March 26, 2009, - 11:00 am

HILARIOUS Video: Comedian “Jake Byrd” Disrupts Feminist Lawyer Gloria Allred’s OctoMom Press Confab

By Debbie Schlussel
For new readers, if you’re not familiar with “Jake Byrd,” he’s Anthony “Tony” Barbieri–the hilarious actor, comedian, and writer for “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” who poses as a superfan of O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton, etc. at various press conferences. (Past “Jake Byrd” videos that will make you laugh your butt off are here.)
This one isn’t as funny, but it’s funny enough. I take special joy in it since I once debated (and wiped the floor with) Gloria Allred on CNN’s “Crossfire” over the issue of Augusta National not having male members. (On the show, she bragged how she once successfully sued and forced a women’s health club to allow male members, to which I responded, “What a great service to America, Gloria!” Everyone–including host James Carville laughed.)

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Point #1: I had a feeling Gloria Allred was up to no good with this plot to demand the Octomom to open up her home, then upon being fired she wants to seperate the children from the mother. The underlying problem is LIBERALS destroying families. No matter how unconventional a family is, don’t trust liberals or government to help your family. The Masses who are Asses (O’Reilly, et al.) will chime in and say “take the kids away”, but once you start setting precedent of breaking up families to satisfy someone’s else view of how a family should be raised you have just joined the liberal notion of Dr.Spock, HOprah, and the rest of the deranged left. I know of a couple of families who went through hell because neighbors contacted CPS about their home schooled children having “eccentric” views. Well the kids didn’t play well with others, guess who comes knocking on your door? Sure there are dumb-ass parents but it is NOT my duty to get government involved in that family. Remember a California court banned home school. Then later restored it.
Gloria Allred did the traditional nanny-state liberal act and will try and get court precedent to intervene in families. As much as people may hate Octomom be careful what you wish for because when Allred gets her precedent don’t be surprised when it will be used against other families. Like I have commented before “Fascism will be wrapped in pampers”. Because remember “it is for the children sake”. And you don’t want children hurt, DON’T YOU?
Poin#2: I think what this guy is doing is rather rude rather than funny because he has no point to make other than being ass. Unlike the other guy holding up a JOHN 3:16 sign, that person wasn’t disturbing anyone. Well can we get him to do something useful and go to an Obama press conference and ask him if he was born in Hawaii or Kenya?

californiascreaming on March 26, 2009 at 2:40 pm

If he were any kind of a gentleman he’d have pushed her chair in for her. Look at how Gloria is sitting in that chair …… she’s leaning over too far. Couldn’t someone have pushed her in ?

Maxine on March 26, 2009 at 2:47 pm

Octomom is nothing more than another sad case allowing herself to be exploited by the news media in the irrational hope she’ll make many quick bucks. Kids are resilient. Goodness knows what goes on in that house but my comfort level right now favors her house rather than a number of strangers’ houses with equally mysterious motives.
As for Augusta, a really terrific magazine that is now out of print, Golf for Women, became fairly radical over that issue as well as several others causing me to allow the subscription to expire. I wrote to the editor and indicated that there are many wealthy business women these days. If they want a private club, they should build it instead of looking to piggyback on what the guys have already accomplished. The reality is most business women with whom I work like to golf with the guys as much as with other women. I can’t quite conceptualize the mindset behind crashing exclusive establishments, but it isn’t democratic. It seems to follow a skewed storyline where the “prince” ultimately comes to the rescue but he’s forced to do so at gunpoint.

iowavette on March 26, 2009 at 5:27 pm

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