March 27, 2009, - 7:22 pm

Hey, Chris Hansen, Stick to Child Molesters: NBC New “Reporter” Whitewashes Career Criminal Iranian Mortgage Defrauder

By Debbie Schlussel
Perhaps NBC News “reporter” Chris Hansen got a little too comfortable ambushing alleged child predators and forgot how to do real reporting. While he has an abundance of good looks and telegenic qualities, he makes up for it in a lack of doing his homework and for deliberately omitting glaringly important aspects of a story in his aim to “get” a target.
Tonight, part two of his three-part “Inside the Financial Fiasco” series airs on NBC’s “Dateline.” But if part one, “A Front-Row Seat to the Mortgage Meltdown,” is any indication, Hansen either whitewashes or deliberatly neglects important facts about his interview subjects when they conflict with the false slant he wants for a story.


To Catch a Lying Journalist, Chris Hansen

Last Sunday Night, when his mortgage mess special aired (and earlier, last week, on NBC’s “Today” show), Hansen told us about and interviewed Kourosh Partow, an Iranian-born mortgage broker. Hansen’s aim here was to pile on Countrywide bank. Hansen told us that Partow was fired from Countrywide and did jail-time for liars loans he orchestrated at Countrywide in Alaska.

To get a firsthand account of what it was like working for Countrywide Financial, one of the nation’s biggest sub-prime lenders, producer Richard Greenberg trekked to Alaska to talk to a man named Kourosh Partow. Partow ran Countrywide’s operations there. Greenberg convinced Partow to speak to me on camera. As you’ll see in our story, Partow told us about so called “liar loans” and how in his days at Countrywide, “If you had a pulse, we give you a loan. If you fog the mirror, we give you a loan.” Partow served 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of wire fraud for processing liar loans for a real estate speculator. Countrywide executive [DS: sic] have called him a rogue, but Partow insists the practice of faking loan applications was rampant and everyone in the business knew it.

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But, while I have no doubt that many mortgage brokerages and banks–including Countrywide–did liars loans and either looked the other way or encouraged it, that’s only a tiny part of the Kourosh Partow story, the tip of the iceberg, which Hansen strangely neglected to mention. Perhaps that’s because the truth shows us that Partow is a multiple repeat crook, who put one over on Countrywide and continued to do crooked business as he had at another institution in another state. The complete Kourosh Partow story betrays Partow’s claim–and Hansen’s corroborating report–that he only did time for liars loans that “everyone does” because Countrywide wanted him to.
As a reader in the mortgage business notes, Partow’s record should have been exposed by Hansen, who chose, instead, to whitewash his background in order to further vilify Countrywide. Nice journalistic ethics. Hansen also didn’t mention Partow’s Iranian background, which is relevant to the story:

Mr. Partow had been convicted by the Feds. Mr. Partow had lost his mortgage license in Wisconsin for forgery on mortgage loan documents. He moved to Alaska where at the time Alaska did not have licensing or background checks for mortgage lending. Countrywide hired him, and he repeated his same criminal patterns.
Kourosh Partow fled the country and went back to France, then to Iran where he knew he would not be extradited. He is Iranian. The Feds arrested his wife when she returned to America to withdraw more of their money they had left behind. The Feds did not have grounds to keep her, but would only release her if Kourosh returned. Kourosh did return, was arrested, stood trial and was convicted.
The sick thing was although convicted, he is already on the streets, and having not served much jail time.

Now, that’s the story Chris Hansen should have told, but it didn’t suit his aim of just dumping on Countrywide Bank. So none of these “tiny,” “irrelevant” details of the Kourosh Partow story made Hansen’s shallow “in-depth” (non)”investigative report.”
Some of Kourosh’s fellow Iranians were in on and prosecuted in his mortgage fraud schemes, including Azem Limani, Bekim Hasipi, Dzevid Limani, and Agim Delolli.

So, here is an Iranian immigrant, a two-time convicted felon, blaming the mortgage industry and Countrywide, conveniently forgetting that he’s a career criminal in more than one state.
Oh, and guess what? Partow is a Democrat. Shocker.

More of what Chris Hansen didn’t tell you about Kourosh Partow:
Hey, Chris, time to go back to “To Catch a Predator,” because there at least you are at home with men who lie to their audience only slightly more than you do.
Read more about Kourosh Partow, Chris Hansen’s model mortgage broker who only did it because they made him and “everybody does it”:
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Chris Hansen found out that going after “predators” was not “hot” enough for the Hussein era as it was during Bush’s.
Hansen wanted to taste some of Chris Matthew’s “chill in the leg” and the only way to have it is to do some political and economic “reporting” which will eventually lead him to Hussein.
And now that Chris Hansen felt the “thrill going up his leg,” I don’t think he will go back to catch a “predator” after catching Hussein’s genitals and “giving” it the investigative “job.”
What else do you expect from NBC, MSNBC and CNBC?
Once mentioning them, you smell semen.

