July 8, 2000, - 10:22 am

When “Big Brother” is a Racist: CBS Lies to America


It’s official. CBS lies to America.

First, CBS lied to America about objectivity. Any credibility the network had left was dispelled by Bryant Gumbel. On the “Early Show,” Mr. Arrogant Former Sportscaster uttered, “What a f—ing idiot!” after he hostilely interviewed conservative Robert Knight about the Boy Scouts’ exclusion of gay scoutmasters. CBS flacks claimed the network doesn’t know what Gumbel said. Yeah, right! Why don’t you look at the tape?! Duh.

And now the lie is an undisclosed Black Supremacist hatemonger and killer disguised as nice, normal people, on a staged “reality” show.

The big lie is “Big Brother” (BB), dreadfully boring with ten contestants in a house shut off (no electronic or personal contact) from the outside world. . . . Or is it? Lie #1: “No outside contact,” CBS claims this in the show’s rules and opening credits. It’s the main premise of the show. But it’s a big lie. Otherwise, how would the participants know that the ratings of the show are tanking? (They discussed this on the 24-hour live internet video.)

Lie #2: Cast member William is a Philadelphia youth counselor who helps kids. That’s what CBS wants you and his housemates to think. In reality, William Collins a/k/a Hiram Ashantee, according to the New York Daily News, is a racist hatemonger and top aide to former Louis Farrakhan sidekick Khalid Abdul Muhammad.

You know–the same Khalid Muhammad, who calls Jews “bloodsuckers,” and Whites and the Pope “crackers” and “devils.” Yup, the same Muhammad who with William a/k/a Ashantee standing by his side, urged the crowd to attack police and grab their guns at the Sept. 5, 1998, Million Youth March in Harlem. William a/k/a Ashantee–one of Muhammad’s top organizers–stood by as 16 cops were injured. Nice pick, CBS. Thanks for giving a racist bigot an unfettered forum for his evil views.

And thanks for lying. CBS doesn’t indicate “William’s” real identity or activities anywhere–i.e., that he’s a member of the “New Black Panther Party.” Interesting, since he’s basically told the show’s White people they’re racists. Look who’s talking. (He also asked Eddie, who lost his leg to cancer, “Does having one leg help you get women?”)

Why don’t they kick this racist, William a/k/a Ashantee, off the show, immediately? Casting Director Brad Bishop tells the BB website that “we certainly wouldn’t select anyone who supported hateful or discriminatory rhetoric. The people to be chosen are average.” A Black Supremacist is “average?” In one news photo, “William” appears with Muhammad under a banner that says “Let’s Separate [from Whites].” CBS should give him that opportunity now, but won’t.

Now that the show is starting to rally in the ratings because of William’s provocations with everyone, CBS wouldn’t possibly sacrifice the almighty ratings to erase hate and bigotry. Hypocritical CBS–whose vigorous background check surely informed them of William’s “affiliation”–says it “feels very comfortable” with racist, anti-Semitic William and supports “diversity” and his right to “think and speak freely.” Incredible! So, why isn’t there also an undisclosed White Supremacist clowning around on the show in the guise of a nice suburban guy? Just to make things fair.

Lie #3: Cast member George is a nice, blubbery middle-class contractor from Rockford, Illinois. Unknown to house participants–and to viewers, until CBS was outed by “Entertainment Tonight”(ET)–George is a killer. His wife confirmed to ET that in 1988, George shot and killed a friend in a hunting “accident.” He allegedly slipped off an icy log, which caused his rifle to fire and sent a bullet into his hunting buddy. How convenient–his “accidental” aim was perfect.

But CBS’ aim isn’t so perfect. Stuck in a house with a Black Supremacist and a killer for 100 days. . . , maybe this show should be called “Survivor.”

While BB is on CBS five nights a week, when the TV broadcast shuts down, viewers can see 24/7 webcam live action on BB’s website. Thursday night, two housemates, William the racist and Jordan the “exotic dancer” (why can’t they just call her what she is–a stripper), were nominated by castmates for elimination. (For a cool 99 cents, you can reward CBS’ lies by dialing its 900 number to vote one of the two off the show.)

After Thursday’s show ended, visitors to the BB live webcam could see house participants discussing the ratings, wondering whether the show would get canceled, and worrying whether they’d still get paid. Darn, there goes their 15 minutes of fame before they even started. Obviously, with absolutely no outside contact, this conversation could never take place. But since it did, we can only assume that the lies continue, that the conflicts in this so-called reality show aren’t so real, but dramatized for our viewing displeasure. . . . That castmates worrying about their ephemeral fame are creating fake drama in a struggle to stay on the air. More lies.

We’ve already been treated to a phony “news”-like broadcast of this stupid show, hosted by CBS News reporter Julie Chen. That episode was complete with a news reporter dispatched to the field to interview Tom, the husband who’s constantly maligned on the show by his nutty, whiny wife Karen. This is news? Oy! But no coverage of the Black racist or killer in the house on this “newscast.” CBS wouldn’t dare confuse viewers with that.

CBS gave participants psychological tests, but apparently you had to fail them to make the cut. With a Black supremacist and a killer as casting choices, CBS’ programmers and producers are the ones who need psychological testing. . . and truth serum. This is sick “entertainment.”

And it’s also a big lie.

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