March 26, 2009, - 11:51 am

BARF: Israeli-American Heiress Stages Holocaust-Palestinian Moral Equivalency Minstrel Show; Ambushes Elderly Holocaust Survivors

By Debbie Schlussel
Sometimes, select American Jews with too much money and too little brains do a lot of harm with their money. An example of this is Shari Arison, daughter of the late billionaire Miami Heat owner and Israeli-American cruise line magnate, Ted Arison.
“Hard times” for her is putting her $100 million yacht up for sale.
Yesterday, Arison funded the performance of a group of Palestinian Muslim youth violinists from Jenin for Holocaust survivors in Holon, a Tel Aviv suburb. And she misused and abused elderly Holocaust survivors, ambushing them, to do it. But, hey, this kind of outrage is okay because she has to feel good about herself and stage a Palestinian-Holocaust moral equivalency concert.



Thanks, Shari Arison:

Holocaust Survivors Ambushed

with Palestinian Moral Equivalency Violin Concert

While Israel’s economy continues to suffer and Palestinians continue to terrorize Israel, it’s really a travesty that she chose to host this event portrayed in the media as a moral equivalency event. And idiotic Israeli playwright, Dan Almagor, and the Mormon University in Jerusalem–both of whom apparently found it too loathesome to donate violins to the poor Israeli kids of Sderot–donated violins to the Jenin kids. They actually believe the baloney that giving Palestinians violins will make them hate Jews less. Tell it to the Jewish billionaire who gave ’em the Gaza greenhouse.
The event–a misplaced liberal Jewish guilt minstrel show–was for Israel’s national Day of Good Deeds. Apparently, Ms. Arison doesn’t know the difference between a good deed and a sin. A good deed and sheer stupidity. I guarantee you, HAMAS and Fatah won’t be inviting Israelis to play violin for them in some stupid minstrel show to make them feel good. They know they are at war against the Jews and Israel. Maybe one day–far too late–people like Shari Arison will figure that out, too.
In case you don’t get it, the moral equivalency presented was the Holocaust and the Israeli “treatment” of Palestinians. Here’s the Associated Press report:

Most of the Holocaust survivors did not know the youths were Palestinians from the West Bank, a rare sight in Israel these days. And the youths had no idea they were performing for people who lived through Nazi genocide – or even what the Holocaust was.
“I feel sympathy for them,” Ali Zeid, an 18-year-old keyboard player who said he was shocked by what he learned about the Holocaust, in which the Nazis killed 6 million Jews in their campaign to wipe out European Jewry.
Only people who have been through suffering understand each other,” said Zeid, who said his grandparents were Palestinian refugees forced to flee the northern city of Haifa during the war that followed Israel’s creation in 1948.

Hmmm . . . Jews being rounded up into ovens because they have even a few drops of Jewish blood is the same “suffering” as Muslims going to war against Israel, Israel telling them they could stay, and the Muslims choosing to leave anyway, and then their grandchildren getting violins and money from dumb Israelis and Jewish Americans?
Only an idiot–like Shari Arison–would not predict that hosting Palestinians to play violin for Holocaust survivors would invite this usual, ridiculous, hackneyed Holocaust-Palestinian comparison. Hey, I have an idea: Arison and pro-Palestinian/Al-Qaeda Vanessa Redgrave can get together and do a remake of Redgrave’s star-vehicle “Playing for Time,” starring the Palestinians as the concentration camp inmates with the Israelis as the Nazis. I mean, that’s essentially what’s going on with this.


Billionairess Heiress Shari Arison’s Politics

Are Even Uglier Than Her Jewelry & Clothes

And then there’s the fact that HAMAS denies that the Holocaust ever even happened, that it is as openly anti-Semitic as Hitler, actually more. The same goes, sub-rosa for Fatah, which controls Jenin. That’s the reason these Palestinian kids don’t know about the Holocaust. To pretend that doesn’t happen and go ahead and host this event is disgusting. That’s actually the major reason why this staged use and abuse of Holocaust survivors as a duped audience for these Palestinian kids is such a travesty and an outrage. Had they been told before, I doubt they’d want to participate. But instead, these aging survivors–mostly in their eighties and nineties and not likely of full mind and spirit–were used and put on the spot by Shari Arison and her friends. They are the forced performers in this minstrel show, not the Palestinian kids.
It’s just sickening.
One of these so-called survivors, is a little young to be one, and it figures that she’s the one who tells us she’s taken “their land.”

