March 13, 2009, - 6:20 pm

“I’m Givin’ Ya a Big Hug Over the Radio”: Sean Vannity Hosts “Dr.” Phil on Radio Show to Give . . . Financial Advice?

By Debbie Schlussel
Two egomaniac phonies populated one radio show today and there wasn’t nearly enough room to fit their combined conceit and non-existent credentials/knowledge base.
Yup, Sean Hannity–today, on his nationally syndicated radio show–hosted anti-Israel advice charlatan “Dr.” Phil. The only two people in the world whose mammoth pomposity is a veritable mirror–Vannity and the fake “doctor” shared a microphone. And they probably should have shared a bed, such was the mutual admiration society of these two disgusting walking exercises in vapidity.


Egomaniacs Separated @ Birth

Incredible, Vannity had faux-doctor Phil on to dispense “Financial Advice.” His financial knowledge consisted of such Wall Street savvy gems as “Ahm givin’ ya a big hug over the radio” and other pseudo-honky-tonk psychobabble.
My favorite part was when he was telling a woman how to get a loan, when she and her husband had already been rejected by a bank.
Incredible. This guy isn’t even a real doctor. And now he’s a financial guru.
To paraphrase this mustachioed fraud, “An’ howz that workin’ for ya?” It reminds me when his wife, Mrs. Phil, went on Oprah to give women advice about menopause and depression. Hello . . . you’re not a doctor, Bride of Phil-enstein. You’re not even a fake doctor, the way your hubby is. Oh, and that was after she wrote a women’s advice book (I advise you to marry a rich dude with a dumb talk show). When the heck will these people have some sense of shame? Or, at least, a tad of humility.
“Dr.” Phil’s uber-twaddle and psycho-hucksterism is supposed to be conservatism? Or financial advice? Hilarious. Sean Vannity is showing his cracks (and brain on crack), big-time. There’s no “there,” there. What’s next–Jerry Springer? (In real life, he’s actually smarter than both of those idiots, when he doesn’t pay prostitutes with checks.)
My definition of a true fairness doctrine: when both of these empty shells disappear from our airwaves. Neither would be missed.

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One of the really disappointing aspects of most talk radio shows is the incessant commercials by every type of financial and health-product huckster that can be imagined. Some of these products would damage users a lot if used.
Unfortunately, the line between commericals and talk-show content is often blurred. Some financial ‘advisers’ who appear on the talk shows also by commercials, although I don’t know whether Dr. Phil is giving Hannity money. Other financial ‘advisers’ on the talk shows are giving money though, as are some health advisers.
This is clearly a lapse of ethics on the part of the talk-show hosts and hostesses. This type of hucksterism will make it easier for opponents of the “fairness doctrine”.

c f on March 14, 2009 at 10:32 am

Even when I agree with what he’s saying, I just can’t listen to Sean’s incessant “‘yer a great American!’ every two minutes. I leave the mindless slogans to the marxists.

Tempus Fugit on March 14, 2009 at 10:44 pm

Vannity is such a disappointment. I have commented before the guy has so much potential with his audience and talent he could be a serious leader of the Conservative movement. However his ego, like you mentioned, won’t allow him to make those bold stances. He puts on Hasslebeck, Whoopi Goldberg, Al Sharpton, Lou Holtz, etc. Now he has Dr.Phil? He is dumbing down Conservatism. At first I gave Vannity the benefit of the doubt when you called him out. Now I see Vannity is for Vannity. His concerts seem to be a money making adventure for him. In the future he wants to take Rush’s mantle and Rush is the Man. Rush specifically has shown his prominence since Obama’s inauguration. My favorite radio hosts are Rush, Bill Bennett, G. Gordon Liddy, Lars Larson out of Portland, OR and John and Ken out of Los Angeles. Vannity is star-struck and having Dr.Phil on his show is a joke.

californiascreaming on March 14, 2009 at 11:01 pm

CS and Deb, my talk picks are a bit more eclectic. No liberals for the record. But I take my talk local with WTIC’s Jim Vicevich and Sound off CT–where I can listen online at WTIC’s website. Also WOR’s Steve Malzberg. Also am a big fan of Michael Savage.
But I am listening more and more to web talk radio programs, especially The Plains Radio Network out of Texas. They mention things the corporate media will not mention like your story Deb on Obama’s Selective Service blunder, for fear of them losing money and sponsors.
And yes, I am even feeling the madness that is Austin, TX’s Alex Jones…9/11 truther thoughts be damned. Ever hear of Bilderberg? You haven’t because the press is banned from this conference of the most elite of the global elties wanting the NWO and One World Government…INCLUDING LAST YEAR OBAMA AND MCCAIN! He also is a filmmaker. Check out The Obama Deception. It is turning into a sensation. Of course you have to deal with a gravely voice and yes his support for people like Ron Paul.
To be honest, I am now on the fence regarding 9/11…yes I think it’s an inside job, but not at the level of Jihad Rosie O’Queeernel and the fascist enabler Hollywood left. I think this was all a ploy by factions in the NWO to create their one-world utopian government by destroying the United States. If you ask me that destruction began in 1913.
I also listen to Blog Talk Radio and former Orlando Talker Andrea Shea King. In their chat room I have mentioned you a couple of times Deb and you do have some fans.
As for Pawn Vanity–YOU SIR ARE A MAJOR FAIL! And getting that dumbass Dr. Phil, who my liberal mom watches (I really need to move out of my house!), well it is HER CHOICE!

NEPatriot on March 16, 2009 at 7:28 am

Listening to all the limbaughnistas this weekend, it’s obvious NO ONE knows about the economy [although as i posted today, i *think* if they allow the Post Office to get into the banking game those twits on Wall Street would HAVE TO start flying straight!]!!!
To get financial advice from either “Dr” Phil or Hannity is absurd though since neither of them has ever had an original thought in their lives.

EminemsRevenge on March 16, 2009 at 8:10 am

Deb when I say “talent”, Vannity has shown the ability to take on the liberals on his Hannity&Colmes show. He has taken on liberals and dug the knife into them. As for potential I stated “so much potential with his audience”. Someone with his audience (he is 2nd in conservative talk radio) could mobilize his audience into a national movement like John and Ken of Los Angeles have done in Southern California. They have led successful revolts in Southern California like the Recall of Governor Gray Davis and fighting for or against Ballot Propositions and candidates. Right now they are leading the recall of 3 Republicans who voted to increase taxes in California to pass the budget.
They just got 8000-10,000 in Southern California for a Voter Revolt. 10,000!!! In a liberal state!! Bigger than any “Tea Party”. More than any anti-Prop8 crowd.
That is the potential he has and he hasn’t done anything such as a revolt other than his concert series that pads his ego and his wallet.

californiascreaming on March 16, 2009 at 7:48 pm

I love the name sean vannity. He is embarassing and annoying. What a joke that guy is. I can’t stand his ass fox news is a joke led by bill oreilly glen smeck and sean vanity. conservatives do not like fixed news and sean vanity is the perfect example. Make your money sean vannity but you are pathetic waste of air time. I hate you! I hope you drop dead! And Im a conservative. Get over yourself loser

tyler on September 24, 2009 at 8:19 pm

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