland and whose friends are mostly Bengali or Arabic. “I know how important it is to them.”

The prom promised “music all night, except during dinner and five minutes for prayer.” A former Knights of Columbus hall was transformed into princess-pink perfection, the pink tablecloths and balloons matching prom programs with cursive pink lettering. . . .

Like the prom, the city of Hamtramck is a mixer of a different kind. Along Joseph Campau Street, a monumental statue of Pope John Paul II presides over Pope Park, with its festive mural of Krakow. A poster for the television program “Bosnian Idol” is displayed in the Albanian Euro Mini Mart, known for homemade yogurt and burek, traditional spinach and meat pies. During her English class, Ms. Ahmed can hear the call to prayer over loudspeakers from the Al-Islah Islamic Center a few blocks from school.

Diversity was hard-won: The mosque, one of five in the city, was the subject of controversy in 2004, when some people strenuously objected to the city’s decision to allow it to broadcast prayers five times a day; the city ultimately prevailed, regulating the hours when the call may be sounded.

In sharp contrast to earlier immigrants, drawn by the once-thriving auto industry, a quarter of the residents now live below the federal poverty level.

“People here have to work out their difficulties,” said Mayor Karen Majewski, an ethnic historian and Hungarian folk dancer. “There’s no opportunity to hide in your cul-de-sac.”

Majewski, as you can tell, is a major Islamo-panderer, as are most of the remaining Polish officerholders in town.

At Hamtramck High, which has 900 students, many non-Muslims respectfully tuck away their food and water bottles during Ramadan. The prom reflects a broad cultural shift. “Twenty years ago, parents used to pull fifth-grade girls out of school for arranged marriages,” said Chris Bindas, a library aide who brought chocolate-dipped cream puffs to the prom. “Now these same girls are going to college” — albeit a college close to home, where the girls will continue to live with their parents.

Wow, how assimilated they are! Not. Um, going to college doesn’t mean you have absorbed yourself into American culture or modernized. That they won’t have a prom with men or remove their headrags is what matters. Or that they won’t condemn Islamic terrorism and the blowing up of innocent civilians, especially if they are Americans or Jews. These cretinettes are still in the backward Middle East. Sadly, though, it’s come here.

Shortly before 8, it was time for prayer, the spaghetti straps and empire waists disappearing under hijabs and abayas, a prayer rug taking its place on the dance floor. . . .

Then the hall erupted with a song by the band 3alawah, and the girls performed a debka, a Middle Eastern circle dance. Everyone held hands, snaking around the dessert buffet and columns decorated with artificial wisteria.

The jubilant energy of 100 young women feeling victorious and beautiful filled the room.

Yup, that’s how the New York HAMAS Times legitimizes Islamic extremism in America and Muslims’ refusal to assimilate into American culture: “jubilant,” “full of “energy,” “beautiful.”

PUH-LEEZE, it’s anything but these things. In fact, the exact opposite. It’s a tragedy. More for America than for them.

Whenever I write about the Islamicization of Hamtramck (as I have many times over the years), I get e-mails and comments from uber-liberal Hamtramck residents who insist this is not happening because they are delusional.  Also delusional are morons like Detroit Newsistan columnist Neil Rubin, an extremely liberal JINO (Jew In Name Only). Just a couple years ago, he wrote one of his many Islamo-pandering BS columns about how prom in Hamtramck is a sign of Muslim assimilation into America. Not really, Neil. Separate proms for girls because their faces might turn a Muslim guy on and he should have to control himself–well, that ain’t what we call “assimilation,” buddy.

But even Rubin acknowledged that there is a girls-only prom in Hamtramckstan, casually sweeping it under the rug of “tolerance.”

Only in America. Or, rather, IslAmerica.

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why the hell don’t all these Muslims go back to their own country? they are nothing but trouble! they do nothing but cause problems. they are arrogant and do not respect our laws! you do not see Americans pouring into their lands. And just because our president is a week man does not mean Americans will put up with their horrible derogating lies..I could care less about their criminal religion. These people beat their woman and just come to America to take our resources! because their own country is a shit hole of hell. YOUR ALLAH CAN GO TO HELL…FORM WHAT I HAVE SEEN NO ONE WANTS THESE PIG IN AMERICA! YOU ARE NOT WELCOM

Arthur Right on November 6, 2015 at 7:38 am

All this over a prom, privately funded and not on school property. It’s called the free practice of religion. What is your major problem?

I know, I know, riling up people with fear based nonsense is your meal ticket.

Jan Thompson on December 7, 2015 at 2:21 pm

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