“Inshallah,” said Sarah Glickman, 68, using the Arabic term for “God willing.” . . .
“They think we are strangers, because we came from abroad,” Glickman said. “I agree: It’s their land, also. But there was no other option for us after the Holocaust.”

Um, looks like early Alzheimer’s has set in for Ms. Glickman. And FYI, the Holocaust ended with the end of World War II in 1945. That means she was four when the Holocaust ended about 64 years ago. I doubt a four-year-old would have lived and survived in the camps.
And here’s a reality check for her: Jews have lived in Israel, including Jerusalem for 2000 years. They didn’t just arrive after the Holocaust, like she did. I guess she never heard of King David or King Solomon, etc.
And then there’s the reporting on Jenin, the home of these Muslim Palestinian kids. In case you forgot, Jenin was home to Palestinian homicide bomb building and the “site” of alleged massacre that never happened–even the United Nations investigation determined that the Palestinians lied when they claimed that Israelis killed 500 Palestinian civilians in Jenin; in fact, 25 people died, many of them at the hands of Palestinians and some of natural causes, including heart attacks.
But none of this is noted in press reports, instead the New York HAMAS/Fatah Times reports that

The Jenin camp strikes a particular note of discord.
The capital of suicide bombers to the Israelis and a symbol of resistance to the Palestinians, it was the scene of a bloody battle between advancing Israeli forces and Palestinian gunmen in 2002. Four years later, a young Israeli man from Holon was killed in one of the last suicide attacks in Israel, when a Palestinian from Jenin blew himself up in a restaurant in Tel Aviv.

Oh, I get it. The Israelis committed “a bloody battle” (that never happened, and that they never committed, even according to the anti-Israel U.N.) on the Palestinians, and therefore, four years later, an innocent Israeli from Holon deserved to be blown up by the Palestinians. Thanks, New York HAMAS/Fatah Times for explaining it.
Yup, this is what happens when empty-headed heiresses of billionaires, like Shari Arison, can’t spend their money fast enough.
**** UPDATE, 03/27/09: My friend, Harry Onickel, wrote this letter to the editor to the Detroit Free Press, which ran this propaganda story.

Are the Associated Press and the Free Press trying to insult Jews? Palestinians in the West Bank have been suffering on the dole for the past 60 years, ever since the surrounding Arab/Muslim nations failed in their attempt to drive the nascent Jewish state into the sea. They’ve suffered from a lack of humanity from their leaders and surrounding Muslim nations, who have kept them miserable and angry, raising the past three generations to value the murdering of Jews over their own lives. Remember the numerous Palestinian suicide bombings before Israel separated itself from the West Bank? That’s why these youngsters have only met Israeli soldiers.
They suffer from a lack of education and opportunity. Rather than learning useful skills, Palestinian students are taught that there was no Holocaust, which his why the fact of the Holocaust came as such a surprise to these youths.
To equate that with the suffering of Jews, who were tortured and murdered in the sickest ways imaginable on an industrial scale, some of whom are the only members of their family to survive the Holocaust, is obscene. To give any kind of moral equivalence between the Jews of Israel, and Palestinians, the latest in a line of tormentors of Jews, stretching back thousands of years, is hateful.
I hope none of these young musicians suffers blisters from playing their instruments. The Free Press might run an AP article claiming that their suffering is now greater than the Holocaust.
Harry Onickel

Right on, Harry.

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An excellent expose of what should be unbelievable, but unfortunately, has become common place. The old expression that “common sense is an uncommon commodity” is clearly illustrated here. It is absoluting stunning the stupidity of some left wing Jews. Let’s hope at some point common sense prevails.

rcl032 on March 26, 2009 at 1:46 pm

THANK YOU for saying this so well. I saw the article and lost my lunch too. I’m glad I’m not alone in seeing this STUPID concert as less than moral and definitely NOT equivalent.

Michelle Nevada on March 26, 2009 at 2:07 pm

Its just sickening. I’m glad my Dad isn’t alive to see this exploitation of Holocaust survivors to whitewash Palestinian Nazism. Shari Arison can take her billions and go rot in hell. She’s too hideous to even bear looking at.