Independent Conservative on March 27, 2009 at 11:05 pm

Debbie I can’t agree with you on this one. Yes dear, there were d-bags in the mortgage industry. Countrywide knew about this. I just met a high school drop-out who just bragged about his $100,000 income he had. A cold slice of pizza could have gotten a loan. In Southren California where houses were averaging $500,000 and some neighborhoods were averaging $700,000 the commission was unbelievable. I was offered to “quit your job” and become a loan officer. I was called a “hater” and jealous because I told them it was all a scam. I questioned myself as I found out all my friends were getting loans. At one point I thought was incomplete. I was a renter and still am. Finally, I decided to read a loan document and figured why everyone was getting a home. Interest only loans. Oh my god!! They were paying only the interest and if they didn’t pay the full interest each month it was tacked onto their principal for the future. WTF?! This was common. This was the industry. Sure they only paid $1000-25000 a month and once the loans re-set it was going to be $5000 or more a month. They homeowners believed their own lies.
Hell they knowingly allowed illegal aliens to get a mortgage. Seriously who would give a loan to an illegal alien who could be quickly deported with no chance to collect? I hear so many Republicans say they were forced to give out loans to low income. That might have a small percentage but these mortgage companies along with banks got hooked on these “liar” loan, sub-prime loan, interest only, and re-financing. With our without Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae this was going to crash. The biggest culprit is Alan Greenspan. NBC or the media in general won’t report this because Andrea Mitchell is getting banged by this gasbag.
The moral of the story when a corporate d-bag does business with a garden variety d-bag who then in turn gives a loan to a run of the mill d-bag and the government d-bags turn a blind eye while the Fed Reserve D-bag cheers it on then expect something bad to happen. All were d-bags!!

californiascreaming on March 28, 2009 at 11:02 am

Thanks for setting the record straight, Debbie. I saw Hansen on TV last night. I was channel surfing. He was ambushing a collections thug–fairly interesting, I thought. My opinion, based only on the predator ambushes he done previously and this thing last night, was favorable.
It sure seems that there are plenty of phonies out there. You have exposed Hannity, Oprah, Oreilly and many others who would otherwise get away with their double standard BS unnoticed by most of us.
Thanks DS!

BB on March 28, 2009 at 11:13 am

i believe a majority of defaulted loans will turn out to be scams — which at the end of the day is the fault of the banks. they deserve no “bailout” or “stimulus” money because they sank their own businesses for basically a get-rich-quick scheme. i still question the almost overnight rise in home values. more investigation needs to be done, but that will probably never happen with the msm…
on another note, you will never see a complete story on any of the network channels. i stopped watching those shows b/c i always walked away asking more questions. they spend more time on teasers and re-hash than actual story.
the predator angle is good since there are so many in our society. i hope they keep doing it.

babso on March 28, 2009 at 2:55 pm

Mr. Partow is an American Citizen. He is of Iranian decent. He came to this country legally, and filed for citizenship. The fact that he was born in Iran has nothing to do with the crimes he was accused of. He did not go to trial, as he pled guilty. He has served his time.
The others were not Iranian, most were Albanian.

Countrywide’s problems were not specifically Mr. Partow’s fault and the fact that he is of Iranian decent has made him a target.

What makes the difference what political party he is affiliated with?
It’s a good thing that in this country if you make a mistake and pay your dues that your record isn’t held against you. Wait.. no that’s only for certain people.

Most of the loans given out during the “fat cat” days of real estate shouldn’t have been approved. I don’t blame the loan companies entirely. They weren’t on the street grabbing people and forcing them to come in and sign loan paperwork, they weren’t finding the properties for these people and forcing them to buy.
Why on earth would you even look at a 250,000 house when you only make 20,000 per year? In what world does that math make sense?
These people were complete idiots and should look in the mirror if they are looking for someone to blame.
They lied on stated income loans- the loan officers essentially had to take them for what they said.. unless it was something way out of whack.. like a librarian making 150K..
The stated income loans had no checks and balances and the underwriters were told to look the other way..the loan company made money either way, default or not.

The real estate collapse can only be blamed on greed by many. Not just one.

testing123 on June 1, 2010 at 6:03 pm

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