NormanF on March 26, 2009 at 3:21 pm

Reminds me of when terrorist-lover David Baremboim snuck a performance of Wagner through to an Israeli audience without letting them know in advance he would be playing Wagner. Typical of the left-wingers; they know what is best for everyone, so they make decisions behind peoples’ backs.

c f on March 26, 2009 at 4:25 pm

I am 55 years old and have witnessed so much hatred and strife particularly in Middle East
Aside from frequent conflicts, I have read Jewish Doctors being turned away when they wanted to help the victims of Earthquakes in IRAN.
I have witnessed the insensitivity of certain Israeli governments who desecrated tunnels deemed holy by those of another faith.
I have seen innocent people being bombed in restaurants, Palestinians used as shields by their own people and yes read of blockades which did nothing more than increase the popularity of Hamas.
I have seen even the pettiness of so-called progressive countries like Dubai who banned Israeli tennis players from tournaments.
Finally, I inspired by a NY Times article describing in a positive way the concert by Palestinian teens for Holocaust survivors. I returned home to tell my wife of this even, tried to Google it, instead found your rather unfortunate article.
Maybe these children did not know about the holocaust and maybe the elderly did not know who these entertainers were actually Palestian. And maybe this was a total act of manipulation but for that brief moment, there were no bombs, there was no killing. There was only music playing and an act of kindness.
Your words are quite hateful but and they contribute nothing. These children did so much more.
The wolf shall dwell with the lamb: .. and the child shall lead them.

alvaron on March 26, 2009 at 5:25 pm

Actually I never smoked pot and am somewhat conservative. Here is the bottom line. Life’s to short for your crap. See ya.

alvaron on March 26, 2009 at 5:37 pm

“The Jenin camp strikes a particular note of discord.”
Ha ha, get it? “Note of discord.” And it’s about musicians. What will we do without that droll wit when the bankrupt (financially and morally) Times goes belly-up?

ibn Abu on March 26, 2009 at 5:45 pm

Considering what the Palestinians teach their own children, does any sane person really believe that a concert is going to change how the Arabs see Jews? Their ideology is to inflict a Second Holocaust upon the Jewish people. And oh the orchestra played too, in Auschwitz. It didn’t make the Nazis more kindly disposed towards the Jews. High culture says nothing about a society’s inherent decency. Then again, there are things so stupid only the really “smart” people would believe in and inflict them on the rest of us. Fools like Arison!

NormanF on March 26, 2009 at 6:34 pm

What Holocaust?
Haven’t you read Abbas’ PhD dissertation?
I hope everyone realizes I am being sarcastic here. However, Abbas did deny the Holocaust in his dissertation.

i_am_me on March 27, 2009 at 3:28 pm

As a Jew, it pains me to say this, and yet it is so obvious that I feel foolish saying it: WE ARE BEING DESTROYED BY OUR OWN PEOPLE.
Sure there are lots of anti-Semites out there and others who for their own economic, political, social and safety reasons are indifferent–if not outright hostile–to the fate of the Jews.
However, these enemies are being aided in every way by high profile Jews, whether it is the self-righteous Jewish heiress with her moral equivalence concert, the D.C. Jewish theatre director who puts on anti-Semitic play because of its “artistic merit,” or the interchanging cast of Middle East reporters at the New York Times (most are Jews) presenting every false accusation as fact while slanting their stories through omissions, quotes from anti-Zionist professors described as noted Israeli historians and fictitious tales of IDF barbarity described by the IDF soldiers with political grievances against their own country. Or the editor who chooses to run a minor negative story about Israel on the front page while major accomplishments and good deeds by Israelis are relegated to the back pages. Or professors who, in the name of “fairness” balance a book by an Israeli “new historian” with a film or documentary by a rabid anti-Semitic Palestinian filmmaker. And so on and so forth.
We are our own worst enemies. Jews are disproportionally left, disproportionally self-hating, disproportionally detached from their own people and disproportionally ignorant of their own history and the justice of their own cause.
And it is those Jews, mentioned above, who are disproportionally represented in influential roles in the media, arts, academia and politics.

4infidels on March 27, 2009 at 5:57 pm

The Jerusalem Post and Israel Matzav ran an update on this story. The Palestinians were furious about being tricked to love the Jews. Only a bimbette could think staging a phony concert would make them look warmly upon the Jews. Any one with Jewish roots – Debbie, yours truly etc and the rest of the Jewish people are looked upon as the sons of apes, pigs and monkeys by Muslims. You are not going to change thousand of years of deep-seated anti-Semitism with the modern equivalent of a degrading minstrel show. A lesson the Shari Arisons of the world will never learn.

NormanF on March 29, 2009 at 4:01 pm

Update: Authorities in an impoverished Palestinian refugee camp have shut down a youth orchestra, boarded up its rehearsal studio and banned its conductor from the camp after she took 13 young musicians to perform for Holocaust survivors in Israel, an official said Sunday.

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